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West Coast Float N Fly Setup & Rigging 101 | Targeting Suspended Winter Bass

West Coast Float N Fly Setup & Rigging 101 | Targeting Suspended Winter Bass31 Jan. 2021
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In this video I break down my current Float N Fly setup that I use out here on the West Coast to target suspended winter bass... If you have any questions about this setup please comment below and I will answer to the best of my knowledge.

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Comments (18)
Ray C

Best tutorial I’ve seen on this technique

Dave Thies

Thanks for sharing this technique!
Will be fun to try it.
Thank you..

chuck rawls

GREAT!!!!! Video

Adam Mathis

What weight are the flies? I tried this setup with a 1/16 oz fly and windy conditions and couldn’t get it to work hardly at all. Was thinking a heavier fly would solve my problem but 1/16 was all I had.

Glenn Daugherity

Your bobber stop knot was a Uni to uni

Student73 74

Joe, you make it simple and easy. Great vid!


Great tutorials as always bro ?

Mike Rich

Great info joseph!!!

Rowdy Broomstick

Looks like a mhx blank?

The Snowman

I've have caught some giants on float-n- fly , living up here in NH I'm surprised how many people don't fish it ..

Paul J

Joe's dropping those float n fly secrets! Very nice man thanks for the tips


Joe, could you substitute the nylon knot for a bobber stopper? Also, when you tie that Alberto knot, when you get to the end and run the line back through the loop go through an additional two times.

Fish Out Loud

Great instructional video. A keeper of a video to tuck away for sure. It brought back memories when I used to crush them on Oroville. Love that Float n Fly! Thanks.

Steve Hanak

Can you fish this rig in a tournament?


Dude ...FG is only a couple steps more

alexander jackson

Too many unneeded steps just put bobber stop on line slide up bobber then tie on hair fly

Luke Marshall

What lake is that?

Kenneth Lowy

I miss Bo......but thanks for another great video.
That old guy from Brentwood, Ca. Ken Lowyh

The Basics of Hand Sawing Techniques

The Basics of Hand Sawing Techniques31 Jan. 2021
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I consider hand sawing to

I consider hand sawing to be the most important woodworking skill to master and the path to the most enjoyment and success. Maybe it’s the same thing when using hand tools to build your projects. After all, there is no better feeling than sliding together a dovetail or mortise and tenon right off the saw. It’s also pretty fast when you don’t have to finesse the joint with a chisel or a plane. Hence my focus on saws.

So the next logical question I get is “what saws do I need?” Really any “what tool do I need” answer is highly dependent on the type of work you do. Moreover how much of your work is hand tool related. I’m a nut who does a lot by hand so I put a lot of emphasis on full sized hand saws. But for those of the more hybrid bent, the answer could be more focused on back saws for joinery. Let’s start with some definitions and get you started with just a few saws.

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Comments (7)
Kenneth Brown


Lou Cinci

Back to basics. Always good to review them. Good video.



Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen

1:32 Wunder

Hassan Al-Mosawi

Thanks for sharing that!

Jamie Jarrett

Do you have a video on sharpening the cross cut and ripping saws?

Floyd Olden

Nice article, but I wonder about wax and glue. Won't the wax interfere with glue holding power ?