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FREAKY FRIDAY WITH THE SIDE CHICK BOX - Harley Quinn Themed!! Adult Subscription Box 2019

FREAKY FRIDAY WITH THE SIDE CHICK BOX - Harley Quinn Themed!! Adult Subscription Box 201930 Aug. 2019
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Chrissy HarlessSubscribe 438 721

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Quick Disclaimer: This subscription box is adult themed and is best for those adults that want a subscription box to introduce them to sex related goodies. Bonus - it also includes some makeup!

My Tank Top (Fuck You - Love You):

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More About This Box:

Ships every other month...the next box is Pillow Princess themed! So excited for that one, I imagine it to be very classy!

You will customize the box with your lingerie size from XS to 5XL. It bills on the first of every other month (bi-monthly) and ships on the 15th of the same month.

There are 2 subscription levels:

The Side Chick Mini $40/Bi-Monthly: 4+ beauty and adult related items.

The Side Chick $70/Bi-Monthly: 6+ beauty and adult related items.


The One Night Stand $95/One Time Purchase: 8+ products that include two themes and two date night activities.

If you are buying the cosmetics line, Kinkii Kosmetixxx, from the site, then use code 'sexxxy' for free shipping!

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Email Me: [email protected]

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My Everyday? Married w/ 2 Daughters and 2 Doggos

Where do I live? Michigan, USA

Skin Type? Oil Slick, USA

Faves? Bumpy Nerds, Sushi, Creating, Makeup, and Murder Shows

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Comments (100)
Kelly’s Beads, Reads, and Teas

I don’t hear the accent

Lacey Harnish

I didn’t even notice your “accent” ? probably because I’m also from Michigan so I guess I must say “bax” too ?‍♀️ Love it!

Allison Worley

Just be you that's what makes u so charming, and is the reason people are so drawn to watching your vidoes. This box was aweaome! I felt like it was just one surprise after the next! Absolutely can't wait to see the next ones, and really looking forward to the giveaway. Thank u for taking time out of your day to come entertain us and show us all this cool stuff??❤

Catherine Rodefer

I hear box lol

Heather Bowman

I didnt notice your "accent" but maybe that's because I'm a Midwest girl too!

Not a Wine mom

I wants to see and unboxing of the one night stand box

Toni Kirk

Thanks for doing these! Can't wait to get this sub. The red looks pretty on you!

Lexi Larios

I’m from Illinois I can’t hear “bax “ maybe I say bax idk, maybe I can’t hear it


Just used your code to get the one night stand for the princess theme. ?

April Fields

They should of thrown Christian grey in there lol


As a Domme, I like this box. I just hope people look up how to tie knots and do ropes before using them because you can seriously hurt the bottom (person) you are tying up. You can cut of circulation without realizing it and not knowing how to make it where you can release the ropes quickly can be damaging, not just physically but mentally as well.

Sara James

Hey lady ? you do not have a Midwest accent to me....but I am from Nebraska...and we don't say "bax" for "box".....but neither do you....

Crystalz Tube

I love your shirt. :) I like the way you say box. It's cute.

Amy Sumek

Ok, this was seriously the best box ever. I really really want it.

Amy Huggins

Your accent is TOTALLY a Michigan accent, 100%!!! I just moved to MI from SC and everybody here in Michigan talks JUST like you!!

Avery Bryant

Lol I live in Michigan too and was so confused when you mentioned an accent. I was like I don't hear one lol

Laura Slack

As a northeast Ohio girl you sound perfectly normal to me ??‍♀️?


I love the innocent thought that the adjustable tie is for the rope when it's a ball/penis tie ?

CurlyQueen Lareefer

I'm from Michigan so I didn't notice cause my brain speaks the same way ?

Mandi Ann

I’m also from Michigan and I love your “accent” so much because it doesn’t sound weird to me ?

BettyBoop Wolfe

STONERS : Take a hit every time she says BOX . LoL

cuqui Alfonso

We need more freaky Friday’s in our lives thank you for sharing this one is not my fav but still cool! ❤️??

Hannah Ward

The black tube with the bead is a lasso style cock ring. :)

Talia Dublin

I never noticed the “bax” but I love it now that you’ve pointed it out

Amanda Hanks

If I order tonight will I get this one???

McKenna Raulston

You should try menstrual cycle type boxes!

Pandora Lynette Walker

FYI- the black loop toy after holding up the rope. Yeah, thats for a mans cock&/or their balls, my lovelies. An adjustable one persay. But itd also work to use with the rope-sure! Why Not!! Hehe. I'd hate to know what youd think if it wasn'tthat cockring and were sent sounds and wondered what it is, which are also for using on mens cocks, more like Down INTO mens cocks!!- ^_^ :D simply because sounds would be one of those things where I wonder if its wher the term Needle-dick came from. Oh wait!! Sounds are also called Needling, and Ill give everyone a guess as to what that entails!! LOLOLOL :)

mizz chevi

Ugh I wish I saw this video sooner I would've loved to buy this

Lisa Ripley

May I also say I admire you for cursing! Haha

Heather Hernandez

I think this is a great BAX! You can also be Harley Quinn for Halloween

Nikki Gray

Your shirt haha. I loveee it

Ivorella Rackley

You should ask the owner of the site to figure out what's up with it.... I went to look through and possibly purchase some stuff, but the site loads SO SLOW. I got annoyed and left. I know it isnt my connection and its like that on my phone and computer. :( love ya Chrissy!

Jodie Crocker

I love the way u talk it’s cute dnt let people tell u not to say words if they dnt like the way u talk then they dnt need to be on ur channel

Kelsey Madea

I love your accent! Don’t be embarrassed by it!


Sounds like you are saying Box to me. But I’m from the Midwest. Lol

Briana Pino

Lol parcel? I love you.

Megan bulka

What would you say your favorite subscription is?

Frankie Frank

?? I loved the inserts of BAX. Great video!

Amanda Duhhh

I love how your eyes and lips match the theme and I love how you got me into other boxes then makeup! ?

Barbara Make Love Not War mack

Thank you much for sharing. And I heard you say in a video how you really do not know/like a YouTube search on "Wayne Goss blush" and watch his videos..they are super great tips and short to the point videos!!!

Ivorella Rackley

You pulled that lip stick out and I literally sat here verbally saying "put it on. Put it on. Put it on. Don't swatch. Put it on. YESSSSSSSSSS!"

Also, I'd say either red or black would've been good and on theme!

Julie Unboxing

LOL ohhhh that how you wear the holsters!!! I unboxed this like 2 days ago and I was like how the f do you wear this lol!!!

Amanda Coleman


Delani Edwards

Love your tank top and your makeup and I just love this box ?? girl thank you for sharing this box with us and being so upbeat about it ??

Dana Rene

I don’t hear the ‘bax’ maybe because I’m midwestern too ?

*Brat83* *

This box looks well worth it!! Love the makeup and outfit!!

Brenna Leone

I lost it every time you added he comments in ?

Nessa Hernandez

Loved this unboxing!! ❤?❤

Girl is Grey

I'm from Illinois, and I didn't notice anything weird about the way you say "box" . It sounds perfect to me :) I'm still a bit confused lol I don't hear the "a" sound.

Cassandra Sanders

.....that's a dick ring LMAO

Jessica Mcgreevy

That is one hell of a box! Lol ??

Aloha Amy

Unrelated but your eyeshadow looks really pretty! ?

Samantha Joynt

As a fellow Michigander I totally get where you’re coming from with the “accent” thing ?

Especially if you live anywhere near Detroit, we’re known to have a mix between a midwestern and a Canadian accent ?? (I never noticed until I moved to Southern Indiana for college)

Krystal Olguin

Yes I really like this box! Idk if you've heard of the new beauty test tube subscription box its a $30 box and its a $200 value they have done really nice things in it.. Check it out if u haven't I think u would like it!! Btw I always heard box not bax lol

Lisa Ripley

Yep! discreet...until you post it on your YouTube channel!!!! Haha!! I love your 'freaky Fridays"!


I have a rabbit we bought eons ago that I love! Lucky girl! You mean this wasn’t a try on everything video? Aww man! Here I thought you’d be dressed in the outfit ?????j/k ??????

Stephanie Jones

The whole reason why I got the harly Quinn box was I saw your last video on sidechickbox. I have to say I love this box I was so happy with everything I got it’s stuff I would never be comfortable going out and purchasing. Love all you videos
♥️ [email protected]

I'm There with U!

if i order this today will I get same box?

Truth Seeker

"I don't know why I'm still holding on to this." As it took her another 10 seconds to put it down! LOL I needed that laugh. I'm not into this type of thing (not judging either) but I thought it was a great box. The costume was freaking adorable! "Bax?" I don't hear that at all but look at it this way. You sometimes open bags and you sometimes open boxes, hence BAX, so you're just covering all of your bases! ?❤

Veronika Eevee

Im from Tennessee! Some people love my accent. Some hate it! I think you sound great! I have that shirt ,but love those glovets!??


Baaaax. It's a northern thing. I never realized I had one til I moved to Kansas and it was pointed out lol. I also say mom the same way. Maaaam. Lmao

Bee B

As everyone said I like your accent. Also the thing you couldn't figure out that thought might have been a rope thing is an adjustable cockring so not a rope accessory exactly.


Woooooooo that toy looks dangerous!! LOL

Kristen Briscoe

Everyone has variation in their speech...who cares! Im from the south and say y’all about a billion times in one convo! Lol. I love your videos, and please please don’t even try to not say a word bc someone had to put negative comments about it! Next, please! ?

Abigail Cooley

You accent is definitely almost Canadian? I’m midwestern (IN) and it’s definitely not the same lol

Kya Simons Life

Looking Good You Like Great in red Lipstick ? I can’t pull it off Thanks for Sharing with us!❣️

Brandy Reynolds

WAY better than the slut box!!! Thanks for sharing. Such a fun “cube”. ???

Natalia Anderson

Might just be a midwestern thing but it sounds like you’re saying box normal to me ??

Ivorella Rackley


Michelle Lafrance

Ur accent is part of your charm. Im from boston, i have a very distinguished accent! Dont change who u are!

Chrissy Harless

Are you all ready for another FREAKY FRIDAY?! Haha.
Me: I won’t say ‘box’.
Also Me: Says ‘box’ 72 times.

Anne Raleigh

I’m from Cleveland. Bax is ABSOLUTELY the correct pronunciation.

Jasmine Bazinet

What scares me about this box is someone can hurt someone if they don't know how to properly use the flogger or rope etc. ???

Renae Olivia

I absolutely love watching all your videos! You have the Best personality! No wonder you grew so fast girl! ???

Abbie Louise

Loved the way you reviewed this! Super genuine and classy ?

Hope Sawyer

You just made me sign up for my first box! I really love the harley Quinn theme since I am daddy's little monster. Lol I also wanted to order the one time box for my niece for her bachelorette party but would love to see what she may be getting.


You do not have a mid west accent. Im from MI too and listening to you I had no idea until you talked about the U.P. and I was surprised.

Carissa Annn

Maybe it’s because I’m midwestern but I think you sound normal when you say box

Kirsten George

Haha I’m from Texas and the way you say box sounds totally normal to me! I notice your accent on other words but not that one.

Chloe Mc

I so wish I could afford this right now ? maybe I'll have to at least buy this next month's as a surprise for myself

Kelli Renee

Good thing I am an old lady?. Great video!

Let'sGetGlam !

I love how you say box

Wyked Pixi

This box looks awesome!!

Crystal Wright

I like listening to your accent :)

Lisa Ripley

I LOVE this box...sadly my life is no longer that exciting!? Guess I would need a more Toy oriented box!!!

Brooke S

Thats funny because Im also from Michigan and I didnt notice that you say "bax". It sounded so normal to me ? maybe I say bax too

Amanda Leach

I love your accent! I live in South Carolina so I'm told that I have a strong southern accent and I embrace it! ? You should too! Love this box!

Morgan Snider

I love the way you say box haha don’t stop

EverythingProof Beauty

Omg I love Harley Quinn

Wanda Steeves

U make me smile.. ❤️?????????


Love that lippie on are so cute...I love your reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather Gardner

Amazing ??? oh a giveaway, with one of these boxes would be amazing ?????

Vivian Allen

I bought the rose box you recommended!

Kelly’s Beads, Reads, and Teas

Lol.....with the bax


Pmsl at all the ? at bax. ???

April Fields

I never noticed the “bax” but now I can’t stop laughing when u say it lol

Noemie Faubert

Does anyone know how to track the package? And when it arrives?


I'm from Boston and don't hear anything wrong with the way you are saying box ? I can't hear my accent either but if I travel out of state everyone seems to notice I don't pronounce my "R's"?

Tosha Burgess

Dude I freaking love this theme box wish I could still buy it, you got me sold I'm going buy my first box


hey!! I love you saying "bax" it's super cute lol ?

HEART + HONEY ADULT BOX FEBRUARY 2020 - Let's call it Tantalizing Tuesday!

HEART + HONEY ADULT BOX FEBRUARY 2020 - Let's call it Tantalizing Tuesday!11 Feb. 2020
36 543
Chrissy HarlessSubscribe 438 721

It's Valentine's week and

It's Valentine's week and what is better than an adult sex box?! I considered holding this off until Freaky Friday, but got too excited to unbox it and share so we are just going to roll with Tantalizing Cool.

This month's theme is Paradiso and once again they nailed it!! Quick disclaimer - because I have to age restrict this type of video then I can't be monetized (which I use to buy more subscription boxes and makeup for you all!), so I asked to be fairly compensated for my honest review. The links are not affiliate links.


Where to Subscribe:

Single Boxes:

**Use code FREAKYFRIDAY for 10% off your order!

December's Elizabethan Unboxing:

August's Rose Box Unboxing:

October's Forbidden Fruit Unboxing:


Bumble Bee $55/Month: Our Bumble Bee Box contains a quality sex toy/accessory plus 2-4 sexual and lifestyle products.

Queen Bee $69.99/Month: Our Queen Bee Box contains a luxury sex toy/accessory plus 3-5 premium sexual and lifestyle products.

Couple Box $129/Month: All the senses are engaged in this package of luxury items that stimulates sight, smell, taste, and touch. This box is curated according to the couple, and erotic toys will be included for each partner. (Includes Male/Female & Female/Female options.)

Single Purchase Boxes $49.99-$84: Available as a single purchase, no subscription required!


Makeup is this vid:

Nails: Gelish Gel Polish in Caution


Snail Mail: PO Box 319, Washington, MI 48094


Email: [email protected]

My Camera & Beauty Set-Up & other things I love:


My Everyday? Married w/ 2 Daughters and 2 Doggos

Where do I live? Michigan, USA

Skin Type? Oil Slick, USA

Faves? Bumpy Nerds, Sushi, Creating, MJ, Makeup, and Murder Shows

Some of the above links may be affiliate links.

Royalty Free Music:




Comments (100)
Emily B

It's a lovely box won't but I can't afford it I think it's a little too expensive for me

b_ jean7

Those chocolates sound so good!! I want some!!??

Aishwarya Mishra

I also have Chapstick freaking everywhere, I can't live without them.

Abbey S.

you should totally get the couples box and try it out for us.

Christina Chavez

You should do a couples box!!


Chrissy you’re such a breath of fresh air to YouTube thank you for always being real and amazing ???


Subed, love your box opening vids, love the cannibis stuff. Wish i could afford some of these boxes rlly expensive, being up in Canada and all

Allison Worley

Too funny I have chap stick everywhere too... my husband says I have backups for my backups lol? and ok gurl u put on your leather for the video..u look beautiful???

Crystal Ann

Think the word more would be boujiwah

Gloria Smith

Girl I have lip balm all over my house and in some places like next to my bed on the nightstand I have one on top and two in the drawer.This is a really cute box, I might have to check it out.

Ali Simon

I love your thought process "can't lose a chapstick if I have 17!" Perfect I need to buy more chapstick.

palea anderson

????? ????➜

I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirli ❤ ? ?32543

Katie Bortner

I have chapsticks everywhere! ?

Iesha Jameka

Could you JustCBD subscription box? Their on Instagram as @justcbd

Karin Cope

My 101 yr old granny ate Good Chocolate every day of her life .

Karin Cope

Your complexion gets me it’s so freaking flawless. Love the earrings, match our eyes .

Alex x

Love the eye make up

Ran knight Knight

Mam please make a video in shiny latex you will look so great in them


Until you clarified, I thought that looked like a gecko paw! (Hand?)

Rachel Baker

First thought about Freaky Friday being on a Tuesday... "It's Taco Tuesday...but on a Friday!"

D 90Bell

Peanut butter paris.,all chocolate looks gorgeous earring cool..smell jasmine Ilove it..yeaaah makes me want a real wife..

Amanda Bennett

Love your videos ?

Janes Finds

Such a good review! Ordering this box for sure!

Jemma Farrar

Hun why have you got your coat on in doors ???? Are you really cold ??xx

Allyson Stacy

Your makeup looks gorgeous ?

Stephanie Rinaldi

I am in total agreement with you on having high quality chocolates!!


I was waiting for you to notice the neighbor still watching and see their reaction to the vibe! ??☮️?


I found you through your Freaky Friday series and while my husband and I are NOT vanilla at all I had to order this box based on your reviews! I can’t wait to try it out ? keep up the good work.


What a cool box! I also have chapstick everywhere.. I have a nice selection of flavors lol

Kelly’s Beads, Reads, and Teas

The toy looks like it has a lizard foot.

Shop with Lucy


Tatum Hontz

Yesss girl you look great ?

Rachael Petty

Looks like a great subscription.

Mama Bear Erika

Have you ever done your Top 10 subscription boxes?!? I just love your videos and how honest you are!

Marie Manion

This is the second video of yours I've watched and I subscribed! Love you H and H videos. This was a great box! I want to get one!

ashleigh greco

The “peacock crest” looks like a lizard leg and tail ??...

As always love you , and love your reviews ❤️


They should offer a M/M box

Kate Breedon

You're explaination of the different cycles ??????

Samantha Stuessel

I love those earrings. So pretty. I love these boxes.

Jean Faciane

You are appropriately dressed for this unboxing?

Heather Hernandez

All white vibrator wooah

Seraphina Croi

Omgosh. This box is great! You are so cute and bubbly! The brush is for cleaning? Thanks for sharing!

JoAnn Gediek

I love this box. Not expecting to see this. Hugs and love from North Carolina

Lady Di

Thank you for sharing, I've seen other tubers who used to do adult boxes and then they stopped because of utube.

leslie shepherd

Your gonna love the body foam, dove has a similar formula that I love. Thank you for all you bring to us!

Becca ? Heredia

Love this box such a beautiful woman box

Heather Bowman

Mayana chocolate comes from my home town!

Meghan Yellow


RubyAnn Torres

God I love these kind of videos ?????

Estefania Payne

Yes have to have chapstick every where my lips get chapped bad I did try out the one you recommend in a previous video smells like fruit loops/fruity pebbles..supper good smell but my lips still get dried up after less then 10 mins.. it could just be my work place

Liz Ortega

Hey there! There is a subscription for good quality chocolate called Kekao just thought I should share with you ?

Love Bug

I need that toy!!! OMG! It's so pretty and looks so cool!

Cassidy Guisleman

I have chapstick everywhere too! I hate when my lips are dry. I also have lotion everywhere

Laura Lovely

i still don’t know what goes where on that toy

tiffany sadler

Nice box and video. The toy looks like a classy sophisticated rabbit. I like that

H Lam

You looks beautiful. I need this.

Cindy Schulte

I'm totally with ya on the chapstick everywhere ?

Anne McMullen

I dont want discreet packaging. I want all my neighbors to know im a healthy normal woman???????????????

Diane Martin

Love this box! I definitely want to subscribe to it after seeing your box! Thanks for sharing! Btw, love everything you do, all of your unboxings are awesome!?

Dana Fidler

You should check out his chocolate making videos! It's amazing how talented he is!

Shellie A

I was imaging your neighbor watching you as you held the vibrator up with a huge smile on your face. LOL

Cassidy Guisleman

I have chapstick everywhere too! I hate when my lips are dry. I also have lotion everywhere

JilliA T-Bell

This box is sold out, but it's cool because I just went shopping at the Boxy pop-up SALE
Would Love to try That Chocolatier tho YUMZ

Brittany Ayala


Sarahi Pérez

My husband is obsessed with chapstick just like u

Hattie Simpson

I got so confused and thought it was Friday for a minute hahaha

JessQuinn ClariceHarley

Watching today was out for moms birthday yesterday! Love the jacket I wore my foleather jacket yesterday to ? Love tantalizing Tuesday ? My tea is coming today yayy! May have to grab this box to ? looks fun!!

Jordyn Hawkins

I watch and love all you videos! What is your favorite cheapest sex box that you get a lot? I was gonna get one from one night stand but don’t know if I wanna spend $150 even tho in one visit to the sex shop me and my husband sent $200 ??

lilshadow Vicki-72

Peacock paradise, LOL. Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's week


I'm so using your code to get me and my wife a couples box

Brandy Reynolds

Funny story. For the first like 20yrs of my life, I used the word tittalizing in place of the word tantalizing because that’s the word my parents jokingly used instead. But nooooo brandy didn’t know they were joking. Not until I was writing a paper for nursing school did anyone ever bring it to my attention. NOW I avoid the word altogether. Yes my parents are assholes?

Kate weglarz

Such a good box! Over 64k! Whoop whoop❤️??

Katie Bortner

I’m loving this shirt/ jacket you are wearing etc! Super cute!

Mackenzie Smith

Literally just bought their single $50 mystery box this week after seeing your awesome reviews. Will definitely subscribe to the queen bee when money allows. So fun!

Pam Stewart

Chrissy...I just love you!! My day just isn't right unless I get to hang out with you for atleast 10 min lol

Cassidy Guisleman

I have chapstick everywhere too! I hate when my lips are dry. I also have lotion everywhere


Waiting for your freaky Friday ??? I don’t know what boxes to choose ?


I was disappointed you didn't try one of the chocolate. I was dying to know what they tasted like

Sarah ORourke

Chrissy I really love your channel

Montana Young

Thank you for doing these videos. I don’t understand YouTube. Why did you make a kids YouTube to separate it when you can’t even get monetized for showing a sexy box? Everyone that should be on here is thinking about sex at least 1 time a makes no sense. So thank you for giving your time filming it, simply because it’s a great box!


The earings look amazing especially with ur hair


I'm a camgirl and sexworker, and use sex toys and lube every single day and have REALLY high standards of the materials used for toys. Normally civie stuff like this I hate, but...I'm actually not mad at this box. I don't see any jelly toys so far (for the love of god never use jelly toys or doc johnson toys). Though most of the toys aren't the highest quality silicone (that's often not practical for toys with mechanics inside anyways) the toys are mostly pretty safe materials. I'm impressed.


B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G
Here ▶️▶️

ê Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de
la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour
faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут

неожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейский
√™должны объединиться с бывшим солдатом, чтобы уничтожить группу, √™ответственную за ее создание2

Crystal Glover


Tatum Hontz

I fucken love u lol ? the vibration noises and the brush ??

Maggie Jones

Love your Freaky Friday ( Tantalizing Tuesday) unboxing. You do this with such class!

Jodie Tester

That scared the shit out of me!! Bahahaha ?? I can't ??

Marilyn Ruggeberg

You are Hilarious. Love It. Love Good Quality Chocolate mmmmmm. Love Living Vicariously through your Toys. ???
MKR Creations

Clorinda_ E

I could not love your videos more. Not only do you bring it with content but you make me smile with your positive energy. Well done

Delani Edwards

I love your makeup it's beautiful and you got some awesome stuff I love this box??

Jeannie Bean Kartis

Great box ! Love the earrings ! I have lip balm everywhere ! Lol

Brenda Chapa

How do I open my husband up to this. We need some spice in our sex life.


I wish this came in male male for the couples.

Vanessa K.

It’s been one month where’s the new box ?

Katie Bortner

That toy looks interesting!

Tanya Devito

My cat always steals all of my chapsticks so mini ones in multiples would be handy. ?

Jenn Caulfield

Your eye look is amazing ??

Jennifer Fairbanks

Thank you for doing this unboxing!! This is the second one I've seen you do and I'm definitely sub'ing to H+H! I don't own any adult toys....YET ? I'm 48 and I've never even tried one. Lol I have friends, my sister and even my daughter tell me that I need one! Even that they'd buy it for me. ? Super excited to get my first box!! Thanks again, Chrissy. XO

Dani Johnson

Oh I so want that toy!

Mackenzie Smith

Just saw this video linked in an email heart and honey sent me!

HEART + HONEY ADULT BOX March 2020 - A 'wearable' toy...

HEART + HONEY ADULT BOX March 2020 - A 'wearable' toy...28 Mar. 2020
45 226
Chrissy HarlessSubscribe 438 721

What do we all need during

What do we all need during a time like this? Probably this box lol.

February's Paradiso Unboxing:

December's Elizabethan Unboxing:

August's Rose Box Unboxing:

October's Forbidden Fruit Unboxing:


Where to Subscribe:

Single Boxes:

**Use code FREAKYFRIDAY for 10% off your order!

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Comments (74)
healthybuttrfly RN

I am a gem Collector...Labradorite is a great stone

Kelly The Make Up Mom

To answer your "friend" yes you can wear it and have your partner in control of the remote. A good time ?.

Janelle Blozy

I love this!!

Amanda Petkov

Girl every video I watch of yours, I cannot believe how GORGEOUS you are! I also feel like we could be best friends, lol

Fairy with a side of Pixie

You can wear it out to while your husband/partner controls the control. Lol. I know it’s been a while since this video & you probably figured it out.. but the control vibrates as well.

Courtney Pies

Just subscribed! Can't wait to receive mine!

Christine Smith

? love the “asking for a friend “ ?


I’m missed freaky Friday!
Aaaannnd I’ve heard from a friend that they make shopping with a significant other very interesting!
They are quieter “in” use lol

Amanda Marie

I have something like this but its called a lush 2 and does the same thing but can be controlled from anywhere with a phone, it's a very exciting thing in public because no one would know your wearing it just avoid wearing when sitting on like a chair with no padding because it will make a sound lol have fun!

Elizabeth Flores

I'm asking for a friend.....???

MaM Of2

Love watching you!! So adorable and confident!!

Amanda Duhhh

I love
Your haircut

Holy crap it’s expensive for

Chelsea Troxell

Completely agree with your prediction of Dec & Jan babies!!

Rebelgirl 0013

I could not wear that in public cause I would be squirming everywhere, lmao!!!

Carrie Collins

I received my box a few weeks ago! Thanks so much for letting me know about all these "new to me" boxes!

Nicos Chadjidemetriou

Chrissy you're much more than beautiful and FANTASTIC. "GOD BLESS YOU "


The toys looks similar to the we vibe sync. I always say that’s a “”wearable”” because you wear it...while you’re in the act. So you can both feel the vibrations. But I could be wrong

Kate weglarz

Fab box. I was literally going to go to bed when it dropped and haaad to watch it! ❤️ Good night from uk x

Christina Ohara

You actually say it right the first time lab-ro-door-ite. labrodorite

Aracelis González

Omg thats amazing

Hayley Mills

Tell "your friend" that it's exactly what you're thinking. My ex & I worked at the same business for years & it definitely added some fun at work! ????

healthybuttrfly RN

Love you girl❣ lol

Attiq Naqvi

Dear shear a video how to use this toy

Mandy C

Love you Chrissy!
Thank you for another awesome video ❤

Margie McK

What if it falls out while ur wearing it? (Asking for a friend?)

Rude Dog

If you can't figure out what words like "wearable" means for two minutes
Google it before making the video.

Patricia Hustad

the negativeness is not following you anymore.


Yes, that's exactly what wearable means lol

Brit Brat

Im 47th lmfao ??? this box is awesome! U gotta let us know if your "friend" took it out for a test drive in public! ?? ❤ ❤

Mel Converse

You look radiant ! Did you do something different to your hair ? ??

Andrea Walsh

Hi Chrissy!!

GlitterIsMyCRACK Cannamama

Yes you can wear in public..... and TRY not to react while your partner plays with the buttons! ??.
XOX Luna

Megan Marie Porter

Waiting for the adds to end. One day I’ll be able to get one! Okay I’m watching.

Tatiana Geer

The VERY end! ????? Every time. ? I feel ya girl!! ?


I told my partner I wanted to get this one toy that can be turned on via an app and has different levels of speed or you can sync it to music and it vibrates to the rhythm... but could u imagine being in public and your partner just turns it on without a warning.

Jennifer M

I neeeeeed Freaky Friday every week!

Kathrin McCarty

"I'm asking for a friend".....omg...lmao!

Lady Green sleeves

Peony is my favorite

Ashley Blackwood

Wow, are I really the first person here?

Anyway, another amazing video, Chrissy! I always love your videos especially these type ones they are always so interesting!

Annette Wise

Loving your hair!

Vikki Viau

wearableness down below.. I am DYING!!!

Mark d.

ooh second!

Missie30 innc

My "friend" said yeah if you wanna kick it up wear it on a date with the hubby and give him the controller. And that cuff is gorgeous. As always I enjoyed this video??⭐

Marketa Velazquez

It looks just like my we vibe chorus vibrator

Leslie Finchen

Oh no. I've already subscribed to the other box you recommended! Here's another that looks interesting!?

JoAnn Gediek

Oh no I would not wear it out in public. I would be squirming and making crazy sounds. Hugs and love from North Carolina.

Jessie Miller Unboxings and More

Great box this month! Imagine you're wearing the a dinner party...and your partner has the remote. ? I love the Labradorite cuff bracelet too! I also have trouble lighting matches.

Claudia MamaBear Glover

So yeah you wear it and let your companion hold the remote and go to dinner..... ?

Alyssa Turbeville

To answer your “friends” question yes you can wear it in public. If you’re comfortable with doing that lol

Domonique Coetzee

What how was I just talking about this with my man and then that is what is in your box ?! Haha ?

Marilyn Ruggeberg

Loving your Makeup today. I could Never wear that in Public. There would be No Secrets. LOL

Dana Casal

I have a toy like that and I have worn it in public once. It was a little exciting. My hubby had control.

Pettalwing2000 Miller

I have a toy much like that one that my partner can control from anywhere! He can be at work, miles away!

Nicholas Mullarkey

"Sister's are doing it for themselves." ?

Linda Key

You look beautiful today....


Teehee pun intended... ???☮️?

Jodie Tester

Holy hell, how do you look so gorgeous?? I look homeless today during my cleaning quarantine lol. I decided to follow a good friend's advice and started using my Glossy boxes for drawers to keep them organized. Thank you so much for the idea! This must be the reason you look so relaxed and happy!! I may need this box lol.
So happy to see you so many days in a row. This is a treat and a perfect break from everything. Thank you so much for your presence.
Stay safe and healthy.

Jesse Leigh Middleton

Wait which one was this box?

K Lewis

"wearable" is another way of saying that you can insert it and if you choose to give the remote control to decide how intense the vibrations, while you are in public... kinky, might be fun

Karen Mitchell

Has no one seen the movie The Ugly Truth with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler? The restaurant scene? Where she loses track of the “remote”? Ok, so there’s a movie to rent during this social distancing experiment.

Jennifer Gould

I still think it weird af that YouTube rings you for weed but not your Freaky Friday. They ding Baily Sarian for MMMM but others talk about true crime without issue.

Rachel Baker

I have heard of couples where she'll have the toy in place, in a public place and her partner will have the remote.

Heather Heape

That’s my favorite gem stone lab-bor-door-ite

Nicole Ligor

missed freaky friday!

Fragile Like a Bomb

For wearable toys, there are actual magnetic toys so they will stay in place better on outings, but the shape of this one seems like it could hold in place well. I’d just be safe and wear a strong legging with a skirt or maybe jeans. Just to be safe and keep it in place.

BettyBoop Wolfe

The answer is YES chrissy . But i have one of these and you cant walk around with it , imo. Can wear during penetration though !

Karin Cope

Wow ... you look absolutely stunning , your complexion is always so freaking flawless ?

I want my MTV

I hope i don't see u shopping and hear a buzz cuz u will be so busted gurl!!! Hahaha

Narda H


Better Goodan

You have collected so many "toys" bet your a happy woman ??‍♀️

Jesse Leigh Middleton

Wearing it public would be cool and is what i always thought i would try if i bought one of those (the one I've looked at is different but the idea is the same) but its not super quiet unfortunately which is disappointing :(

Lady Green sleeves

Is the humble worth it should Queen be just be the go to? And which one is this?

Alexia Paulsen

I’ve missed these videos and the weed box openings?


I’ve been Waiting for a new freaky Friday video