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Things you see on Grindr | Alonzo Lerone

Things you see on Grindr | Alonzo Lerone8 Apr. 2014
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Official “Things you see

Official “Things you see on Grindr | Alonzo Lerone” video by comedian Alonzo Lerone.

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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.

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Ian Kammerman

Please, pray for everyone.

Tosseef Kaira

Alonzo. Are you gay?


That last one though was just amazing ?

Rey Rey



Moon Jae-In

yo I am straight cis but I identify as queer to justify the fact that I watch this.

Taylor Garcia


Beatrice Moscozo


Piddle Paddle

This is cringey af

Manda P

ugh I have friends...well acquaintances who use it but I've never asked about the level of ridiculousness and flat out bold shit, so I had no idea but I figured it'd be about like that. people are fkn weird as shit I swear!

Fat kid Productions

2:31 yeah man if he plays along with my shitty movie references I'm taking him :)

Samantha Moore

Who's reading these? Doesn't sound like Alonzo

Ian Kammerman

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kitty levins

i like to pride myself on not judging others sexual kinks but honestly what the fuck?

YB Chamberlain

one of those was from Mean girls?

Janaea S


Sakuri Sake

Grindrs new motto should be, grindr a waste of time.

Ash Botkin

"I want an iPad" that got me laughing XD


No intro, no outro?! Goddamn Alonzo, what's that about ?!
jk lol funny video as always !


Sssllllpp clkc... noice

Michael Jones Media

This is pretty accurate at least on my Grindr.

Lily Lima

Oh my! o_O Say what? Lol this had me dying.

Kanishk Jha

lol. I got a grindr advertisement just before the video started.

Brittany Small

oh lord...... why did I watch this that was disturbing


Athanasios Toulios

"If you were my true soulmate, you would type in full English" oh god, me

Jason Noury

You should do a part 2

Carus Dixon II

@Alonzo Lerone how do you know about Grindr so well..? ?

Ian Kammerman

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Stephen R

Best one I've ever seen is "If you jingle my bells I promise you a white Christmas." lol.

Silent Huntress72

Who's doing the voices besides Alonzo?????????????

Mc Zuh


Evil Lynn

Grindr sounds scary lol

Ian Kammerman

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The fucking mean girls convo lmao

Rainy LullaBye

2:23 love the mean girls one I guess...?

nostalgia ultra apologist

That mean girls chat??

AuntSue's Cakemix

I had to come back to this video because I recently heard someone Unironically use the word “shitoras” cracks me up everytime



Amber Dunn

Lol spooning beef lasagne in your tight hole and eat it out??? What the actual hell

MJ Doctor

wait alonzo is gay??

Elissha Franklin

wait, what??

Fabian Jaramillo

I want an ipad hahahahahaha


Whoa im black and korean too! Ive never met someone else of my breading before

Lucas Layton

Why does he seem so different in his old vids? His voice was less whiny and lower pitched and his personality was different. It's like watching a whole different person.

James Scott

Regina George was fun

Amir Waqiuddin

Whenever i use grindr app my quality of life goes down,,i just can't stop checking the messages and checking people nearby,,, i felt like a zombie, now i had deleted it and i got my life back

Travis Simmons

Is this your Grindr?

Brandon Johnson

Why are these people just coming so strong like that lol my god lol

BossLadyD 86

Why is he on Grindr?

kendll livingston

i had to stop watching at the beginning of the rape convo im a rape victim and found it very upsetting

Josalyn Green

I always thought grindr was a homosexual site?

Naketta Kirkland

I'm horrified!OMG note to self never use grinder ???

Olivia Christine

Who’s here in 2020 because they just got it on the recommended? ?

Kuroha Kokonose The God

My Name Is Lorenzo Now Read The Title

brawl stars fan

The first one though

Sakuri Sake

Grindr seems fucked up. Why the dirty sex talk right out of the gate? Even if I was interested and wanting a hook up that would be my last desperate resort lol.

Alexander Baker

OMG Alonzo, so you're gay!! That means I have a chance with you! LOL
When I start doing YouTube & (hopefully) become big, I wanna do a collab with you & then we can go out to dinner and fall in love!


why did this just pop up in my recommended

Nettie Williams


Ian Kammerman

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WTF was that

Kelly Mills

Hahahaha. I want an iPad too.

Ian Kammerman

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Sudipto Ghosh

Oh God! Relatable af

Nobody The Og Of The Young Gun Crew

Is.... Im sorry. Not being rude, cause I love him anyway, but is Alonzo gay?


"Sexy shit pussy"..LOL


.....Wow O.o

Mz Shortie B

[email protected] shitoris

Drkone Davis

[email protected]0:43. Good diss

Sakuri Sake

Grindr and tindrs new motto should be dicks behind electronic devices screens.


Cute texts, although I can’t read some words because they’re kind of blurry!


Hunter Jaeger

"And they say romance is dead." I died laughing at that part.

Olivia Stewart

ladies and gentlemen, humanity ???

Michael Jones Media

+Alonzo Lerone. I think you should do more of these.

go away

the only one I liked was the Regina George one

Paul Thomas

Wtf lmfao only on Grindr


WHY are people looking for romance and friends on Grindr? It is a hookup app! lol

miranda XD



Alonzo's gay?

Paul Thomas

The voices didn't sound like Alonzo, and one sounded like a woman


????? I'm ??

Lil Gremlin

the fuck?

Stephanie Mathias

omg what happened to you! you sounded so depressed lmfao

Logan White

Lmao I was totally gonna comment on one of those Tinder videos saying you should do a Grindr fails video. hahaha

Usuratonkachi ๑ Naruto


Brandon Johnson

Wait what your gay wow didn't see that coming


Alonzo why are you on Grindr

April Rants

I'm Mormon!!! Hahaha haha haha


That's some 50 Shades of Grey stuff right there....

Scarlett Kathryn Rose Vlogs

I legit thought this was his way of telling us he's gay ?

Aquilla P

?? “ I want an iPad “ made my day

Yuva Silvanathan

I don’t get it. It’s like people are just programmed to be weird on that app. Sometimes you wonder if you’re talking to a human being at all.

Reni Rn

Nachos girl is me that's all I wanttt


"I want an iPad" lmao ?


That last one was so polite.

Alex Siren

Grindr is quite boring, I hate snobby guys, cmon, atleast be a geek then whatever.

Bussy Boiii

is it bad that I think Alonzo is gay?

eve madlock

I want to get rape?????

Tate S.T

well hasn't the content changed from 2014

Tatyanna Lollies

welp had to put my donut down....probably not gonna pick it back up again. yep gonna cringe in the corner


3:09 well those are some fantasies.

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#grindr chat btw Dom /Slave gays chatting on gay app17 Jun. 2019
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