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Hot Audiobook Story - Amazon Thanksgiving - LISTEN NOW!!!

Hot Audiobook Story - Amazon Thanksgiving - LISTEN NOW!!!16 Nov. 2018
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#Amazon #Thanksgiving

#Amazon #Thanksgiving #FiftyShades #DiarySingleWoman

* * Fifty Shades of Grey * * fans, audio book lovers, Amazon shop-a-holics and binge watchers, treat yourself this Thanksgiving and holiday week to a juicy audio book romance story. “This Thanksgiving Courtesy of Amazon” is a wonderful short fiction story beautifully written and narrated by Ms. Anonymous of Diary of a Single Woman. Known for her true erotic diary stories, Ms. Anonymous is treating her listeners with a fun yet unusual fiction story.

Natalie and her boyfriend Brett try to make the best of their relationship over the holiday week. A series of events helps Natalie examine her life and a part of her that she struggles to bring to the forefront, that is, until Amazon helps her uncover her fears and discover her desires. Just in time for the Black Friday frenzy, indulge in this “package” filled adventure.

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I'm Ms. Anonymous, and I'm sharing with you, my true diary stories. If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey and Zane books, then you will love what I'm going to tell you. What sets me apart, is that my diary stories are based on my true encounters.

After sharing a few of my dating experiences with close friends, I soon realized that my life was far from average. My experiences are unbelievable, trust me, both men and women will enjoy my tell all diaries. You never know what to expect. Welcome to my Diary of A Single Woman!





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Nitra B Luv

Ms. Anonymous..luv what's going on with the story's. It's been 2months and counting. Some of the stories still waiting for the final of the juicy details.. can we please get a story. Thanks ❤xo

The REAL Story About Al Green & The Night BOILING HOT Grits Were Thrown on Him + His Abusive Past

The REAL Story About Al Green & The Night BOILING HOT Grits Were Thrown on Him + His Abusive Past9 Aug. 2019
154 647

We all know that Al Green

We all know that Al Green had grits thrown on him. But what do you know about the woman who threw the grits? Did you know that she committed suicide....that same night? Well, that is the story that was running in newspapers decades ago. Do you believe it? Or do you believe that something more sinister happened? Does hearing about Al Green's abusive past with women sway your opinion about the situation?

Enjoy this Ti Said What Ti Said video and draw your own conclusion.

Thank you for watching!

#TestItWithTi #AlGreen #MaryWoodson #OldSchoolMusic

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Austin Barry

My cousin who was born in 1945 told me that Al was having an affair and was actually cheating on her with a man. Wow.

green byrd

You should never let anybody take you all the way left. clearly, she wasn't in her right mind. Whatever he did, he did not deserve that. Just leave the situation and move on with your life.

Supreme Being

Good job sister...

John Hardy

Her husband was a SIMP

Annabelle Mensah

He did it,killed her because he a woman beater,and he was angry that is why he has that empty chair for her in his church,guilt.

Golden Blue

An Evil Man indeed?????...But the women he choses.... ALL(@ least) those 2 was Dysfunctional.... Sounds like Colletta Williams got the “ Hell “ outta there !!!! ????????????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Was Colletta Williams from Colorado and is she alive today?!

Fran Pettaway

Someone should interview him on camera & casually start talking about grits & watch his reaction.


Hi from Virginia Beach ⛱!!!!! Your channel is so refreshing and informative!!!! I just subscribed ☺

Janeen Hobbs

Al Green killed her I don't care or he had someone to do it than he ran to God

Modestine Mungo

Yeah..around my town the saying is "Al Green didn't get saved until he got them ? hot grits throwed on him!", lol

Kelvin Hardy

HBCUCOLLEGEGRANTS.COM, says your story is on point - it matches the very details Mr Green stated in his book.

Freddie Brooks

I believe he killed her.

Lillol F

WOW! All these years & I never knew about Al Green & abusive behavior or the suicide of the hot grits woman!!! Completely changes my view of him...have always loved his music but now I can never look at him the same again!

Anthony Levy

I heated to say Mr Al Green Deserves hot grits on him

Horizon Today

I guess Mary believed that since Sha La La was dedicated to her, Al’s other hit, “Let’s Get Married” was also. And the latter was definitely composed around the same time. I’m sure that song had given her hope.

kim tisdale

As for what i was hearing that Al Green was in the tub when his wife threw grit on him and than he shot her for that .


She wasn’t that cute. ? Al Green was an azzhole ?. I think he was so mad about the grits he shot her. How would she know where HIS gun was in his house?

buddy walkers

She killed herself.. Here sister's had to get her stuff

Tammy Jones

If he is in the bathroom brushing his teeth when she pours the hot grits on him, then why does he have to run past the flight attendant to get to the bathroom?


7 shots?

Claudine 27

They say him and James Brown were notorious women beaters it's disgusting how they treated our Queen's.

Twanky B

I heard it was a white woman who did that??‍♂️

YoVette Hardy

I believe that it happened the way he told the story.The women obviously had mental problems,and for her to have the suicide note she planned all of this...Now as far as his abusing his wife yes I believe her and the excuses he use so many other men have blame their spouses for their behavior and I do believe he was a womanizer like many of his contemporaries.

Laverne Polk was a big voice,he song out his feelings,all the time he needed help through his music..the sweet songs were misunderstood.quote,the message was clear when god gave the girlfriend a voice to let all green know he needed god.he realized and turned to god,church, paster....Al green will one day answer through god,he will sing out loud
For all God's way .......let's forgive,each his own ..........


Don’t sound right

Marshall Sanders

Recurring Story :(
Sing like Angels, Live like Demons :(
Satan was the Worship Cheribum in Heaven before he fell ! Now the Idol Worship of his demonic children have many worshipping them for being demons also :(

Robin Smith

I bet that woman that as present there that night knows the truth but was told not to ever tell

Lyricist Anonymous

I heard there was another man involved with Al Green..

Twanky B

When did she write the letter jail?

Anna Jones

Would you consider doing a story about Betty and Barney Hill, or prominent African Americans in history or African Americans who've gone missing?

Troy Beverly

I must have been spending to much time looking at the centerfold. Sorry!

Elaine Sewell

But if he heard several shots how did she commit suicide, because I’m pretty sure the first shot would’ve done the trick! How was she still conscious after the first shot!?

Ms.Etiquette Decorum

I always heard he shot her but i didn't know , she died, because he never sang RB after that incident, I thought he went before a judge

Gregory Hertzog

M.L.K.YES we can do it/Civilization and Speeches and families and thank you.
Amazing Music ministry instruments Vocalist and Voice you are.
Amazing how many all
Colour and Blacks African Americans and others Cultural
Jealousy and Harted.
Can live with out both sides
Females and Males behavior
That love you and beyond.
Dislike like you forever 2021.
No justice and no peace.

shatara franklin

it is more to the story, im not going to kill myself after i throw grits on somebody al green killed her i really believed that

RaChica Conyers

I`ve heard of Mr Green and his hot grits story and the only song of his I know about was the one Mr Obama sang.

John B. Melton Jr.

I think Al was a victim of a "Gold Digger" trying to get money from him.I've always loved Al,and his music,and so did my dad's mom, my late grandmother Margaree Melton-Gainey.I don't know about Al's personal life,nor do I care.It's the same old story which often occurs.A famous person is doing well for themself,and some lunitic tries to destroy what the person has worked hard to build up.Instead of helping to build the person up.They try to tear the person down.Hate,jealousy,envy,and deceit is what Satan is all about.

Priscilla Slaughter

Modestine Mungo

A woman Beater.. I always wondered why he wasn't in a long successful marriage.. Now i know why. Smh

Nebrog Gordon

This lady appears to be a devil in disguise ,

Jeanae Jones

I've had second and third degree burns from a grease fire. When you're in that much pain, you only want the pain to STOP. I couldn't even drive myself to the hospital, the pain was so enormous. I wouldn't wish that on ANYONE. Worst pain of my life. Therefore, I don't think Al murdered her. Suicide, most likely.

Phyllis Mitchell

I didn't know that his girlfriend killed herself. But here's the thing. She may have been flamboyant herself but no one deserves to beaten. No man all of a sudden just starts beating women, it occurs as a slow process, usually from childhood. I think he had been beating her all along and she finally got tired of it. Also if he was already in the bathroom how was it he had to run past his flight assistant friend to get into the bathroom? Another reason I feel that way is because of his own "definition" of what the difference was between a "beating" as opposed to being "slapped around". He obviously didn't see that it was the same thing.

As to her suicide note. When a woman pours hot grits on a man that is a message that says she is finally through with him. Usually they go about their lives. Could she have felt regret afterward. Maybe. But if you are going to commit suicide you don't need to shoot twice, neither do you need to shoot in the air and then shoot yourself. Then there was the source stating there were several shots. Al Green was a big name at the time. Accolades and money could have entered the picture. Did anyone confirm the handwriting of the suicide note? Al Green admitted that his girlfriend's prophesy about him about singing gospels was unbelievable to him even to this date. Could it have been a guilty conscience that turned him in that direction? There are still a lot of holes in this story.

Theodore Parker

The suicide after she threw grits on Al Green seems odd...

Lisa Thomas

God know and he will have to answer to God.


Is this where Tyler Perry got the idea for his madea family reunion movie? Lol

Noble Hill

Wow! Geez! The truth be told,Ike #2

Ripe Orange

Heard mr. green loved grits

Kim Brown-Sims

You Info on most of you Videos is incorrect. You like basically Gossipping. This Lady had been diagnosed as Bi-Polar and had Psych Issues her Family eas aware of it. She wasn't in a relationship with him just sex. There was another woman in the house when she got there that she knew was there. Al Green had moved the other woman in. Which is why all this happened.

T L Townes

I was in high school when this happened. The tragedy spawned a million GRITS JOKES!!



Pensey Francis

Why didn't Barry Gordon and Dianna Ross never married?

Ken Houston

Every body taking her side if he killed her can u blame him she threw hot gritts on him.

Jai Houston

If she had access to his gun she wouldn't have been boiling grits! It would've been a murder suicide if she'd planned to kill herself. The story is bogus, Mary didn't confront fight or argue with Al nor the other woman yet we're to believe she was so upset she attacked Al and then killed herself!? It doesn't make sense if she was that enraged and had his gun she would've shot Al and the other woman before killing herself.

Tita Santiago

I Enjoyed this VLOG!!!! May Mary Woodson RIP,, ? Everyone’s Idea about LOVE is so different,,, no one will ever really know what happened that night except GOD,, ??

Chris Ray

Don't forget to hit that like
Cuz it force YouTube Algorithm To share this video 

Deborah Barrow

Thanks for this video I was aware of this story tho not that Mary died the same evening etc i pray Al Green has truly repented for his sake cos of the end times we are in....???????

Clarence Harris

Now wait a minute something don't sound right so the woman shot herself several times is that what I'm hearing the first bullet didn't killer now she probably she pour grits on Al and then Al shot her paid for the cover-up I'm pretty sure Al would have known the difference between two shots for several shots kind of fishing there, I guess abused and females were two things back in those days James Brown did it Al Green did it David Ruffin did it Ike Turner did it it was off the chain and the other girl the flight attendant she could have been in on the cover-up and staged the whole thing she could have got together with Al threw the Grits on him to cover up the murder

Noble Hill

Thank you ,I'm done with Algrits!

The Matrix

He's an Aries . Aries are KNOWN for their Temper and violence.

Eva LaClair

I like me some grits

Patricia Cairo

This is the yr 2021 several shot don't make sense 1 will do it that got covered up all over it ✌

The Soloosh

The hot grits incident took place just a couple of weeks before i was born. Oddly, my drunk uncle would pull up at 2 in the morning blasting Al Green Love and Happiness. Now one of my favorite songs. RIP uncle.

The SuiteLife of L.A & Lola

That lady was best friends with my dad. Her sister still lives in Madison.

Gina Ceasor

I didn't know there was another broad in the house .His girlfriend was married with 4 children and was in love with Al, but probably out of love with her husband. If she couldn't have him to herself, she was going to mess him up for anyone else.

Mo'Nique Duncan

Al Green was in the hospital for a long time after she threw them hot ass Brits on him to my mother still has the original Jet magazine that that story was in and it's totally different from what you saying

Booney Baby

Hell nah I would of left his ass when he hit me the 1st time ....her all must like getting her ass beat

Anthony Collier

My comments on this situation is no one ever spoke about that being another woman in the house when that happened it could be that after he shot her the other woman who was probably in love with him or infatuated with him could have helped him cover it up the story and throw the grits on him and they got together and came up with the idea of the she ran off and shot herself in the other room that's what I'm thinking cuz did anyone ever get the other woman's story you never hear no one speak of her until now.

Asia Mosley

self-defense leads to cover-up Yikes ?

Twanky B

How can you mend a broken heart?

Erin Hobbs

She probably yelled at him about that woman. He probably beat her. Then she threw grits on him. Then he shot her. And the police probably didnt care, because it was a domestic dispute.

Claudine 27

I was hurtful how my beloved beautiful Tammy Terrell was treated by James Brown and David Ruffin they said Marvin Gaye would put Tammy up like a little sister because she was so young and beautiful and successful and when she died he was hurt!

Destiny Joyner

Did she bring the grits with her or did she cook them there. I dont see her transporting a pot of hot grits to his house. busted in the house? If she had a gun and she came in while he was showering why didnt she just shoot him? Why coik grits?

Midwest Kandi

Not "Al Grits Green." ?

La Queta Worley-Bell

WoW !!!
I love this history !!!
I love your voice.... It's recognizable ?

Eva LaClair


Shirley Jones

His recording company! Called the clean up CREW!! A Donavon Crew! He shot her asssssss‼️‼️‼️??‍♀️and they CLEANED IT UP FOR THE BEAST?

Victoria Mayo

Al Green is amazing

Anita Diaz AnitaD

The only way to deal with a violent batterer is to put the serious hurt - cripple his ass, poison his food, or put his ass in the hospital and while he is there, clean out bank accounts and get the hell away from him and never go back.

Perry Anderson

She threw those hot grits on him and he shot her plain and simple, one grit hurts imagine a whole pot on you “ghastly”


Being in Memphis myself I don’t believe the conspiracy of him shooting her. Because he was burning and you suffering especially against your back you can’t even thing of anything else so it make sense he panic trying to relieve the pain ain’t enough rage in the world to ignore that kinda pain. There were two shots right well if you look at some crime documentary on people taking their life by gun, it’s pretty common to see two discharges because the thought is test the sound and feel of the weapon and as well see if it is functional the second shoot is usually going thru with it. As woman I would skeptical if she did but since history of fail attempts especially when she did the way more common for women this is make sense this is suicide. Honestly the police in Memphis isn’t kind to black men if they could pin a murder on Al Green they would have it didn’t matter him being entertainer especially being in the south. I think he became religious maybe he took it as sign he need to change his life around. I did hear about his beating allegations so I can see why folks have conspiracy theory but to find out the woman was married so really he was her side guy speak volumes that she had a lot issues she was dealing with and might felt driven to use permanent solution to moment that would have smooth over in time. But with the way of the times and how people with mental issues were stigmatized I am not surprise and her being pretty if she complain she be gaslight this is so sad to me. This was good video I like it I keep tune to see more of these.

Linda J Witherspoon

Do something on Natalie Cole


Hot grits lol that's my granny shit and potash ???

Scott Lane

You need to do a lil more homework that story is some what true....

Amy Crumedy

So sorry she died so beautiful she was.

Shirley Redmond

Wow, never knew about the abuse. I look at this differently now.


He had a violent history of laying hands on women and then ironically hiding behind religion laid hands and whatever else. She didn't shoot herself twice in a suicide because the first shot would disable her. He was p issed because those grits was burning and he needed revenge.......either he shot her or someone in that house had orders to do it.....wonder if those grits had sugar in them...whew!

Victoria Mayo

I remember this like it was yesterday

Ollie Robinson

Boiling hot grits will always get your undivided attention

The Soloosh

You'd think hot grits would deem it a justifiable homicide. Anyone not think that's a reasonable case for self defense? I do.

Romaine Singleton

I have heard about the story ,and the way you read it was the way I heard it . But I did not know the woman was dead by suicide. Sad domestic violence is a big issue and really needs to be dealt with, that should be FRONT PAGE NEWS more centers need to be in lots if areas. Sad so sad.

Lady Blue

I heard about the alleged domestic violence. I'm from Memphis and even though I was very young when that incident occurred, I heard about it and I thought that's why the whole grits thing happened or him cheating or something. You said that her family, however, says she's tried to kill herself several times before they got together! I've been burned before and believe me, if he was seriously burned (and from what I heard and saw on tv, he was) how would he have had the presents of mind or physicality to be able to shoot somebody! All, I'm sure he could concentrate on was the severe pain and making it stop. I’m surprised he didn’t go into shock! So running and getting in the shower, sounds very plausible. Also, it's highly unlikely that she shot herself and THEN she threw grits on him, afterwards!

Not to say that this happened, but did the police question the other lady that was there. I never heard of anyone else being there at the time, so besides the suicide, that's new too. Also, the story of them getting along before leaving the studio (I think you said) and he (Al Green) had to tell them that there wasn't going be any funny business happening between them because of ALL his bedrooms. I had to back that up, I found that sooooo humorous! LOL! Okay, he hadn't gotten religion yet! Not at that point, obviously. That sounded fishy to me. Does anyone believe that HE said that or did one of the women make that clear to HIM before they left. Other than that, I think the grits thing happened like he said. I think that's why he got religion, because he realized his regular way of doing things was not gonna cut it! From what I understand, he almost died! Wouldn't you find the Lord if you almost lost your life!

You also mentioned that there were multiply shots and I agree with someone that commented saying it doesn't make since that anyone would miss trying to shoot themselves but that doesn’t mean he was the one that did it! And I say that only because I don't believe he was physically able to. I'm not pointing fingers but I'm just wondering if the police examined all the scenarios. Because even though the woman that threw the grits had a history of attempted suicide, that doesn't mean she attempted or actually killed herself that night. But, I would think if you're someone who is known to have a propensity towards violent behavior against yourself or others, people will conclude that's probably what happened. It’s easier for the police to see it that way, right? Sad to say, but we’ve heard it before...less paperwork.

SUGAR BROWN secret garden

I don't trust that flight attendant..I think she shot her but we will never truly Kno the whole truth

Antalan LawGroup

It’s more probable than not the gun shots (multiple) occurred b4 AG entered the shower and the flight attendant conspired w AG to throw the grits on him while he was in the shower to minimize the damages and impute culpable conduct, upon the victim. uhh When black folk started writing suicide letter’s??? The husband’s responses are either just effeminate, punkish or just plain culpable, who knows but really dude. This sister lost her life at an early age surrounded around controversy and conspiracy, trajic; I will always be a fan of the music, the hot grit story is always hilarious, however, IF AG murdered this sister, and has not paid for it in this lifetime, maybe he
will pay for it in the next. The hot grit story will never be as funny .....

Pensey Francis

I can't believe people are still talking about this story.


Al Green knew he killed this woman. I always say that with a lot of people, in the advent of hot grits being thrown on them, would grab a gun if handy. I loved Al Green but let's be real.

A year before the grits, I was on the phone one night while it was raining. I had my little six pack and a cigarette and enjoying myself to the max - talking about NOTHING! Then suddenly my best friend wasn't on the phone and was replaced by this young sounding person that I thought was a girl. I kept saying "girl who are you?" I said it enough times to know they didn't hear me. Then I heard a bunch of girls that I realized were boys ... young gay boys. I asked my friend if she was still there and she said faintly "I can't hear you..." So she hung up. Apparently our wires got crossed which sometimes happened when EVERYONE had land lines. This was 1972. Now, I'm going to be honest, I got quiet so I could hear the conversation with these guys. Al Green was in town and they were going to the show. If you could of heard the happy anticipation they showed - speaking of their outfits. The one that seemed to really know 'Al' as they called him said something like "you know Al likes this or that ..." I was totally messed up and giggling .. I would have never thought ... This bunch of guys talked about a lot of things ppl are doing today and marriage ... all kinds of things including abuse in foster care. One of them was to young to be out but said his Foster mom only wanted him for a "charity check...". None of it was funny actually. So when Al Green lied about that lady killing herself, I said "shame on you ..."


Why didn't Mary just use her pillow to fight him?! If men would leave married women alone!

Mo'Nique Duncan

Al Green didn't know that woman was married and I don't remember him ever beating on anybody especially not her she was jealous because he had broken up with her and he was seeing another woman that's why he brought that woman with him to his house she wasn't supposed to have been there

William Richardson Sr

I heard about that night he was burned with the grits and her suicide following shortly thereafter. Yeah that story sounds kind of sketchy to me. I heard that I guess there was 2 shots fired. One into a wall or something, and the other she shots herself in the head. I also heard that she was bipolar or schizophrenic whichever one I don’t remember. I think his security might’ve taken her out. I don’t believe he did, but I do believe he knows more than what he reported to the police. With those hot grits on his tail I don’t think he was in any kind of shape to chase her to the bedroom and kill her. ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️


Acknowledges himself as a wife beater... He probably deserved those scolding, hot grits. (sizzle.... aaaaahhhh ?)

James Phillips

I believe that story is bogus it's a cover up. Al Green shot and killed her just imagine someone throwing a whole pot of hot scolding grits on you that'll make you want to do something to them... Wow this happed 10 years before I was born


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Comments (50)

Facts Greene was Kingd out in 90s, thy had tht on smash, washington was diff.

That hot grease is crazy seen tht a few times smh.

E. J

Hey dude! I started watching your videos yesterday. I like the way you tell the stories and your sincerity. I wish you the best for your platform and career.

blackplay 456

Salute from Newburgh Ny King ???

ReShaN 912

Son Lay Down Son , Lay Down ?


Son dropping stories back to back! Thats how you do it my Gee?

Jerwon Echols

That would make you respect your enemy


“Yundastansayn” ????

Amber Marshall

My man just got to green he say they have fights every day in there still

John Onukaogu

Just came home august lol niggas would think shit out of a movie shit really go down up ⬆️ fr stay dangerous

Florida Prison Talk


Florida Prison Talk

Ight gentlemen have a good night lol??. Facts!!

JerryOne JonesSecond

Best prison/Jail story teller on YouTube real talk.

Michael Gaffney

Naw son had to have had 1st and 2nd degree burns.... hot oil???? Yea that shit was a wrap skin peeled off!!!!


Keep the stories coming bro!! You’re gifted fam!!


Yo Laz, authentic stories and the background music is fuckin official too my G! I’m hooked like dope!???

Omnipotent Goldie

Salute From Chicago. That's Some Real G Shit.

Byron S

lmaoo bruh said "alright gentlemen yall have a good night"

cash 183td

Naw son thats not true bronx was in the building 183rd

justin case

From queens to Brooklyn salute.. I'm fuckin with you Heavy. Pause

Manny Mollywhop

Do a collab with a bigger prison channel and get ur numbers to skyrocket. You got good content but you need push to help the algorithm

Proppa Music

Not the hot grease my nigga ??

Dee rock


king 2xcount

Yo stories be on sum campfire shit??

ed Louis

That's that BQE era factory

Clifford Shepherd

???? iight gentleman have a good night

The Rap Sheet AKA My Hood Book

You got it popping ? salute BROOKLYN

Menace Mike

And u dropping em back to back too u gettin me through my work days no bs

ed Louis

I kno that era I was in Washington 95 96 97

Trump Lost

I'm just realizing that ur St Laz.. I remember one or two songs from u from the early 2000s. I think it was Sam Kellerman that played it

car critic explained

Yo when I was in Washington correctional back in 02 I seen some wild shit to B. On my way to chow. Seen some bloods bang out my g.

Carlos Thomas

My brother did a few months in Greene after doing a year and change in cox’s a kid. He got sent close to home and finished out his bid on work release. He said Greene was the toughest cus it was a bunch of younger dudes acting crazy

Luke Glicksman

Dope story


Damn they rocked the nicca all the way to sleep! That’s some chess not checkers type shit right there my G! Keep the content flowing, this shit official! ?‼️??

Hound Gang Ent. Mac_lar8

U had me rolling
But it's how you tell the stories .
Not the situation
N homey took that grease!!

Blessing bro for the stories

Joseph Herrera

Shout out from cali bro that shit is crazy

Moe Leezy

You do dirt you get dirt he knew eventually shit would catch up to him

Menace Mike

Damn dats crazy ya stories big litt best rikers island stories so far and I been tuned in over a year wit dis shit

Gerardg Jackie


King Dee

Sup wit Staten Island in there?

lisa tillman

Peace Fam you gonna go far my brother

seth low

Your Story sound better than all these niccas. I know for sure.???


St. Laz - Hazen street (Surviving Rikers island)
should be the outro music

Mars NoeL


Lamarr James

Do a story on Griselda/B$F calling cops on niggaz in Houston bro I already sent the proof and the paperwork of them is on Google too of what they said. They not real niggaz they soft af and fake.

Lamarr James

Bruh I got some sh*t you can use against Griselda/B$F since you got beef with them. Benny ain’t real and he lied about his foot not working after being shot (if he really was shot). Him and his boys (B$F/Griselda) even called cops on niggaz Revolt TV exposed it send me your email so I can send you a video of Benny getting his jaw rocked for talking reckless before he lied for extra views. Youtube kept deleting the video off my channel every time I uploaded it. You can use this to diss them niggaz again bro or make a story video about it ?


I was in Greene 2006-2008 ... ms13 popped the bottle in church tho. Mad stabbings happened that day. And I seen one dude get hit with the microwave oil and water ... anddd that shit was like at a.m chow ??‍♂️ yeah that shit gladiator school for real lol ???. Also check my channel out I’m on a come up ?????? #buffalony

Ken W

Da kid who got burned is official tissue

203 Exit8 Los


Derrick Fair

Good s#!t my G. SALUTE General

La Flair

??? nah son, “alright gentlemen have a goodnight”. Same shit I would’ve said