Friendzone doesn't exist

The Friendzone Doesn't Exist. Stop Wasting Your Time

The Friendzone Doesn't Exist. Stop Wasting Your Time27 Nov. 2016
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The Friendzone Doesn't Exist. Stop Wasting Your Time. This is a video about why there is no such thing as a friendzone. The friendzone concept is just imaginary talk.

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Comments (29)
Kimberley Barrett

If women pretend to be friends with another women.... they're called fake bitches..... a guy does that .... "friend zone" wOw this is not a board game or high school ffs haha


I had a chick tell me she sees me as a friend I left her alone keep it moving ?

Cake Batter

Even women admit to existence of the friend zone.

Ken Ellis

This coffee ☕️


Thank you. I'm 22 and you cleared it up for me. "He was looking at me like he wasn't gonna listen" LMAO. That's true too. We either listen or we don't. I here you though. This girl is hot and we have a history, but she's just not into me. So I accept that and I'll look elsewhere for a more intimate relationship. I also love having female friends so it's good that she doesn't like me because she's really great to talk to. It's hard to keep my thoughts under control when she's damn hot! Lol. I have a question though. You said something about taking her to the club? How does that help? Can I bring her to a club to help me meet someone who is actually interested in me? Can she be my wing girl? Haha

harvey hankerson

You’re ??? right about that ,,,!! Bro

Mr Cass

she calls you her little brother or says shes your buddy you are friendzoned the friend zone is real damn real lol

Fallin unknown

sometimes the truth hurts when you tell your boy that somebody don't like him you're right

Jamie McCarter


Cass L

Good video...
My question to you ...If you ask him out for a friendly lunch and he doesn't even reply back by text?....known of each other cordially a few years now. Not even a
yes/no, I will get back to you, I have a girlfriend etc...

However, when you run into him he is always so nice and very complimentary all the time even on facebook... Why the dead silence by him?

I'm just like you...I enjoy having male friends platonic friendships...Women are too catty for me ...I have 2 female friends & good with that.

RMJ Movie Reviews

If she shows no interest, keep it moving! If she plays stupid games, keep it moving! If she disrespects you, check her! If she shows lack of loyalty, keep it moving!


U ain't wrong boss see the thing about younger people is we hate to be wrong so even if we have clears signs a chick doesn't like us we will try to convince ourselves that she really does like us we need to follow what u said if a girl says no move on cuz your just wasting your time when u could be looking for a real fucking relationship

Margy I Phillips

You are speaking common sense. Its like the stock portfolio, diversify!

Chimamandanata Baker

Please stop driving while Vloging. It's dangerous. I couldn't listen till you stopped. Thank you for a males perspective. From a woman's perspective, I agree. Why do guy's not get it? We are afraid of getting hurt, physically if we say no straight up. That's where brother comes from. (Yeah I'm late to this vid but I have sons and a daughter and no great male perspective because I chose to stay single.)

Andy Zhu

This dude is off the hook

Margy I Phillips

What is the difference between a female, a lady or a woman? I feel addressing a woman as a female is condescending. I appreciate a reply. Good video by the way. I just came across your channel and I am binge watching.

Eric Brown

The truth hurts and there are too many women out there to cry about one that don't want you.  When a woman says that me to I stop messing with her and move on its a numbers games you keep moving and find someone that likes you. I don't do the friend thing I just move on. Life is too short to waste time on people that don't want you.  And some guys don't how to talk to a woman and let them know they are asking them out on a date, I am very up front that I want to date you if not I will not waste my time taking you out. I will tell you a funny story I went out with this girl as she said I only see you as a friend and I said cool let go Dutch on this LOL.  I don't pay for friends HAHAHAH.

salsa queen

So So true Have a guy that behaved head over heals I picked up on it and gradually the feeling was mutual. I gave him all the gentle signals for about 1-1/2 months started feeling confused as though I was an option. Soon after I was he thought I was going to be a sitting duck. Its been almost a year and he still at it. May be he's mad because I didn't fall for his nonsense.


Looking at me like he wasn't going to listen...I can't stand 9 out of 10 youngsters these days because of that exact thinking and behavior involving anything...females make great friends as long as you always man up to them it can and does lead to interesting surprises

Stephen Hughes

Excellent advice, thanks for the wisdom!! This guy is really something

James Johnson

I've been there before.. It don't work, as man you have to know when to cut your losses and move on.

Bob Jackson

I’ve got friend zoned a few times but I told her I don’t won’t to be your friend that doesn’t work for me. I told her how I felt give me a call when you change your mind. I f..k that sh.t friend zone is beneath me. Because if you go along with being platonic friends once she gets a new man the moment they get into a heated argument she’s going to using you talking to you like you’re her gay male boyfriend or therapists. F..k that sh.t I’m outta here. There no Benefit in being platonic friends no way.

E-Live Da God

When you find out the b1tch is a lesbian or bi-sexual that is when you ARE FRIENDZONED!!!!

susan haering

Max I agree with whatnyu said...thank you god bless

Addie Parrish

i know the friend zone is not real but I'm so sick and tired of being liked as a friend I'm so mad i feel like i just want to blow up and cuss every body out and say to them you know I'm sick and tired of being liked as a friend you will love me rather you like it or not i refuse to be just friends with you any longer and so its either a relationship or nothing and that's what i feel like saying to people and I'm vary pissed off so i need your advise so what should i do be cause I'm so sick and tired of the same old friend ship and please reply to my comment and help me and please help me ?

Nick Soapdish

I have no respect for anyone that talks about the "friend's zone".

Kimberley Barrett

Real Man Real Talks!!!!!!

The Wraith



You can't change the other persons feeling you can only change yourself. And how they react around you

MGTOW The Friend Zone Doesn't Exist (feminist hoax)

MGTOW The Friend Zone Doesn't Exist (feminist hoax)2 May. 2014
20 506
ShakaamaSubscribe 438 721

The Friend Zone Doesn't

The Friend Zone Doesn't Exist (it's a feminist conspiracy)

Modern society says there is a friendzone, but I'm here to tell you it's a hoax made up by the feminists to keep men away from women. Natural order dictates that a man and woman in close proximity will develop feelings for each other.

In addition, women are told many things and develop unrealistic goals for themselves and may reject men for a whole host of unrealistic reasons, such as:

- want to date a tall guy

- want to date a richer guy

- want to date nice guy that's bad

- want to date the popular guy

What is unrealistic is, most of these women are not even on the level of their "dream" guy. This is society's doing. So they literally go around rejecting guys that are actually better than them, while they hold out for some perfect dream guy, that would never date them.

Most of these notions about friendzone are promoted on tv / movies, etc. Instead of them saying, most women are psychologically unable to realistically look at themselves and go around bashing people whom they're not even in league with, they throw the blame on the guy and say that the girl has "friendzoned" the guy.

It's a very dumbed down version of what is really going on.

Guys, don't fall for it. There is no friendzone. If you try to approach a woman and she doesn't want to date you, MOVE ON. Don't settle for friendship, because you're not looking for friendship. Besides, guys will be the only real friends you have. Unlike girls, guys don't compete with each other.

Comments (100)
Tobi Girl

The friendzone was a term coined at created in by the tv show "Friends" script writer, David. He happens to be male. So yes, it was created by a male. 


I never thought of it that way. Very nice


"I'm going to require a little bit more intelligence then public school (FOOL, public FOOL) required of you", well, that's not expecting much O.o

Vanness W

I believe what he said 100 percent.

Andrew Landreville

An Alpha male is a person who doesn't give a fuck and has empathy, respect, etc. An alpha male is not about body size.

Jenny Tokumei

You say "men and women can't be just friends". Yet, while this is anecdote, I know it to be unequivocally false, because I have a number of male friends that are just friends, and there has never been any sexual anything between us... ever... That said, I have not friend zoned them. If anything, two of them friend zoned ME instead. Mind you, I'm ok with this, because having friends who don't hit on you and treat you like another human being is simply awesome on its own.

Greg Giles

I dont have any female friends, i work with many, have acquaintances, but i'm not friends with them.
Women dont really see men as friends, they are just utility or emotional dustbins.


i like this guy.he makes sense,,HAIL SHAKAAMA

Longus Ordrac

Wow you don't know human behavior because men and women totally have platonic relationships also called friendships, your so off... also homosexuals exist wtf is wrong with your it's 2016 no real lesbian will sleep with you #crazy


One thing that pisses me off is how feminists demand men to be perfect while at the same time to have ridiculously low standards so women who are too lazy to improve themselves have a better chance. Men get criticized if they say they refuse to date obese women and called "shallow", while at the same time it should be nothing but the best for women regardless of their real or received flaws.

Guys, if a girl says she isn't interested now I guarantee she won't be interested later. That saying "there are plenty of fish in the sea" is true. If it's meant to be it will flow naturally, but if not you gotta move on instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Nobody deserves that kind of power over you.


The women in my reference/peer group do not use the term "friend zone". In fact, I became knowledgeable of the term through the men in my peer group. I am trying very hard to understand how this a "feminist conspiracy" when I have only seen it used by men who get rejected by women. I genuinely want to understand. Please explain.

卐 Satan 卐

The friend zone exists. Women put us there so they can manipulate us and use us, ask us to do them favors, to borrow them money and they never give anything in return.

Sloan Kettering

wuts with the 3d glasses

Sale M

i partly agree, a frend zone is a feminist fiction, to have a back up plan, she picks a beta male to be her B choise, for an example she goes out when she is young and searches for a Guy (alfa) a guy that is crushing(beta) is keept by her side to help her(when she needs him to keep away other guys that she cant control) , the moment she finds her alfa she will stop having the beta around because she doesnot need him.Guys if you have a chrush just go for it dont wayst you time on frendship with females unles you can get frendly advice from her on womans side of wue(see -wue for instince fashion or work) and use that to your advantige on other females, the actual reason she gets drest to go ot with you is to have you as her gard to protect her from men she doesent like, do the same but oposite ask her to go up to girls for you or help you score, if she doesent want to help you just do the same reject her, and she will came back to you and you are in control.

Kami Sama

I'm a guy and I'm quite smart like you. I've friend zoned 2 girls in my life till now as well. They were pretty but during those times i liked someone else or some other girl was my sex friend. You are true about the topic that only females can friendzone some guy which is bullshit. Awesome video bro you are one of the few true heroes on YouTube your subscriber from India XD ?


Most feminists claim the "Friend zone" doesn't exist, the definition I consider the Friend Zone to be where a woman (knowing of your interest) keeps you "on the line" to gain something, being money, attention whatever. What would you call that?


The friendzone as a term was coined in the TV show "Friends." The writers of the show may well have been feminists, but I'm not sure.

"The term “Friend Zone” was coined in the November 3rd, 1994 episode of the American television sitcom Friends titled ""The One with the Blackout." While Ross is pining over his friend Rachel, Joey tells him that he waited too long to act on his feelings for her[1] and was running out of time to be able to change their friendship into something romantic. By the end of the series, Ross and Rachel (shown below) end up married."



True-true. When rejected just walk away don't waste your time. Friendship is mutual interests and respect, not some kind of charity you throw at a person you don't want to fuck.
One thing I don't agree with is that men don't need to do anything to attract a woman. Confidence is a big thing, but you have to have something to back it up.

Anon User

Is this guy saying all men and women want to fuck each other? The reason we have evolution is that individuals only have sex with the best possible mate. This guy is arguing science and is full of shit.


you do realize that that most feminists say that the friend zone doesn't exist?

Katie Spade

I've seen you before, you've got the spoiled white boy thing going on. Got to go homeboy.


When a women says no to me, it means no forever...!


A few extraordinary claims are made along PUA lines but without evidence. As Carl Sagan said "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".


Nah,the "friendzone" is real,I've been there.It's how a woman let's you know she isn't into you at all without saying so and maybe having you hate her.It's also sometimes how she indicates she doesn't find you attractive NOW,but might if you stick around long enough.Or that she's one of those women who wants to be wanted rather than loved;she;s going to chase after assholes who'll fuck her but never love her because her heads messed up,or because falling in love scares the shit out of her.What you need to get into your head is that most women are as least as fucked up in the head as most guys if not more so.Feminism is a women's movement that got co-opted in the 80's by sociopathic lesbians,man-hating straight women,erotophobes,narcissists,anarchists,and various other social misfits and mental cases,but that masquerades as legitimately representing the interests of all women.Unfortunately for most women the positive aspects of Feminism are outstripped by it's flaws;the language of Feminism is proudly and stridently woman-positive,but it's also stridently anti-heterosexual and anti-male.It places a straight woman who believes in the ideals Feminism puts forth but who doesn't personally fear or hate males in a state of emotional and intellectual conflict which she may take years to resolve.


Wow. You just saved my psyche. I always thought it was weird that I was made out to go to approach women, when in fact, when I approach women I actually get the reaction I don't want. The women who can't attract men, take it out on men. Fascinating. We can't escape the conflict of our biology. We're both complicit.

Liu Shen Tong

You, my friend, don't what WHAT the hell you are talking about

Corey Wooten

You are a pseudo-intellectual and an unbelievable douche.

Nicholas Zarra

Men have the upper-hand. Read the book of Isiah in the Bible.


You sounded like Bill Cosby having a Father/Son talk with Theo in this one , I thought it was too funny . Good video man , thanks of the info !

Sword of Damocles

+shakaama Nice video! Finally someone who says like it is. Keep making these kind of video's! I will subscribe.

Brandon the shapeshifter

I'm a guy that's not into girls so therefore that disproves your theory of guys and girls not being able to be friends

a letter you hallucinated

...what about bisexuals.. they cant have friends then?



bijou bijoux

Wow, I really gotta hand it to you. This was some insightful shit. Subscribed.


2:15 Yeah he put's a briefcase full of cash in the guy's lap lol.

david miller

that eventuality of thinking of the friendzone. I'm kind of there. well mostly I'm just barely trying.

Andrew Landreville

You're right about the high value thing. I have girls come up to me in high school and college all the time trying to win me over. Of course no one believes me because we live in a negative world.

Tri Nguyen

Don't let them putting you in friend zone. Just walk away. Go MGTOW


Thanks man. Someone told me this girl said she was gonna friendzone me, but now instead of being all stressed over it I'll just drop her like a bag of pennies.

my chemical fall out phan! at the black veil sirens

is this guy serious?

M. Salim El Alami

Women dress up to attract higher value men, not all men. Statistically, you can have a greater sex value just by pretending you are a higher value man. Friend zone is used by both men and women as a filter for those with a lower sex value. On average men have lower sex value because of biological reasons. Their sex is dispensable. You only need one man to fertilize all women on earth. This is why men are not treated as nicely as women. I think men should "ABSOLUTELY STOP" selling their semen in to increase men sex value in the markets.

Sean Miller

is it me or does that hat look like it says dicks on it

Felix x

When I was courting my first wife I rode my motorcycle [Norton 750 Fastback] into the drive of a house where we all used to hang out and I busted her with all her girlfriends peeking out the window and jumping up and down squealing " he's here, he's here while I sauntered in through the back door saying, " who's here "? From that moment I realised who was in control and it wasn't her.

Miki Michael

don't talk about it be about it. I want to see you make a homosexual have sex with someone they're not attracted. at least describe this situation you keep talking about.

Julia Jeopardy

why can men not separate the concepts of love and lust in their minds? just because i want to have sex with a guy, doesn't mean i want a relationship..and this video is further proof that all guys want is serious relationships. why is this?


are you wearing glasses glasses?

soumya ray

That was an interesting paradigm shift.

Neto Castaneda

I call BULLSHIT. how much is your rate I want to put you to the test.

Charles X

Preach @13:00


Great video! This video has given me some info that I needed to help me out.


Very interesting concept, I must say.

Devan Elkins

I had a crush for 10 years, she denied me for 10 years before she ahd nowehre else to turn. She grabbed me when I asked for the 10th time. Being best friends the whoel time it was easy. but the friendzone exists, maybe not in the extremist variation that is feminism and white knights, but at least in some minor aspect, the friendzone does exist. I've had girls tell me they purposely keep guys at arms length because they do nice things.

Cuno Wiederhold

I mean no disrespect, but you're a lunatic, and yes the friend zone exists. It is a metaphor, but it's real!

Bullets ForTeeth

I'm a MGTOW... All women are friend zoned as far as we are concerned.

Przemyslaw Szulc

You are damn right, sir. We are too forgiving about women that are abusing us and lifting their ego on men. How they can learn if men are "okey, lets be friends". This is a trap - don't fall for that - just say no and walk away, saying no more.


You guys are ridiculous. Friendship with a woman isn't just some crappy consolation prize, and if you really think it is, then I feel sorry for you. If a woman isn't interested in dating you, respect that and move on with your lives, because frankly, this is pathetic. We're not obligated to date you because you're nice to us. Hopefully someday you'll be able to see women as people instead of prizes.

Adrian Smith

you have opened my eyes. I've seen it and recognized it for what it is, but you've connected the final and most important dot.

Ashwin Pai Dhungat

This should be titled " Wiping The Friendzone Out Of Existance!"

Srinivasa Varadan Ramanujam

You just communicated my thoughts perfectly.

Longus Ordrac

You were friend zoned because of your hat...


It does not matter where the friend zone exist or not, boys are awkward and less socially sophisticated than girls. Girls, especially pretty girls, learn from a young age that they can get boys/men to do things for them for free. At some point in adolescent development young men DO behave unusually nice to girls because they think they will get them sexual favors and female companionship. A vast majority of boys and young men do this and it is absolutely pathetic.

I think the problem is that young men don't know what the fuck is going on. They need to get the proper software downloaded into their minds, MGTOW 1.0 (how males are used and discarded in modern society) and MGTOW 2.0 (independents from state apparatus and minimizing tax liability). It will take a lot of re-programming but the last 6 to 12 months has shown MUCH promise! Many young men and boys are being re-educated not to be nice because being nice is pathetic but more importantly they learn that they WILL never get what they want by being nice.

The nice guy is the ultimate chauvinist idiot. He is lying to himself and he is lying to the woman he is nice to. He lies to himself because he thinks a woman should automatically be attracted to him just because he is nice LMAO. And he is lying to the woman because he usually does not indicate that he wants to sleep with her. How stupid?

We teach young men that women are attracted to people that display value and status: healthy, wealthy, wise, stoic and aloof. But what do nice guys do? Instead of spending hours developing new technologies or working out at the gym, nice guys spend hours being a shoulder to cry on or shopping with his love interest, like what the actual fuck? Nice guys GIVE time, money and effort to women for nothing. Real men only display these qualities without actually giving them up ;). And of course the ultimate badass is the one who manages to retain his wealth from the government.

Naomi Moore

Dude. A girl and a guy CAN be normal friends. This is not a feminist conspiracy. Feminists did NOT make this up. You can't call yourself an intellectual while spewing this garbage all over. We both agree that the friend zone does not exist, but your way of thinking is lopsided. Feminists did not make it up; Friends (the show) made it the popularized term it is now.

Mr Pumpkinpatch

If woman want a war they can sure the fuck bring it!!!!!!!!!!!


Yet more feminazis trying to justify the friend zone while ignoring the other half of the equation. If a guy likes a women and she puts him in the friend zone he is emotionally in her control, and that's all women want is power and control. What I believe shamma is trying to say is that if the man give the women that power over him he'll get nowhere in terms of dating but instead be an emotional tampon or a gift buyer. While the guy is tormented by the his own emotional and physical attraction to her.

And an answer to why girls have many friends that are guys it's because the guy doesn't want you as a partner. You can be friends with guys and girls just know that it is never ever completely platonic.
Women hate gays because it undermines the power of their vagina.
The reason girls keep a gbf is that they want to prove their sexual worth to themselves by trying to get the gbf to sleep with them in a covert way. If they do that then they are a gold standard in their mind. so saying you have male friends is like that a way to try to prove sexual worth by trying to get us to believe you don't want power or control, which is a falsehood.

Unauthorized Expression

If you've ever been in the friend zone, you are a beta male. Doesn't mean you have to stay beta. Ur a man. Act like one. ;-)


The friend zone is where a guy likes a girl but a girl doesn't like the guy.  The girl will keep the guy around because the guy will continue try to earn a relationship.

You can say this doesn't exist but I have seen it several times.

You say you're being intellectual but I only see you as arrogant.  It doesn't exist because I say it doesn't exist.  "I can make anyone have sex with anyone.", very arrogant.


I like your video, but here's my question - as a guy, how do you get confidence? Some people say fake it till you make it, but how do you fake something you don;t have or haven't experienced?


you're a little bit crazy but I agree on some level

shane hester

ive been saying this for 20 years now.good video


LOL just earned a subsriber keep it up!!


Thumbs up for the "I am a snob" comment, Hahaha!!!!


I have many male friends... and a monogamous relationship with my man. I never heard of such a no way to exist friendship between people unless they are (just like in school) separated by gender...

Frank Castle

I only saw the first couple of minutes and I had to stop right there - since when can't a male and a female be friends with each other without some kind of physical attraction being involved?  I've had a couple female friends who I had no desire for whatsoever, and yet we clicked just fine: so why can't others have that?

Charles X

@4:00 truth

Nike is a Greek Goddess

To all the people saying that the friend zone exists: That makes me assume that you didn't get the point at all.. You do realize that he acknowledges all those things you mentioned just by using the term in question, do you?

He is accentuating the delusional factor of the "friend zone" so that men with a low self-esteem due to being partially rejected by women (which tend to suck at providing resolutions in personal relationships), get a grip and move on.

That's the whole point of this video, not to say that it doesn't happen, but to give you a doorway to get out of this mostly female created fantasy. In grown-up's words: develop the capability of achieving resolutions in your social life. He recommends using confidence as the key.

Always move forward. Like a fucking train at full speed. You have to be stupid to get in its way. Confidence.

Michael Medley

The friend zone does exist. It's a place on a shelf women will place a guy just in case she can't do better at a later time.


I hear again and again that women actually dress up for each other. Is that also a feminist construct?


So a wild snorlax with the same power you have, could GUARANTEED get you to want to have sex with her?


Feminists are the ones who are saying the friend zone isn't real. It's how a woman is shamed for exercising her right to say no.


Women want attention. Their subconscious desire is to have as much attention while doing as little possible as they can. Their primary emotional pay off comes from the envy of other women not directly from the male attention. A woman with lots of beta orbiters in the friendzone is "winning" just like a man with lots of fuck buddies is considered sucessful.

Diego P

This guy is eloquent but that's as far as he goes. No intellectual reassures his audience of his intellect. You go from CHASING to ATTRACTING. Not equal. Women do dress up to attract, so do men. However, the chasing, the actual approaching, is done exclusively by men.

Naomi Moore

I am a girl, I wear NO make up. I only own ONE dress, and I DON'T get guys falling at my feet when I go out in a hoodie and jeans. I am a feminist, I do not hate men. By saying all this shit, are you denying the woman in any situation to say she doesn't want to date a guy simply because she isn't attracted to him? Or that she's obligated to like you and say yes?
Yes, women chase. Not all women do.
Yes, men try hard sometimes to have sex. That doesn't mean they're rapists.
Stop believing that feminists hate men. Stop thinking in extremes. If there were less of you around, the feminists would stop looking at you saying "God they're anti-feminists, they must hate women! All women are whoring sexual objects to them!" Just as you are showing feminists like this, "God they're feminists, they must hate men! All men are rapist sexist pigs to them!"
My father turns 55 in March. He is a feminist. He KNOWS that men and women can have normal friendships. Are you going to tell him that he hates men? Are you going to prove somehow that he thinks women are superior to men?
My father is an intellectual, and if you think your argument stands on ANY similar ground as his, you're mistaking. You are an anti-feminist with no backing on tour argument, and before you accuse me of not watching the whole video, I did. cover to cover. You have nothing on feminists. I want to see science. Not bullshit excuses.

Broken Deity

I assure you, ending up as emotional toilet paper is a real thing and it's up to men to recognize and leave those situations.

Whatever her reasons for treating him that way is irrelevant and it's not a feminist conspiracy.

It's just women using men as disposable utilities and men being to weak or blind to do anything about it.

Rachel Ramsey

I have never heard so much sexism in my life. True feminism is About equaling the importance of both sexes not belittling another. Seriously man.. my only friends have penises.. guess you don't plan on getting married unless you plan on shackin up with one of your bros. The only time the friend zone doesn't exist is when you have arranged marriages. There is a difference between being confident and cocky. There is also different reasons behind why women friend zone men vs how or why men friend zone women. I was agreeing with you at first about how women Chase men because evolutionarily it makes sense. Men are trying to procreate and spread their seed in order to keep the human species alive and what not. Men have more options because we women have given them the upper hand by not requiring love and loyalty. That is what is called the fuck buddy zone. Which is different. Feminism started out with women wanting equal rights to vote and what not. Its all about equality. So how about you educate yourself a little bit more. Specifically from sources other than the internet lmao try a public library. Its free... For everyone.. they don't care if you have a penis or a vagina.

Loven Tidus

As a matter of fact it does exist (I will explain how I know in a moment) but let me explain how the friend zone works:
Now I am not saying that said friend zone is NOT a by product of feminist brain washing of women- it may very well be but it does exist. So onto how it works and intentions.
1) a female finds said male friend/person that she notices is a beta male/white knight. Knowing he is a sucker and push over, she can/does move into part 2
2) She lures him in sexually AND emotionally. this causes him to become attached/creates feelings in him for her and she knows this for a fact. And she does this in many different ways. from flirting, touching, to making passes at him, leading him on in regards to sex and a relationship, her dress to behavior etc. once he is hooked, she moves to part 3.
3) He starts to return the flirting etc and in doing so, she begins to tell him lies aka I love you, I do have feelings for you then starts to throw in the I am in need motive. will you buy this because I need it, can you take me here, can you do this for me. she knows very well that his emotional attachment and false hope for a relationship (even a sexual one) will cause him to not think clearly and will do anything for her. this is his provider mentality kicking in. she will then test him now and then to see just how strong of a hold she has on him. for example: she will tell him I need time alone/need to just be with the girls so I will talk to you later in which she will wait to see if he will try to contact her or bother her. if he doesnt (which most do not) she will know for a fact that she has her claws in deep. and she will move into the last step.
4) this is where the real abuse starts. She will start becoming bossy, more demanding of him. from money, to free rides to even having him watch while she comes onto other men. this is where white knighting really comes into play. she can shut him down within a second but then turn and unleash him in the next. with any form of affection from her, said knight will again regain all hope for them and he will come to her aide and rescue and this also includes all of his utilities as well. As well that if the subject is ever brought up about love/relationships/sex- the famous line is I do but--- There is always a but. because admitting the entire con and deception, will have it all crash around her. the point is to make him believe something that isnt true in order to gain everything that she would have benefited from if she was with him but she is doing so with no effort or having to give one wit in return. thus why love/sex/hope for relationship is always the key point behind it.
A normal relationship and love, the two would both benefit from it by giving to each other, protecting and helping each other.
women who friend zone are narcissists who get these same benefits for free.
Conclusion: How Do I know? Because I am a Transman (female to male transsexual) who had lived/talked to and grew up around other women for 30 years of their life until fully transitioning. it is not the world you think it is.

Cully Schmetterling

I disagree with Shakaama. It has been my experience that the Friend Zone is real.
When I was younger and interested in women, I found that females in the 15 to 30 range wanted players and sundry versions of the sociopathic bad boy. I found myself in the Friend Zone time after time, because I was not a scumbag.
At age 30 I reviewed the data set of 15 years of rejections and Friend Zoning and came to the conclusion that I was wasting my time, so I took the decision to walk away from women.
Funny thing, not long after that decision all sorts of women began to make their interest plain in ways that would have been unthinkable a few years earlier. From my end, the interest level had decreased to zero. Too many years of angst and resentment had built a wall that no woman could penetrate.
Feel free to call me a passive/aggressive Elliot Roger.


There is a lot of truth to what your saying I've never asked a girl out and never had any problems getting girlfriends they come to me!

John Undefined

I was under the impression that the friend-zone is when a woman leads you on to get you to do things for her and then says she "just wants to be friends." That's a little different than unrequited love.

Mark Neil

It's a little hypocritical to assert men just get implants for themselves while women get implants for men's attention. Both do so because it makes them look and feel better about themselves, largely because it makes them more attractive to the opposite sex. Otherwise I more or less agree with your video up to this point


Could there be such a thing as Post-friend-zone Enlightenment?

I got friend-zoned a couple of years ago. Originally, we met for a date but she started dating someone else shortly after. I got shafted but foolishly bought into the whole friend-zone thing and continued to hang around. I went through phases of crushing on her, cooling off, trying to impress her, and dating other people, but I never broke off contact entirely.

All the while I knew, or rather believed I was in the friend-zone, but still went along with it despite a subtle shame aspect. Now that I'm faced with the suggestion that THERE IS NO FRIEND ZONE, which I'm inclined to agree with, it puts pressure on my situation. There's got to be either genuine friendship, or genuine attraction. Right? Maybe both, but not fake friendship while waiting for attraction to miraculously develop.

Charles X

+shakaama bro, u speak truth. Especially when these women turn 30. You have to turn them away. You dont have to do anything. They are competing with the newer models and thier contemporaries.

Rachel Ramsey

I mean don't you want to get to know somebody before you waste time dating them? If someone doesn't like you it should be obvious. Ask yourself what it is you don't like about yourself and what you can work on to make yourself happy first. Maybe that's all it is. The person may really like who you are but may find it difficult telling you that your obesity isn't attractive because it's unhealthy. We naturally strive for healthy partners due to us wanting the best for the person we will be with long term.. That is if we love them at all.


You are right about women chasing men. If you are chasing her that means she is not interested or she is a princess ether way it will not end well for you. Confidence will have the girls chasing you. That's why cocky assholes always have girls orbiting them.
I disagree about men and women being friends. It will never be a friendship like guys have with other guys but as long as there is no physical attraction for both people it is possible. It will still be a uneasy relationship for one of the sexes.
It also will not be a close friendship, because if you get to close someone will start thinking what if, or get feelings.
A professional friendship between two people in the same field but not coworkers could work. Distance is the key to keep attraction and feelings out of the equation.
A low sex drive and or people that are not codependent is a must as well.
In-summery it is hard but not impossible for men and women to be friends.

Mike Foley

Anyone who declares themselves to be an intellectual is in fact a fucking idiot.

Jennifer Griffin

Hey Dude. Make a video that answers Apexilon's question. My brother wants to know and he is 23. I want to know too.

Beef Chavez

So women chase. So what? All that means is that being "friendzoned" means that you are a low value proposition, you're not the prey that they are hunting. It still exists, you're just describing a different dynamic for how it works.

I'm over 25, and I can't tell you how many female friends and acquaintances have gone, "Oh well, I'll definitely marry you if I don't find someone better." Literally in those words, apropos of nothing, because I don't chase women, I certainly wasn't proposing even a date.

Elana Vital

The friend zone DOES exist. In the old days it was called "unrequited love" or "stringing him/her along".


how much for the lesbian dream special? :P



That Guy

Bigge said It best, and I still stand by it "Fuck bitches, get money" "Fuck Niggas, get money" It has deeper meaning if you really think about it. Nice video BTW.

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