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10 Tips for a better vaginal health that EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT | By Dr. Tanaya

10 Tips for a better vaginal health that EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT | By Dr. Tanaya31 Dec. 2020
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Talking about vaginal

Talking about vaginal health is a taboo in our society just like talking about menstruation. Not a lot of people will tell you this but your vagina needs as much care as any other organ of your body. Every vagina is unique and beautiful however, there are some habits you should follow to keep it happy and clean, regardless of your age.

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Archana Navathe

Omg girl.. I just love u.. The way u present a topic is very good.. Plz do u video on menstrual cups..

chinni Chinni


Anusha Udupa

What type of wipes can we use to clean up after peeing?

Learning Made Easy

Very informative thanks

Shayal Kumar

Thanks for the information. It's very helpful ?

Twinkle Jaanu

Please talk about PCOS and PCOD , could you please explain it

Ramsha Rehman

Are you a gynecologist??

Health Kannada

You are amazing person ❤️❤️??? love from Karnataka ❤️❤️

Gayatri Kheralia


Elmo !

Why cutureous ?

hakima akhtar

Wat about normal pads,some say they contain Chemicals n r Toxic???
And if white discharge is regular n very much ,Is it normal?

Curdy White


Shreya Banerjee

Madam I have some dark circle in both side of vulva.... What can I do???

Gloria Paul

Really doing a great thing to talk about things that even our mothers feel shy to talk about... Great going... ?

Syeda Maha Ali

I wish I would've a doctor like you here in Pakistan.

Elmo !

But what if i feel it is not staying clean or nice by itself!! We all want a nice healthy looking V, Don't we!?

Akhila Satish

Generally I'm very lazy to comment on any viideo.. But can't resist congratulating this cute woman... Paah! What elegance in her presentation, appropriate medical explanation in normal tones.... Sounding serious and relaxed without overdoing the entire thing.. Hello there when and where do I need you?... Lots of love and hugs


Dr. Taniya ur awesome ?
keep upgrading!

rochni chand

U r awesome. Lemme say it again, in case u missed it, u r A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

Akanksha Bhardwaj

Is laser hair removal a safe option for pubic hair??

Shova Biswa

Today only, I recognised your widow's peak.
Thank you for the tips? Dr.cuterus.


You may beeee class monitor in past!!!!


Heyyy you are doing an amazing job.

Sumana Mundari

I Just love your vdos ?
Can u pls make ? vdo on vaginal wash products.. should we use it or not ??

Prisca Fair

I got tested of herpes early this year, I experienced dark urine and ribs pain so I went to the hospital for treatment and I was diagnosed of Herpes. The doctor gave me anti-retroviral drugs to slowdown the viral load which later worsens the ailment because the drugs weren’t effective and I was so scared because they say it has no cure, out of frustration I told my friend about it and luckily he told me he ones battled same problem in the past but he was saved by Dr. Okhiria. He gave me his contact and reached him and I became well and tested negative after the treatment. Here is his contact if you have such case. contact: Phone:+2348054699334,
Email:([email protected] )

Theveryonly V

I need your energy, always smiley happy and positive ❤️❤️❤️ So much respect for you because these topics are to be talked more

Shruti vashist ART WORLD

Seriously mam u r great ?? ❤

Jafia Jarin

Greatful video

Aditi kishore

Please make a video about different things we use for periods like pads, tampons, menstrual cup..and which one is a better/healthy option.. Thank you! ❤️

Baljinder Sran

plz make a vdo on cause and treatment for genital warts for unmarried.

Yukti Rana

Its a bold channel. . . Btw. . . Hpy nw year 2021?

Damini Doble

Its queen it care of itself........I like it???

Manjulaben Vanzara

Happy New year ❤️

Prathamesh Adsul

Females must donate used or unused undergarments to female construction laborers. Those females work in such adverse health conditions to feed their families

Akanksha Srivastava

Is it ok if I don't wear an undergarment at all? I mean I have to wear it when I am out. But I hate wearing it at all so I prefer not to wear it when I am at home. Is it ok? Please help me



Sakshi Somwanshi

Way she explains in interesting language ??

Shruti D

Someone plz suggest any brand where I cn get 100prcnt cotton panty

AYSU Talks

Thanks a lot dhidhi ❤️

Joella Vaz

Why do our thighs get darken?? N how to prevent it.. What can we use to reduce darkening

nitin gupta


Sara Tanvi

What to do for vaginal skin tags??
Please do a video on that?


Love love❤

Priya pallavi

After every urination sholud we wash our vagina with water?

s k

This was one of the best vids ever watched and can anybody tell me how can we brighten up our V?

Kiruthiga Devi

The way she explains is just ❤❤❤❤?

Nathravathi Nathra

Is it ok to have pap smear test in unmarried .....

Anjali Vats

Listening her every now n then...??? The way she speaks...❤️❤️??? Such a sweetheart ?❤️?

shivam parvati

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, Thanks for sharing such useful information for all the women out there, as a woman maximum tips I follow advised by u.... Any way to talk to you personally.....


Tulsi and Neem ki Patti??????

Rubina Khatun

Thank you mam

Wise Girl

I learned something new today lol

Sakshi Sahu

Thanku for this information..needed this most ✌

Saba Khan

How to lighten dark body parts? Near Bikini?

H Best Internet Watch

I wish this reaches all the girls... In fact, the rural girls especially. They need these info there. Biodegradable ones — wow! ???
It takes guts to practice and use personal cups - oooh they are? stuff!
Sparkle is one - which I personally vote for and recommend ?
All the best there! Happy Gregorian New Year 2021.
Keep clean safe and happy too!

Sumona Ghosh

U r really cute,,,,❤️❤️❤️


Shaving along the direction of hair is important!! I’ve shaved only once and did it against the hair. Good lord did it bleed??

Sanskriti Sharma

I am a transman and I love your channel...may I get a heart from you

#nameless human#

Happy New Year to Everyone , especially Thanya ???

Sakshi Srivastava

You are amazing perfect at the same time Beauty with Brain❤? I'll go with tip no. 1 ?✨

Shizuka Nobita

Tulsi ki patti , neem ki patti ?

Bidisha Saha

I love you Dr.Tanaya ma'am ❤️❤️❤️❤️ u r such a sweetheart ???

Zarinfiroz Ahammedmegha

Can u pls give an advice on the smell of the vagina and also the darkening of the skin there

Jaylin Agustin

Good. I wait for love from you ??

Chitra Ram

Please talk about vaginismus and how to solve it!

Garima Mishra

U are always bang on giving right advice for women ❤️❤️ love ur channel

saru 24

That pap smear thing looks scary ?


the way you talking is really cool and nice??

Zulaikha Shaikh

We want Raina??

Prachee Chandrashekhar

People tell others to use ground coffee to scrub their vulva vagina ?

Ankita Sharma

How to remove stretch marks from genital areas

Rachna Lal

I like how she explains everything but the number of times she blinks is super irritating


Can you make video how to lighten the shade of skin down there or you know , inner thighs

Neha Mandal

The way you speak and explain is so satisfying ❤️

Taneya Smiley

Tulsi ki patti neem ki patti ????

Reshma Rao

I love Ur 4th tip....such an honest information...tysm Doc?

Beauty Jana

Thanks for information ???

Vasanti Pawar

Ur are such cute.. whenever I see you on YouTube or on Instagram.. smile comes to my side... Such healthy health tips you deliver to us..thank you so much....?? Happy new year god bless you dear ??

Vinu Kishore

✌✌✌?? For your information. Very valuable info. Thank You.

Azra Rizvi

Make video on imperforated hymen ...

joining pieces

Nice. One thing I understood well that we have to wear cotton underwears.

You say this in every video.

Ankita Gon

You are really love❤️❤️❤️

Deeksha Chadha

Neem ki patii , tulsi ki patti ??? ?

Yashita Shah

How to tackel rashes near thighs if you are fat

Favour Amarachi

Thanks alot Doc.

Ruchika Rana

Hello mam i have irregular period I have taken medicine done full course but nothing happen right for me can u tell what to do nothing is coming in reports as well as there is no chng in my body weight or skin color plzs reply

Sanskriti Sharma

Happy new year guys....I love you all...take care of yourself

Yukti Rana

Today i subscribed to this channel. . . Useful content?


Love the way you put up the presentation kind... ♥️
Perfect information ??

Bluethunder Vampire

Hi, I am having brown vaginal discharges everyday but I don't have periods. Can u plz help me??

Manpreet Kaur

Tulsi ki patti..neem ki patti??So cute she is??

Bhavya Sharma

What's better: Pads, Menstrual cup or Tampons?

Getrude Pereira

Dr cuterous you are simply superb your explanation is understandable by evryone

Tiandra Walker

Thank you doctor one love

Sujata Sikarwar

A very sweet and patient Doc

Google Google

u look so cute mam

Sonali Biswas

Thank you mam you are really really cute just like your word❤️❤️❤️

Diadema Nongrum

I just love her..!! Very informative and she is so comfortable in every word she said.. Love love ❤❤

Neha Choudhary

Please make a video on menstrual cup ,is it a good idea to use one.

Anniee Mishra

thanku so much mam?❤️

17 Things You Should Know About Your Vagina | Health

17 Things You Should Know About Your Vagina | Health17 Oct. 2017
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Keep your vagina healthy

Keep your vagina healthy and happy by checking out this essential list of facts.

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Thong Pho


Van Nhi

Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

Sahil Khan

Great information

Y Nhu


Quoc Cuong

Yang pilih allah like.

SunFlower Mickey


Van Dung

Iya ya Allah.

Vu Can

I love u girl

Minecraft everything


Van Nhi

I love u girl

Van Nhi

Yang pilih allah like.

Phong Dung

Is my is my mother goose club out.

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