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Family Guy S18E11 - Jewish Party

Family Guy S18E11 - Jewish Party22 Nov. 2020
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[email protected] Studios & Family Guy. Recorded with Freemium software, "OBS Studio". Edited with YouTube Studio.

Brian feels he is discriminated against and decides to throw a rock at Goldman's Pharmacy but stops a robber instead and is hailed as a hero.

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Guy Dancing on the hill at Sasquatch! Full Version! Santogold Unstoppable

Guy Dancing on the hill at Sasquatch! Full Version! Santogold Unstoppable9 Jun. 2009
1 965 583
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Guy starts a big dance

Guy starts a big dance party on the hill at Sasquatch 2009 during Santogold

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Michal Remiš

This should be music video for this song


Just vibing. We all should be like this guy.

Ben Haynes

That is one uninhibited, free spirited, authentic "cooked lobster".
Everybody's Free (to feel good)!

René Alanís Orta

3:36 We've got a Seth Rogen situation righ here.

parth gupta

Imagine deciding between going or not and then going only for the song to end

Bocaj Idrat

It only took 6 minutes but this man started something special.

C Wallace

It only takes one

The Man

Herd mentality doing something good and fun for a change. LOL. Still sad that certain people sat filming it the one for ages though partly ridiculing him.

Guy alexander Fawks

Say whatever you want but hill guy is a legend , I’m still watching this video to get some confidence on 2020

Sano Kei



Gives an idea how successful start-ups are made: one man not caring how many will join him, but hell-bent to carry all the load by himself if it comes to it; in one word - consistency.

Leo Neto

PLOT TWIST: After bringing everyone together that guy snuck out and lay down to rest

S.R. Howell

It's the opposite of war.

Lee Lorenz

Man if only they had sung that song for another 15 minutes.

Achille Conte

Bitcoin right now! ?????


The music sounds really good who is it

Craigs Benedict

I fell down those steep hills so many times at the Gorge . At the admissions gate I was told to either drink or throw away my alcohol so I slammed it all before going in . It was fun until I couldn’t handle the steep hills later on lmao


Whats the song name they were dancing on please anyone knows?

Koala Wave

Fuck Covid-19

Max Lopez

Such a beautiful moment. Not only that but very powerful. Makes you think, how to approach a situation and make the problems disappear unite and create a problem for all the bureaucracy. Too many people in the same place!

al mukmim risky amantu

enjoy the mushrooms

Tetra Hedron

Good old ecstacy cant find the same quality anymore

Gregory Garcia

This video is SO Awesomely funny and cool! Made me cry in these current COVID times....

Armand Olvera


Obama Colluded With Putin



gimme philoshophy words about this event!!


Dude is a fucking legend


This is so frickin awesome! <3 I would have been one of the first ones in. :-)

Ajay Sharma

This men is a legend....

Sem Legenda

It is the revolution

Dean Majid

He got the party started lol


Simpler times...


guy: "so this ISN'T M.I.A. huh? ...ya sure??"

everyone: "YES!!"

Ryan Torrie

Someone invited me to that festival in like 2004 obviously it’s gotten much larger since then

Evan Gelos

That commentary: “it hasnt changed to MIA since the last time you asked”

Kamil M.

From different angle lol

Billy Doll

It is 2021 now, and given the Corona Virus it hurts me to look at this social dance.(

Diamant Brut

The happiest moment of his life lol

Facundo Esquivel

The guy is a ww legend a decade after, a little contribution for a better world ❤

Edison Mustaine Thrash 666


Necesito Soma Por Favor

If you aren't dancing, get da fuq outta the way!

Billy Omar

GUY STARTS DANCE PARTY!!! if it wasn't for that guy, they would have all been sitting down on the grass hill like a bunch of munted lazy jerks. That guy is a champion!

Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde

Dude on the hill was Jesus, testing what the people think of him and if they'd still follow.

Amitoj Partap Singh

Think of the people who were still running when music stopped

Adam Walker

There's a way better vid of this from a different angle

David Cohen

This video lives in my head rent free

Dawson Davis

Love this video but this quy isn't a free spirit. He's off his face on something ??

Jesse Moffa

They should really use this in social psych classes

KJplayz 21

5:42 Me: giving my friend some gum
5:53 The rest of my friends from the my class sneaking for some
6:45 The whole class and the rest of the school coming for some gum teachers and principal included

miller Jones

Camera man is a hater

Gerome Fischer

Imagine this in 2020.. All arrested lol

Crystal R.

Be a leader, not a follower ??
I still come back to this goodie every few years . I love the hill guy so much!


i cant get this confident even when im drunk

Brett. Crealy

Absolutely free! A beautiful thing to behold!


damn watching this during covid is depressing af


props to the asian guy for going back in there in the end

the lurker

Party Starter achievement unlocked.

Parvesh Kumar

Humanity doesn't deserve this guy. He is a free spirit.


Dude in the long white shorts and shirt drinks his courage first ?.

Melissa Love

This Video Crap’s on the other video I saw of this which was shaking like the camera man was having a fit ! ????

Cameron Branford

Lions don't loose sleep on the opinions of sheep. This guy is a level 10 Chad. Huge dick energy !


The world needs more people like this guy


"it only takes one"

Axel Aguirre

Anybody noticed how his followers increased exponentially? Just like corona


someone should put these two videos next to eachother

Bill Enclosed

So are you the ones who bring cameras to the bachelor party? Mind your business and stop putting people on the internet for letting loose. Not everyone has the hang ups you have, Santigold would hate you.

DannyGOaL Channel

I cant belive its 2 camera version of thiss hehe



La mère Soleil

Good vibes man

Maggie Beltaa

I've watched this guy from 2 diff angles now and I still love it lol

David Cohen

It’s his world we are just living in it


i wish i was an octopus


2021 needs this

Kaio Ferreiras

Quando a covid acabar !



Nick Peezy94

Times were so simple and positive before this Covid crap that guys a legend hands down .

yordy rodriguez

This is so awesome I think everywhere in the world people should have fun respect others have self respect but have fun wow this is a nice video


The first song never knew ppl listening to this in festivals.. ???????j i love this


This guy is UNSTOPPABLE.

Clare Hill

Its the hip thrusts for me ?

Sunny's Gadget Reviews

Too bad. The crowd gathered almost at the end of the song.

Jona Rollings

"One man can change the world"

Neil Bannet

Alright, nice moves!




That's why drugs are beautiful :)

Manik Parihar

That's kind of stuff Barney would do

S. Garr.


Tim Rose

The band should have done another verse and got the whole crowd on their feet... HA!!!

Alex Dreifke

The lamest people ever videoing the coolest person/people ever


Awww, look at the lone spark that set the forest ablaze! ????

Jens Larsen

He is all good vibes in person

Renegade Pyro

At 6:02 you can see the joy on his face from what he just started


Everyone was on psychedelics without a doubt

Shane Howerton

Proof that it’s all about the second person to dance

dabguy 71010913

This man gives people hope

Toph Beifong

Bigger balls than all of us combined

Annie l

Wow amazing...✨?

John S. Sr.

This guy is so freaking famous for being beautiful, and the 3 guys after him. You guys give us chubby guy hope that no one sees us

Derk L

One of my favorite people in the whole world has got to be this guy! #lovethelove


Still my favorite youtube video.
He danced like nobody was watching and changed his corner of the world ?

How To Get A Guy To Notice You At A Party - 5 Simple Techniques... (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

How To Get A Guy To Notice You At A Party - 5 Simple Techniques... (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)10 Jul. 2016
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Most of us miss amazing opportunities every day: at a bar, at our friend’s birthday, at that barbecue where we could meet so many great new people if only we made 10% more effort.

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Comments (100)
Katarina Milić

Sounds so easy

Sarah Qamar

Your terms....precise! :)


Real good advice as always Matt ! But how about you don't wear that shirt the next time, it gives you an unfair advantage :))

Hanna Faust

Bruh just take your shirt off


very very clever... I like it

basharat jahan

im 24yrs old, hv a husband nd a daughter. maybe living my most happiest time. no use for me but I really enjoy watching this type of videos.

Gaby Stecher

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What watch is that?

Kamron Werner

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Another thing that helps me feel more comfortable at a party and open up is realizing that most likely everybody else there is tipsy or drunk. There's way less judgement at parties because everybody's there just to have fun.

Nihal Hathaway

I love your accent


To be honest, I’m always the person who goes around saying hi to people and fist pumping them whenever I’m at a club. I never understood the whole uptight approach. I hate being uptight, like, why can’t we all just get along like friends.


I'm in high school and I was leaving early to get my cast off and I started talking to this guy and we got personal but the thing is just as we were really enjoying our conversation my mom came to pick me up and three days have passed and I haven't talked to him since maybe a few sentences here and there but I feel something with him even though my friends say things about him I do not like him for looks rather his personality but I don't think he even knows my name what do I do Matt?!?

Michelle P.A.

awesome delivery. thanks matt!

Bayarsaukhan Zoljargal

wow, you are such a wonderful talking person, my heart about guy is dead long time ago, i just idraid i never understand guys forever, also i forgot how to talk with guys and connect. I will never love again.

Casmire Ohanabalu Aca, Acifc

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How about asking questions pertaining to the man that interesting in you about his job? I was at work, he was patrolling at the same work location. He was a cop

Mik K

twerk your ass off duh

Delphi Jones

Daniel radcliffe

Dulce Carreno Martinez

Can you make a video of to know how or if you’re crush likes you in a party

Marie Benard

OMG I'm so often the host because I can't stand it when someone hosts a party or event or even a class and doesn't do the introductions and make people feel welcome and included. I'm just going to start doing that now and see how it goes. Thanks, Matthew.


when im stuck with someone at a party i dont know how to leave them if they are on their own.


I recently did 4 out of 5 of these things - not because I wanted a "guy" to notice me, but because I simply love interacting with people that have different backgrounds/culture to my own and love listening to how they see the world. However, sometime during the night I ended up sitting with a french couple and didn't move from the spot until my passengers were ready to be dropped off home ? - this night was worth being the sober driver. Thanks Matthew, love your channel!


When you act like a butterfly at a party and people still don’t give a shit ?

vivian rose

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Susanne Karnowka

what you are saying depends on the crowed though... or at least on the other person.. I once attracted the attention of some guy at a club just because I was sitting in the corner, earphones on reading a book ..I'm still wondering if he was fascinated by my "ignorance" (I actually just didn't like the music that gave me headaches and waiting for the first bus home) or if I seemed like someone who goes her own way to him...



ninn Jam

yeah me too ..hate crowd party with ppl u don't know and then judging . until u feel uncomfortable and leave


I saw i guy i like at a greenhouse. And i whent today with the intent of him noticing me and remembering me. From the time i walked in his eyes were on me so i walked around let him stare and when i was gonna pay he approched me and whr had a lil conversation about gravel? and we had a lil chitchat. Ill be back and do same thing. I said i would be back since i have a garden project.?i think it went well


Always wear your self-confident but not to the extent that you're too extra. It also helps if you put on your best outfit because I'm sure that there are lots of attractive girls in the party. Make a brand for yourself to become sexy but classy.

Dr Sareeka Katkuri, Physiotherapist

I am still in depression of my last ex, n felt I had found a gem, never found anybody like that ever again


I would say that I almost did the 5 steps (except number 4) 'cause he was with another girl :(

Lorena Posadas

I love the content of this video. I do just what you said here at parties and I discovered is a great strategy, because you will have more fun. Definitely you become more attractive to people because at the end of the day many people is having the same trouble looking for feeling welcomed, so if you don't feel welcomed believe me there is more people feeling the same and if you start welcoming them now you are creating your own party.

Mj V

I am so happy i found your channel! I can't stop watching your videos! Not only for dating and relationships but all your videos are an education for life! You look great too! Thanks for the videos. :))

Jessica W

this was not very well titled. . . because these work for just being awesome at a party! seriously, saving this one somewhere

Diana Armstrong

This is so true! I have found through my work that working on these techniques can actually make you better in other areas like public speaking, leadership and even increase your sales.

And it crosses cultures! I'm from Mexico and these tips work here too.

Keep up the great work! V inspiring videos :).

April Bennion

The church I go to is big into planning dances to help us meet people. I just went to one this weekend and I kept getting asked by "less desirable" guys and I wasn't having a good time. I felt awkward. I took a break in the hallway and thought, "I'll just go talk to people." And when I went back with that mindset, I made new friends, got asked to dance by some cool guys, and ended up talking with a guy for like 15min straight and it was awesome.

Julie Oliphant

Matthew, I'm dying to talk yo you. I have a crush on this guide for a mine. However, I met him on vacation. Therefore, we live in different states. I can't just call him. What should I do?

Keven Hurley

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What about if i'm being a butterfly with a host mindset but people look at me like "wtf who are you and why are you talking to me?"


I don't agree 100%. I was at a garden party of 500 people and while people were busy mingling as it was an important event, I went to sit on a swing as I couldn't find a chair around. Out of the blue a very handsome guy came over and started chatting me up. The rest is history... he even flew to meet me to another country where I lived after leaving that country where we met.


For me : How To Get A "Girl" To Notice You At A Party,
Thanks Mathew. As always tips that works for both different species of mankind

Rebecca Sit

Great video Matthew! I was taking some mental notes and I have to say, as a starting out businesswoman alot of these tips would also work phenomenally in business networking! I love how useful and applicable your advice always is. Keep up the good work! :)


I like a guy right now. That works a green house i go to buy plants. And his a bit flirty with me. But im so shy!!! Ill try ur tips.


Lol, these actually sound like good ways to make friends, too.

Will Levey

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Super_ Sonic

Guys wish me luck I’m asking out the guys that I’ve liked for like ....... more than 2 years by the way I’m asking him out at Cotillion

Linda T.

Matt kind of reminds me Loki in this video.


Dont go to parties if its uncomfortable. there are plenty other places in which you can meet guys


My favourite line, which I deliver in a cheeseball manner: "I don't know a soul here, and I have decided you are the least strange stranger - I'm -my name-, how do you know the host?"

Jennifer Barnwell

If I start ? less would that get a guy attention or just send wrong message?

Marine de Cornulier

Techniques 3 and 5 are the very reason why I host parties myself =D

Katalina Rodriguez

1. 0:50
2. 1:24
3. 2:04
4. 3:04


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katrin toh

this with the high traffic place is not true

Sebastian Sonesten

I LOVE this! I've always been averse to being at parties (unless there's a special reason to be there) but these ideas actually make me find it kind of an exciting challenge and opportunity for fun experience!!!

Rose Garcia

You look totally like Bradley Cooper today.


Party ☺️

Léala Morgan

In my school we are in 8th grade but already having full on house party's lol

Isabela Elenes

Why is mathew still single, and why is he not famous already with is own TV show. He's smart, his accent is just…. heart eyes and he's obviously very handsome with a dash of being incredibly cute when he laughs.


Girls, don't do anything to change yourselves after watching this video! You're beautiful as you are ?

Personally, I feel like I was getting nowhere with all the different YouTube channels though until I tried the course at ReelingHimIn.com ?

That really taught me how to actually captivate a man with more than just my looks to make him fall in love. Finally got a BF that loves me!! ? #thankgod4hubby

I think following a structured course like that is the way to go, you can learn for free on sites like Youtube but it’s all over the place and you’ll mostly be learning random tips rather than techniques and methods that can actually accelerate your relationship. A step by step approach is better than just learning random stuff IMO. Good luck ladies! :)

Julia Skagfjord

I love Matthew. I just wish I came upon this info when I was in the height of dating...at like 25-30. I am now 37 and still single. And still have to say all of his advice is still good, even though I am older. I wish I met someone when I was younger as getting guys to notice me seems harder at this age:( Still same soul, just look old lol

WarriorMan Maxx

To Mr. Cameraman: What is the purpose of panning camera from head shot, to a body shot every 10 seconds? We are concentrating on what is being said from shoulders UP. Matthew's body is not communicating from waist DOWN.

Miriam Nies

Omg "act like a host" is such good advice!!


I'm not gay but this is still really helpful.

unasianasian. com

what if you don't get invited to parties

Mori JA-Fee

Grate Tipps, I always felt that way on parties. PS: I like your knew style with the long hair, it suits you :)

Violet Rose

I use the eye contact and it works
Basically i can get any guy I’m interested in to come and start a conversation with me in a bar or club.
I luv the eye language.

Sanya Mehta

1. Put yourself in a high traffic area ( Not in the corners, somewhere people pass by a lot )
2. Put yourself for eye contact. (Face the action, Be ready for eye contact)
3.Adopt a Host Mindset (Greet others as if it is ur own party, make others feel comfortable)
4.Talk about things you actually care about (Opposite of small talk: Passionate Talk)
5.DO NOT BE A CATERPILLAR, BE A BUTTERFLY (Don't stick with people only coz u r comfortable and do not make anyone ur default, be the one who goes around the party. People would be like, oh they could leave any moment ;-) TAKE THAT RISK!! )

Fionna Morrison

Im a fun sorta gal, but sooooooo shy, even holding eye contact is hard.

Su Latt

Watching this in 2020 like what is a party?!

Michelle Schaller

We all have a little crush on Matthew, don't lie to yourself

Flann sixtyseven

Actually i would notice the shy, silent one hiding in a corner away from the action and loud happy groups - also thats where you would find me at a party

Eneka Elements

Key to parties = Have fun!


"don't be a caterpillar, be a butterfly".... dang, Matthew?? dang????

Sherry-Ann lol

going to a party now. deep breath...time to test these * mutters to self* butterfly butterfly not caterpillar*

vasudha mishra

Who else thinks these are the five hardest techniques ever?


Fine, I'm going to leave my lurk status behind. You've convinced me to subscribe.

Claudio Brady

What do you think of get laid by hot girl with Troplusfix Dating Secrets? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets.


What he says makes sense but I'm screaming inside right now.

Kristy Knight Dark

Great video. Love it!

Charleen Hopkins

thanks is that in your book?

Anna Sommer

Matthew Hussy, But what if you are an introvert? I'm good at getting out there and talking to people but In the end I get drained very quickly and they end up having this high expectation of me.

Joeetta Samuelson

Aren't butterflies then attracted to wallflowers ;)


I am an antisocial introvert and I tried being the social butterfly at a party once. I felt physically ill the next day for the entire day. Maybe it was just those heels though.


His hair needs a good hand combing by me!!! Daaaayyyumm ??



Ellesa Sabasaje

I have social anxiety. My social life is doomed. :( :( But I wanna be a butterfly sooo bad. Hahahaha.


This video really helped me & helped me notice some things about myself-Thank u very much :]

Tabby 2410

You are Love ❣ really wish to visit in your retreat ☹️ @matthew hussey

Chels T

A Pppaaarrttyyy!!!! Hoot Hoot Hoot! I'm the embarrassing one :) Common...... Have a little fun.... Let em judge you!!!!!

Timi Kärkkäinen

Talk to him?


Thank you! Your effort at being specific and touching on a lot of
subjects and being constant has been my nutrient needed to grow from
caterpillar to butterfly! ❤

Samantha Clark

Oh man, I totally act like the host! It makes me have a great time when I immediately introduce myself to people I know once we catch eyes and a little exchange. I stop being too much in my head if I start doing that immediately- first person, boom. It also works in reverse where I get introduced to more people.

Jennifer Vieira

I like all of your suggestions on how to meet guys and how to be better at speaking with them but I've been to party's where I literally tried to talk to people and they turned there noses up at me.
Maybe they didn't know me but I felt like I tired for a painful hour to walk around trying to make eye contact with someone. I finally made my way to the back door and left. It was awful cause I think I knew two people and they didn't even barely talk to me. I really believe that we are in different classes and if you don't look like other's then your not in the in crowd. And they will judge you. Seriously, I'm not trying to be negative but it can be painful if you are trying and you can't fit in maybe cause of clothes or hair style or make up. I do try to do all the newest hair color styles, balayage or just high lights. But I can't forget to pay all my bill's first or we all know you can get in deep water's that way.
Thank you for all your information on relationship, they do help me!

Sophia Naranjo

Hi! Everything you said is the absolute formula for getting a man to notice me. I have a bf know!!!!!!


Don't be a caterpillar. Don't be a butterfly either. Be a dragon.

Tiara Jessy

1. Put yourself in a high traffic area.
2. Position yourself for eye contact.
3. Adopt a host mindset.
4. Talk about things you actually care about
5. Don't be a caterpillar. Be a butterfly.
It comes down to these three things
1. Your lifestyle
2. Approachability
3. Taking risks

Eolica Ediciones

Thanks for sharing your energy to the world <3

Camelia Ersando

This is so common sense type advises but yet it's like it's like I've never though of doing these things?