First love break up

Breaking Up + Moving On From Your First Love | Caitlin Bea

Breaking Up + Moving On From Your First Love | Caitlin Bea14 Nov. 2016
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Welp, got a long

Welp, got a long video for you guys today. Grab your dinner and let's talk about breaking up, and getting over heartbreak.



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Ana Alejo

I believe we live in a different time where technology is more advanced and the simpler things from simpler times are more unheard of. Like written letters back and forth & relationships being taken at a different pace. I feel like people don't slow down, it's overwhelming because I know there is such thing as getting it right the first time. I've seen old couples age 67 whom married young but still look at each other with profound care and affection & have only been with each other. This new age now is so disillusioned to those great qualities that simpler lives hold. Everyone is so pavlovian to the new this or new that, and their relationships sometimes oddly enough reflect that.


Listen to old souls, not clowns.

It's just kayla!

My boyfriend just broke up with me. It hurts? but I'm trying to get over it:(


Only he made me happy...?

Rachel Stone

I felt like my first love was the one but he's married now and I know he won't come back but its ok

kariba whyte

Still In love 22years after and married to someone else for 18plus years. True love NEVER dies but you can move on and just remember the good times but move on.

Katelyn Rose

My first love dumped me right before Christmas. Since the day we met, in May, we talked pretty much 24/7 and now I haven’t talked to him in over 2 weeks. I’m trying to stay positive and know everything happens for a reason, but it’s so hard.

Hai Nguyen

Just got broken up with suddenly. It ended on good terms, but Jesus does it still hurt so bad knowing I could’ve done better.

IHave McFallen

It's been 2 and a half months and I miss him sooo baddd


(Can someone please answer to this...) Yes I am like you explained. Really deep loving person, I want long term relationship and I can think about and solve the problem really rational. I know exactly what happened, why I'm not with my first love anymore, so I know the answer and focuse myself for a few days and then I start crying... How can I get over this? Because when I don't maybe I can't be with someone else!!!???? (I'm young)

Mel Slays the World

Wow this video hit every point. I’ve dealt with my first love since I was 14 and I’m 17 now repeating the same cycle thank you so much for this ?

Lalani Tochhawng

Caitlin, do you still have love your 1st love

simply lynn

he asked me do just wanna be friends at that moment i froze and didn't know what to do i just wanted to sit and cry on the floor im in 9th grade so i was just stupid but I've learned from my mistakes

David Tyrrell

Wow, Caitlin you clean up nice.

Cute pupper in the background.


Sergio Velez

Thank you.

Tee Davis

I’m trying to move on from my first love it’s so hard I gave her 3 years of my time i?

Ellie White

I see my ex every day at school. WE broke up 4 days ago. He’s torturing me. He’s ignoring me. No one understands. It honestly makes me not want to be in another relationship. My heart is literally killing. We were together for 2 years. I don’t feel like I can move on

Clare Nicole

Just broke up with mine, after three years. I lost all of my friends while in this relationship. So it's even worse going through this breakup alone.

Meg Kemp

I’m going through this at the moment I had a boyfriend before but I didn’t love him like I love the boy I’ve been with for the past 8 months he is my first love and he just broke up with me 2 days after my 18th birthday party, I’m devastated, I love him so much and he said that he loves me but that we can’t work things out and I can’t seem to stop crying and my heart aches every time I see him which is all the time btw cuz we’re in the same college and in the same class. He’s being nice to me and even offered me his hoodie when I was cold just yesterday ( I didn’t take it ) but god do I wish I could have ?


I recently had to officially end things with my first love because she treated me and made me feel like a worthless peace of crap its a very long story considering the realationship was 8 months at one point she started hanging with her exes and she was hanging with the one who abused her physically and even cheated on her and on a video call I saw it was her and her ex in her room on her bed and she even told me she was letting him touch her and even in the call they where touchy and im sure more happened obviously but emotional affair or not it was still wrong and that's one out of many things shes done that hurt me but I loved her so much I tried for 8 months to make things work and finally I had enough and had to end it. It was one of the hardest days of my life. I tried to treat her like a queen but she would treat me like a punching bag. I didn't really get into dating until I was like 15 im 16 now and I ended my realationship 11 days ago and im still trying to move on hopefully things get better.

Jared Wood

3 years late here but Im a senior. I dated this girl in 8th grade broke up in 9th and there was some kind of spark between us for 3 years. I asked her out again senior year homecoming, she said yes. Things were going good 7 months then COVID happened. She changed. She called me to say she couldn’t do it anymore and that she didn’t see a future together and that she wanted to focus on her job (she was going into the Air Force) and learning to love herself. She said if I didn’t hate her we could still be friends. How could I hate someone who’s been in my life for 5 years y’know? Now I’m going to college she’s going military. I’m not able to have the support I need with the isolation. My feelings are festering. I’m a guy so I’m the outsider looking at this channel but I feel like you’d have some really good advice. I’d really love your help and advice for this circumstance

Tylenol The God

It’s so much easier for the girl to get over it. You just need to be yourself and you’ll have guys lining up for you to choose from. I’m tired of settling. There was only on woman I chose. We were together for 4 years until she just decided she wasn’t happy anymore. It’s because she doesn’t know how to communicate her feelings. She chose the easy way out instead of talking. Now I’m back to settling. I can’t date other girls without breaking down internally-emotionally. We had true love. Now we both have nothing.

Emily Bri

My first love is truly hurtful. I met this guy March 11, 2017 (yes, I remember the date lol). I was dating someone else when I met him, actually, I met him two days after beginning to date my boyfriend. Most people believe your first love has to be someone you date, but that's not entirely true. I'm sorry to the guy I was dating at the time, no, I didn't love you. I thought I did at the time, but I didn't. The guy I was in love with was dating someone too at the time, but on June 12, 2017 (again, I remember most dates, it's sad I know) he told me he liked me. I admitted I liked him too but we agreed to keep it just at that. We were super close for a long period of time after this, I didn't realize my feelings were falling for the one I was dating in the meantime until August. The one I loved told me he could be my "backup plan." I ended up ending it with my bf on the 31st, but got back together September 11, 2017. Later on in September the guy I loved told me he liked me again and that he's liked me since we met and wants to date. I told him I feel the same, but we are both dating someone. We stayed really close, but as November came by he started to talk more about sexual intentions than the fun conversations we use to have. I realized this change but ignored it. He ended up breaking up with his gf and I ended it with my bf. Now a know an ex is technically when you date someone, but I believe it's more than that. Me and this guy never dated, we had a thing, we were so close to that, we even told each other we loved each other, but we never dated, but he was indeed an ex something, an ex someone. We ended up doing fwb. In the end of December, after our first argument, I started to realize, he no longer cared like he use to and that, we weren't going to end up dating. My heartbreak stage started then and well, never officially ended yet, but I'd say that the hardest point ended in May 2018. From Jan-May our relationship went down. He started to become rude and mean and completely show that he doesn't want me for me, but for my body. But then he wouldn't leave my life, he would stay and make it worst and continue to manipulate me. Him and his old ex finally got back together in March 2018. I slightly cut him off then but at the end of May he wanted to come back in my life. But he started to talk shit about his ex and good things about My body, so finally in the end of June 2018, I cut him off completely. I didn't seem him in person after that till a few days ago when we completely ignored each other kms. I'm started to talk to other guys, but to this day I still hurt over him, a year and a half later I still care for him, and it sucks but it is what it is.

baklouti manar

I just broke up with a guy I'm in love with and it's me who broke up with him because I felt like he wasn't that interested in me and I started drinking and smoking and it feels like hell I do it to forget but I can't just forget ' I feel sad lost and angry I wanted to be back but he refused ' I'm so hurt ' and I can't even cry ' and I see him every morning ' he seems happy ' we live in the same hostel and I'm the only one harming myself and I just feel horrible.....he is my first love

Cheryl Beaudoin

I what to brack up with her
Name is Jennifer what I can do


time isn't wasted, only lessons are learned.

Hazel Zalman

i am going through a complicaded breakup and i was sitting in the bathroom and crying and i am only 11

Stefan Brisband


Madeline Hawkins

it’s been months and I’m still so far from okay

Gianna N

Related to everything she said omg you're so helpful <3

Shakeria Yates

I need advice please help

Meagan Leal

i broke up with my first boyfriend (i’m going to eighth he’s going to ninth )and we’ve been on and off since march i finally stopped talking to him for good and i don’t know i feel like i am never going to move on from him he didn’t treat me that well like he wasn’t abusive or anything that bad but he just gave off a vibe like he didn’t care he said he did over and over again but i didn’t feel it and is often get upset at for not treating me like a girlfriend treating me more like a friend and for lying to me or taking a joke too far and he’d just play innocent and sort of play the victim now i am remembering how good he was in the beginning and i’m thinking maybe this is my fault maybe i was too hard on him and i want to go back and fix everything i’ve tried but it turns out the same all the times and i also feel like i want to stay with him because i can’t stand the thought of seeing him with someone else i don’t really know what i’m feeling i’d just like some advice or help or anything


QUESTION: Can you love someone else ever even it's so hard to get over the first love. IS IT Possible?? Please just a few yes or nos from more experienced persons . I will be so thankful

Mr Blue

Pretty soon I might be splitting up with my first love. This outbreak destroyed everything so much folks have achieved. Relationships included. Things were going wonderful with my girlfriend and I since October but only now things started to go down hill. How hard has it been for me? Very hard. My whole entire body went numb, I could not feel it when someone pinched me. It has been a challenging 2 and a half days but I am doing something that lots of people do not do. Reaching out to friends and family. Trust me, if you know you cannot get through things like a break up on your own, please, please, please reach out to family and friends you are close with. Do not keep that pain to yourself.

Jenipher Hilda

Cheers for this, I have been researching "what to do after someone breaks up with you?" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Pefflan Telepathic Paramountcy - (just google it ) ? It is an awesome one off guide for discovering how to discovering a simple technique to get your ex back minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

Zannie Bart

So my 1st love broke my heart once because turns out he was already dating it hurt like hell I cried like crazy but then he said he broke up with her because he realized I was the best girl for him then a month later a total stranger actually someone I met online told me that he's dating my childhood friend the same girl I lived in the same house with for years basically my sister of course I didn't believe it cos well I believed that in a relationship u must trust blindly but this time I couldn't just ignore the thought so I asked him then he said yes my heart dropped it hurt like no other pain I didn't ivn know how to express it at first I started to laugh then I started to scream but I muffled it. I refused to cry of course sometimes I'd break down but I'd wipe the tears away fast. Everyone just said I told you so nd that hurt more but I've just began to ignore the pain because I had to break up with him so it can be happy with her and I blocked them for 5 days just to gather my self again but I don't know how to deal with it. It just hurts so bad and I don't even know how to begin to process this. I mean my family isn't really the lovey dovey type so expressing love was a huge challenge for me and for him to just play with me lyk dat it's just like too much to handle like how do I even begin to handle it where do I begin to do that.


Me and my first love did everything we had first kiss we were each others first serious bf and gf we had our first time with her too and she broke up with me bc her mom found out and she hates me now so we had to end it

Pagan Minn

My fiance of 5 years who I have a 6 month old daughter with dumped me about a month ago. The most agonizing pain I've ever been through. This helped

Ericka Landeros

Love you so much

Emily Kenny

Thank you for this I needed to hear this

Apurv Jyotirmay

Thanks. Needed this kind of talk right now :')


things ended with my first gf around a week ago. i told her that i wasnt happy with the way things are going and she asked if i wanted to take a break and try again later when i felt better. i agreed, and one week later she already has a new partner lol. it hurts but part of me is glad its all over, i didn't like the way she treated me but of course i do have lingering feelings since she was my first gf and part of me thinks i'll never love again though i know it's irrational. i'm healing still and i hope that things will improve, i know they will. thanks for the great video, made me feel kind of better about things :)

Jentucky Fried Chicken

I asked my crush out

he said no
Look at the video title ya dumb shit

Roxane Ortiz

Its not a relashon ship it is just my mom and my step dad brake up and I can't see my step sister no more and i love hear so much I can't get over hear and I miss hear so much. And I cry the hole time and evry. Second ???????????????????????????????????????????????

kaylee santiago

Ughhh I need advice. I’m 15 and I’ve been dating my guy for 2 years. We had a baby and he’s now 8 months old. The guy does everything for us. But he just gets me so mad all the time and I have the moments like omg I love him but I really have so many bad break downs because he never listens to me when I tell him something and I don’t want to let go cuz obviously I love him but I don’t know if we were ment to be and how to actually break it up because he doesn’t let me. He just comes to my house and knocks on my window for hours and some how gets inside and makes me forgive him.... what do I do!!!!

Paula Bermudez

Me and my 1st love and HighSchool sweet heart have broken up after 5 years, i am an absolute mess. I love him a way deeper than just my boyfriend. I am about to graduate college and I was looking forward to us start our life, ugh im so heartbroken. I had to move out and we ended on really good terms.

Ann C. T.

Your first is where you'll make the most mistakes, feel the most regret & GROW the most ? & that's what will pave way for you to do BETTER in the next ?✨

Zoë Dixon

it’s been 6 months and i’m still looking up how to get over it

erika araujo

It’s been almost a year bro

Bryant Dockray

Hey thanks for what you said helps a lot

Rebeca S

Literally just watching the dog walk around in the background

Paulina Martinez

My first love was also my bestfriend. It sucks knowing we don’t talk anymore and it didn’t work out due to my parents not supporting us as well as long distance. I told them that I had to let them go because they deserved better and they needed to find happiness because I felt long distance wasn’t going to work out. But I also told them that If it’s meant to be then you’ll come back to me, but if it doesn’t then you were never meant to be mine. I felt it was selfish of me because I didn’t consider their feelings when I broke up with them. I felt so bad because of how strict my parents are and I couldn’t really see them. I’m just a mess and hopefully everything will be ok. ?

Joana Faith

Just broke up with my first love and it hurts so much and Its really hard for me to accept it and I don't have people to talk to. I'm in this shit on my own and here I am finding someone some person out their who is willing to listen to my drama.

John Avina

I need some makeup

Emma Vedder

you’re trynna tell me this isn’t ZOELLA ????????!!!!!!

kylie graal777

Damn I feel like he was the perfect guy for me ?... He isn't think about me at all probably...


I got broken up with just yesterday, and almost ended everything because it hurt and part of me is just wishing I’ll get one more I love you from him. But I know I won’t, he has been my world so I don’t know how to feel anymore.

Ellie Stokes

Got out of my first real relationship about 7 months ago now and I’m finally starting to love myself again. I was lied to, exploited, and taken advantage of sexually. This person wrapped me around their finger and strung me along until he finally got tired of me and dumped me with zero closure. Despite this, I still thought I loved him for a long time and that I must be the problem, it must have been my fault that he did all of those horrible things, but now that I look back I learned so much from that abusive relationship. I may not be able to fully trust people again for a long time but now I know what toxicity looks like. Thanks for your video ❤️

Jezlyn. Plays

I’ve broken up with my first love so many times and gotten back together and then broke up forever and I’ve gotten over him but I just can’t move on idk y. when I say I can’t move on I mean l can’t stop thinking of him but I don’t like him it’s complicated I just want to stop thinking off him?

alexhandra collins

my boyfriend ended it last week over text and he was my first love. he blocked me on social media and just completely ignores me. i watched this video and can relate to so many things. it honestly hurts because you thought they were different and they would always tell you that breaking up like that is stupid. but im starting to realize that he was a lesson, and im trying so hard to not think negatively about the situation but it gets hard sometimes. surround yourself with the people you love the most will 110% help you get over this heartbreak. its hard to think that over a year of this relationship, we'd call everyday. but now its like zero contact. i know ill always love him and i want the best for him, but I'm starting to realize a little everyday that he wasn't the one. watching this video made me smile because it just gave me more hope that theres someone out there for me & for everyone. stay strong y'all!❤


My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday because his mom told him too and it's causing me so much pain ?

Rosa Pund

This honestly gave me the clarity I needed. I’ve been hurting for so long and I’ve even been having dreams about it for over a week. I truly believe that your advice is going to help me move past, thank you so much!?


He broke up with me 2 days before my birthday...

Icy_hot_westcoast 746

I broke up with my first boyfriend a few weeks ago..and he lives on a whole ‘nother continent than me and he told me essentially that he just didn’t have time to text me and or have a relationship due to school work and he was right..but 2 days later her hooks up with another girl and honestly I could care less about his relationship with her but it pissed and it still pisses me off that he lied to me..I spoke to him about it and well..he said he was sorry but I just told him it was fine ig but I told him that if he ever were to lie to me again in our friendship I’d be done being friends with him..anyway sorry for all that, but I told myself I’m over him and I am and I’m glad it’s over because of what’s important to me which is religion, but my retarded heart’s telling me otherwise and it’s hard to make it SHUT UP..but I appreciate this video !

Marbled Fashion

Mine was in 7th grade now I am in 8th at first I got over him but for some reason had the weirdest dream about him last night I just want to get over him but today was the day when he broke my heart so it really hurts me how I had a dream about him on the day he broke my heart?

Crystal Sanchez

I just let go of something that went back and forth for five years

Kylie Wierzbicki

What's the song playing at 6:00 - 7:00 ?????

Sara Rivera

A year and a half. He was my first boyfriend, kiss, everything. He broke up with me 2 days ago. The worst part is that he’s happy and I’m broken. He wants to be friends. So that’s just great.

sadie leos

Seven years ? never wanna do that again.

Ava Rusty

When it’s period week and your first love breaks up with you cause his parents made a new rule that he can’t date until highschool.. this sucks

Anjelica L.M

I have been in a 6th month relationship with her, we separated because I had to move away and I feel so broken. Just tonight she's sending me pictures and videos of her and her new s.o it hurts to see that but I hide it and I don't know what to do anymore. Yes, I am young but I feel like what I feel for her was and is real. I hope I can let go even though I really love her. Everything we did is always with me, the memories, the fun times, and I hope she will be alright. Anything will help right now, even if it's not real love, it feels like it.

Infiniteplayz 36

Not even a full day after we broke up he likes my best friend

Marian Estrada

what if its been 3 years but he always comes back but then disappears again

Becka Rutsky

Thank you for this video. Really helps me get through things right now

Kendall Mitchell

This helped me so much, going through a breakup right now and this just made me feel like I will be okay, thank you.


Broke up with my bf of 9 years ???? my heart hurts


I hate the male gender
this guy
Is literally perfect one day he kissed me and told me he liked me and the following Monday I noticed his ex was all over him
The next day I asked him about it he said she is like his sister then I basically just asked him if he regretted kissing me that last Friday he said yes I said why he paused and said my aunt died I said oh and I went home and balled my eyes out and cried myself to sleep for a week then started wondering if he actually even genuinely liked me
btw we go different schools and met up at some after school place anyhow he is a grade higher than me he got out of school earlier than me and I believe the only chance I have to see him is the summer program for that after school place btw he is kind cute generous nice and everything else anyhow I’ve been thinking about him nonstop since he kissed me and I freaking hate it like there is not a hour a don’t think about him I’m losing my mind
Like I think I might love him him I can’t stop thinking about him like I just see the male gender and I think of him,I see a couple I think of him,I see skittles I think of him (that’s my nickname for him because he loves skittles) , I see anyone with dreadlocks I think of him (he used to have short cute dreadlocks) , when I think about Florida I think about him (bc he said he wanted to move there
I think about anything and everything I think about him ???????????
He was like my motivation to get up on time on a Monday morning like I wished Monday would come sooner just so I could see him

Also Demi Lovato tell me you love me
Is my life theme song rn

Jasmine yanez

My ex just broke up with me over text out of nowhere after making me promise I wouldn’t break up with him over text. It’s still so raw, blocked me on everything and gave me no explanation. Idk what happened


I felt that way for 8 years after mu 1st love. (1st real kiss? Virginity, ect.)Took me 8 years before I finally turned to God & begged God to feel REAL love again,I made a list of the most perfect spouse. (Hard worker, funny, spontaneous, honest, animal lover, ect.) God hit everything I asked for right on the head, in unexpected ways! I am now married 5 years to my FOREVER LOVE! ❤❤ God Blessed me after holding onto my 1st love for 8 years!! I dated many over the 8 year span, but just couldn't fully love or committ like I did with my 1st love. I still missed our relationship & compared every person to my ex. When I finally let go, expected to grow old alone, God put the most perfect love in my life & I've never loved deeper! Give it to God, dance with God, when the time is right, he will let right person cut in! Ask. Believe. Then you will receive! Jesus is Lord! God created you & he made a special someone, just for you to grow old with! Amen!!


We need to grow tf up

Analise Lynn

Im 15 years old and my mom wont let me be with the only person i've ever loved. He makes me so happy and i'm not ready to let go. I don't know what to do. I feel dead. She tells me i can't date him but wont give me my phone to end things. It hurts so bad. ??????????

Andres R


Strangely he feels at home in this place

I’m in middle school and I was dating this girl for a while. She’s really nice and sweet and I care about her a lot. Her parents are pretty homophobic and they found out that she was dating another girl (me) and they got mad and grounded her. I invited her to my b day sleepover before but her parents told my mom that she couldn’t sleep over bc we were dating. My mom didn’t know about any of this OR the fact that I’m gay. So I was outed to my mom and it was awful.
I mean she excepts me and all that but it was still horrible. Anyway I broke up w/ her realizing that I’m too young for that kind of relationship and now she hates me.

That Girl

lol sitting in front of my phone lowkey crying during the whole video

Mariah Joy

My love of 7 years just up and left me two days ago. He waited until I was at work then packed up everything and left. He ambushed me in the parking lot of my apts and demanded the car keys (I was stupid and didn't put my name on our car) and he left me. I have nothing! He walked out and just threw 7 years in the trash. I just lost my dad in November, I had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago, and none of my family live in the same state as me. I'm completely alone and everyday is a struggle.

Amanda Er

hi, i’m a sophomore in high school. i met this guy at the beginning of this school year (i started a new school) and immediately we became best friends. i hung out and got super close with him and his two other friends and eventually we both caved into our feelings and decided to date. that happened november 12, 2019. it was great at first, i mean dating your best friend is the dream right? he was super loving and i had so many firsts with him. then things slowly got worse and we became more distant and yesterday he broke up with me. i guess i was kind of expecting it but it hurt like fucking hell. he texted me at 2:22 am yesterday morning saying how he couldnt commit to a relationship how i was amazing and didnt deserve this but that he needed time to reflect on himself. honestly, i am not mad at all and i replied to his BREAKUP TEXT with “it’s okay i understand thank you for a great few months!” and then asked what i should do with his stuff. but i can’t stop crying, i’ve completely stopped eating. i didn’t realize it at the time, but i wouldve spent the rest of my life with him. there’s so much i feel like i missed out doing with him and that i lost my soulmate (yea yea it’s stupid and cheesy ik). i want the pain to stop and i dont know what to do, he was the first guy i truly loved and i told him EVERYTHING. i look back now and realize how much he put me down for things i was happy-about/proud-of. i want him back, as a friend, but it probably won’t happen. all my friends say and said from the start he’s a bad guy and i couldnt ever see it and still dont see it. i cant stop being overly understanding. it’s so hard to not just crumble to my wants and text him but i know i shouldnt so i will try my hardest not to. i was wondering if anyone could help me know when i should try calling or talking to him about trying to be friends again? BTW: comment your heartbreak story because i think writing this out actually helped me heal a bit.

kyle sayre

Hi I just stumbled across your post, I just had a break up with my girlfriend who was my first love and I've been really struggling. This helped so much thank you

Linda 23

So this guy was my first real crush and I'm 15 and he's 18 and he was a senior student. And I rly didn't know him until I had the biggest crush on him. So, since he didn't personally know me , he obviously didn't have the same feelings. A couple weeks later I was brave enough to get this number and text him (because I was too shy to actually talk to him). And after we first met, we hung out a couple more times and I told him, that I was in love with him. So, he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship but I kept trying and after we cuddled a couple times, he kissed me and I knew I loved him unconditionally.In the end out relationship lasted one month because when I started to get complicated he didn't want to be with me anymore. I even tried to apologize but it didn't work out...
And then he left me and I was completely heartbroken and he's wasn't because je didn't love me.
Now it's been 5 months and I'm still not over him. Quite the contrary. I feel really depressed, nothing makes me happy anymore and I still miss him.
When does this end?

Sophia Starks

Do these apply to gays......

shagun kar

He said he will come back when his exams are over and after three months yesterday when I asked him about our relationship he said he stopped feeling for me because there was no communication (we were in a long distance relationship) and he didn't have the courage to say this therefore he didn't said those things to me first boyfriend I still love him he was my first kiss.. Everything :) and I have my exams too which I will fuckup for sure

Mi Mi

OMGGG just what I needed to hear right now. ? Thank you. Been going down the road of moving on for a month now, but I've not gotten a progress. But thank you for your wonderful words. ?

Manny Garcia

I needed this!! My boyfriend and I broke up last night and I have been a mess the whole day :( he was my first and it was going so good but he said he was not into me anymore and he said he was thinking of getting into another relationship with a person who is not selfless. My heart is just extremely broken and I just want to text him but I will not give in because why cry over someone who doesn't give a shit about you! but a revenge body is on the way and I think this is the motivation I needed to get back in the gym!

Oceane Mulholland

Hi guys I would like to share a story with you guys, so basically I broke up with my first boyfriend a couple of months ago and when we were together we kept it a secret because his friends would judge him if they knew, we had not been together for that long but I felt like it would last forever. Some weeks later from the breakup I asked him out again, I got rejected and I missed him so much we were still friends but it was rare he talked to me. I felt like he didn't feel any pain from the heart break, I got rejected again some weeks later. It's been around 4 months and a couple of weeks ago he told me he still had feelings for me, in the end he said we could still be friends he actually did this a couple of times. I feel like he's playing games with me, and yeah I still want him so bad..I want to make him jealous and regret losing me, I want him to think I'm over him and stuff... I really don't know what's to do. ???

Elizabeth Schiada

Thanks for sharing your story! I had my first relationship during my freshman year of high school, and was also my first heartbreak. But I don’t think my first breakup was as hard as my second. I consider my second relationship to be my first love. My second breakup was from someone who I started out being friends with at first. We originally first met when we were both in jr high. I was in 8th grade and him in 7th. We met in PE class the first week of school. Then during my junior and his sophomore year, we began to like each other as more than friends and so we decided to become a couple. We only lasted a month and a half and then because of various problems that came up, like people giving us crap for being a couple, especially him, as well as me being a bit clingy with him, he broke up with me. I was so heartbroken and it obviously ruined our friendship. We then didn’t have any contact again until late sept/early oct 2010. So it was four years before we got back in touch again. After many months of being hesitant, I finally got the courage to add him on fb, and within minutes he accepted and I was so happy! After that, we would exchanged messages here and there, and eventually right before Thanksgiving, another guy friend of mine at the time came by my house to hang out for a little bit, and he knew I had been wanting to call my ex for a while, and he was like JUST DO IT! So I did. I called him, and I asked hey is this (name here)? And he’s like yea, and at first I didn’t tell him who I was at first so I just gave him descriptive hints. So I was like well I’m a year older than you and you first met me back in jr high, and we had PE class together, and at first he didn’t get it so then I had to tell him who i was, and he immediately knew and remembered. So then he asked how I got his number and I’m like you gave it to me in hs, and he was like Oh yea. Durr! Then later that night we texted and talked some more. During our texts and night time phone convo, he was complimenting me, and told me I had a pretty voice both on the phone and in text. Then he asked me if I’d like to meet him sometime. Then I agreed. So two days later we met up and hung out. I was pretty nervous too because I hadn’t seen him in so long. When I was waiting for him, I waited outside the entrance to the nearby grocery store which he lived over the wall from. Then at some point, I stood up and turned around and boom there he was walking toward me and I ran over and gave him a hug and then we took a walk on the main road and as we were on our way, he had put his arm around me for a second and he was like hey you pulled away back there come here so we did I guess walk together like we were a couple for a few seconds.

During our hangout, which was totally platonic, we just caught up and such, a few times he’d give me compliments about my appearance such, and I guess wiped something off my eye too but idk if he was just looking for a reason to touch my skin or if there really was something there. I would have liked to hang out longer but my dad at the time had to ruin it and text me demanding me to come back home because he knew I was hanging out with my ex. My old friend/ex kind of got freaked out and so we didn’t hang out in person again for a while til late June 2011, and the night before we met up again, he out of nowhere texted me asking me to lunch and a movie. I was on the phone with another friend so I hung up so I can respond to the text, and at first I didn’t reply right away because I wasn’t sure what to say back and he sent another text which said “Uhh...Liz? Earth to Liz!” Then I finally replied back saying yes and asked what time which was around noon. Then next morning I woke up early with crazy jitters from nerves and was so nervous I threw up. But I had an ice pop to numb my stomach to be safe after. Then I felt better. So then back to our first date: Just before noon, I drive back to the same area where we saw each other for the first time since hs, and I either called or texted him letting him know I was there. Again, I was a nervous wreck waiting. Then as I was standing there waiting I turn around and got startled and there he was again walking towards me and he was like surprise attack! Then we hugged, and it was a better hug that time and I didn’t give him a quick and brief hug like before. Then we went and got lunch, and while we were waiting we attempted to take a selfie together but it didn’t come out so good. But it’s ok. Again, a nervous wreck. Btw, the entire time I spent with him I thought ok this will be just a platonic hangout nothing will happen. Boy was I wrong. Then after we were finished eating we walked back to my car and on our way there he was trying to tickle my sides and such and then we got in my car and once we got in he tried to kiss me but I pulled away. I can’t remember now if I said anything, but I know I didn’t want that. He also took my hand and held it too. As I was afraid it’d be too risky to go outside our area, he suggested his house and I was more comfortable with that so we hopped over the wall to his place. He introduced to his 3 dogs at the time. One was outside and the other two were inside. I still was a nervous wreck and he could tell. I think his dogs kind of made me a little nervous too. But I got used to them. We then went to his couch where he put his arm around me and to watch a couple tv shows he liked after he showed me around. One of the shows was mythbusters and one another one. The tv shows were I guess a good distraction away from the nerves I was feeling. His dogs also came by and said hi too. He was also stroking my arm too and He also rested his head on my chest too for a little bit which a guy had never done to me before either. Then he began complimenting me again about my skin, and he was like I wish my skin was as good as yours. Then eventually we had our first kiss since we were teens. He also laid me on my back while we were on his couch too to kiss me as well. I was sitting up for the first one I believe. Then he asked me to be his gf right there. He knew I was really worried because he knew how bad he messed up with me when we were in hs, and knew I was worried about him and I’s friendship getting risked. Then a month later I said yes! According to several friends of his, he teared up because he was so happy. We that time lasted for a year and two months. But around half that time he ended up being gone because he had enlisted. After dating for 3 months or so he told me he was enlisting. It wasn’t a surprise for me either when he told me. I knew it was something he’d always wanted to do. I supported him all the way when no one else really did, including his own family especially his dad.

We ended up breaking up in September 2012 when he left me to go out with another old gf of his from hs which again didn’t last long anyway.

He definitely taught me a lot. He taught me to never take an ex back, and to never date someone in the military and boy was that hard not to be able to talk to him when I wanted for a majority of the time he was gone. I’ll never do it again. Sometimes I do wish him and I had just stayed friends only and nothing more. If that was the case, we’d probably still be in contact now, at least on Xmas card terms if anything. But I’m happy to have been given the privilege and opportunity to have known him, because apart from him being a douche to me when we were a couple both times, he was a great person. I always enjoyed hanging out with and talking to him at school when we were just friends, both in jr high and in high school.

In February 2013, my family and I moved to where we live now, and I feel it was for the best. If we hadn’t moved, I likely wouldn’t have put myself out there to date again, and I wouldn’t have met the special guy who’s been in my life for almost two years now. ❤️

Ishika Agarwal

I was in 7th grade and i m still crying looking on his photograph.

Violet Camelia

I miss him so much.. I know I have to move on but I don’t want to stop loving him

Lalani Tochhawng

This video makes me feel so good. I broke up with my first love a month ago, I still miss him but I now have the hope of all the good things that could come in my life

yanbai 08

3 years wasted

Max Lomas

My girlfriend just dumped me for her ex

madison lodrigue

recently i got out a 10 month relationship and the guy was older by 4 years and he didnt give me attention that i needed but i gave it to him, he left me a couple of times for a girl he also cheated on me but other than that i feel like he was my first love. he would say i love you and stuff and we would talk everyday and i really loved him. our relationship wasnt perfect but he rlly made me happy whenever we werent arguing and when things were just nice. I miss him and he recently got a new gf and it rlly hurts. What should i do? ik its kinda dumb to go to youtube comments but i rlly need help

First Love Music - Break Up

First Love Music - Break Up20 Aug. 2019
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Lizbeth Legacy

I love you Pastor Aida

Daniel Atule

Awesome! God bless you Aida

dear first love.. || spoken word

dear first love.. || spoken word11 Jan. 2019
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Skye LoveSubscribe 438 721

this is what heartbreak

this is what heartbreak sounds like.

i don't own this music or the song.

just my poem and voice.

link here:

thank you for all of your love, support. and time.

you all mean the world to me.

Comments (100)
Cindy Goldman

There has never been anyone else it was just you my only love

King Bob

I think that I'm ready to tell you what I need to say.
You know I use to think that we were meant to be this way.
Although your aren't mine and I have no right to love you anymore..
I can't stop wishing that you'd walk back in my door.
I think about the word you said to me, y'know you said we are going to last.. but when I used it against you?
You said "the past is in the past"
I never thought that would have to be a day that I have to somehow let you go
I mean I guess I did but..
I really didn't wanna know.. I still think it's unfair. How he gets to have your love but I've been the one who is always there. I wish sometimes, you'd listen to me. But I guess I finally have to listen to what everyone else because I realized you are never going to see. You won't see who's been here all along..
Sure, I hurt badly but I've done nothing but attempted to right my wrongs. I wish you were still here.. But.. You aren't. And that was my biggest fear. I wish I never had to face it. But I knew at some point you were going to look at the dry erase board that sketched all of our memories and erase it. You told me for ever. But I wish I knew it was set up. I guess I should have known because when it comes to bullet of love I never learn how to duck. You said all she does is cause you to hurt. I remember laughing to myself about it and thinking. "why did she let him push her in the dirt?"
And when it came to your problem, I was so devoted trying to solve them. But you never asked why I was hiding mine...and you never told me I was wasting my time. Look, I just want you to see that I understand if you're happy without me. But I wish you understand how much pain it is to watch some else you love..someone I'll probably never get over you because the thought of having to give my all to someone that isn't you is too much pain to have to bare I just hope you know how much I care.. Dear first love, I apologise but I wish you'd have just opened your eyes.. I'll always love you..but for now..goodbye


Anyone ever get the feeling when your around your ex and you see them with another girl having a good time, you get jealous???

Just me? Okay that's what I thought:(

yab two

My story was began I will tell you in short 5 year ago I like someone and i tell him but he didn't say anything I ask him 3 times to know how he feel.about but he did not answer me but at that time someone like me and when he ask me I say I like someone i still waiting for his answer. But after 1 years he answer my question but it is hurt when he say... ohh I can't forget forever my heart is broken. Did you know guys that boy who ask me he have now gf . Na... i know still love you but I wash for you to be happy and live will with out me na...

Who Am i

Do you have any poetry on. Oh my failures

Laurie Plays roblox

Why... I fell for u. And u played me faked your love . And left. I was broken . Then I was asked for n**des by my next love. And that hurt and made me uncomfortable. Then my next love He treated me well ... until I found out he was an ass hole and got my next love to go on his side and they both cheated . And I broke the dude heart Cuz like God dam don't leave me on read for three days like ik you were in a bad place and I'm sorry ok forgive me and I'll forgive u. Next love dam.. used me ight hurt me. Next one I love u so much but I miss u and my mom took my mom phone and deleted everything. . Next one your so nice and love me ♡♡

Maddy N

Here's our story. When I was in 5th grade he came and visited my school, he sat next to me and I had to be his math partner for the day. I never thought or knew what he was going to be to me because at that point he meant absolutely nothing. I didn't even know him yet, then he came to school when I started 6th grade. We never even talked that year he was nothing, it's almost as if he didn't exist or her wasn't there. In 7th grade I fell for him, and it was real it wasn't for the way he looked or his personality, it was the things he said, and the way we would just laugh and have conversations together. I had a dream about him, one that I'll never forget because it changed everything. I didn't see him for 6 months because of quarantine. I don't know what I thought, I thought that it was possibly over because of how much time it had been, but I was wrong. That was just the beginning of our story. Over the past few months we've gotten closer and closer, but in October I realized that I loved him. Now we're dating, and my biggest fear is losing him, before him I didn't know what my life was or who I wanted to be. Maybe I'm crazy for loving him, but I'm just waiting for the day where I get the feeling that he loves me back.

Jayda Jimenez

i know he is happy without me but i still love him with the pieces of my heart

destiny williford

It’s been two years since my first love n my heart still aches to have him hold me.

Sneha Saha

I never thought that one day I'd be able to let him go.There was a time when I was scared of losing him.Whenever I thought I'd lose him,tears rolled down my eyes .
Finally I let him go not for my happiness but for his happiness. You can't force anyone to love you.I wish him the best!

Maria Scott

(here is my story)
i was only 7 years old when i met him and knew i was going to marry this boy, we spent every day together we said nothing will ever pull use apart this man made me smile every single day he knew how bad my family was at home so he told to always show up to school to know that i'm okay but then one day 4th grade came along and he said he had to move he never even said goodbye he just left he left a hole in my heart and i tried to find someone like him but i never did. 8th grade year he add me i sent him this and know we talk every day , thank you for this video.

sisira harischandra

gosh that made me cryyyy

Lorraine Sotello

Say directly in a text not publicly 4457573

Maine Caleon

I have loved him for fucking 5 years... I was been dreaming, praying for him, thinking. But i am afraid that he might not want to because he is not at the same level for me and now he is happy with the feelings of others. But I learned something...that when you love someone do not be afraid of the consequences of what will I was scared because i thought he could not love me because according to you made a mistake i listened to those people around me and I did not follow my soon as he had a woman he love the most I just realized how stupid I am...that I love that man so much :( so to those people’s who are loved or inlove...tell them as long as there is hope:) owww by the way he my first love:)

sad potato

There's something about first love that no one can replace. Its genuine. It has no blueprints. Its a full of magic kind of thing. But when u think about it, we dont call them first love if they're our last.. And the thought of her not being my last is breaking me even up to these days.
Where did things go wrong, who's fault it is . Maybe hers, maybe mine.. Probably. All i know is that im still in love with her and she's beautiful.

Lucia Stumreiter


Lucia Stumreiter

You are a freak of nature

Unknown Pretty Girl

i hope your happy now.

Cha Lin

Stop ok? Is not fucking un fair. Your the problem, learn to be open to your partner and be honest simple.

Brie Akili

I swear I love your videos.... The emotions are truly beautiful

Senu welitota

love doesn't hurt. loving the wrong person does :(

Riley Walker

Dear first love
I will forever love you no matter who else I love you always top them you always hold first place in my heart Bc I gave you all I had I didn’t just love you with my heart but my soul as well ig that’s why it hurt so damn bad but even after five years I love you just like the day I met you and can’t forget the memories we made it’s almost like the more the years go by the clearer they are to me I still remember your smile your voice your touch your presence your smell Bc everything ab you was perfect but life being life nothing last forever ?

Babyyy _Jaiii

I never had him but i still feel like this about him


To my first love, I’m sorry that I hurt you and I hope your child is okay. I’m sorry that you had a child so young, but also you hurt me but I forgave for that.

Joseph Raphel



Here s my story...
At 10 I met this boy, and quickly fell in love with him. I was sooo young and everything seemed so perfect that sometimes I feel like he wasn’t my first love. And especially when I met THAT person at 14, omg I remember being so confused about how I felt. I have been so heartbroken before that I wouldn’t believe I was in love for the second time in such a short span of time. With this one, we didn’t even date but it felt like it for 2 years, we were so shy haha. We talked all day long, always trying to see each other. A simple evening without talking seemed impossible ahah. 
But one day we just got into such a big argument, we stopped talking or just looking at each other for months. But I remember falling even more deeply in love with him because of how I missed him. I wouldn’t stop coming back to him but he was always rejecting me. For a long time I didn’t understand why, but well He was actually already in love with me and I apparently hurt him by not knowing my feelings yet.. 
So when one day he accepted to talk to me again I gave him my whole person and god knows how he played with me. I forgave him fr but I felt so broken when I realized what he was doing and how he was close to his ex at the same time. I remember having to force myself to confront him and the way he denied it all.
And it was at this moment when I felt that pain of a broken heart again that I finally remembered that I’ve been through it before, that even tho I was only 10 I already loved And lost someone.
What’s weird is that I loved the second boy so much more than the first One that I almost consider him as my first love. I’m sure he is the one I will remember in a few years and tell my kids about, the one before their father and all that cheesy stuff lol, 
Also I haven’t talked to him for 2 years after this but this year he broke up for a few months with his same ex ( yes it was hard at first to see them together and yes she hates me so much and she is the one who was mean to me Even tho I helped them to get together because I wanted the best for him wtf but nevermindd), and he told me that we could at least say hello to each other so I agreed. And last month at my birthday I basically told him that I’ve loved him and that I was finally over him since a year now.
The whole conversation was so alike to how we used To talk before and I apologized for hurting him since I wasn’t aware about it for a long time. I learned that he dated a girl to forget me and their song was the one he used to cry on about me... I just felt like I had to tell him how he was once My whole world but even if we never really declared it I think he already knew anyhow.

Kendall Blevins

I would show my dad this rn but I can't because he left me for drugs

Gaby Early

No why does it have to be goodbye.???????????

Rylie Aspen

Dear first love,
You made me feel perfect. Cared for. Loved. Like I was the only one who made you happy. I was happy with you. I was so content being yours. And then you grew up. You left to continue your life. To be who you where meant to be and both of us didn’t know what that person would be. But that person wasn’t the boy I met. Wasn’t the one who made me laugh till I couldn’t breathe. Or where id look at you and only think “wow I love this man” you changed you grew and I was me. Younge. So afraid to lose you I held on. I tried to know the new you. But trust was the biggest thing we where missing. And now all I miss is you.

I hope your happy:)
You deserve the world

Mia Art


Gonzalo Muller

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....This is the same exact thing that is happening to me right now....

JoshPlaysRoblox 1



When you love him and he doesn’t love u back this. ??

marian galang

I love the fact that u used this audio.i love billie eilish song.

Sarah Franzen

Dear first love, it’s been 6 almost 7 years that you broke up with me. After that you changed completely. It took you 3 years to talk to me again and it took one more for you to be able to look into my eyes. To this day you can not be around me when you’re sober.
When drunk you told me ones that it was never a real relationship, that we were to young, that our feelings were not real. But every time we see each other you have trouble even saying „hello“. I remember that one party we both were invited to. You came with your new girlfriend. At first, you were friendly and we talked and had fun. After a while, I started to talk with your girl and from that moment on you constantly came and kissed her, of course in front of me. With every drop of alcohol you consumed more you became clingy to me. You were so drunk that you came and said goodbye 5 or 6 times. Every time you hugged me. Every hug you gave me were longer and “stronger” than the one before. I think about that night often because it left me confused. However, the next time we saw each other you and your girlfriend were history again. You were aggressive and I believe high on some kind of substance.
Although you totally went rough after our break-up I still have deep feelings for you. You really changed a lot and I would not want to be with you, not with the habits you have today. But I truly believe that the boy I deeply fell in love with when we were jung, is still inside of you. And maybe one day we find our way back together.
I believe that there are still some kind of feelings for me inside of you.
You are the first love of my life. you will always be in my heart and I will always love you.

Hocine Latreche

After 3 years, she said " we should stop here", i didn't say anything i was shocked and i am still until this moment , she left and i am still waiting her.


Dear first love, i miss you im sorry i broke your heart but i didnt mean it i wish u understand ? i wish that u even give me a chance to tell u i didnt mean it i just dont wanna leave u sad for the rest of ur life, i love you i miss you im sorry...

Ryner Lute

you did nothing wrong

Desi Viners

I miss her ?

Ashish Dipai

my first love I always love him but he don,t love me ?? then one day he wants me back then I say when I was loving you then you don,t love me now goodbye ? now I,m happy without him☺


the music is very high


turn down the music please

Gabby Rene Perez

Sad but true my first love Phillip Michael Trujillo

Saskia Books

Dear first love ....... you broke my heart.

Harry Athow

I have not seen my 1st love since we left Lower school or middle school one of them I don’t remember which one her name was Katie we met at nursery the very fast at nursery we fall in love then we did everything together then at lower school I made sure I was in the same class as her which I was

Sugawara Kōshi

Dear first love....
I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that I "hurt"you. I hope you can really forgive me. I hope that you will find someone better than me. I hope you have a good life without me because no matter how much you say you hate me and we aren't together anymore..I still care and love you. But yet you realize how badly you treated me but yet I still decided to stay just to make you happy. But I truly am sorry... Goodbye...forever I guess.

Fatima Barde

Damn I'm just crying cause I know how it hurts

Nausi B

Im sorry for my complecated confusion I've been for so long????
Happy Sabbath to you beloved children?

Jolina Almare

Dear First love,

Thank you for coming tomy life even with a short time, thank you for all the happiness, pure love,how you really care for me and how you really respect me . Most of all thank you for breaking my heart badly over your death that I wanted to die as well that time so , that I can be with you and we can be together.That was 10 years ago but I can still remember those tears and sleepless nights, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason that God allowed it for me to become more stronger coz God knows how weak I am, how emotional I am . I know you are happy now , I know you are beyond happy in God's kingdom now ,love.♡

Thank you for the love and guidance . You'll always be in my heart , love.

Hank M

I am hurting so bad right now it is unbearable, I have NO ONE TO COUNT ON NOW, I am in so much pain I can’t take it, why does life have to hit you like this and hurt you this bad??


I'm so excited my broken Marriage has been restored. My ex husband is back after he left me and our 2kids for another woman. I was so happy to meet Dr. OKu how he helps many people to bring their Lover back so i contact him to help me too. husbandThat was how Dr. Oku helped me to bring my  back.. A big thank you to Dr. Oku because I never thought my ex Husband will be back to me so quickly with your spell. You are the best and world greatest. If you are here and you need your Ex Lover back or your husband moved to another woman, do not cry anymore, contact this powerful spell caster now. Here’s his contact:Email him at: [email protected] You can also Call/WhatsApp:+2348163425519

Mahmuda Ria

My dear first love,
You left me 3 days ago but now realize that you have left me before that.
I don't know what is my fault, what was my fault, I just don't know.
I have so many questions to ask. But I know if I even get all the answers now you won't be mine again, never.

You know every time, every moment I always think about you. I just want to known, "Are you OK without me?" I know you are OK.

Today I have called just to hear your voice and I you will be so happy . But when you receive my phone and asked Who?? I cannot explain what was going through inside me. I wish I could show you.

I know you don't love me anymore, actually now I have realized that you have never loved me. It's okk.

I loved you,I love you and I will always love you. Bcz I have never betrayed you and I will never.

But now I will never waiting for you. If you are fine without me, Alhamdulillah..I will wish for you. Always

I will never wait for you.............

Jordan Kahele

Just do me a favor (if this goes south for any reason idk) don't apologize for thinking that you failed at something. It's not you're fault, at all, you were just doing what you thought was right for you so thank you for sending me this young lady.

Sharilynne Crocker

The key word is time, and time does heal all. Forever begins "here"



Vimala Mala

Very correct you only fast love I don't know because I stay very far from you that why you only fast correct your lawer you think I don't know anything else about you

kali rodriguez alayon


Lord Dreadful

Dear first love...

We meet online... Call it stupid if you wanna, but it was real love..
He was kind.. Funny, charmy..
He was everything i was looking for..
We talked every day on that game.. One Day, I decide to give my phone number to him
It was a big mistake but the best mistake of my life..
My parents hated him, they wouldn't let me talk to him..
But i still found ways..
He was my first love
We were together.. 6 months before i found out you had cheated all The time..
I was broken, i fell on the ground and broke down..
It took a Day, before i felt i could text you again..
I didn't shout at him
I didn't say mean stuff
I didn't cry on him
I just said
"I want you happy, and if that is with her, then its fine"
He said i was special for him.. And I asked him to choose, one last time..
And he took her
We were best friends after that..
He was together with The other girl for awhile.. And then he found out she cheated..
He told me he should have listen to his heart and choose me, not on everyone else..
We are fading away from each other...
Now in 2020 28 oct..
I still love him, But not that way
He made me see everything happens for a reason, He Will always have a special place in my heart, Just not my whole heart..

If you see this Tobias..
I miss you ❤️

Cindy Goldman

I need my clown i will always love you if I have to I will come begging and pleading on my knees at your door in a clown suit showing how much I love you

Token Marshal

XXXXXXX TRIGGER WARNING Talk of rape, abuse, anxiety, very brief talk of religion topics, addiction.


There was Loud knocking at midnight from the back door.
I’m startled, and feel the wave of anxiety begin to course through my veins, and feel my bloody heart pounding in my ear drums.

Who could it be?

Lucifer himself? Or perhaps God is coming to emotionally grasp onto me, with his bare, and mighty, and powerful hands, and remind me of all my sins, one by one, like he’s reading off a long list, tearing me apart.

Who could it be?

My abusers and rapists coming to use me again, like a dog? Is he coming to throw me out into the snow for hours again, while he and my unstable mother fight and beat on each other, as I hear their loud screams. They echo in my mind till this very day.

Who could it be?

The man who tried to punish me for breaking the cookie jar? He took it too far, and drew out a sharp knife. I could see it shine, with fear and pain in my eyes, in this tiny body of mine.

I was a child. Why did this happen?

Who could it be?

My father rushing from jail after we just got to the point where we formed an amazing father-daughter relationship? He was trying his best not to be the drunk and drug addicted he once was in the past.

Who could it be?

….well, I wouldn’t know.

….I didn’t answer the door.

….I’m sorry that you are all worthless.

….I’m sorry you thought YOU were worthless, father.

.... I love you, father. I love myself.

mel Any

Dear first love, thank you but im sorry we grew apart. I really dread it up to today. I thought you were perfect but i guess its time to move on and pretend noting rlly happens. Its hard to say but we never rlly said goodbye.

Ayushi Mahajan

i wish i would have acted mature and dont think you were joking around when you say you love me i was so stupid that i just let you go knowing you care about me the most i just wana say sorry and i just hope you met a person who cares about you not like me who cant even differentiate btw pranking and actually confessing your fellings i was so scared that what if you were joking around how could i handle myself cause i've loved you always i dont know where you are what are you doing but i just hope nd pray all the happiness for you and for me i've always pray that plz god give me a chance to confess my fellings to someone whom i've loved my whole life i dont know whether you gonna see this comment or not i just wanna say i love you tush forever

Tâlhã Xâttí

Baby???????I fkn love u so much I even talked to my parents I did everything and accepted ur all terms and conditions but still m alone babe for God sake trust me m crying so badly right now I really love don't give up on me like this pl m really scared it's hurting alot babe. Was I this easy was I this rubbish to throw this easily babe wish I could show u my heart and feelings pl come back please????????

Mixed_ emotions


Timiya Mattson

I want him back hes all I wanted and still all I want

shakuntala devi

How can I make these voice mail because I want to tell someone but I'm scared even though I'm dying soon.

Myra ladybug Garza

2021 and still listening ?

spritual indian butterfly

who a r u,

Julia Fides

Ok well that hit VERY close to home and I'm gonna hide in my blankets and cry for a few days..

coVerUp YourFeaRs

You know what's the saddest part. It is when your first love never even knew that you existed.

Sally Anderson

I don't think I have ever been in love. I've had a few crushes but in the end I figured out that I really didn't love them. But for some reason this poem made me feel really emotional. Maybe it's because I wanted to know what it's like to truly be in love.

Randy Orton

I hope he is happy without her ?

Dedep 69

i miss you

Liam A Luhang

Dear first love❤️
It's been 4 years but I couldn't stop thinking about you since then.
Even though it's your fault,I'm here to accept you back in my life and ever since we broke,I'm left here all alone thinking only about you.The only memories I have of you is in my mind and m afraid that it will fade away after sometime,where I'll be more lonely again.
But I Hope that one day will be our day of happiness ?

Xxxx Yyy

So, everybody is sharing their story , here is mine ;
It was our first day at elementary school (5th grade) and I had to go to our teacher's room, I went in and saw a new girl and a boy(in my country there are a lot of people who change school's when entering 5th grade) the girl and I met while we waited the teacher, she told me she was friends with this other girl in my class , they knew each other from gymnastics courses, and I also knew her too, since we were in the same class .So,she and I became friends and one day she told me to come with her to her class and I said fine, I want to see some new people anyway. We entered the class and I saw this boy, chatting with his friend who sat next to him . He was standing and I saw his beautiful blonde hair and freckles , the girl introduced me to him and his friend , she told me that the three of them and another girl were hanging out together. Well, as you know at that ages girls and boys were not really making good friends (girls hitting puberty etc.) so I was suprised. Anyway, some time passed, my best friend (not the girl who introduced me to him ) told me that she had a crush on the blonde boy ,much like every other girl in the school. And I told her that I had a crush on the other guy (the guy who was his best friend) while I actually only had eyes for him. But I needed to feel as if I had an invisible protection against his charms, and that I was not like other girls.For the record, I definetly was not like the girls he hanged out with by the means of looks , both girls were pretty as hell , and to be honest I really was not , I still am not.Anyways this fake crush stuff went on for a year, I managed to trick everyone including my bestie and then one day , thee other girl in their friendship group and I were gossiping about stuff, I accidently told her about my crush ,she was known for her open tongue, she could not keep secrets . A day later she told him and my friend from their class told me that he learned , it was a disaster, I literally learned it in the school coridor in front of everyone , I ran to the toilet and cried , flash forward a year later, he was in my class... We were actually put in the same class , it was just so much for me to handle , anyways guys thanks for reading I cant write any longer , if it gets likes I will write p2.


It’s Isent love that hurts you, it’s the person who dosent know how to love hurts you.....

Lucia Stumreiter

Hopefully your wife wl not mind when you trade her in. Poor
Woman living with bossy you must be a case oh hemorrhoids.

Aida Haron

2:05 ? but yet he still chose her

kaykay lay

i did this on my ex he didn't care


I apologize for the endless pain that I put you thru, I'm sorry that I broke you by being so self centered...I wish I could go back in time to the days were I was doing wrong and change my ways, but I know that I can't. It's been 4 years, and i still and always will love you, but you're with her, and you've been with her since 2017...I'm happy that you found the one, you deserve to be happy and you deserve to smile. I wish I didn't mess up, I wish I never lost your trust...I was so caught up in other people, that I forgot I even had someone, that loved me truly and I took that for granted. I no longer have photos of us, but I wish I had just one to reminisce on good times. I miss you and I hope you're doing well...

Raymond Lopez

I'll accept your apology when you internally fix and heal my entire body , then I'll accept your apology and next you must bring me into salvation so that life can be hunky dorey

Sonam Ongchu Lepcha

Yeah! Its really pains when somebody badly hurts to someone .

Donna Oconnell

Valentine 4 years

vinetta Smith

listened to this when me and an ex broke up and 2 yrs later we got back into contact again and we both never moved on and now we are actually back together :)

Suharabi Subair

Iam willing to say so sorry to a lot of my friends and releatives
I dont know where to start first ......

Elona Velca

I am not begging you to stay...
I love you, but I prefer to stay only with those who love me in the way I do unconditionally!!! And this one can't be you, because you put me conditions from the start as to keep your identity hides, when your mouth was wider than an ocean..., and split the tea wherever it offers...


Am I the only one who falls for a guy who always falls for girls who aren’t right for them... or who mistreats them, has a bf, doesn’t like them back, or has a crush who doesn’t like them? And you wonder why they don’t go for you because you’re the right one. They just can’t see it. They don’t want you like you want them, they don’t see the way you see them, they don’t see themselves the way you see them, but your scared that one day you’ll wake up figure out that you don’t like them anymore see them smile and fall for them all over again?

Because same...

Cecilia Hartney

"You told me forever, but I wish I knew it was a set up."

xo.o poom

You aren't mine and i have no right to love you anymore"

Damn my first love was never mine hzhhxjxj :- I'm in tears

huxley scott

was he the one for you


Dear, my first love

You were something so special to me and i thought we had this connection that was unbreakable but you obviously proved me wrong since it was just so easy for you to let me go,just as if we were strangers.We haven’t talked it months,actually let me correct that,you let with no explanation and tore me is to pieces,but yet i would still choose you over any other guy.Talking to you made me feel at peace,like i was home,but out of absolutely fucking nowhere that home you built me burned into ash,i lost you.Your voice and laugh haunts me.I know you’re happy and have a new lover that makes your smile brighter than the sun and i’m glad to see you happy i’m just upset it wasn’t with me,as selfish as it sounds that is what i have to say.

Cindy Goldman

Caleb its cindy ive tried to call and text you and you ignored me I love you im still here I know I walked away from you after highschool I needed time to heal and to find myself im wright here all you have to do is call me back at 2085218957 or text me

DynamicAKislovebyJESUS DynamicAKislovebyJESUS

Wow beautiful

Chenkes joy Obasi

It hurts so bad to love someone and the person let go off you and love someone else?????????????

Gracie Gillard

Hi. I don’t know why I’m writing this nor why your reading this. But I hope for someone, it could even be you it means something
It all started off as a nice guy, who ended up having feelings with me. I pushed him away because I had walls, but it seemed as if he had just kept on trying. I’d never known of this before, what it was like, so I guess it was that fear. But I let my guard down, because he had kept on trying and trying so hard and it’s so rare to find someone like that. At the most painful moment I expressed it to him, I really thought he cared then. And then what do you know? He likes someone else and now I’m the one who can’t let go. Now it’s my turn to keep trying and trying and I thought I had finally won for the best second of my life. But no. I may have won, but I kept trying and trying until I found out I hadn’t. I had lost because we may have been together, but I was just the back up. It took a while but I just couldn’t take it anymore, I snapped, but only in a calm manner. But that wasn’t what it was for him. I was becoming the monster not only to him, but everyone else was convinced too. Up until now, I still have a tiny glint of hope I need to let go of, that when my phone buzzes it could be him. When I’m looking away he’s gazing at me, or that I ever meant something to him in the first place.

Lorraine Sotello

There is no one else yet! I wont stay single forever but im not a machine w an on/off switch ! Say what you gotta say directly while this is still a good number and this you tube acct is still accessed by me ! No one to blame SHIT HAPPENS! 4457573

Cindy Goldman

I still wear your necklace

Ariana Brandon


sarahvicky sarahvicky

Nothing to regret