Girl calls me dude

Dude Caught His Girl Cheating On Him After He Went Through Her Phone While She Was In The Shower!

Dude Caught His Girl Cheating On Him After He Went Through Her Phone While She Was In The Shower!7 Jan. 2021
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Jarquez Bulloch

Dang that's funny right there

Manuel J

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Lady Kay

She definitely hiding something in that phone ??


Lol yea if she hop out covered in soap you know she done soemthing bad lol


She was desperate to get her phone back-

Totino Boy

By her being desperate she super guilty

Jennifer Bryant


Calagabrown Calagabrown

I got 2 phones one 4 the plug and 1 for the hoes?

Nyiah Terry

She don't look innocent doing that shit?

Goat Don

But let women tell it they better at cheating so they say.


She should of had a screelock on it.

Piss Kelly

Brooooo ?????????

Jalen Cash



hows she got shorts on but her tiddys all soaped up

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls a Guy "Bro"?

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls a Guy "Bro"?16 Jun. 2015
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If your crush calls you

If your crush calls you bro, is she just being nice or does she like you as more than a friend? Calling a guy "bro", "dude", "pal", "buddy" or "brother" are just one of the many things girls do to disarm guys who might like them. Here's what you could do to get her to stop calling you that. Has a girl ever called you bro or dude or pal before? Leave a comment below!

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Comments (100)
Obum Ijere

a lil bit?


I accidentally “bruh/bro” to a kid i like ?

And they seemed so sad

kunal saiyan

Just get out of the life of that nincompoop

red valkyrie

lmao im a straight female im just here to find out what's with y'all

K Gaming

Bro my crush called bro now what to do

Ricky Alexander

i got into bro zone :(

Fergie Magician

She said it today?????????? i hated it stupid girl

Harsh Chovatiya E-83

@TheJoshSpeaks help me please

Arjun Dev

I propose a girl today she told me that I m like his brother

LoneWolf Media

Can i get an F in chat

Kindly Help Me To Reach 100 Subscribers

Girl:- Hi!Bro.
Me:- Hey, dont blame my father.He doesn't touched your mom.
Girl:- Sorry!


I was going out with a girl like for 3 months and she always called me bro lmao

Tajay Allen

Fr man facts

Joseph plays

This fool love and piece


I saw comments about this particular ERNST_CALVIN_ on Ig
or whats-app +1 (424) 281- 4814 or visit here
A guy they talked about how good he is and all so I decided to contact him he responded back immediately he asked me what service I want and explained the process/differences I went for the full access option and I can say that I am very impressed with what I am seeing it feels like I actually have my partners phone in my hand because I can see everything happening on her phone without her knowing ...


she only calls me bro to mock me for saying it so much to my friends and does a low voice when she says it, maybe im just coping though ?

Akula Keerthi


تفاحة ادم

Hey guys you know what.. I think she pretend to show you like hey i don't push my self on you and not to think that she likes you and hit on you she won't to expose her feelings about you so this is a girls stuff do you agree guys

alice 앨리스

boys help me! my friend who used to be my crush for like 5 years was being flirty and always looks out for me. But one day he said he’s not going to date me cause I’m abroad right now and we haven’t seen each other for 10 years so he thinks I don’t know him at all. After hearing his words, I thought we were all cool as just friends but even after the argument he still looks out for me. Then, when I called him bro he got upset and mad and refused to text me back. Do you guys see the problem here? I only called him bro cause I thought he friend-zoned me in the first place!

Harsh Chovatiya E-83

Yeah she say's me bro many time's The Josh Speaks

Alhusine Diallo

I loved a girl so much but she always don't wants to listen to me and she often referring me as a brother to her, so this is making me to feel really bad !!!

Imad Art and Gaming

Well i did Know this girl Just a few days ago ... she text me a lot ... She laugh at my stupid jockes ... She keeps conversation going ... she even open up to me about how her father diesv..but She keeps saying brother i really enjoy talking to you brother .. goodnight brother ? .. ect .. what does this means ...i never show her that i Like her and we just Knew each Others for like 4 days is normal for a girl to call you bro on this situation .. Sorry for my english

Mishen Thakshana

She sometimes use the word bro rarely but not all the time we chat what means this?

Justin Robinson

I get called Pal usually at the end of planning an event or something..It's weird because she invites herself into my life.

Maakamso Tayang

Yes, I got called both 'bro and dude' by her. Very painful words?


What about bruhhh?


I flirt and say 'bro' or 'dude' at the same time to make it funnier tho?‍♀️

Arch man

My sis calls me bro ?oh nooo?

Katheryn Arriaga

;-; I say "bro" or "dude"a everyone. Include my crush :(

Isabella Pipitone

This is so fucking sexist

sagar khadka

He sounds like expert.

Snowyy Prodigy

She called me "homie" ???

Althea Kristina

I just said brother to my crush I taught it would show respect

Rishab Patil

She calls you bro
But you live in Alabama
*Big brain*
She said "you are a good friend"



izzy martino

Yeah I just talk to everyone like that it's not that deep luv ???

kpopgangstaJamswag Nojams

She call you bro.. she friendzone you

تفاحة ادم

I feel that she likes me she always starts texting me when i try to ignore her but in the other when i talk to her normally with no hints she calls me bro ?

Robin Roy

During a recent conversations with my crush she used bro... ???? Why?

Vijay Krishna

She is my best friend from 1 and half year, while funny chat in what's app, she sent a sticker "brother"(that is movie dialogue), she waiting for my reply. 5 mins, she replied what your typing.
I said I am not your brother, just friend.
Immediately she says "what's wrong"
Again says immediately "OK we are friends" with laughing emoji and doing fun with me. What's it is meaning?

InvisibleGuy117 x

What if we were like talking about Spotify premium and then I said I pay for it 13 a month by myself when she has the family plan... then she reaponded with 'brooo'

Kitan Kate

:( i say bro because the lads do and its stuck in my head, cant help it

Sergiu Brendon

“If she calles you bro she a hoe
Keep your head up king”


Bruh, after depression my social skills went so low even .... I can't even make a joke.


Bro = friend zone

lolmijnmoeder Weet ik veel



She calls everyone bro and dude so I think I’m in the cool

Silver Screen

I really live this girl, but for 6 years or more, I've always been like a beother to her. I tried moving on, but just couldn't hit it off with someone else.

I fear if I tell her my true feelings, she's not only gonna reject me, but break off contact alltogether, and that's a thought even more unbearable than her not loving me back.

Billy Bob


Alexander Cole

yes it happed last night and my cruh said dude follow mt tiktok and i did what does that mean becuse i think she has feelings i thinking about making a move


I know this comment has been made before, but let us have a moment of silence for our fallen brothers in the friend zone.

Skylar Bradosky

She called me brotha


I saw comments about this particular ERNST_CALVIN_ on Ig
or whats-app +1 (424) 281- 4814 or visit here
A guy they talked about how good he is and all so I decided to contact him he responded back immediately he asked me what service I want and explained the process/differences I went for the full access option and I can say that I am very impressed with what I am seeing it feels like I actually have my partners phone in my hand because I can see everything happening on her phone without her knowing ...

Joanna Ng

Hahhahaha im here because I just called the guy I’m seeing “bud”.... tbh if that’s just part of her regular speech probs don’t read into it... the guy I’m seeing knows I like him and I know he likes me, he’s called me bro and I’ve done likewise and we are going great! So I’m just really saying this as a disclaimer that not all girls do it as a friend zoning thing, a lot of them do.. but there’s also girls who have those words as part of her everyday vocab.

Malena R

Actually I called my now husband bro and we are happily married!

Septiana MS

Yesterday i called my friend bro. The he got angry and he deleted my number and probably blocked mr because i couldn't contact him again. I was joking at that time. I never thought he would be so angry. I even didn't know why he got angry. He never said he liked me. He even rarely sent me texts. What should i do? What does his reaction mean?

Rashaad bros

my crush called me bro
I started calling her sis
thug life xD

info team

Just now a girl called bro to me
IAM really dissatisfied ?

Myk technique471

Any way Thankyou bro ??

Alexander Fam

She called me a boomer as a joke i believe ?

max morrison

She called me step bro ??????

UN Tifoso Romanista 63 Torlonia

She just said it one now?

Vijetha Kharvi

Crush: said me today bro???

Arch man

I got all the girl on my finger tips no bro here?


i call my crush "dooood" sometime :/ so does the mean i effed up

HagiMa Ru

M a universal Broman......
Lika suppahero

But deep inside it kills me


I have a good friend and she said I was like a brother to her and I liked her

Nomfundiso Mbali

Bro I am surrounded by allot of ladies at varsity, but all they want from is Ethier my assignment answers or tutor them?... Made my peace to fly solo now on?

Ignacio Hernandez

I've been called bro dude bruh ??

Kristen K

I call my husband dude or man and he hates it, but I'm not actually calling him that, I'm just saying the words.

ToTy Stark

that hurt :/ fuck i didn't like it

Ritvik Garg

But it's difficult to tell her to not call me bro you see

Crystal Ivy

I call my crush bro so he wouldnt find out i like him because im a pussy and i aint ready to come clean

Kaylah B.

? I can't speak for other females, but I intentionally use those terms to make it abundantly clear that all we are - all we'll ever - be is friends: a.k.a "homies". However, "bro" is naturally apart of my vocabulary. I even call females 'bro' too (even those in my family).

Siyabonga Richard

I'm new here so mu crush call mi bro but it was her first time say it but i don't know if she will continue or not...


So she said your like a brother to me what do I do


Being called bro to someone of the same age is weird to me, even though she is not my crush.

But it bother me, but let me forget this feeling

Ritvik Garg

It worked bro . You're a genious??


I came here because I was genuinely confused as to why guys don't like it when girls call them "bro" or "dude" because I do it all the time even to the guys I had a crush on is that such a bad thing lol

Gt Fo

Well Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you just wanted to hook up then she probably wasn’t right for you anyways lol

Warfare Gaming

“Its too late bro” rip

Tyler Glynn

Step bro

Stoianツ Sorin

1 minute into the video and I'm already punching the air

Brett Stefanishin

I personally find it disrespectful when a woman calls me "bro"

Liz thelonelychild

Am I the only one who is a girl and got curious ?

Edit: I realised this video was made 5 years ago ?

Sathish Kumar

Hi Josh, we both interested to marry each other, Suddenly she called me brother and avoiding me. Let me know the reason


Shit I called too many of my crushes bro on accident. It doesnt mean I think of you as a brother, I just have a habit of saying bro


I say bro or dude, why? Because I just like to use those words

Bedizzle Yt

Fuck i hate life

Shubham Singh

A girl said me brother and she said the brother and frnds are same thing for her , but I don't know why

Lil Bae

I call him bro(my friend) , so he was mad at me, he was upset?,now we called each others" dude"??


Nice to hear from you

Sun Rose

Meh for me I'm not the type to love ew

Sorry but I don't actually like love I call my friends by their name and sometimes dude you know it's fun ???

Soumyashree Biswal

4 years man. I give up. Phew, I've gotten used to being friend-zoned every single time.

obi wan kenobi

Honestly I just know a girl and I thought I should check up on her and the first thing she says is hey bro (etc etc) like idk I just don't like being called "bro" and I don't even like her

David Apodaca

This guy has adnormally large teeth. Wierd ass shaped head too hahaha

I know Iam Savage Bruhhh

I got my school's crush number and she say I love you but as a brother I was literally crying ?

Lil Bae

But i called my ?(bro)


If you tell her to stop calling you bro. She’ll think your just a bitch. Or atleast that’s what the girls I’m talking to will think lol


3 minutes before watching this video, she called me "dude"

Calling My Crush "DUDE" for 24 Hours Challenge **ANGRY REACTION** ? | Sawyer Sharbino

Calling My Crush "DUDE" for 24 Hours Challenge **ANGRY REACTION** ? | Sawyer Sharbino23 Dec. 2020
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Hi guys it ya boy Sawyer

Hi guys it ya boy Sawyer Sharbino (one of Piper Rockelle’s best friends) bringing you calling my crush "dude" for 24 hours challenge, angry reaction. In todays prank on my crush Emily Dobson, i spent the entire 24 hours calling her "dude" instead of my crush, babe, booboo, or even her own name Emily. My crush Emily had an angry reaction to this prank so stay tuned. Not only this but at some times i treated her just like one of the boys for a whole 24 hours too. As you guys know i love pranks and the 24 hour challenge, with my crush so comment more ideas for videos that we can do! Stay tuned to see how all of this happened, and where we decide to go from here. If you enjoy this video make sure you LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE!

#crush #challenge #react



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