Girl feet and toes

Sexy very beautiful and good looking women simple foot and beautiful toe nail 2020

Sexy very beautiful and good looking women simple foot and beautiful toe nail 202011 Oct. 2020
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in this video, we will

in this video, we will show you the latest trendy women's Feet Jewelry, footwear, feet outfits, female feet & more. Find out the perfect feet outfit for you. Stay up to date with news and information and make sure you are kept up to date with new publishing.

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Beautiful feet outfit ideas for women, the video is created on the bases of net articles. Some images used in this video is just for reference purpose only. All images were fairly used, during the making of this video for educational purpose. #footwear #Beautifulfeet #footoutfits#womenshoes #footjewelry #feetjewelry #femalefeet#womensfashion #Sandals #Shoes #Heel #NailArt

if you want to buy these jewelry Please visit the website given Below sweet and pretty women toe nail art designs and ideas for stylish girls /fantastic acrylic nail art

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Tarani Nayak

I love your feet and fhinger your feet is world's fhemas feet and fhinger very nice

David Huerta

Wuuuua ahora si todos los pies súper hermosos gracias x tan bella vista mmm besos

Miguel Di Benedetto

Muy hermosos tus pies estan para besarlos todo el dia

Michelle Cordova

Thank You :)

Manuel Castillo

Omg ?

Raúl R. Alemán

Que lindos pies, que blanquitos y sexys. Los dedos bien formados, besables y acariciables ♥️???


0:05 who ever is this person has the sexiest feet in the world

Mohd.sharef Mohd.sharef

Very beautiful feet of your and I kiss your beautiful feets

lee 123

Such beautiful toes and fingers

Mike Seibert

Yes her feet are pretty but once again look how long the nails that just leads to clumps of toe cheese under the nails and that helps her feet to stink

Shark bruhh

Wow ?

Armando Naranjo

Simplemente hermosos

Jose orlando Camacho gutierrez


Shiekh Khurram zia

I share this videos ?????

Tarani Nayak

I love your feet and fhinger Neil police very much Ap ka par itna sunder he

Omar Jesus Navarro


Geraldo Mac

Some absolutely beautiful feet with outstanding gorgeous toes .

Indalesio Boutet


Miguel Castillo

Love!y feet !ove them all are so georgeos

Tarani Nayak

Quite Suwet super wonderful world FHEMOS FEET ilove your feet

all in one channel

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Good afternoon di
Thanku for sharing di
Please pin me di

Jose orlando Camacho gutierrez


Miguel Di Benedetto

que bonito los besaria todo el dia

Shiekh Khurram zia


Yiyo Hernandez

K k preciosos piesito los amó besos muchos besos besos muchos lindos

Eric Kawaja

I would marry anyone these beautiful women

Tarani Nayak

I love your feet and fhinger

Martín Rubio

Esos hermosos pies son perfectos una verdadera belleza ?

Emir Sanane


Gonzalo Ponce

Nice woman foot..

Babitha Faisal

I like and l love your feet??

Rufus Brown

Love your video, all of them are Beautiful ???

Jesus Marrinez lopes

Maravillosos piecitos descalzos exquisitos mmmmm besos para todos y para todas las nenas

Tarani Nayak

So naci beautiful ilove your feet

Miguel Di Benedetto

Lindos pies y manos muy bonitos

Toe Rings For Women | Toe Ring | Toe Rings | Pretty Feet | Pretty Toes | Beautiful Feet & Toes

Toe Rings For Women | Toe Ring | Toe Rings | Pretty Feet | Pretty Toes | Beautiful Feet & Toes4 Oct. 2020
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Иван Григ


Narender Singh

Always showing great content

Amazing Lifestyle

Comment gracefully

Narender Singh


M Guerra

Lovely feet!

Viejito Miguel. Mx

Damitas princesita k hermosos bonitos Lindos piecitos Lucen son una hermosura todos los piecitos con los adornos en los piecitos Mmm muchos becitos a esos hermosos bonitos piecitos

shyam shyamu

Mind blowing women feets???

Stacy Lipkins

You got pretty feet beautiful feet yes indeed you do

Narender Singh

Keep it up

خليل شلهوب

very important

Narender Singh

Great video

Taqi Abbas

Hoples v v poor feeds

David Cloud

Очень красивые ножки

Narender Singh


Narender Singh

Amazing video Amazing lifestyle

Narender Singh

Amazing video


Divinos divinos divinos todos esos pies, besitos para todos esos lindos pies

Stacy Lipkins

I am talking about the one with purple toenail she has the best beautiful toes I ever seen

Narender Singh

Keep it up

Narender Singh

Great videos always

Narender Singh

Keep up

Narender Singh


Abc Xyz

Very good video

Alain Syon

Très jolie pieds J'aime beaucoup

Narender Singh


Rufus Brown

Love the fishnets ??????

Narender Singh

Amazing designs of toe rings

Indalesio Boutet

you foots is BEUTY FUUL

Narender Singh

Great work

Narender Singh

Great work

Tarani Nayak

World's FHEMOS FEET i love you i am your feyan very place

Harman Brar

86209 87209

Narender Singh


Narender Singh

Superb video

ruhi arora

Very good video keep it up ?Amazing

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Ramir3z X


Narender Singh

Wow so many views

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Miguel Castillo

Que ricos todos los piesesitos mmm

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Foot & Toe Stretches for Happy, Healthy Feet

Foot & Toe Stretches for Happy, Healthy Feet9 Oct. 2017
130 607

Our beautiful feet need as

Our beautiful feet need as much love as they can get. Yet they are often overlooked and even neglected. This video has some fabulous toe and feet stretches that will get the blood circulating back into them and having them feel amazing and brand new. So amazing that I even add sparkles to the video, because that's just how your feet will feel afterwards! :)

Want more foot-focused classes? The Heart + Bones online studio is your place to move your feet (and your whole body) with love, care and a functional approach to yoga. Try it out for $1 for 1 month with this promocode: healthyfeet10

Check out the Heart + Bones online studio here:

Comments (90)
aaron silva

Nice feet

Leo Watson

I like your soles and toes.

Cesar CS

i felt weird seeing my toes like if i didnt know their physical aspect DX

Clare Degroff


marilyn m

One got relaxed other tight

CrAzY Paisan

I wish I could stick my nose inbetween your toes as youre wiggling and spreading them


It's very relaxing for my foot
I started doing on every night before sleeping and I get deep sleep....

It's helpful for my ankle pain too thanks for sharing this video

Be happy

Michael-David ARR Kerns

Thank you so much for posting these exercises! Starting to employ them as I am recently experiencing a bit of plantar fasciitis.

Angel Energy22



Ahhhhh thank you, thank you, thank you!


i can move my pinky toe but not my big toe?


You have sexy feet !

Rebecca Guay

Such an awesome video, thank you so much for posting and such a big help. I work in a job where I walk a lot on very hard floors so this totally wakes up my toes and help ease feet pain!

Nice Guy

You should make a video with just toe wiggling and cracking

rediet wondafrash

I am relaxed thanks

Aaron keys

Can U be my wife ???

marilyn m

My toes feel stiff

Saladin A

lol @ my sad and lonely feet

Marcus Pitts

Very good and informative Video!!!!

rogelio maldonado

Very beautiful feet.

hello world

You're a great teacher. My feet actually feel a lot better after doing these exercises. Thank you


Wow, I feel like I have toes again! What a great exercise! I stand on concrete 8 hours a day for work and mountain bike three times a week so my feet usually feel a bit worn out, but this really felt awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Jackson DeHate

Put stuff on the back and next episode

Brent Lee

Had an injury to my big toe 3 years ago which left it to where it moves in a circular motion along with constant popping. I was told it might be a dislocated ligament. You wouldn't happen to know would you?

Heart & Bones Yoga

Hurray for our feet! Let us know know your feet enjoyed this toe-happy practice.

Kelly Lunt

I loved this video! thank you!

Manos KF

Beautiful toes, sexy and playful

Michael-David ARR Kerns

So challenging! Thank you so much, however.

Robin Ekelund

Thank you for this, I feel like it's already improved my running. Although connecting with each toe individually seems very hard for me, and the feeling I get from trying to do it is almost nausea.


Amazing adorable woman with super sexy feet.

Matt H

U ever wiggle ur feet


I see that your feet smell bad patas jajajaja


Hi there i was wondering if there are any exercise that helps with overlapping third toes and bunions


This actually hjelped my husband with dystrophy myotonic and his drop-foot to get better contact with his muscles while walking! Thank you!!!!

rainy day

I've been avoiding cardio and impact exercise for my sad sore feet. This helped me a lot! Subscribed!

brandon D

I would love on her toes!

Antonio López

Beauty Girl... God bless her ... how can she be so perfect and cute ... even her feet are princess! ?

Jen Gauthier

Love your feet :)

Doctor Go

live foot it is very important for health

Matthews Santos


marilyn m

My toes do not have mind toe connection. Can’t move them by themselves. Only sometimes:) thx


I had foot pain in the middle. Of my foot when I came in from work just now. I decided to look up some foot exercise videos before I start my workout . Suffice it to say, my foot pain is gone after following along with the video. thank you so much. ❤️

Stormy Devoe

I love this

Ty Grant



Very cute feet! Love the exercise tip!

Turkey Bowlwinkle

Never realized that before but I can't consciously move my 3rd or 4th toe. The 1st and 5th are no problem and I can even move the 2nd but the other 2 will only move when I move the others.

Ronald Kearn

You have beautiful / pretty feet. Thanks! Ballet dancers would benefit by this video.:-) <3

Flint Davis

The foot hand shake was awakening! And the toe mind melting was fascinating!?

Blueboybythesea James

My wife started to the fingers between my toes and I felt pain you cannot image. Now the tendons are stretching now, the pain is less, but still hurts. I have never been flexible and I always had a hard time touching my toes.

Sonny Salim

Are you a professional

Tim Decker

I enjoyed working out with you and your toes. My toes and I thank you. I was able to do MOST of the exercises.
I have always enjoyed kicking off my sandals and stretching and wiggling my toes.
God richly bless you (and your toes.)


So beautiful

Tracy L

Bread is the best yoga instructor !

gimmy piga

You have very beautiful feet and delicious soles and toes


all I can do is move my big toes towards me and the others away , but I will keep practicing .great video ,thanks for the help

Who Crusader

I like your bare feet

Repent & Believe

your really good. thanks

Who Crusader



whats your name?

Hei BK-201

Lovely soles

Zak Zaaaki

Beautiful feet!!!


That toe wiggling was the best part of this video! It was fun to watch that!


My left ear enjoyed this very much

Who Crusader

I say beautiful bare feet this lady has


Holding hands with the rotation was amazing. Thanks for sharing with us all with foot pain!

Rafael Smith

thank you my love..

Janet Horton

Oh wow. My dear toes have been so miserable since I fell and broke my feet in 2014. I have hope for them now. Thank you!


Thank you. What do you think of toe separators such as Correct Toes? Thank you.

Gergely Küzmös

Footfetish jackpot! :D


This is fascinating. Instant subscriber, now for a long drive.

Adam Drury

I love you feet

Tim Decker

I enjoyed working out with you and your toes.

Shawn Epps

Nice toes


Nice video...are u also a tap dancer?

Shehzad Younus

Very helpful. Thank you

Garrett K

This was toe-tally what I needed ?

Tomáš Schlimbach

Thank you so much ❤️ Helped me a lot ❤️

gimmy piga

I want your dirty soles on my face. Omg!

Duccio Loddo

Yo Yoga


Don't stop your brain into your toes. Put your heart in them. FEEL !!!

elmerfudd 1961

been having chronic foot pain for about 10 months , been going to Chiropracticor as well, this seem to help more than anyother thing i have done , thanks so much for the stretch excercise

Tony Marseis

Lovely soles

Tina Le

Wow my feet actually feels less sore


Very nice


This is amazing, really going to work on moving certain toes, great for the toes but also the brain!

barbie mech

I've been doing this for 5 days now and my feet feel so much more alive! I feel great! Thank you so much. ?

Sophia F

it feels great.

Sonny Salim

Cool feet Beautiful

Zoe K

Thank you for this. I get a lot of foot cramps since I started to do far more walking, hopefully this will help.