Female giantess

Little in the Loud House: Episode 4

Little in the Loud House: Episode 425 Jan. 2021
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After being shrunk,

After being shrunk, Lincoln has to rely on his sisters for his very survival. Too bad his fate is linked to the family chore wheel.

Voiced by MacStar

Music by Sweet Dandy

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Yoko Giantess Growth

Yoko Giantess Growth16 Oct. 2020
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AZmaybe 9Subscribe 438 721

I want to thank these guys

I want to thank these guys for helping get this done.

Writer: https://twitter.com/GV97VR

Yoko: https://twitter.com/MamaStrassa

MEGA Download: https://mega.nz/folder/HHwhXSgT#Eq4nTDTqBKv28VsT2qniqA

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/azmaybe9

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AZmaybe9

Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/azmaybe9

My Discord: https://discord.gg/A66KAmG

First, I wanted to mention that I checked out and added English SUBTITLES to this video. It took an hour, was kinda cool but also boring, but hey people have wanted me to do this and I kinda know how now!

This was an attempt at a full 360 VR video that isn't a test or anything like that. I had LOTS of troubles getting used to the VR process ESPECIALLY with rendering. So many days spent rendering.

The destruction here was done using Apex Destruction in UE4. To my surprise, I couldn't cache the destruction! So every single test and render I had to cross my fingers that the destruction would come out ok. It actually did a pretty consistent enough job too.

This was also me trying to move off of manual physics for the first time but I didn't get too far for this video. All "physics" on the first floor are actually manually animated. My upcoming Ms. Marvel video is the one that has all of the actual physics applied to objects. (and cached for consistency) But that vid was full of its own bag of tricks. I'll talk about those another time.

What's interesting here is that I had to spend A LONG TIME trying to figure out hair physics. I tried everything under the internet but found that things either didn't scale with Yoko or didn't collide with anything. Which led to me creating the GRAVITY COLLIDER SYSTEM.

But then there was something wrong with how UE4 read the stretch ik and with Yoko's hair bones acting extremely weird with... well anything in Blender. (Found out later I accidentally flipped a bone direction) Which means the hair was also completely MANUALLY ANIMATED too.

Trust me when I say I spent weeks trying to find SOME way to do physics this time because of all the close quarters collision. But this video was filled with me attempting things for the first time only to fail in multiple ways. Especially destruction. But it's all OK! Because I know how to do these things MUCH better now and UE4 Chaos system is officially coming out in its next update! HYPE!!!

ALL of these issues were fixed in Ms. Marvel and severely tested to make sure it all worked from Blender cache to UE4.

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Phie Gee

Part 2

Dai Shaw

Ok so far I saw two comments and one of them said that there's gonna be part two to this, is it true or is this just made up?

William Brzozowski

Why does she Whine So Much


Sweet video, nice to see that there are people who still care about Gurren Lagann. I enjoyed watching that anime.


I very like it youve done a great job and the waiting was absolutley worth it.
Your animations have evolved very good looking back you have done great.
I gotta say keep going!


Null Frame, Names in the top of the building, it's was an awesome video with so many good details UwU

marcos samuel purchel



Noice ❤

Aydin Sata


carricle gamer08_YT

Y am the only une who wants part 2


Pumpkin Oswald : This is The Same, But Non Vr! Wow 10 Of 10!

Dr. Bismarck

What is she from?

Jesse Rivera

Part 2?


Wow! Amazing

Sima Roychoudhury

Bro please part 2

Kamel Butts

Awesome job as always!!! Great to see you again ??

Gacha Lem0ns

(Just saying this channel is gonna kill off Minmax)

JnXShoukaku De leon

Is there a part 2 of this?

G.S. Productions

She sounds like the voice-actress Tera Strong a little bit, doesn’t she?

Cheesy master

Bruh Dude


... That was a spectacular shot with the hammer.
I had to analyze it frame-by-frame just to see what even happened.

Joe Orsini

If Yoko were in my hometown of Columbus (Ohio) and grew like this, she'd outgrow the following in this order:

My late grandparents' house (destroyed)
My hometown (all highways and streets being permanently gridlocked; Nationwide Arena, Mapfre Stadium, new Crew Stadium, Huntington Park, COSI, Ohio Stadium, and Value City Arena destroyed)
The Buckeye State (Ohio; March 1, 1803 [established] - November 29, 2020 [destroyed])
The whole country (The United States of America; July 4, 1776 [established] - November 29, 2020 [destroyed])
All of North America
Planet Earth
The Solar System (getting a nasty third-degree burn on her left leg from the searing heat of the Sun [Yoko just ignores it])
The Milky Way galaxy (the black hole would dissipate due to her size)
The universe
The multiverse
The omniverse
and finally…


The animation itself is honestly pretty great and varied, and I love what you did with the effects, but there's a few issues I find with the video as a whole that just completely take me out of it. First was the voice acting. This isn't to criticize the actress's performance itself, mind you, she's actually one of the better I've heard when it comes to videos like this. But she doesn't sound like Yoko. And when not-Yoko is coming out of Yoko's mouth, it's just weird, like I'm watching some puppet shaped like Yoko putting on a performance (which I understand is what's literally happening, but the entire goal of something like this is to not make that apparent). I honestly would have preferred no voice acting, because at least then my mind could fill in the blanks there with her actual voice.
And second is the weird shift in perspectives. Some of it is understandably due to the video being meant to be viewed in VR, so concessions had to be made with this version, but that doesn't explain why the viewer is some invisible observer until a little over a minute in, where they suddenly exist in a way Yoko can see and interact with. Could you not have found a reason for the viewer to be there from the start? Or why not just leave them as the invisible observer? The video is trying to eat its cake and have it, too, and it just comes across as oddly inconsistent. Either I'm actually there or I'm not, and trying to make me both, again, just brings to mind the fact this is a video and kills any immersion that having a first person perspective tries to create.

saeed alsuwaidi

Mee neeed more!

Joe Swanson

sighs in english

um usuario qualquer

Youre back, just apreciate one more film that you did. Keep It the hard work, I follow you since the first video that you posted and always loved your videos

Kute Kat

0:49 ?

João Pedro

Please part 2!!

Rina Peleg



Part 2?

Dimas Abiyoso

Does she really have to dramatically jump then squat on that seat?

mohammedchari daly

Sakura Giantess Growth

mercedes Magma

The effects are awesome bro Ik it took a long time just showing my appreciation

Frank Dziadosz

Please do more Yoko.


Dang man, this channel has been through a lot since the last time I've watched one of your videos, a lot has changed and seeing how much the animation quality and overall video quality was, I can tell your future is hella bright. I would've never thought that 3D animator's could accomplish so much, being a 2D anime animator myself is already hard, I hope to see more of these in the future. Much love and support. :)

Tymesha Mitchell

She is so sexy

mystical husky gamer


Spanougy Man

I apriciate the door screeching sound effect and that sound effect only


0:30 Forgot to download CSS content?

Hector Colquichagua José

Simply spectacular, I love the touch of the word "grow" and "stretch" each time the woman grows and how she manages to socialize with the protagonist, everything is simply fantastic, from the quality of the video to the voice of the woman. .. very beautiful and wonderful. ??
I like every time you upload a video of this style and my opinion between the vr version with the nonvr, because both manage to show some things that the other does not end up enchanting me both equally haha
I wish you all the best Azmaybe, always all the best and success so that you continue to grow as a channel
PS: "I was a little late, but I wanted to leave my comment, blessings" ?



mystical husky gamer

Make this a seris


*sighs in English


I liked it... but please go back to stretching sounds next video

Right hand man

I know this will be censored soon just like the others

Gunter Gustav

Great work it's wonderful. Maybe next project is Android 18? She whish something from the dragonballs

Kenan Von Kaiser


William Brzozowski



What's the anime name

Lucille Uy

fun fact there is a hidden messege in gravity falls bill ciphers deat if you reverse it you find ot

levai - ليفاي


Ashley Berry


mohammedchari daly


Matias Andrada

Wow, congratulations good work, than you patreons, thank you



Szerwony Skarabeusz

That's what you get for tring to destroy one of mc's equipment, but the video is great

fabiola hormazabal


Peyton Chung

Part 2 plz

This was my favorite animation btw

b g

Uhhhhh-- I'm glad she does not eat ppl

Eric Santos

there will be continuation

Shayudo :U

Give back the soda galaxus >:[

James Torres

She a ninja

Eren Yeager•_

Good but duration long pls

antoni rak

Plot twist: this piramid green thing was actually OBAMA PRISM .

H Hj


What m8

Omfg. The beginning is great. When you're looking at just the thumbnail, and it autoplays, at least on the phone. It starts with "*sighs in English*" ahahahahahah


Soooooo what're the chances you continue this one? :O

Eric Santos

you talk to the monster vs alien Susan she gets bigger than she already and

Rita Ayress


itsMachopuppy !

How does she hit the glowing thing so hard XD for some reason I'm laughing


part 2?

Gacha Studios

I would just like to say that this is awesome

Edit: Will there be a part two? Just curious.

Giantess LOVE

Beatiful ?

Gourd Roland

I LOVE the spiderversey thng you got going here with the sound effect text! It was a nice touch

Trygve Plaustrum

One of the best animators on the platform, period, regardless of category.

Pancho Lugo

The person who made this should turn into a saga or a series

Springtrap Man

Is this a personal model of yours or is it a model i can find?


I really like the camera angles used here and I think you've been improving on your sound editing too because I noticed the sounds much more than in your previous videos, and I mean that in a good way. Another awesome job. Looking forward to the tutorial for the hair collisions.

Varganic Khomus

UNF. Wish I had VR lol

Ayub Abraham

Can you do a Neko video again?

Weeb trash Kerper

This is cool and all but what for fucking computer do they live in

Chandra Aggarwal

I really like your animation please make the part 2 of it


Would love to see a sneeze giantess growth scenario. Great video tho always enjoy them.


bro please part 2

itsMachopuppy !

Forth wall break?

Ngurah Pradnyadiptha

WOW Incroyable

Vortix Venom

Pls Part 2 this is amazing

Iván Sebastián Ortega


Rita Ayress

Hey dude creat growth+breast expansion

Super Nova

The subtitles really made this video fun to watch. ?

Terri Elkington


marcos samuel purchel



Just amazing. The growth is seamless and the effects and animation are just so awesome. The way you made her looked so cramped everywhere she went was really good. Amazing!


Too bad its NNN

Banana Banana

Man, these keep getting better

chris tourlakidis

I love it ,you know what would be even greater.barefoot

Jakob Nester

Love the voice acting and the girl is so adorable

Club Fusi

I’ve started watching the anime she’s from

Blaze Son of Vegeta

From what anime is she in

Club Fusi

2:27 Turn on subtitles

French Canadian Giantess Trailer

French Canadian Giantess Trailer27 Aug. 2018
353 853
Diablo the GreatSubscribe 438 721

It's a very well done

It's a very well done parody trailer done for a French Canadian show. Called Cherie J'ai Reduis Notre Rencard, it's a homage to Honey We Shrunk the Kids. The only part worth watching is when the shrunken people are between the busty woman's breasts.

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JM Playlist Run 8

Wonderful job.

Mr. TexasT1994

Don’t suppose anyone knows her name please?

Luke Bridge

come and eat me

Kool kombat Jammers

Dis is sparta!



Gfgvvbnn Gggvbbb



Nice ideas :P

Eddie Chaney



Frech ch

George Schmidt

:D 2:47 - oh yes please

Wind Warrior

I rather look at deveanart then watch youtube


Name ??


If this ever happened to me... I'd lose myself and just go with it.

Saar Amzaleg


Danielle Devion

CGI goals

Jakob Nester

Was this movie ever made?

TheDarkLycan YT

What's the name of the blonde chick with the big boobs?

Mr. T Rex

Oh Tabernacle !!


Nous aux Canada ont est bien :)


Dear lord... I can't tell if this is a real or fake movie. If it is then what is Canada's movie budget. It looks like it runs off of potato farmers.


The name of the movie


Damn France why'd ya have to make a rip-off of Honey We Shrunk Ourselves.


Is it the movie?

Luke Bridge

come and get me now


That is the weirdest film i ever seen.

Bloody Franco

I wish this is fake

General Grievous

Why the hell did you make a RIP off company of Disney


Frech canadian giant trailer


Frech canadian giant t

Marcos Kraft




Solius L

Science man battles the flood!



philip hauteclocque

What happened to them in the girl shirt


So... honey we shrunk ourselves in French.


Frech canadian giant tra

Robin Featherston

What does the movie translate to in English


Who is she

Giann Hernández

What we're they all saying from 2:49 to 3:04? Can you translate it in english?

Mewmewkityfan 123


Chris the custom character

I wish it was in English

roger sowers

"Its the Canadian way"!


¿Y la gigante?.

Half- Dude

I could watch a full 30 minutes of them struggling to get out of those titties.. damn! Anyone have the movie that they could put up the whole scene?

Heather Snow

A giant girl eating tiny people


Name film






The men with glasses is Infoman his tv show : Infoman (tv show where is only at quebec that i look bc i am at quebec)

Le mec avec des lunettes est Infoman son émission de tv : Infoman (emission qui y a juste au quebec et que je regarde vu que j'habite au quebec)

wojtek konecki