How to make a sex toy for women

How to make a Sex Toy for Girl at home simply?

How to make a Sex Toy for Girl at home simply?3 Feb. 2017
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This video guide you how

This video guide you how to make a Sex Toy for Girl at home with a mini vibrate motor simply.

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Ja_mand FNAC

Drives car backs beeb beeb beeb what if there's kids watching this o-e

Becky Moore


Matilate Tsakatsi

I made one and I use'd 10 today ??

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Alexus Watts


Abhishek Kumar

Bhai ek mere liye v bna de

Mark Dillow

Thanks I’ll never look at these through the same way again

EpicStar 86

Candus: Have you heard of the new toy they sell? *speaks on phone
Phineas: Ferb i know what we are going to do today!!

Gabriella Wilson


Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??❤❤


its honestly work pretty well XD

Lara Bányai


acc moved

What did I just watched?

সত্যের পথে লরাই করি

what was the small black one that you fix at first I want to make one

Singh Singh

Test it

Barbara Eniko Szabo

This music very anoying ????

Tanvi Singh

I am make it and this is very good sexy toy

oll Yodel

I did this and I just finished doing another one and I squirted absolutely everywhere thank you so much I've used this 8 times today ?

Tanvi Singh

I am make it and this is very good sexy toy

Meeka And Family

Looks like Monroe's


Thanks sir this helps because i feel orgasms in this age it prevent me from boys to have it i dont to be pregnant this early thankss

Skylar Wallace

I just use my brothers and sisters toothbrush that vibarates with a glove on the bristles

ansh gaming

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Maiam Marki

Um all i have to use is a hair brush :/

Robert M

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Rawad Rabbat

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dianne ford

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Aadil Hussain

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Not sticking rechargeable batteries in my but

Geoff Birkinshaw

What if the lithium batteries catch fire during use. ?

Vivian Watts

Just get an electric toothbrush stick it down the hole and then turn it??

Sunita Kandari


Bishal Boruah

Every thinks is very bed ?

The Ibis

Lord Jesus’s Christ please bless me lol forgive me for watching this

Sohiela Kazemi Jones

this isnt simple

rose boi nothing here

Just put the egg only so it's easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg I can't tell what happened lol I made one lol no am not going to put the egg in my butt

Abhishek Kumar

Plz make for me plz one

cool ninja

Well I no what to do now at night

hannah mae escalona

well i'll just buy one. it will be just easy for me to use. lol

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The U.S.S.R

Holy shit comrades

عمر آل علي

what was the small black one that you fix at first I want to make one

Jamie Print

Boring not watching this ever agian i am getting an headache

Salman Saim

itna preshan mat hona girls
jise lun chahiye banda hazir hai

Mariah Robinson

ngl, if i didnt read the title, i would have thought you were making a bomb


..Best way to get the family together on rainy days.

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nunu Miya


sex toys for women and free sample

sex toys for women and free sample8 Jan. 2018
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sex toys for women and

sex toys for women and free sample

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