Flight attendant sex stories

?Losing my virginity to my friend from high school thanks to quarantine | Reddit Stories | SEX

?Losing my virginity to my friend from high school thanks to quarantine | Reddit Stories | SEX3 Jun. 2020
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A survivor of child sex trafficking shares her story

A survivor of child sex trafficking shares her story20 Apr. 2019
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Daisy Sanderson


_ ThatOneHaitianGirl

That Was Powerful ❤️

Brenda Roberts

That's crap came very terrible men

Zenia Finley


Lea Beckman

Holy sh**

Neashia Ronae

This breaks my heart ? she was just a BABY.. these men need to be executed.. God bless her

Amy Hansen

I'm am so sorry this is a horrible crime. Are world is cruel but there are some good people there is hope it just sometimes doesn't feel like it.


Vallah I hope that she’s happy now. One in the world should be treated like this. Inshallah. Love from the Muslim community

Nora Murphy

Glad she okay I’m sick of these disgusting humans?❤️??

Alondra S. Ramirez

I’m so glad I took the time to watch this. I am person that tries to bring awareness to human trafficking. This story really touched my heart and thank you to Oree for sharing her story and changing lives.

Alicia Marie

God bless this beautiful woman♡


Ever watch Rambo the last blood, yes, every single trafficker deserves their chest to be cut open with a blade while awake and alive, and have their hearts literally ripped out ....every single one of them

Kierra Patrick

What a brave soul I’m inspired by your story god bless you Oree and you have a beautiful name by the way?✊????

MsCoco Brown

You are so brave young lady. I’m so very proud of you. Wow, you are incredibly strong.


in conclusion, i hate men.

House Phone

I want to kill anyone who raped or trafficked.

Ravengames Life

My heart goes out to her! We as a community, must do better!


???????you're so strong!!!!!

Arturo Gordon

Kristina is so beautiful and her aura is so bright I luv her literally I respect it kuzmic

Taylor the natural

Its so crazy these criminals no longer lurk in the shadows, they are out here in the open with it. Organizations like this are alowed to exist because these sick fucks have connections in high places. The 1%. Doctors, lawyers, cops, judges and other government officials all have the power to traffic you, torture you, or take your organs and nothing will happen to them. They might even frame someone for your murder to make themselves look good.

Bonnie Maynard

OMG someone send me names of people that are actually qualified at ALL that have looked at my material please and thank you

Zoe Bambrook

Imagine hearing this young girls story of how she'd already been raped and suffered and instead of feeling hurt for her, thinking 'ahh there's my perfect target for more abuse'. Ugh.

ms u LOVE


Sista Souljah

The 113 unlike are sick!!!

Mel !

3:11 Jesus lorddd, oh my god that is bad bro?

Noah Bodies

I was human Trafficked for 4 years. 12-16 years old. I finally got the courage to get help and WASNT believed by the police because some of them were my buyers and no one looks at a gay black boy and thinks “oh he could be a victim”. Some of my pimps were arrested but everyday I feel like putting a gun to my head. The physical abuse was a lot more bearable compared to the emotionally and mentally corruption I have to unteach myself daily.


Wow. I hope my family would tell me. I would take them out. Not murder just gone

Dani The Fiend

Keep telling your story. You are brave. You are STRONG. Your story will change lives. Thank you for your incredibly IMPORTANT story. ♥♥♥

Linda Zeisky

God bless her. My admiration. ??

Harry Potter

Did she just say 'her friend' ? Friend my ass i finna bitch slap her 'friend'...i dont feel sad...i feel angry at the world around me.

Kim Bradley

I love you! I am so sorry this happened ?
Great job sharing your story.❤️


It’s so true. When people you love tell you that no one loves you. You believe it

Penelope Abe

It hurts so deeply to know how fucked up children have to grow up in fucked up situations...


Jesus that is so scary

Amanda Fondow

Wisdom, pure wisdom ♥️??

Shakiyla Mason

Breaks me down? I’m so sorry sis. She’s so knowledgeable and so full of life.


She is so strong and has such a beautiful soul. It’s sickening people are really like this ?? it’s sad to think of all the children who are trapped in that darkness and feel like they’ll never get out. These stories make me want to get involved and help these kids ?

Karen Johnson playzz


Selah Blissfully

Why does this have 117 disklikes? WTH? Prayers to you sweetheart, I am so sorry you had to go through that. God Bless you!


I thought that was ezee mom on the thumbnail.

Joe Moreno

This makes me sick if someone were to do that to my kids I wouldn’t hesitate to kill them


im freaking crying, this is sad

Joy Anderson

I Survived Human Sex Trafficking / Slavery...But, to be honest-It’s extremely hard to recover from this game. I’m struggling if I’m honest—Please pray for me. I need God.

Love Life

The reality of sex trafficking. The invisible victims ?

Wasc Lit

I have a great granddaughter who is 16 now but as young as 14 she was sexually active and experimenting with pot. Her bf is the high school dealer and she has ran away from home twice for months at a time. Each time I fear this could happen to her and when I talk to her about it she doesn't thinking it's going to happen to her. The only way to stop child sex trafficking is making the penalties for engaging in this criminal activity by the Johns so hard that no one would take the chance and get caught.

grandmapurple55 Purple


Mason Donaway

So was she like a missing person or was she going out with guys, idk if I missed a part but was confused when she said it was manipulation

Miss Will


Dana Smith

Bless you.


My daughter is 11. I cannot imagine her in that situation. You are still a baby!! Tougher punishment is required for ‘men’ who use children. More investigations into finding and prosecuting pimps. It really isn’t that hard to find underage trafficking victims.

Mizpah Matiaha


Aaliyah Feacher

Did she ever get to see her mom again after she got out of trafficking?


This girl mom looks so familiar it’s not even funny

rosemary ellert

....and people have the audacity to talk about the slave trade of hundreds of years ago. Why don't they do something about the current slave trade and abuse of little children.?


She’s so amazing.

Harry Potter

Her daughter is so beautiful❤

Coolbabydoll Dols

This women is such an inspiration an example what God can do even you have been through the worse!!! Your advice for to me in the part mom go crazy lol yes they can but it won’t last forever it’s a time

Sophia Beebeeboo

Respect, a tremendous amount of respect to this amazing woman. That takes a lot of guts to open up her story like that to others. I’m so happy for her that she lives a good life now and has a family of her own she can love and take care of. Sex trafficking I feel is not as often shared with others and the public. It’s not talked about enough. It’s a shame. It needs to stop. Thank god Oree was here to tell her story. Terrible things she went through. But now look at her. She made it. Your past should never define who you are as a person.

Kaydee Aguilar

I'm proud of her

Shhhaw Nee

11 years of age is still a minor in the US. Someone should be held responsible. Even to this day.

Hingano Haunga

And the government still wont do anything ?

carol albers

A strong, beautiful woman. Good for you that you don't the horror you experienced define your life today. Great work you do ..may God bless you.

Helen Gauthier

What happen to adopted mom?

Bonnie Maynard

OMG yes ma'am he spent 10 minutes letting me tell him everything and that was it he said he had no clue what red and green or any color of the rainbow means, and he has a master's degree sorry for who ever else this man talks to or whatever college printed that paper for him did you know some people I know of never graduated they just said they did including doctors that ordered meds from Craigslist

samantha quinnell

This woman is AMAZING! Sis you are such an inspiration! Such courage, such determination, such love!!! I hope your life is amazing as you are ❤

Anaya Allen

wait so did she go to school throughout that time

lo1 19

Thanks so much for sharing this.


Love you Oree.. You're an awesome warrior on the front lines.
God bless you!

Melanie Keeling


Roni B

ELEVEN years old! That’s disgusting

The truth is the light

He was a scam bag Maggot

Dawn Duckson

Thank you for sharing. You are beautiful and I can tell you’re intelligent. Thank you

Nastyusha YouTube

Omg...beautiful soul!! This world is sick, I can’t believe stuff like this existing... God please help this people to get out!!! Much love to that amazing women!


?? please pray for all the young children going through this ? that it will end

Brenda Roberts

Yes men need experience drastically, what they put other human beings through.


Omg this girl went through so much and seems so poised. She is so strong.

A MamaBears Mission

Thank you beyond words for doing this video!!! I am a survivor of sex trafficking and sexual assault. I have recently changed the genre of my own channel to bringing awareness to these issues as well as addiction (I was an addict for 15 yrs trying to numb my pain) mental health awareness and ADHD (my son is severe ADHD with behavioral and learning problems). This is NOT talked about enough and needs to be talked about and people educated! I am even writing a book about my life in order to hopefully save others! God Bless all of you who have suffered. Till the day I leave this world I will NEVER stop talking about this!!!!!! xo


Turn your struggles as victims into swords of power.

Elizabeth Chavez

Shes so wise and strong. I love that she is helping others.

Emily N

Oree is such a strong woman! And very articulated. The interviewer is so nice as well

Joane Cajuste

Who are the losers that disliked this video??? How can you dislike an inspiring video like this.

Alyssa Collett

this is literally so heartbreaking. she is such a strong woman for sharing this. holy fuck

Nicole Contreras

The fact the other children who have more freedom today , like the right to live under a safe household , the right to attend school , etc don't understand that ,that's all a privilege .Some don't realize that it can be worse. And it is worse for others. And the fact that they say or complain about what they have , unlike the misfortune that other kids have to go through. Much respect on Oree for this interview.

Beautiful Ball

Women are soooo powerful and strong GOD BLESS U SWEETHEART... please protect our KIDS!!!!!!!

Rosegold latinaa

You inspire me❣️

Dasha And Co.

“Everything I’ve been through in life was in order to help someone else.” I truly believe this about myself. God Bless you, Oree ?

Courtney B

This makes me wonder how many men I know who are involved with things like this

Jada’ Darríelle

she is beautiful ? god bless her heart ??

Anika Starseed

So men do this to please themselves god will deal with them ? i wana hug anyone who been through this

Low Key

USA its the 3 corrupt country in the world do your research

chikita evans

For so many....this is ok and it's NOT!!!
No abuse is ok

Women of God

Wow this makes me sick how men can do this to this little girls ?????????

west vont

All I gotta say is: STRONG.

A. Gold

This is a great video.

X1 Gen KaneshiroX

If you had been through the torture in your life then you can’t be broken twice but you can pray for the strength to survive after that.

Jazzie Period

108 dislikes are creeps

Coolbabydoll Dols

She is so beautiful as a child and as a women!!!!!!!! Very powerful

Maria Goddard

Don’t just listen to sad stories like this and cry. Take action in your city. Go to https://exoduscry.com to join the fight against sex trafficking.

Zoey Martinez

Shes beautiful inside and out. God bless her and the people that are going through similar cases

Himiko Toga

I almost got kidnapped

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