How to lose leg muscle

Slim Down Calves in 7 DAYS! 12 min Beginner Friendly Slim Calves Workout, No Jump

Slim Down Calves in 7 DAYS! 12 min Beginner Friendly Slim Calves Workout, No Jump25 Mar. 2020
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#LegStretch #StayHome

#LegStretch #StayHome #EasyLegExercises



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Large Yoga Mat (Amazon)

Foam Roller

Massage Ball

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Comments (100)

❤❤Thank you very much for the video, which is beautiful and awesome. I ask you to continue


This is ridiculous. Societal pressure dictates how women should look like today. Take a look at Marilyn Monroe and how chubby she looked back in the day. Today being anorexic and looking like a skeleton is the norm of beauty. I'm a man and couldn't care less about how calves look. If you have bigger calves, rock them!


I’m gonna do this for a month and will update!!

zeyneb kılıç

Could you please add Turkish subtitles

Rachel Sietzema

Thanks April for the detail and simple exercises. So helpful

Just another human, don’t mind me

I'll try this every day at least once - and update for you guys! (Remind me!)
Start: L (31,5) R (30)

Day 5 Update : L (31) R (30)

zeynep inci uçan

It works guys It really does

humaira laila

I am doing this exacise and my claves is getting slim so early.


1日目 38cm

Little Praew

Start : L = 13, R = 13
Day 1 : ☑️
Day 2 : ☑️
Day 3 : ☑️
Day 4 : ☑️
Day 5 : ☑️
Day 6 : ☑️
Day 7 : ☑️

Finished by : L = 12.5, R = 12.5 Inch.
I can do it!

ayşe nur

turkce alt yaziiiii


0:55 운동 시작

Sweet Panda

I am confused.
I did her "7 DAYS Slim and Straight legs " program and I lost 3 cm of my thighs and I am SO HAPPY.
but I weirdly gained 0.5 cm on my calves...
am I doing this workout wrong ?


R we supposed to do them last few cuz I didn’t ion got th equipment

Hà Vy

Today my leg 36
Goal: 34
Day 1


Can you put Turkish subtitles on this video? Please

Diana shahmorade

Good ?

niño polla

people do it with a diet if you want to see a very big change, I lost 4 cm in a week with a diet, try it if it works

Uważajcie na ślimaczki

I'm trying this
L 41cm R42cm
day1 ✅


I remember being made fun of my calves when i was in school and ive been insecure about them ever since. Cant really wear tight pants or leggings and skirts without being insecure about my big calves.

un c

before: 34cm
day1:did it once
day2: skipped :(
day3:did it once and walked 2km

Suga Man

اني صارلي مستمرة ويياك 4 اشهر
يوم رجيم وعشرة فري
بس المهم ضعفت 14 كيلو
كان وزني 73 هسة صار وزني 59
بس اريد بعد انزل 10 كيلو
مشان يصير جسمي مثل الكوريين
بس صارلي شهر ابد ولا اضعف
حبابين ساعدوني
فتحي ساعدني بليز
انطيني ريجيم للكيلوات العشر الاخيرة ??

Lin Rosa Maulina

day 1✔️
day 2 ✔️
day 3✔️
day 4 ✔️

zeyneb kılıç

Could you please add Turkish subtitles

Lili Popins

My friends legs: ( ) ( )
My legs: () ()
My ideal legs: | |

Anushka Shukla

Doing this several times now I can speak what she is telling (CHINESE)

Angel Tolentino

I'll try this after i finish the other work out and look at the difference between the 2



sarika D

I don't even know if it's fat, it's tight af

Kamila Barrera

Does anyone know if I can still do the exercises after 7 days?

my name is envy

Day1: ✔️ (w/o the foam roller)
Day2: ✔️ (again w/o the foam roller)

Linda Loren

I want to finally be able to wear high boot


Why slim down your calves ladies? I’m a guy and find calves very attractive

Berivan Aras

I started yesterday. I hope I can get results. I will be grateful if I notice a big difference after 1 month.

zeyneb kılıç

Could you please add Turkish subtitles

Pink Lamborghini

I’m currently on my 4th day of doing this!!
I measured my calves on the first day and am planning on doing this for 2 weeks!
I’m surprised by the size of my calves as they look bigger than hers but are smaller.. perhaps they’re just shaped differently?
I will post the after when the 2 weeks are up :)
Before: 35cm for each calve
After: they’re still 35cm.... I’m really disappointed :/ I’m going to try other ways and hope for the best.. but just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you!! So please don’t give up.
My calves are very muscular (not fat), I cannot touch my toes and I walked on my toes for years so maybe I’ve just got to work harder :/
Good luck to everyone else trying to get slimmer calves! <3

Elizabeth Leilani Misipati

Hi! so im 17 and ive got these thigh and calves problem which made me stand out from my family
out of all the people in my family im the only one that has huge thigh and calves i dont want them they are really weird
i only have one week of break from school i guess i could give this a try !!!

rena 0424


jessieooo Tan


Beomgyu loves you

Is this effective for boys with natural bulky calves? Say yes pls.


very good muito bom

M Pyd

Im going to do this for a week !
Twice per day

Rosimeire Dos Santos Silva

Olá gostei dos exercícios vou pratica-los pois minhas panturrilhas são grossas demais,e tenho dor e no calcanhar direto.

Princess Jane Ocampo


næ næ killua

I will do this workout for two weeks (maybe more) :3
L: 39cm
R: 39cm
day 1:✅
day 2:✅
day 3:✅
day 4:
day 5:
day 6:
day 7:


ok I'm going to try this
left: 36cm right: 36cm

Parsley Stacks

me tryna be androgynous liek; ???

ph liu

Let’s check this out
Left & Right: 36cm
although it might not be significant, my calves look fit and better now~
I’ll keep doing it!



IrishLily Xx

Left: 38cm
Right: 36cm

10 days later
Left: 36cm
Right: 36cm

Glad theyve evened out, thank you April

Chynna Reina

Wait i dont have the rolling thingy shes using☹️ what do i doo

Iulia Bradu

it really burns!


1/25 34

i t s l a u r a

Gonna do this for a week
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

face dancer




zeyneb kılıç

Could you please add Turkish subtitles

Ziyaad Dhorat

This is a waste of all of your time, how this girl gets views I have no idea

reesa garcia

i literally play soccer.


Day 1 ✔️ 31.9cm


I'm gonna try this everyday so I will try to update !
Before - 49 cm
Day 1 : ✅ it's was funny but I was not sure if it will work because I don't do often sport
Day 2: ✅ seem smaller
Day 3: ✅ 30/12/2020
Day 4 : ❌ Didn't do because I was to Tired but I did 7 others videos ?
Day 5: ✅
Day 6: ❌
Day 7: ✅

Review : now it's 41-42 cm wow It's Really work, in the glass it look smaller so I'm satisfy with this ! I think I'm going to continue this exercise because I'm doing so other one ! Wish me luck ?

Yks Hazırlık

Day 1 done ????
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

Anneso Lm

Pourquoi le titre et en français et le reste de la vidéo non ? Gros fail ?

zeyneb kılıç

Could you please add Turkish subtitles

a r i e l


Alexandra Caldas

0:55. 1:38. 4:55. 6:12. 7:26. 8:18. 9:29

zeyneb kılıç

Could you please add Turkish subtitles

Зифанур Фахрутдинова


Pengangguran Anarkis

Day 1: 31

Hi meet karylle

it looks me small because of my legs lol..n

a r i e l





Gonna do this- start: I can’t measure them but it takes two hands to go around them

Day 1: finished
Day 2: they look a tiny bit smaller i finished the workout


12/25 Day1 : ✅
12/26 Day2 : ✅
12/27 Day3 : ✅

Haikyuu Hub

Damn the comments really said

✨T H I C C✨

Eamon Cohen

她的美腳,好想能用觸覺,嗅覺,視覺 去慢慢品嚐。最好能fj 就好了。

Envy Ake

My calf size cause me one of my biggest challenge in life about my looks. I never wear calf revealing clothes, im afraid to go to the beach with binikis. It ruins my confidence so i really hope it works.


Doing this for 7 days

my calves isn't big, it's a actually a normal size for my body but this exercise is included in her program in straight 7 days so I'm doing it lmao

r: 32 cm
l: 32.3

day 1: ☑️
day 2: ☑️ I don't do the last 2 exercises because I don't have that thing
day 3: ☑️
day 4: ☑️ honestly this workout feels like a stretch, which targets the calves, I love it lmao
day 5:
day 6:
day 7:


truongthi tin

Let's begin this exercise for 7 days
Day1: Done

Irmak Temizkan

İ start 23 january 2021
Can u like comment to i dont forget

Yuxin Chen

I have genetically inherited big and muscular calves and I’ve always been very insecure about them :(. I already tried a lot of stretches to slim them down but nothing worked, so I’m going to try these for seven days and see how it goes.

Left calve: 31,7cm Right calve: 31,5cm
Day 1. ✨

Aygün Salmanova

1+ 35

Anti Beats

My gay ass trying to get smaller calves lol

Betül G

Merhaba hadi bakalım başlayalım ??
Alt bacak 36 cm
1 gün:?
2 gün:?
3 gün:?
4 gün:?
5 gün:
6 gün:
7 gün:

deep kaur

My legs are already thin but its not straightening up while doing workout.. please Help.

Minh Chinh Hồ



day 1 : ✔️
day 2: ✔️

Chen Sue

Just do it?
Day 1 : clear
Day 2 : not clear
Day 3 : clear
Day 4 : clear
Day 5 : clear

Aidays Del AguilaR

¿Porqué quieren tener pantorrillas delgadas?, están locas!!!!

Anaswara Raghu

Day 0: 34.2cm
Day 1:✅

Nicola Phia

這有效。 我在哭 謝謝韓 ?

Ceci Ebot-Ntui

0:53 self stamp but feel free to useee :)

G. H

Day 1 : Done, no foam...
Day 2 : Done

Slender D.

Thank you now i can look like Jon Bones Jones


hey besties commenting here so I’ll be able to keep track!
day 1: 32cm & 34cm
day 10: 32cm & 31cm

Yul Man

Sesak napas gw anjing??.

Queenie Davin

Very effective, haha I am amazed the first time i do this. Nice thanks

Зифанур Фахрутдинова

0:51 начало тренировки ?

zeyneb kılıç

Could you please add Turkish subtitles

How to Lose Muscle On Purpose

How to Lose Muscle On Purpose24 Feb. 2018
7 263

Have you ever wondered how

Have you ever wondered how to lose muscle on PURPOSE? Most people are trying to gain muscle, and muscle is HEALTHY. But when you have more muscle than is needed for a particular sport, comfort, joint integrity, or confidence, then here is a simple formula for losing muscle and losing mass intentionally.

Work with Me:

Group Coaching:




Comments (17)
Tattoo Enthusiast

I look bulky as hell so I need to lose a good amount of muscle

Blade 172

I have big thighs and I want to get them smaller can you help?

Josh Meep

Hey, quick question here, can this be applied on a targeted muscle group,for example if I have bulky legs but a lean upper body how can I maintain my lean upper body but reduce leg muscle bulk....I am willing to do anything at this point ?

Hiba Zahid

My problem is i have muscle(medium or light) on my shoulders,arms because of intense dancing i did not go to gym etc i want my selender shoulders, v neck line back!!
Someone help me!!!!
I had body sturcture like rose(blackpink) but only my shoulders changed cuz of dancing. I am so sad now
Please give me any advice!?????


How long will this take to work

Josh Meep

If I did steady state cardio,like I was able to walk on a treadmill for between 3-4 hours daily in a calorific deficit would this aid in reduction of leg muscle because my legs are too it possible to do this and also preserve upper body muscle, if so how would I do that.....what are my options here is what I am asking...legs too big upper body perfect. Need to preserve upper body but get rid of leg muscle please help me what do I do, I am in a caloric deficit

sksjkswj jssjs

Will this work for men?

Que' Watkins

I really want to lose muscle in the legs

Sevda Aydemir

My muscle mass percentage is 37,4% that’s too much for me


Im just gonna eat a fucking carrot a day, and lay on the floor crying myself dehydrated. Wish me luck.

Sevda Aydemir

I want you to be my pt

Nelson Sanchez

I weigh 250. Mostly muscle and I need to drop down to 190 for the air force??gonna be running forever

Que' Watkins

Please can you help

Wayno Wateka

Can we talk and you can help me out please

Min Goan

How about if it’s my deltoid, my shoulders too big I look like a man

renee Vaughn

I'm confused so what if your natural tone and you want to decrease ?

Mad Qidaas

i really want to reduce my chest muscle, i mean my pecs because its too big because i was doing push ups then i really regreted doing it, it makes me uncomfortable. Does doing cardio like running or jogging for 1 hour everyday will help me reduce the size of my pecs?

Best Workout To Lose Thigh Fat

Best Workout To Lose Thigh Fat27 Nov. 2017
1 282 069
Jump Rope DudesSubscribe 438 721





Best Workout To Lose Thigh Fat

Today's workout:

30 seconds - jump rope sprint in place

30 seconds - air squats

30 seconds - jump rope double unders

30 seconds - squat hold

30 seconds - jump rope sprint in place

30 seconds - front lunges

30 seconds - jump rope double unders

30 seconds - jumping lunges


Follow The Jump Rope Dudes:


WHOOP TEAM ► (team code "COMM-JUMPRP")







Comments (100)
Legend Gaming

Is this exercise working?

Yun Lo

So if i intake 1,500 calories i have to burn 1,600 a day to burn more than i intake?


Does this make u taller?

tarraf mohsen

Bro i can't do a double under ? i tried but i couldn't do it

Firru Techno

Hello dude

Sahil Jatav

Really brother iam trying amazing exercise ????


will this workout routine make my butts bigger?cause i just want to lose fat in thiccs but dont want a big ass lol

Daniel Miguel

How about calf muscles


Why are you doing this in a car park

Make Joke Of Funny

you are reaching 1 million soon cpngratulation in advance


Hell I just wanna get rid of some of my thigh fat so they'll stop rubbing together and causing me pain ?

Spec Agent 6

I agree with the jump rope but the squats doesn’t that mean you gain thigh muscle? If so I’m just not going to do that I’m just trying to fit into my designer jeans i can’t let those hundreds of dollar jeans go to waste


Hey, does this also reduce butt and calf size?


Sir is jumping with rope necessary or without the rope we can do


What if i got soorness in my leg . Is the effect of soorness is good or bad ?


im a thiccly fat boi, i always sit on the edge of the seat and use anything to cover them thighs

SquirelL• sɛ7ɛռ

Wasn't air squats making boody bigger !?


I wonder why this video got dislikes ? haters ever where for everyone

Alvin Ho

I am skinny but my thighs are fat dammit


Is running and cycling also good ?

Aarush Chandra

finally i can feel good to know there a lotta people like me ?

hemungshew borgohain

anyone noticed that he was wearing ripped jeans?

Denish Ramnarain

thanks for this great workout video by the way i am 17 years old, can someone please tell me how many times and how often i have to do these workouts ?

Abdul arshan

Thank you so much

Mr. Beast

I am 3 months ago 96kg iam going to gym after 3month now weight 81kg I am so happy

Lone Wolf

Damn, the jumping lounges.. I hadn't tried those yet. They really seem to help.

daniel solomon

Idk what to do man, lose fat so fast on upper body, but the lower barely changes and I want to lose fat not gain any more muscles because I have more than enough on my legs......

Zaki Tukale

How many times a day

big pp

Being skinny and having thicc thighs is really a pain. Eating less makes me loose my gains on my upper body but then bulking makes my thighs bigger

Abhishek.G.S kidilam

My workout
First: rest
Second: sleep
Third: take a nap
Fourth:close your eyes and lay down
easy workout to lose thigh fat

Prajwal Gurnule

I m 15 so should I do this?

Medo _

My thighs are big and I have knock knees , will this affect my work out ?

Aalian The Savage

Thicc boi squad


Does it even matter what rope you use?

Ahnaf Inan

U are working with Nike air force 1s on feet?

Lakhi Bora

Learned a lot about making video and idea from you brother. Keep up the good work! I too just started to make videos on youtube. Feel free to check them up and find flaws and suggestions :)


I'll start doing this from today onwards

Tekakirinkushi Mishidozi

Does this work For my ? too?

AH Z93

I remember last year All of my friend in school luaghing at me because of my fat thigh. I was 83KG .
Now I am 69 KG with muscles and I have almost the best body in my class ...

Anuj Barthwal

U have to do that in sets or is it only 1 time a day?

Jeevan Salian

Best exercises ?


whats the best workout for legs if u have really bad knees

ashim kandel

who are in lockdown for losing fat ???

Soviet Tanker

will this help to make legs stronger to? and how often do you recomend to do this?

Influ FF

Eyy potato thighs / Thicc thigh gang hit da like button m8s

Christian Abban

Great content man. I used to bike when I was a kid daily, and when I stopped around 12 or 13, I've had the biggest thigh since, I'm now 15 and tryna get rid of the fat muscle


I’m on my fourth rep I hope I don’t die ?
Edit: I’m on my fifth if I’m gonna do this everyday I need some motivation
Edit: I’m done with the workout for today and I’m probably gonna be very sore


Did this work?

Johny Depp

Which shoes you are wearing


Man just did this for the first time and i want to say thank you. Its not hard for someone who excersice daily and its really easy but you can feel the pain in your thighs and that means this actually works. You are a legend mate thank you

Mika Felix

I like your shoes bro, whats the brand?

Avinish Sharma

Thank you sir


Isn’t it mussels


I am one THICC boy and I do NOT like it. When you said "what's up ladies and gentlemen" I might as well have been told what's up twice. I am physically average but christ. My legs are insulting me. Thank you very much :)

I am not a chicken nugget


Molten Liquid

Google said squats makes your thing bigger and muscular and i want mine to be thin so does this excercise make your thigh thin?

Patil Vivek

Is it really effective

Angel Ortega

I came here to lose butt fat and thigh fat... the squats tho

suman tiwari

I broke my skipping rope
Actually it wore out?

Malik Kart

What would you advise if you want to implement cycling in your workout ?

NxP Trypin

rest of my bodies skinny weird


My thighs fat as hell

Queso Vadotas

So this works?

suma k

Bro this your first video I saw and felt to watch more
My name is Nandan

Surya Teja

So basically we need to wear knee cutout pants to stop it from tearing out ,but actually for free movement of thighs though

Anyways the video is really gonna help lose thigh fat I'm sure try these


Bro how long until results
Plz reply

stephani3 the phytoplankton

The recent weight I gained has been in my legs

GAP Tooth

But squats are gonna make your legs bigger I searched it up so like yh I don’t think this is gonna work

Anmol Singh

Hey Dude
We have to wear supporter during this workout pls tell??

J P Does stuff

A few more pounds and I could be in the next cardi b music video.


Do you sell ropes for people taller than 6'3 because all the ropes I buy are too small

Jay Jay

Coronavirus quarantine got me eating all the snacks I have to stop

Jotaro Kujo

My legs are pretty jacked and muscular but my thighs are way to fat for my age. Thanks for helping me out man

Simon Gilmore

I have major thigh fat, but I am limited to the exercise I can do. What do you recommend for low impact?

Taskmaster 1063

the coach is fatter than me though

Sandhya Sandhya

I think when I stand I am like this( ) when I sit I am like this( )

Amir Khan

I do squat hold everday in my bathroom...???


( ) ( )

180_ Big.Boxley

I’m never gonna loose weight bruh

Anas Habib

Why r. Supporting illuminati

Kishor Dodke

What to do not eat

Louis Holmes

I don’t know how to jump rope...

J P Does stuff

I gotta do this, I'm turning into one thicc bih

CrazyBoss 01

Doesn’t this add muscle and make your thighs bigger instead of smaller

Wez Okeeffe

How are my thighs so fat anyway all I do is sit down or sleep

James Grimaldi

Guess I won’t be walking for a week

Tony Troum

I was a sprinter in track and field 100m and 200m and my legs are really strong but I have big thighs and that’s a problem when wearing jeans

Macedonian GangsteR

I am bit underweight and i can't do front Lunges as right. Can i first start only whit jumps and air squads and squad longs? How many times in day i should practice training?


How long until results?

Chance Blevins

Whaaaaat no potato salad lol


how many times i have to do this workout? 3/4/5 times / week?

Music Tune

I pray who ever reads this becomes successful


My body from waist down looks like a Pregnant ladys.

Ms Mamā

How much thigh weight will I lose if i do this for 2 months with a diet and protein shake?


Is it safe to do everyday ?


Can’t wait to be the man of my relationship

Firru Techno

I am jumping rope since I month is it helps to increase my height

Semi Mingyu

May thighs only getting bulky :'<

its jyo

Due to this work out I got knee pain hw cn I reduce it


Can’t jump rope...