Haircuts for men over 60

Hair Styling Tips for Older Men to Add Volume

Hair Styling Tips for Older Men to Add Volume4 Jul. 2018
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Guys, in this video, I

Guys, in this video, I show you how I personally style my hair to add more volume using a hair dryer. These tips can also work if you have thinning hair. Keep in mind that I'm not a hair loss or thinning hair expert, and I'm also not a professional hair stylist. This is just my own personal method of how I style my hair to add volume and hold.

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Comments (63)
Richland Zee

Dude are you straight? I'm gay with somewhat decent hair at 48 but I never bother to go through all that trouble! But you do look good. Guess I'm just a little sloppy. I do comb my hair after shower but I just prefer not to put anything on it. Well maybe a lil aloe vera gel (supposedly good for your hair) and thats it.


Another great video! Going longer when older perhaps is an option to try!

Mr ClassicMetal

Maybe you could've featured someone with thinning hair in this video. Most teenagers probably don't have the volume you have naturally.

Identity Crisis Band 805 Ventura County

Just wanted to know how you get that V shape beard look

Mark Hoffman

I can only watch this in somewhat envy. I had hair many years ago to do things with. Today I have hair again. However, it's on my face. I grew my beard pretty long. It may not be fashionable but I'm enjoying it. I've always enjoyed dressing well. This is why I'm watching this channel... thanks


I'm very grateful that I still have a decent amount of hair however, my hair is baby fine and even the slightest amount of thinning looks worse than it probably is. It would be nice to see what you'd do and recommend for guys who are not blessed with a head of hair that looks like yours.

Jim S

of course...Pete and Pedro shit from another snake oil you look in the mirror is beyond me.  Always pushing product.  Toxic shit no less.  Smarten up your own homework, and forget these pitch people


Absolutely gorgeous hair man ?‍? I'll soon have hair like yours as I'm having a hair system fitted just as soon as this bloody period of doom is over ?

Giovanni Anderson

loved the video. day, seeing you with the black shirt, the dark color really sets off your light coloring. the other video you did about shoes you are wearing a light colored shirt and you looked washed out. there is something to be said about colors.?. maybe a topic for a future video? you are very fair..I am too. I stay away from white around my face as I get washed out. thanks!

Mher Sarkissian

Do this if you want to lose whatever is left of your hair lol!

NYC Entrepreneur

Unfair! You already have great hair

lubricentro hotrod

Riding a motorcycle it's hard to have hair like that. I always use and everyone must use a helmet


Back in my 20's I can remember my stylist having to use thinning shears on my hair. Ahh the good old days. As you said I am lucky to still have hair though it's thinner than it used to be. I now take a Biotin supplement both in an oral form and and a topical that you spray on and massage into your scalp. I also use Nioxin hair products.I do believe they help.( Very little hair in the shower drain anymore) I normally have straight hair but to give the illusion of volume is I get perms. I have always preferred curly hair over straight so it works for me. I leave it straight and short on the back and sides and just perm the top. It also cuts my getting ready time considerably as all I have to do is wet it , use some hair thickening gel, comb it out and I'm ready to roll. BTW I like your beard and hairstyle on your profile pic . When was it taken?

Michael Babyak


Benjamin Nielsen

Hey dude, nice videos. How do you get your hair cut? I mean how do you describe to your barber the exact way you want it cut in a way they will understand? I have a very difficult time getting my hair cut right - short on the back and sides, with longer hair on the front and some big volume going up and forward (like old school Rockabilly hairstyle) Can you help? Also, I have the sea salt spray and that layrite cement, but I never liked it. However, I will try this method with the hair dryer here and see what results I can get. Thanks.

Michael Duran

Nice production value.

Blackbird 1090

Would have rather you demonstrated this on someone actually with the thinning hair condition.

Mark Atchison

Actually thought it looked better and more youthful kinda messy and falling forward . But your lucky to have nice hair nonetheless.

Effortless Gent

Great video! I just did this same exact thing a few days ago. Seems like we have more or less the same process.

I've never tried using Layrite's Cement Clay as a prestyler though, usually as a finished product. That's interesting, gotta try that.

I also used to use the salt spray as a prestyler but I worried about the lack of heat protectant so now I use something that specifically has heat protectant built in. But I love the grit and texture the salt spray gives.

Anyway awesome vid!


you seriously need more views! This is exactly what was looking for, thanks and keep it up.

DJ London

Um. Good result!


For a long time I always went with the bald fade, even as my hair started to receding around my late 20s. Now I am embracing the Nick Fury look.

Michael JonesDougherty.

I use to gel and always have product in my hair over time my hair changed & dryed out but took me 2 years or more to get my hair NICE .?


I really enjoy your videos keep it up !!!!

Carlos Estevam

You are great buddy!

Dee Gee

Power tool - I like that...

Joe Rutherford

Great tips. I agree with what you said in a previous video. "Own your gray". I have and I think it can be distinctive and stylish. Love the content of all of your videos.

Gavin Halewood

I felt compelled to leave you a comment and sub.
I started going grey at 19, im 38 now and my hair is the same colour , length thickness as yours.
Thank you for your tips.
You look great Sir, you own it.

T Martin

Today I came across your Youtube channel and subscribed.Really enjoying your style and hair tips..Thank you

Michael Miller

You have beautiful hair, but that sure is a lot of work!


Well done. Good information and good hair.

Begum Sahiba

Love your face expressions ???

Dee Gee

We have identical hair so I must be rocking it! Keep it up - love the vids

G Peeps

Sick hair

John Brown

Thanks for the hair tips, been thinking of growing it out and the products and process will help, what hairspray do you use?

Tom George

I agree 100% about owning your gray hair. I'd love it if my hair was completely gray (or salt & pepper), but it's not. The gray seems to come in patches, not consistent. I use a gray darkening product only for a more consistent color. Any better suggestion? I love your videos. I made many mistakes not wearing age appropriate clothes before I found your videos.


Nice hair!


Great Video. Thank you for posting.


Love this style!!! Have been looking for a new style, and I think I just found it! ❤️❤️

Frank Egnezzo

Fantastic I purchased the sea salt, and also that Conair Infiniti Power tool , very informative...?

The Crusader

You have cool hair & I like your hairstyle. I think “over 40s” should realize a cool hairstyle brings us into the present & alleviates our age from dating us. I think as we age our hair loses its boyancy & volume thus, older men should go for the shorter hairstyles....which you have done. There are many many cool short hairstyles for men. When I was younger I used to wear a longer puffier hairstyle, now I fade it & have a short messy look on top. Thanks for all you do....

BK Jesswinn

thanks great advice


I am really enjoying this channel! Thank you! One tip that I would like to pass on is to have links to the products and clothing etc..that you use. Would be super helpful to click and buy, just like you have for the camera gear you use. Thanks for creating great content! Keep it up!

Robert Wong

Nice hair are handsome

Michael JonesDougherty.

Your hairs gr8 thanks for shareing . Always looking to style my hair diffrent for my age at 43yo & sadly thining but i use stuff to trick the eye

Mundo Gio

feel you an older man? i don't thing so

Brent Dickson

What hair dryer and brush are you using? So many options...

Carrie McGuire

Awesome video and good tips! YESS to the power tool!


Thanks John. My hair is almost there with enough length on top to look "John Cool". I will probably have to straighten it because I have too many waves and it tends to riptide on me. Thanks for your videos and all the great advice. Your the best!

Amber Abundantly Favoured

Round brushing or directing hair with thou power tool. I love the style.


Ever worry about some of your products clogging your hair follicles that would prevent future growth?? Also, do you take and use special shampoos and vitamins, like Biotin, to promote growth??

Derek Kent

Never thought of seeing a hairdryer as a power tool!
If Snap-On made a hairdryer I'd be using it every day! Great videos

Alberto Bello

Love your hair!

Douglas Daher

too many products on your hair.

Dave N

The faster you come to grips with hair loss, the happier you will be. Shaved my head, the women love to touch , and It as masculine as a man can be. Confidence over the top. And you don't have to primp and product

Reggie C

You are very fortunate to have a full head of hair. I'm jealous because my hair has thinned on top over the years. Very nice! Thank you, John.

Thomas Stewart

It must be nice...

Old Man In A Boxster

Good tips, mate. I have what my hairdresser once called "Chinese baby" hair, ie it grows arrow straight out of my head in all directions. So without a significant amount of product and effort, it does whatever it wants to. Right, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy a hair dryer.

Fabian Amaro

Wow... I was missing this video.... great tips....really need it !!thank you!!

Richard Gildein

How short are your sides? A 1/2%?

peter dockrill

I started losing my hair 20 years ago but for some reason not got any worse. Your hair looks pretty cool though

Katy Bauer

I am in the process of growing my hair out, the top of my hair, in front, will pull past the tip of my nose if I pull it down in front. My problem is the longer it gets the harder I find it is to get any volume or lift on top. I would love to have the height that you get, what product(s) do you recommend to help with volume/height? I see the salt spray, and I will try that, but I find that when I put any sort of clay in my hair it really weighs it down. Any suggestions?

Asif Mahmood

Please this is not necessary for you and us to mention what camera, tripod, gimbal etc you have used, this video is all about hair styling so please mention all the products you used on your hairs.

Regular short mens haircut made easy with Ed The Barber

Regular short mens haircut made easy with Ed The Barber7 Jan. 2015
441 236

This is a 3 1/2 on the

This is a 3 1/2 on the sides and back scissor cutting the top. A regular short can be done with a 5-o 1 1/2 2 or what ever blade size your client wants. Follow the steps, count and make money!!!

Comments (100)
AEMZ mom

Thank you!

Real Inez

His beard is awesome ?


To blurry, makes me dizzy. Too rushed!

Mr.Hanafi GITU2

are u "high"?

E. Gonzales

Good job

Jayce Silva

Is it closed open like be specific with the guards or no gaurds

owen hull

It is mesmerizing to watch such a master cut hair. I would love to have a gentlemen like this barber in my area to cut my hair. You are a true master sir. One question please. What length (in inches) was the hair on the top when you were all done. I now you said you used a #2 on the sides.

Lady Tara

Best one I've seen

Brys 89

Bro ur focus is off couldn't watch the video messing with my eyes

Mohammad R KP

I did not like it just because the quality of the video was very bad, but the work of the hairdresser was great. Please re-record


Too bad it’s so blurry!


you need to fire your cinematographer

Tom Bartlett

Sack the cameraman.

Ryan VanDyke

Bro no hate but why you rush through that guys cut? I really feel like it could have been polished much better. The dude looked uncomfortable the whole cut.

Michael Roush

Please show us how to do it while holding mirror in one hand?

Doug Robinson

Great barber, bad camera person.

Blu F.

Whatever man


I'm trying to watch videos so I can cut my husband's hair during this stupid shutdown. This looks like his haircut but it's so dang fast and blurry. ARRRRRRRGHHHH! I have to keep searching now.


A filmagem merece um Oscar rs

Pierre Sourivong


Lougene Lampasona

out of focus, terrible, couldn't follow at all!!!


Why so blurry.

A.d.100 %guate

your so loud sir


Nice job Ed, you break it down to easy steps along with corrections if needed.

Keep up teaching and paying it forward.



Sami El Deghal

Calm down, everyone has their own style not everyone has to cut like you. However I do respect the hussel, my guy can cut real fast

James Wainne

....this guy is to cock sure of himself...he should be working with sheep.....there would be a lot to say about the way he works....but let it rest...

john Mutton

That is rough!

Alper Gok

You record with a potato or what?

Haircuts by Jon G.

still a dope video nonetheless

Josh Antebi Official

I love how short and full of information this video is


Very informative. Short and to the point. If it was out of focus, I never noticed. I was trying to take in what he was doing and saying..


Can't stand intense people cutting my hair

Cherry Top

Not helpful at all. Blurry, you're going too fast.

Mohammad Sohail

Devoted...dedicated skillllled..barber keep going. Like lightening good work buddy


for me going to get my hair cut is more scary than going to a surgery table but this guy i would trust to cut my hair ,he is a maestro on mens hair, i give him 3 AAA

bijan vk

change your stupid camera man! video quality is blur !!!

tilley Schmolph

Good haircut

Alex Irving

Focus killed it for me..

Hoai Huynh

I hope your haircut quality is better than your video quality.

Sam Sonny

Very educative in just 9 minutes ?

Satyanarayana Mysore

It is is exactly the way I would like to have a hair cut for myself . No lines of demarcation A perfect gentleman's haircut.

Kamal Rebti

Please, what is the name of this shaver


How can you teach if you clipper over comb so fast lol

Mano Cornuta

Thank you! It doesn't matter that Video is out of focus - You told me everything I want to know ! Good work!

chi lee

I may blind , hahaha , focus awful

The Indian

Very very onest barbr..??


great cut thank you

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Good job ??

Dona Watkins

excellent instruction even though the video is blurry. Thanks!


Top is messed up. This customer has THICK HAIR ON TOP which needed to be thinned w/ C-Mon 44/20 thinners, instead of cutting it so short on top that the poor customer needs spray to get it to lay right.


Bad haircut,the front is terrible

Joed Metal

Just amazing ever seen and so much detail on how to cut ....thank you so much


A Real Pro !!!


Great cut

Cannontrek F

Too rushed and annoying!

Ricky Flores

Good ass teacher but lots of blur thoe

Barry Duggan

Jesus dude, relax and take your time. Cutting hair shouldn't feel like a race!


Good blend technical super easy and


Great Haircut Ed. I came here because I'm tired of leaving the shop showing all those cut lines and that back "hard line" you so expertly avoided. Didn't have this problem so much when I was younger, still have a full head of hair. What's up with that, nobody knows how to cut hair anymore? Was thinking I can do it better myself. I probably can, just not as good as you.

Eduardo Frias

Good job. I like how you cut. A barber has to be able to cut all hair types and style. Very good

Kudret Bey

high speed low quality

Mimi break

Talk too much..

Howard Manley

Great looking cut thanks

Dino Crew

Thanks for sharing my husband needs haircut and I need some advice! I don’t know how, I’m getting nervous ? ?5/26/20

Nick Daskalakis

You’re a very good barber mate ??

ИРИНА Богданова

Good day!I'm Irina from Russia, Murmansk, accidentally got on your video and now look .I am a beautician and hairdresser, I have a big request to you, please sponsor me your tools that you no longer use : a Barber clipper for cutting hair on your head , scissors that you no longer use . The second request: to introduce me to a single man of American age 58-70 years for family life, I'm 54 years old .My mail : [email protected]

Rod H

Now that's a good haircut..great tapering!

Marleen G.

Best video for haircutting a regular men's cut out there! This one has helped me the most of all YT videos on cutting hair. It made us want to do dad's hair, now with quarantine. He will be coming to us (me and mom, down in the garage) for the 4th time this year for his "home cut". He likes it even better than going to his barber and that is saying a lot. Thank you so much for this video, Ed, and Kim!

Bernardo Courrege

Talks too much but cut isn't good at all.

Tomi Igo

front still too long and thick

Sara Nagh

Thank u, guys I Did learn a thing or two. Even tho I have been buzzing my own hair most of my life, already, still never too old to pick up or re-pick up something new.

William Sweeney

Your voice and delivery reminds me of an old Gunnery Sergeant I had.

kimchi Tran

Super fast and nice. Thank you for sharing.

Cole Bright

Can this work on taller men as well?

Patty Melt

You sound like you’re from Philly.


out of focus. how do you screw it up?

jae one

Meth is hella of a drug

jae one

Great video except can't see shit focus is messed up besides you just zoomed through his cut just an average cut lack of quality...and that isn't good


Ed is rockin' the beard

P. Bhatia

Thank you ! ?????

햇빛찬란 애니Sunshine Annie

Thanks -this is very good one!! Let me try this for my lovely hubby♥

Pixelated Icon

Not good info really.

John Clark

This would be considered too loud in England United Kingdom.. PLUS,, You could cut that guys hair with a knife & fork & it would still look O.K.

Judy Hughes

Nice cut!

Angi S.

That's informative but I wished the video was focused well to the head and not the background, too bad

Angelo Gman

Horrible video!! All I heard was talking and it was all blurry!!


Very bad camara man??????????????.....

Ronnie Duffey

It would help to know. the size of the blades

Henry A. Thurman Jr.

Do it over with a better focusing camera.

Venkatesh Bagal

This is what every barber in every barber shop in India does. ? Easy and quick. Well looks easy, mind you.

Pearl * Tears

Holy cow! Hedid that first part in like 1 minute and 35 seconds.

Joe Hollyrock

I hope they gave the customer earplugs....

A Thomas

Too rushed and out of focus.

Zulfikran Zulmos

out of focus

Raswin Ugalde

I need a eye glasses

Debbie Terrill



What's the point if you can't see it.


Out of focus, don't like it not even.


Very rushed tutorial. Were you thinking this was a TikTok?