How to look cute without makeup

How to Look Cute: 25 Tips to Look Cute and Melt Any Guy’s Heart Effortlessly (Easy Tips)

How to Look Cute: 25 Tips to Look Cute and Melt Any Guy’s Heart Effortlessly (Easy Tips)28 Jun. 2018
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How to Look Cute - 25

How to Look Cute - 25 Tips to Look Cute and Melt Any Guy’s Heart Effortlessly

How to look cute? Here are 25 Tips to Look Cute and Melt Any Guy’s Heart Effortlessly. Want to be cute chicks that can make a guy go weak in his knees? Watch this video about 25 cute flirty ways on how to look cute and melt a guy’s heart instantly.

#1. Don’t try to look sexy. Don’t behave in a sexy manner if you want to look cute.Cute is fragile and nervous. Sexy is confidence and oomph. They don’t mix too well.

#2. Pastel shades. Avoid bold colors in your wardrobe unless they’re subtle and blended with other colors. Pastels are softer on the eyes and they make you look soft and cuddly.

#3. Shift your weight. Don’t stand firm in one spot when you’re standing and talking to a guy. Shift your weight from one foot to another now and then.

#4. Play with your hair while talking to him. Tease your curls or let your fingers caress your tresses, especially when you’re thinking or deciding on something. You can also tuck a few strands of hair behind your ear when you feel awkward.

#5. Minimal makeup. A lot of makeup can make you look sexy or glamorous. You’re not trying to be a seductress, so avoid heavy makeup. Stick with subtle hues and nude shades to enhance your innocence.

#6. Speak softly. Don’t speak in a loud voice when you’re talking to a guy. Instead, speak in a soft, low tone. And smile just a little bit every time you say something to him.

#7. Be fun. Always look at the bright side in life. Be happy and you’ll have a cheerful and positive face that draws people.

#8. Smile. A lot. A girl who smiles always seems more warm and approachable than girls who behave like snobs. Smile a lot.

#9. Learn to blush. Instead of punching a guy in his arm or shrugging your shoulders, blush coyly when you’re complimented instead of taking it in your stride.

#10. Don’t dominate the conversation. A cute girl is rather shy. You may be smart and clever, but play along with the conversation and let the guy take the lead in asking you questions or making conversations.

#11. Subtle down. While a quiet girl may intimidate a guy at first because he wouldn’t know what to talk about, he’ll feel more confident in the conversation as the minutes tick by. And the more comfortable you make a guy feel, the more he’ll fall for you.

#12. You can be shy. Don’t try to be bold all the time. If you’re a naturally shy girl, it would be easy for you to look cute all the time.

#13. Be subtly mischievous. Pull his leg and have a lively laugh out of the blue when you’re talking to a guy. You’ll look so cute!

#14. Your attire. Wear soft, flimsy fabrics that flow or drape over your body instead of dressing up in crisp, sharp clothes.

#15. The way you sit. Keep your feet together and bring your hands close together near your knees when you’re sitting with a guy and having a conversation. You’ll look cute without even trying.

#16. Awkwardness. It’s alright to feel awkward around a guy. In fact, that’ll make you look cuter. Instead of concealing your awkwardness, use it to your advantage.

#17. Your gaze. Look down at your own feet coyly now and then in the middle of the conversation, and he’ll pursue you harder.

#18. Watch your hands. Don’t move your hands about while talking to a guy. Keep them by your sides, or even better, interlace your fingers in front of your tummy.

#19. Nod more than just your face. Be fluid and flexible in your movements. Slightly move your back along with your facial movements when you nod an affirmative while talking to a guy.

#20. Eye contact. Don’t fix your eyes onto his when you’re talking to a guy for any more than a few seconds. While confidence may make your intentions clear, playing cute and coy will make him work harder to get you to stare back into his eyes.

#21. Don’t pretend to be stupid. A few girls may assume that guys like silly girls. While a guy may like that for the first few minutes, he’ll be bored in no time. Stupid is not cute. And don’t baby talk either. You’ll become annoying.

#22. Soft hairstyle. Anything delicate makes you look cuter. Soft hairstyles that flow with your waves or even straight down your shoulder delicately make you look naturally sweet and cute.

#23. Don’t be aggressive in your body language. Mute any exaggerated gestures and hand movements. Be gentle in your body language and delicate in your movements.

#24. Floral perfumes. Wear sweet smelling perfumes that aren’t too rich or sensual. Fragrances that smell sweet and fruity add to your cute persona.

#25. Sound cute. This may seem funny, but make cute noises when you bump into something or trip accidentally. A soft ouch or an oww makes you seem so much cuter.

These 25 tips on how to look cute are all you need to impress a guy in the very first glance and melt his heart. Use these tips and watch his interest in you peak in the very next conversation.

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Jell Sanchi

I want to be cute. Also for a boy that seems me cute so I can be their girl.

greedy feline



I’m literally none of this, and i’m glad i’m not. This sounds so boring wtf how would a boy fall for this. Like seriously just be yourself.

soma mukherjee

but its quite false because i have worked so hard to marry abhishek? he has another girlfriend ??

sassy dk

Basically, guys don't like girls playing with there hairs

Rashmi Meshram

How to look cute and melt any guy's heart:
Be a girly girl

Nanami Werner

I can't blush..did you think about how black girls should do that? Cause I'm black..T-T

Margarita Vlogs

Why I hane to be shy (Why I have to be fake)

Shepherd Mitchell

Adults can't be cute ? it's only young children who are cute (0-9 yr olds). Adults can be good looking or hot but not "cute"


uh am doing this for my gf-

Nahar SAG

I always behaves like this...
I am soo lucky that, all in my school loves me soo much..???

cookie monster

You can't win a guy's heart with makeup we love natural beauty

Fur tails

What if you dont have hair?

Cindy Le


Samruddhi Wagh

Please make video on how to sounds cute.. ?

Sally Versace

They're basically just saying to be an anime character

Melina Thomas

This describes me by 90%?

Abdus Samad

Dont hear to this fucking things be ur self

Tahreem Zahir

smiling is not cute!

Devil Queen

Nice but alittle attractive


This is not effortless :(((((((

Fishy_ McNugget69

Im 11

Ramjot Kaur

I will try this to my Crush let's see it works or not and I am 14 years old

Kenya Carter


Dalia Shaheen

me waiting for cancer 3rd wave femminist to attack

mik mik

I speak so soft and low and that's my problem.☹️

Aniket Srivastava

Who told u all guyz like cute girls some also like girls who look tall and r just nice in there own way

Adreeta Shikder

Why is this sexist shit on my recommendations eww

Susan Angami

I did the same expersions to my crush and we are in relationship now .

Lucia Mawrie

I m doing this for my crush. He said that he wanted to talk with me but I'm so scared that I would go n say stupid things. So i didn't go. ???

Pan Pan :3

I dont know how to blush btw ._.

Boa Hancock

I'm here because my crush said he wants cute girls ?

The Star Bunny -Nilakshi

Don't try to be fake everyone is unique in their way..

Verónica Gonzales

If you want to melt any guy's heart, you have to be yourself. You don't have to speak softly, you only have to be yourself!! Any man can realice that you are pretending to be cute.. If your voice is not soft he can realice that you are not being yourself.


The fastest way is to BE YOU

Beautiful Chan

Yahooo at least my smile is the prettiest I've ever seen

Ling xoxo

Person aaaa..

Minal Siddiqui

Trick no.1 Have a cute face


Be real be you then u will find a right one for u ?
Dont be fake pls....

anony mous

I'm too ugly sorry

Fuck Off I'm not in the mood

To bad I'm black u cant see blush, hair behind the ear never would work. I'm not romantic at all ????

jho Sa

No.26:be yourself

Anosha Hafeez

These things are naturally on me but I always feel I am a dumb or shy

ᴀʟɪᴄᴇ 。

The sad part is I already do all of this

E Honey

I thought she said Wash your hands at tip #18 Lmaoo

Trinity diamond

What just happent?

DaisyBell !

imagine looking like a dried potato nd having standards like jeon jungkook... i am gonna be lonely forever. hahahha


Yeah I am also a boyfriend

One in a Million

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Does anyone else suffer from a chronic uglyness?


Uhhh ummm good I guess?

Your Queen

I would have a boyfriend but I'm suffering from ugliness.???

laurabsaucin '

Boiiii this shit stupid amm outta here

Lavi a

Nice ideas

Lambodar Singh


Ayesha Shah

0:15 "how to look cute and melt a gu-y-u-y-y-y"

Tara Linneman

Tone down your personality, be demure, don’t talk to much, and be an anime character. Got it.

kiran birdi did I get here but even though I liked it....but first I have to loose some weight to look cute ?????!!!!


"Learn to blush"
I don't need to. I blush at literally EVERYTHING, and I'm kinda stressed out because of it


Live who you are....

Bitaniya Amsalu

This character seems like the anime miss Honda from fruits basket


Number six be like: Your mom just died. * Smiles *

Taslima Shaikh

First u say that play with Ur hair then u say that don't move Ur hands
Plz stick to one thing

soma mukherjee

i did the same and now abhishek is my husband lucky

cali dolan

PLEASE HELP! i am so ugly i want to be so cute please make me so cuten cute ? my babe my crush no like me ?!! i smell like cat food and look like shrek ?

CanWeGetSome ClapsInTheChat

Number 17.

Your gay

Irrelevant Being

Number 1: don’t be confident BE INSECURE!!!!?

Shuichi please step on me

I'm already cute why am I watching this-

Fuck Off I'm not in the mood

Eww this vid is truly disturbing


Yeah I am also a boyfriend

sathish kumar

In tamil please

Piazza Priyam

So basically let go of all your confidence and look confused

Tea leaves

Im lesbian why am i watching this

Aarna Barshikar

There is always smile on my face anytime. I can't be shy

Inhle Cele

lol I was hoping more along the lines of, doing this is this and this can make your nose smaller, but okay thanks this was weird

surendra kumar

? can make u beautiful forever


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Always so energetic

Puja Rajbhar

Your video is so help full and i like your video didi ☺☺

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So sweet you are

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Hlo di ...hahaha I also laugh very loudly. From the last 18 days I also do daily workouts and walk morng and evening. Its very effective I feel fresh daily and I loss my weight too. Thanks di for your tips .you are too good and your way of explanation is very attractive. God bless you. Keep enjoying your life.

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grateful information thanks mam

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So cute and full of energy

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Foodie we se I sub you and I can’t imagine you are the same girl

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Hello...just wanted to ask you dat do squats make the thighs bulky or develops muscles? Because i really dont want that...and ppl recommend dat for slimming the thighs but i m confused

Chanchal Agarwal

I want to loose my belly fat till October please suggest diet if any and exercise please I have belly fat and chest fat I want to be slim

It's All About U

“ To achieve greatness one should live as if they will never die.”

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Neha Sachdeva

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Lemon is highly acidic and you can experience some excessive dryness and irritation on skin.....
And oil are highly concentrated on your and can cause acne you can ask any skin doctors they will say the same .....I will advice you to not believe in diy masks they're not beneficial for your skin at all .....things like fruits oil honey besan are not made for you skin.... Iam not a hater my intension is not to spread hate intensions are to spread some knowledge iam just a well wisher of yours❤️❤️❤️

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making myself look cute WITHOUT covering my acne *wholesome glow up*

making myself look cute WITHOUT covering my acne *wholesome glow up*26 Aug. 2019
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Larry Sepulveda

Cystic acne r u fuckinng delusional? It could be 10x worse

Lizbeth Lifestyle

I felt everything you said


I don't know why but.... Ur acne is so cute!!!!! ?

Princess denisha

Thank u sooo much...u just built up my confidence ???


Just letting everyone know... acne doesn't make u any less beautiful, acne or not ur gorgeous loves❤


is it just me or does she lowkey look like melanie martinez? :0

Bernie Henry

i would love to have ur confidence omg

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Your skin looks so nice and healthy, there's definitely no need to hide anything❤️

Elisabeth idek

I've been really insecure recently, and this did help. Thank you so much ?

heyitsme chloie

I only get a pimple like....a year..?
I wash my face everyday lol


this is how im gonna do my makeup from now on thank you beautiful x

Rachel Blanchard

i luv this so much


She has like a pimples lol ?

Natalie Wheeler

You’re not alone in your acne struggle. You literally are so beautiful though. Don’t let acne get in the way of your self confidence


i know some people with acne and they're honestly like super attractive (not saying this just to say it), they all have great facial structures or other strong points about them (they look like freaking greek goddesses). it's sad to see them kinda lose confidence a little just because of acne and not realise how gorgeous they are :(
(i look like a fuckin hard boiled egg w my clear skin next to them)

big daddy puff

YouTube needed this video, my grade 7 self needed this video too

Giovanna González

You made me feel better, everyone thinks that I'm confident w/ myself but i'm not, so thanks...I was a very long time suffering this and I think it's the moment to learn to love my debilities

Regina Escobar

HAHA. the thing is I’m already so ugly lol


Thanks. I needed this video. I am experiencing the same problem. I spend a lot of money on different makeup from Lancôme to drugstore just to end up with more breakouts. Thank you.

Heidy Kramer

Thing is, I get acne on my brows too sooo..

Miro Bentillo

I use to have millions of acne here's a suggestion use ice trust me

Elena Bala

I was at a school dance with my friends and one of them goes “you need to take care of that acne gurl” I felt so self conscious after that. She is a really good friend though and has got me through a lot of stuff so I just think she didn’t think before she talked.

Karen Gonzalez

I need the eyebrow tutorial ??


this is for people that have acne ??

You are gorgeous beautiful amazing have a wonderful day tons of people have it so it’s absolutely ok don’t worry it’s not only u ily so much ??????

Hamna Khan

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this video was so cuteeee, we love you raimi ❤️❤️

Pelin Özge

God the "dont point out peoples acne bc that could be a good day for them in terms of acne and you could be ruining their confidence" thing is soooooo true! I used to cover my acne for abt two years in MIDDLE SCHOOL. then I stopped for two years. in my first year of high school, I went there bare faced, I was super self conscious tho. Next year, I started wearing makeup every single day to cover Mr. Acne. When you have acne, once you slap some concealer on, it's impossible to go back and be content with your bare face. That's what happened to me. It would take me an hour to make myself look presentable, even if I was just going to the grocery store. Then I got sick, like, really really sick. For a whole week (of recovery), I didn't have the energy to do anything, leaving the bed was a chore. Couldn't pick on my acne, couldn't do my skincare, couldn't even put on makeup. My skin healed SO MUCH!! I went to school with a bare face, and I was happy with what I got. Then one day, we were comparing our skin tones, trying to decide who was lighter and who was darker. One of my "friends" said that she couldn't tell anything bc my face was filled with acne. It was hard to see any actual skin because my scarring was covering it all. That hit hard, yo gurl started wearing concealer again. There comes back my inflamed skin. lol.

duck pilot

whenever my mom meets up with her friends and im there its the first thing they point out, really pisses me off

Lalelei Hall

This is a great idea girls are trying to glow up in makeup but no mental glow up perfect♥️♥️?✌?

-i’m LL ツ

U were already beautiful?

Lizbeth Lifestyle

This is the second video I watch and girllll you’re amazing !


I’ve liked this guy for 3 years. My friend talked to him today and he said how I look ugly because of my frizzy hair and acne. Wow that hit hard ?

Mayra Briseno

loved this video!!

Draco Malfoy

I have a lot of acne on my forhead and i would rather have ur skin because ur skin is almost fully clear

TJ Lalani

I’m 12 and I’m school no one has acne! People sometimes make fun of my acne and I’m not beautiful ugh I do everything but it’s not getting better!☹️?

Himalayan Ragdoll Cat

I never got acne, but I don't see why people make fun of other people for having it. It honestly looks cute especially on your cheeks cause it makes you look like you're blushing.

Da frost Girl

Honey I can barely see you’re spots my spots are big bloody red ones literally if someone looks at me they like ew.


Unpopular opinion: having acne on your cheeks is kinda cute and i'm not even joking


Thankyouuu you inspire me ❤️?


kilay lang ang labanan

Emily K

this was so cute ur great

Tess Erven

I’m crying I wish I was you


There is nothing worse than feeling as though your acne is getting better and someone points it out and you feel deflated and just, ugh idk. I hate hate hate going out without makeup on but I do most days, even when I hate the way my face looks.

Sierra Starr

i have pretty bad acne and you gave me the courage to go to school without makeup thank you <3 <3


your naturally beautiful girlll?????

Maia Bautista

this video has pushed me to go to school with my acne tomorrow!! thank you!!! ????


You’re super confident I love it !

Senara dupré

wow you've actually made me feel better about myself just by listening to your advices <3 just thank you you're awesome

xcaret Flores

I had really BAD ACNE freshmen year it was so bad that the moment I woke up I would cry because of the thought that someone would look at my face. I’m a junior now and it’s a whole lot better. Honestly doing your eyebrows and hair and focus on something else to love realllyyy work:)❤️ I love this channel smmm

Laura K

I would NEVER point out someone's acne that's so rude and obviously they know what they look like. I'm sorry?


Im sorry,but I wouldn't Call this an acne....ofc it may be but its totally not from the worst side.

Youre beautiful btw

Meadow Perkins

“since i’m not wearing makeup on my face”*blends out concealer*


those teeth are sooo white! do you have any tips how to whiten and maintain your teeth????

Lewis Chetty

You own it girl

Xantha O’Brien


I am middle schooler. I have the worst acne in my grade. It is hard being the first get acne. One day I went to school with a big red pimple on my chin. My friend pointed it out. Then all my class start to also. It hurt me. :c The main reason is they don’t have acne. NEVER POINT OUT ACNE!!!!!!!!

Sarah Pipitone

Not too much to say, just thank you like really thank you very much

Alexis Amarikwa

My most recent experience was a few days ago when I was talking to one of my friends and then this boy just walked up to me from literally nowhere and asked me with a disgusted look on his face "what happened to your face" then my other friend was like "how can you just say that to somebody?" then he was like "no, I'm seriously asking. Like your face was clear when we were in Amsterdam"

Why are people so rude?? Like even if no one taught you what the hell NOT to say, don't you have like a little bit of common sense??

katie elaine

why is our acne the exact same looking


I would love to be your friend

Arianna D

Your literally speakin my thoughts ? someone literally told me I fit acne like I look cute with it like that’s helpful

Simon Cowell

this is my tip to not get acne because i literally have baby skin

just wash your face ? jk xd

don’t use so many cleansers on ur face maximum two a day. my sister tried this and her acne is pretty good now. But idk our skin is all different

Brklyn Queen04

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Naya Roy

She will make it big you guyyyyyys

Sarah Rahman

A week late but hey the message reached, last night was crying to sleep bc I didnt feel good abt my body and skin, after this video, I felt more better than ever. I really thank you for this. Idk if this is a sign from the angel or something but thank you youtube for this recommendation. Should I feel creeped out? Sure but am I starting to feel better? Heck yeh. So whatever. Thank you FBI.
P.s you got yourself a new sub

guccijang sauce

I love your positivity, what a beauty inside and out!! ✨

Female stock trader

I’m 29 and still suffering acne?


omg ur gorg.. what sunglasses/ bag are u wearing with the pink pants? ily

Ciara Cleo Roggen

You are sooo beautiful???

Z O Y A _97

I was born with ”clear skin genetics” but this video made me feel ugly.


when im in a super good mood and my friend points out my acne or jokingly makes fun of it not thinking it would hurt my feelings, my mood goes down immediately and my face goes from ? to ?

Xantha O’Brien

OMG thank you!!!?

I am a middle schoolers and have the worst acne in the grade...

And makeup makes it worse

This perfect

eya shokry

fucking slayy

Milah Brown

You’re so stunning ???I would love to be friends with you!

Dat Gurl

i hate having acne, it makes me feel so humiliated in public and incredibly insecure. Looking in the mirror makes me want to crawl up into a ball and cry. Acne sucks, don’t point it out and never make fun of others for it i beg you!

Janet Millan

I LOVE YOU!!!! ❤️


I've never had acne in my entire school time but all of a sudden when I entered my 2nd year of college my skin became worse.. everyone started pointing out on my acne and acne scars I felt so insecure and uncomfortable and that's when I decided to visit dermatologist and he put me on Accutane ..I'm on my 6th week and I haven't seen results yet ...I don't know when I'm gonna have clear skin again ???

Reese’s Peace’s

Y’all I watched this like yess I’ll show my acne and me confident!!
Me: wakes up*looks at self* fills face with makeup.
Me again: well then let’s go to school-


such an inspiration! and i felt it so deep when people try to give me advice, like girl I've used every single wash there is lol don't come at me

desarae martinez

this is so cool I'm so glad this was in my recommend :) def gunna subscribe girl ?

{ sarahtonin }

I remember at school I was doing my business work and this one boy was like “you have a bunch of pimples” as if I didn’t know that already. It really destroyed my confidence there✨

Turnup Oak

Oh god you’re fine asfk

Moon Child

Raimi what it your ethnicity??

adoretae !!

i don’t know if this will help anyone but i have noticed we seem to care about our own acne a lot but when you see other people with it you truly realise that it doesn’t make any difference at all to their beauty. so that’s what other people think about you.. you look beautiful with or without acne !!! ❤️

Who is Glor?


Melina Rosas

Thank you for this video, you made me feel better about mu skin:)❤️


She has a tiny bit off acne in like one place and I have it all over my face and she has a perfect face shape perfect hair.

John Sosfjeg

i have this “friend” who constantly points out my acne and tells me to just wash my face/ put cream :)

Jazmin Garcia

Love this Raimi!!! I’m going to do this today :)

Jill Ridlehoover

My face is DROWNING in acne scars and acne. Oml I wish I had your confidence

Amaze Mabunga

I searched this up because I just realized that I'm going to show my face on online class with this face
My online class starts tommorow.....-

Emma Laer

GIRL I FEEL YOU!!! In the beginning on 2019 I started to get the worst acne ever. I would sit in my bathroom and just cry because I felt so unattractive and uncomfortable, I do still struggle with it, however I started taking biotin and it honestly has helped me so much. Not only does it help the skin, but also nails and hair too!! I just wanna thank you for making this video, it helps me to know that I’m not alone:)?

Josephine Luis

U r sooooooo pretty

— fullsun.

I actually think your skin is great. If you see my acne scars, dude...

emily hernandez

Weird thing is this person likes me in school and I was surprised but I just felt like he didn’t cuz my acne and it very hard whenever people look at me I feel like their looking at my acne but I’m only 11 years old in fifth grade and every girls has very nice skin and all I do is just stare at peoples skin and yeah I’m weird and also I look at people that r skinny cuz I feel fat as well hopefully I get my dream face and body but I’m sure it won’t but I always try to be on the bright side ?


like maybe you have acne but still YOUR SKIN LOOKS SUPER SMOOTH AND SOFT like goals duh?

katie marie

i’ve never seen someone i could relate too more

Brit Jay

I understand her so much when she talks about her acne like preach

Yolk Art

I hate it when people point out my acne