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The Beauty of Girls Wrestling

The Beauty of Girls Wrestling23 Jul. 2018
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Highlights from the Junior

Highlights from the Junior Nationals Wrestling tournament from Fargo, North Dakota, held in the Fargodome. This is the world's largest wrestling tournament. We volunteered to help out and I captured highlights from the female All-American matches. I had never seen a girls wrestling match in person and I expected to hate it. I ended up loving it.

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Great video - you should do more like this...


Gosh... they are so RIPPED! Inspiration


Now that's... wrestling. ^_=

Marky Marco

00:15 robbed

Travis Kraft

Another wrestling video I made

Jack Brown

Girls can’t wrestle lol

Pj Sneeringer

i only saw 1 girl with headgear on?WTF


When coached the girls had to swim cap there hair.

Walter Haith

Nice clip ? are you going back to the Phillipinee?


Women can't wrestle.

MSI Seno

uhhh were they headgear and haircut tf

Michelob, the Assorted Manatee

How old are they?

Anthony Le

Wrestling didn’t teach me much about winning or losing, taught me how I played the game much more!

X 94


ziko bedo

there are sexier moments in wrestling especially vintage female wrestling in Tokyo and Sweden but the sexiest is boys wrestling from 70s and 80s 90s because of beauty covered with vintage singlets I love wrestling and have sex during fight with other beautiful friends in wedgies thanx for this compilation post more please.

Gagan Singh

Now that's a real martial art nobody cares about

Travis Kraft

Even though I am barely in this video, it is probably one of my favorite videos of the past year.

smitty jones

Yes music is nice-Yes a little fantasy to watch young women wrestle.


I hate when the referee is on the way.

Juan Vallejo

I’d rather not watch women wrestle.

Greta Shapiro

And along came the trannie wrestling stars ( a comment of what going on in our news today )



Uncle Ruckus

when i wrestle girls its beautiful

in many ways i prefer to watch female sports
they seem to have more heart in it
men its like for money




Anyway, this guy is a transphobe and insults transgender men and women in his spare time

walter green jr

Its good to see girls fight for sports and give boys a brake from it. I might watch it more

Tom Snyder

This is awesome


It's attractive to men who fantasize the struggle is for their love.


Nice video loved the use of the classical music. Just wondering why you pulled this video down previously?

Grant Fenton

How old are the girls in the tournament? Junior meaning under 18 right? Please go back next year and do another one.


I find this very UNattractive

Henry Ford

I all Americaned at fargo

Jolie Lucas

It's great highlights... but very bad music.



My top 10 hottest wwe female wrestlers of 2020

My top 10 hottest wwe female wrestlers of 202027 Jul. 2020
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This is my list feel free

This is my list feel free to list yours in the comments




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Mine is
1.sasha banks
2.scarlet Bordeaux
3.liv Morgan
4.alexa bliss
5.aj lee
7.shotzi blackheart
8.zelina vega
9.charlotte flair
10. Bayley

Honorable mentions are:the bellas,lana,and lacy Evans

Jason C

I thought you were done with these videos man? What changed?

Purveyor of Truth

1. Sasha Banks
2. Deonna Purazzo
3. Liv Morgan
4. Alexa Bliss
5. Scarlett Bordeaux
6. Carmella
7. Tessa Blanchard
8. Penelope Ford
9. Taynara Conti
10. Mandy Leon


Ok. here's mine.

10. Tamina (But only when during her debut)
9. Dana Brooke (But only when during her debut till 2016)
8. Tenille Dashwood (Emma)
7. Bianca Belair
6. Sasha Banks
5. Bayley
4. Zelina Vega
3. Kelly Kelly
2. Alicia Fox (2010)
1. Charlotte Flair

Honorable Mentions: Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Rosa Mendez, Paige, Lana, The IIConics, and Aksana.


This is my top 10 feel free to tell me yours

Tavi Beard

10 Lana
9.Ember Moon
8.Dakota Kai
7.Zelina Vega
6.Liv Morgan
5.Bianca Belair
3.Sasha Banks
2.Peyton Royce

Levin Martinez

Bruh i swear if it was 2016 alexa bliss, she would have dominated this list from a mile away ?

Shemarlos Scott

my top 10 Hottest Women
1 Paige
2 Billie Kay
3 Peyton Royce
4 Zelina Vega
5 Asuka
6 Kairi Sane
7 Io Shirai
8 Mia Yim
9 Bayley
10 Sasha Banks

khan's GaminG

Alexa is love

Ritwik Pattnaik

Please do a candice lerae video this time

Ripine Vagaia

1. Alexa Bliss
2. Liv Morgan
3. Sasha Banks
4. Peyton Royce
5. Bianca Beliar
6. Mandy Rose
7. Carmella
8. Zelina Vega
9. Lana
10. Lacy Evans

Dynamic Zone

Welcome back
I waited for four months
Good to see u back

Le Senate

10.Zelina Vega or Io Shirai
9.Mandy Rose
8.Lacey Evans
6.Chelsea Green
5.Bianca Belair
4.Sasha Banks
3.Liv Morgan
1.Sasha Banks

bob boberts

1. Liv Morgan
2. Carmella
3. Peyton Royce
4. Alexa Bliss
5. Mandy Rose
6. Lana
7. Sasha Banks
8. Taynara Conti
9. Nikki Bella
10. Zelina Vega


My top 10 hotes wresling divas

1.sasha banks
2. Carmella
3. Rhea Ripley
4. Bayley
5. Zelina vega
6. Naomi
7. Kairi sane
8. Aliyah
9. Io shira
10. Dakoia Kai

Wrestle Mania

You are back

Cesar Julio

1.Mandy rose
2.Alexa Bliss
3.Becky Lynch
4.Bianca Belair
5.Liv Morgan
6.Lacey Evans
7.Zelina Vega
9.Rhea Ripley

MemeL0rd xXx 69

10 Sasha banks
9 Chyna
8 Torry
7 Aj lee
6 The kat
5 Tori wilson
4 Stacy keibler
3 Sable
2 Trish stratus
1 Alexa bliss

I guess I'm old school



Amir Esmaeili

Alexa bliss is the best

Shannon Hopper

10 Paige
9 Nia Jax
8 Liv morgan
7 Alexa Bliss
6 Askua
5 Rhea Ripley
4 Dakota Kai
3 Bayley
2 Nikki cross
1 Sasha banks

Josh Majors

My top 10 is
1. Sasha banks
2. Peyton Royce
3. Paige
4. Alexa bliss
5. Lana
6. Mandy rose
7. Toni storm
8. Bayley
9. Zelina Vega
10. Liv Morgan

Amir Esmaeili

Alexa bliss ❤❤❤❤
Liv morgan ❤❤❤❤

J Sougly

That's my nigga ??

Peter Lee

1.Sasha Banks
2.Tay Conti
3.Alexa Bliss
4.Peyton Royce
5.Liv Morgan


Im so glad you’re back

Samuel Sánchez

That means ur back??:0

Golden Gamz

My top 10
1.Liv morgan
2.The bellas
3.Alexa bliss
4.Ronda rousey
6.Lacey evans
7 .Bayley
8.Mia yim
10.Peyton royce

Honorable mentions(Zelina vega,Io shari,Dakota kia,Billie kay

Tavi Beard

Welcome back


Nice video, but u miss sum women!! Bliss and mandy rose should be higher!! And paige should be number one.


My List:-
-KAITLYN (forever)

The Very Beginning of ? Female Wrestling + Boxing ? in Germany ??+UK??

The Very Beginning of ? Female Wrestling + Boxing ? in Germany ??+UK??2 Jan. 2021
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Eine kleine

Eine kleine Zusammenfassung der allerersten Frauenringkampf- und Boxfilme vom German Mat Club mit viel Schneidearbeit, um die weiblichen Brüste der Mädels youTube-gerecht zu verbergen, obwohl es ja eigentlich die natürlichste Sache der Welt ist. Dabei auch Momente des legendären Boxkampfes zwischen Doris und Sue aus Großbritannien, der im Original über sechs Runden geht.

? Members:


contents for liberally minded✔️adults:

?The complete fight in a 28 minutes video? ?

A short summary of the very first women wrestling- and boxing films from the German Mat Club with a lot of cutting work to hide the female breasts of the girls in a YouTube-appropriate way, although it is actually the most natural thing in the world, a female breast. It also includes moments of the legendary boxing match between Doris and Sue of Great Britain, which in the original goes over six rounds.

Comments (13)
Abraham Melkonian

Blurring nude bodies is deeply stupid

oliver wagner

und das Ergebnis nach dem Schneiden will wirklich jemand 21 Minuten lang anschauen? Hübscher Ringrichter, glatt zum Umsteigen LOL


the official is Jeff the Ref of DWW fame and the male wrestler is the founder of DWW

jesus christ

WTF. This is so bad they censored it. Where is the uncut version.


do u have womens boxing or volleyball usa vs germany my friend?

Azeez Sultan


Tomas Helm

... das fehlt einfach...

Marko Vierus

Ein toller Boxkampf, von beiden. Trotz des Größenunterschieds. Sehr schön anzusehen. ??❗??

belly dancer رقص شرقي

Nice love it??❤?

Eduardo De oliveira

Apanhou feito mulher de malandro coitada


I need to see the uncensored version


OH wonderful yeah ? My friend thanks for sharing ? Good luck and success ? ???????


Do you have any martial arts video?