Girls and men having sex

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: On the Basis of Sex: Girls' Baseball (Clip) | HBO

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: On the Basis of Sex: Girls' Baseball (Clip) | HBO21 Sep. 2019
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We are in a golden age of

We are in a golden age of women’s sports in the United States. In youth programs, high school, and college, there are teams for girls in virtually every sport, but baseball stands alone as the one sport (other than football) that we essentially tell girls they can't play.

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Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: On the Basis of Sex: Girls Baseball (Clip) | HBO

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William Gates III

OMG white girls are so oppressed.

Aj Richard

THERE ARE 100,000 GIRLS PLAYING BASEBALL IN AMERICA. OPEN YOUR EYES. It is not the rarest thing in American Sports. It is possibly the most ignored thing in American sports. And American sports are still deeply segregated and unequal by perceived gender. Who is the interviewer? This is just bad reporting which is sad because these girls deserve much better.

Rob T

incoming triggered dump incels

Daniel Mejia-Reza

It's 2019


Not sure why they need softball when girls can throw things overhanded, especially when those things are more difficult to throw than a baseball.


When these girls been playing since they were really small, and they have dedication, of course they are gonna be good as any boy. Baseball is not really a force and muscle sport, it's a talent and coordination based sport. Some girls can hit a ball better than a boy ever will. Some girls can run way faster than a boy ever will. Give them the chance to play! I've seen girls field hockey players that could rough up your average hs football team by accident. This sexist shit must STOP.

CJ32 pull2

00:37 shortstop on point right here

I'm right you're wrong

We put to much into sports, not enough into education. Who cares if you can play sports...what a joke. smh....


Finally watched this on my DVR. I wish HBO would apply a little more balance in these identity politics stories. Sure there are some girls/women who would want to play. And many more boys who would want to make their teams too. Glad Gumbel brought up the supply/demand issue and the natural conflict with softball. The fact is, there might be more leagues if girls played baseball, but not many and they would have to travel great distances to play other girls. If they played all boy teams in their area, they'd probably get beat (depending on the age level). But if softball were eliminated and girls/women were allowed to try out for boys/mens teams, then not many females would end up playing. Welcome to equality.

Okla. Man Accused Of Sex With Underage Girls

Okla. Man Accused Of Sex With Underage Girls17 Aug. 2011
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A 31-year-old man is

A 31-year-old man is facing second-degree rape charges on suspicion of having sex with underage girls. Roy Musgrave is being held on $170,000 bail.

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Why Men Are Attracted to Bad Girls | Psychology of Sex

Why Men Are Attracted to Bad Girls | Psychology of Sex6 Jul. 2012
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If you're one of the men who are attracted to "bad girls." The first thing I can say is, generally it's not that they're so bad. Typically it's often that they're confident, they're sexy, they're probably bold and adventurous. And there's really something about that energy that draws you toward. The one thing though is sometimes when you really like that sexy, confident woman who can be a lot of fun. There might be another part of you that can't imagine the kind of intimacy or long term commitment. And sometimes we call that the Madonna-Whore Conflict. Or when it's a pull toward separating both the adventure and the freedom you can feel with "the bad girl" and the responsibility and duty you feel with a long term partner. So I'm not sure whether or not you have a difficult time experiencing both intimacy and sexuality in one person, but it's fairly common. So if that's something that you're struggling with. The most important thing I can tell you, is exploration of how and why you're attracted to one and not the other. Or why you feel you have to keep them separate, is certainly something worthy of exploration, because at the end of the day it is a conscious choice. And if you're struggling to figure it out on your own, therapy or sex therapy, is a great place to start.

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right click on video click stop download... thank me later

Jenny Torres

Howcast is always bored now adays..


Isabella of Dragon Age 2 definitely. But thats not even a bad girl. Even Shar-Teel of Baldurs Gate.


howcast are you ok


why cant i ever get first comment this video is only 4 mins old


I like to fuck whores because they're honest.

Serina JK

UNSUBSCRIBED and disliked a ton of times. I won't flag you...I'll just let everyone else join in.

Jonathan Noel

We like bad girls cause we like to be bad too


me 2


why so many dislikes, its howcast !

Matthew Jones

Wait I thought it would talk about how Madonna is a whoar...

Prof Marco

There used to be a good howcast, oh where did it go?


Dislike what the hell this is a waste of space on YouTube I only watched the first 5 seconds and was like wtf

Dylan Shakib

first.......fuck i need a life

Hunter Swain

Nope, I just like actual whores.


Nobody loves a hoe. That is a fact!


Bc we can like who we like tf

Aquatic Clan

i just unsubscribed i thumbs up if u miss the old howcast


a WOMAN is explaing why MEN are attracted to bad girls... seems legit


when do we get the videos that say shit about women xD

Besnik Nokaj

bad girls are there for sex, i bet no man will ever love one


when girls like bad guys its because they want to fix something wrong with them, but when guys like bad girls its because something is wrong with the guy? I dont think you should give dating advice

Tony James Gilpin

They are not just honest, they are "open" too.

Serina JK


Ezarhia Jacobs

This woman talked in circles. No thought was provoked and nothing was learned:(


too old

David Williams

hehehhe she said doodie


lol before it was why women are attracted to "bad boys" but now "bad women" are confident, sexy, bold, adventurous haha what a sexist bitch


How cast is getting worse and running out of ideas

Skylar Buttecali

7th!!!!!!! i know im gay


its so hard to tell is howcast is really just trollcast XD

wondrs 愛

I'm not attracted to bad girls at all, you fucked up again Howcast!


Why do these videos get so many dislikes?


Well, I used to be one of those guys ?. Not anymore


Completely wrong lmao..


she blinks a lot! :D




right click the video and click stop download.


I'm confident, sexy, bold but I'm noooooooo Whore! Men are sexually attracted to these animals, but end up marrying modest women, not some prostitute, who throws away her body for money(as if a womans body is even measured by coins) or a promiscuous woman that has sex with random men even when she's married! Men want honest, modest, trustworthy, life partners, wives who satisfy them emotionally, mentally & sexually......... not a WHORE!


?....... Are you fuckin' kidding me? lol

Serina JK

Do you think that bi-sexuals fall under this profile you created? lol

Omer Birman

howcast one word wtf? i came in this vid to see to hot chick in the picture not an old lady talking about shit!so plz stop putting this pictures theyre miss leading so fuck you and good bye


Just cause you can't laid, you have to give tips and advice and facts... well played Howcast

Porsha White

This is so dumb. Seriously. All I heard was blah blah blah... She needs to take a class from me.






your not sure of anything are you?

Hank Hill

- People are animals - Animals are hardwired to attempt to get as much as sex as possible - "Madonna-Whores" increase their chances of large amounts of sex with minimal investment. Did you not take 6th grade biology, Howcast?


This is not that bad..... I right clicked the vid hit stop download and liked the vid.

Braxton Shaw

Its just science. If you have a girlfriend and you look at some one else's and she sees you she can't do anything is just science.


People are so touchy b/c Howcast is not limiting their video conservative is our race?

slipknot the nine

yeaaaa i like this kind of girls ! they are open and honest :D

john doe

Feminist/mysandric bullshit.



Aieshoo 1234

Most guys my age.


Right-click on the video - Stop download