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A nice and slow blues that you can play by yourself on guitar - slow blues guitar lesson - EP268

A nice and slow blues that you can play by yourself on guitar - slow blues guitar lesson - EP2684 Aug. 2018
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In this week's blues

In this week's blues guitar lesson, you'll learn how to play a slow and easy blues composition that you can play with a pick. No accompaniment is required for this and it works on electric or acoustic guitar.

To view the Part 2 video, and download the tablature for this composition, visit

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Gerardo Martinez

I'm out

Daniel Perez

Cool Kewl!! Looks like I can finally throw out my Mel Bay Guitar Songbook! :o

Cheryl and Ken Eimers


Morgan Briand

Great lesson and amazing guitar! ;)

Robert Lebacs

You are an exelent teacher?

yosia elkan


Jeff Spicoli

Great riff ! I sure do need the other half of this though .

Panspermia Hunter

That guitar sounds fantastic!

Alexander Ohly

Thank you for the fantastic teaching. I'm teaching my 10 years old grandson, and myself to play blues ,and we just love your lessons .You're a great teacher.

Amine Filali

Very nice blues sound to play and thanks for tips for connecting minor & major pentatonic scales along with the chords progression !

Michael Augustyn

That sequence is godly

Marvin Franklin


Brian Smythe

Nice thanks :)

Mark Braxton

Why not use a thumping or monotonic bass behind yourself self bottom e a and b fretted would be a lot fuller sounding...Tommy Emanuel does it all the time among other players..simple but affective

Erol Germann

?Definitely an attractive lesson, thanks so much for the tasteful study !

Said Habibi

Tasty stuff cool

Rich Cibelli

Awesome sounding guitar, great lesson. Thanks again for all you do!

Paddy Pravda

Brilliant lesson thanks a million

Trevor G Welch

Play This With Your Guitar Case Open In The Subway ? And I Think You’ll Make Enough Money ? For Your Next Guitar ?


great lesson for advanced players. Too fast for beginners to catch on. I see students try hard to follow and then just give up.

John Harrison

Nice!!!! Fun and easy to play!! Great video and thanks or the dirction?

jimmy wrangles

So ....that guitar sounds amazing but looks like shit, I want one.

Jeff Mackinnon

162 dislikes so I want to see your videos on YouTube an we will dare to compare. Thanks for the lesson Brian...

daniel soheili

Oh, man, i Love this.

Lyle Williams

Thank you!

Gerardo Martinez

Talk about the teaching not ur D. guitar


Fantastic guitar sound from that Odell! Wow! Nice Brian

Elvis 1357

Excellent mate cheers from Toronto.....

Brett Owen

Is there. A tab of this somewhere

Tim Bice

Nice lesson but for me you talk way too fast. Premium content slower pace? Or maybe lesson is for more advanced player?

Keith Parsons

Excellent blues , going to try and learn it all the way through , some really classic blues riffs in there that I've been looking for, thanks a lot?

Jim Masters

Nice sound ...damn nice..great it

Diderik van Loef

There IT is... A good player doesn't have to be a good teacher

Юрий Роговцов


Sammy J

I love what you do but honestly you get a lil excited and start moving too quick. I’m wearing the rewind out but will keep at it


I like your style of teaching and playing. You are a great teacher.

Rachel Maher


Orange Soda

Love your lesson and also love your guitar !!!

charles levee

Really enjoying this lesson on my acoustic Martin. Thanks!

David Klepinger

Love the tone of that guitar!

Unique Jam Tracks

Very nice!!

robert davis

Liked how you played all the parts , sounded like multiple players at one time....thanks

Redstag300wsm 180np

Love this lesson. Guess I will break out my Strat.

Fender Stringbender

Brian is a great player and teacher.That being said I dont know how many minutes I waited to get the actual licks.The whys and hows and talk about the new guitar.Can be frustrating on the listener.Sometimes people just want to learn the guitar part.Just saying.

jimi jam

Got to be my favourite lesson to date - period. Thank you so much!

EDIT: Forgot to say that guitar is a beaut ;)

Billy McCann


Tim Hitt

coolness man


Licks nTricks .


Superb solo solo and lesson, many thanks Brian. This channel is very quickly becoming my go to channel for all things blues.

philippe Delwart

Thanks for your lessons , it's fantastic. Hello from Belgium.

David Milne - Brisbane Muso

Beautifully presented tute. I liked the explanation and passion behind your discovery of this old Vega guitar and the pace of the blues demo was just right for beginner/intermediate learners. Thanks and kudos to you ?


9:42-"6th fret 4th string" correction = 6th fret 3rd string

J. Strijd

Nice sound!

Jorge Weerts

Very nice song. Beautiful guitar, what a sound!

Steph Bootie

Its very good but need the tab to re-inforce it or its a waste of time for us oldies, Oh & you need to go slower on fretting positions Thanks nice playing .

Ojciec gracz

Genius lession now all woman want me haha:D

David Popelka

I was impressed immediately when heard first tone from this guitar. It was like waw its realy 50"s sound then you commited as well. Some time uknown intruments should bring something you are hunting by well known brands. Congra and if you wonna sell it send me message :D.

Evette Correa

really love this. this was very easy to learn very good teacher, keep playing those blues really enjoy it.


I'm thing about joining the paid site. Are there lessons for the beginner?


Great job?


Amazing lesson ??

PEURE Humphrey

Trop fort !!

Bradley Davis

I would love to do this . I just don’t have the internal rhythm to pull it off. I can play some but when it comes to stuff like this , I need a click track. Are there any tips to help with getting better rhythm?

Gary owens

Love this guy

Lukas Lysiak



Great lesson but please can you talk a tad slower everything becomes discombombulated ?

Tom Read

At about 9:40 you're mentioning 4th string but playing on the 3rd string, unless my ancient eyes are deceiving me. As a former school teacher I have to say your presentation is excellent, in spite of what others may say here. Many who are more advanced don't understand that you need to teach to the slowest students as well as give a little something to those who are further ahead. I wish they could be more understanding, skip ahead if necessary, and simply take away the info they need. Thanks for the wide range of lessons and all you do for us.



JTS 1965

Hey, I was watching a documentary on Chet Atkins. I caught a glimpse of a guitar in one or two photos they showed of Chet playing early years. His guitar look like yours Brian. I don't know. Just saying. Wouldn't that blow you mind if it was? I wondered about how you bragged about the person who had it knew what he was doing. In Nashville? I'm sure Chet would have wore out some fretboards in his life. Maybe worth checking out, but that would be like winning the lottery.

Bill Wille

Brian Brian Brian can’t tell you enough, “in” A very short time of membership you changed my playing and improving and wanting to learn more & more each and every time I play. Saying Thank You isn’t enough for what you give and offer. Best of Health, Best of Playing,Best of Friends
Wild Bill

Buraak Al-jarrah

Thanks for the great lesson. I really enjoyed will be sure to watch some more from you guys. Love the guitar your rocking. ?

ford hanson

Thanks it was great

The Desert Lounge

The opening make me start smokin again.

rob donell

What gauge strings?

Geek Willow

Some dope is missing his old axe no doubt.

John Davies

What an excellent lesson. Totally groundbreaking lightbulb moment for me. Too many pretentious blues lessons out there. This is a beautifully simple breakdown that even a beginner can pick up a lick or two if not the entire thing.

HWCD Limited

I learned so much from this.. thanks!

Mini 500 helicopters for sale Turbine powered

your awesome

Andy Sparks

The guitar sounds great w that slight overdrive!

Nicole N.

Absolutely fantastic ? Awesome guitar! Thanks for sharing this blues lesson ???


That is great.

Coachsbse TheHarvestGuy

Thanks for doing these videos

neil groves

Nothing to learn here untill 5:35 .... just the usual waffle and gum banging from this guy.

Chris B.

Never really been able to play the blues but think with grit and determination I might just been able to do a poor version of your slow blues...wont give up


Just bought a '70 VEGA acoustic.....from the era when it was owned by Martin, just good enough for the money I spent


That's a fat tone here in Oct 2020. Sounds good here in Florida

David Jones

At 9.42 you’re testing us..... you say 6th fret 4th string.. you devil. ...seems to me to be 3rd string

raj lippy

very nice! do you do any gypsy jazz by any chance...ala Django style?

Watch This

Blues is due for a comeback

t cue

sounds sooooo good

Dharamchand Singh

Greetings BrianYou are one of those great talented music teachers.thanks ash


I have a 1952/3 Guild arch top that looks very much like your guitar and love the sound they both have. Mine has flat wound strings.

Lee Kirkman

to get a good blues sound you need to roll back the volume some on the electric guitar to smooth things out and a nice amount of reverb.

J &S

How about using name of string instead of number?


Cool Guitar, I'm guessing "more" than $1500, for those who want to know. ''Wasn't $200...Here in Nashville''- Oh, mmm, figures....Best blues guitar lessons, way over the top, ....Nashville...

alex young

Well done ,love to get it

Urudogg 123

Michael lemmo’s dad

Манда Лорец

Это не блюз.

George Thomas

More magic thanks

mr grumpy

I like that one ..

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Comments (9)
Marie Roy

do it for piano as well please ❤️

Stephanie Marie

love all the content it gets me exited for more future covers, music, reactions, live screams, vlogs

Idfc 32

It makes me want to play guitar so bad

Nibras Khalid

Definitely gonna learn that when I have a guitar!

Mr. TechSupport

YES YES! SO USEFUL, I have like 3 guitars and played for 7 years ._.

Wdw liv vlog /edits

I learnt the guitar in 7 grade wish I had one so I can learn how to play

michaela kucharova

i was actually looking for tutorial tomorrow so thanks for posting this

Alyssa Persaud

it’s okay my high e string is broken too

Amy Tucker

Guitar teacher personality is interesting to watch.