How to be happy without a man

Why More Men Will Be Happy Without A Woman In 2020

Why More Men Will Be Happy Without A Woman In 202028 Dec. 2019
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Why More Men Will Be Happy

Why More Men Will Be Happy Without A Woman In 2020

Being single and being happy isn't something everyone can achieve, yet some single people that have this happiness could be at risk of loosing it to those who aren't happy within themselves.

Series- Reasons to remain single in 2020.

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Comments (100)
The Watcher

Being single means never having to say "sorry"....especially for something that wasn't even your fault in the first place! I declare 2020 the year of the single man my brothers!


I'm getting a new motorcycle this year. I can ride it as much as I want, as hard or soft as I want. No complaints from the mc and it won't get mad at me for riding my other motorcycle. A modern woman offers nothing to my life. I cook, bake, clean, and get joy from myself. Sure I like the chassis but I won't put up with wiring issues.


For someone not wanting to listen to nagging and shallow conversations, you sure say lot of superficial stuff and complain a lot. More than any woman I've personally known.

Kevin Croft

Just as i thought...your a genius. Get on your knees woman Bahahaha

Mike Baxter

Who wants to enter into an arrangement in which you will lose half (or more) of your stuff if the other party wants out for any reason? That's a one sided contract that no one in their right mind would enter into. Good luck ladies!

Mr Eboric

I certainly have a lot more money

Marco Vucinic

Wow this just shows how sad and incapable of treating a woman like a person men can be so sad and blind

Ice Forrest

Honestly women seem more happy alone..hence their arent many videos of women bitching about being single! They brag about being over 35 with men chasing em. Stop coping


single for life

Red pilling

I have said almost everything said in this video in my head
I'm subscribing

Sancho Santana

The downfall of all man are the woman it's a big challenge that was horrible乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ


Are you African ? You sound Africa

Marquinn Gibson Jr

Hopefully women get better in 2021 or some time in the future before I hit my 40's

jason piper

3 years of stress, nagging, paying out and general sexless misery...... I tried .. she had to go ...2020 dictates that the best girlfriend is someone else’s... I’ll have the sex and the guy can have the grief.... never again ???

Danny Arnold

You mentioned there are many smashable females.

Honestly, that's all I want now, going forward. Bust & Move. Bust & Move. And I want a handful of them to be eager, petite Asian females.

But I no longer care about finding a relationship.

Aso Fotida

Even after divorce my ex tries to rattle me and brings up age old arguments which caused our divorce in the first place.

killa haze


Joe Kaiju Abrams

I dont need a Woman to be happy in life



Mike H

Not red-pill knowledge, but the more your used to doing things alone, the more it feels natural. Dating and relationships just sound voodoo at that point.

Uppy Sangar

'A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle'

It's gonna be the other way around in 2020.

Monochromatic Lightsource

I'm happy. No Whamen no cry.

James Kopetchny

Have fun with your cats Chrissy!

Lou Faulk

Men you have to learn to not be afraid to let her go if she loves you she will try and go to great lengths to make it work if she doesn't then let her go she's not ment for you

Michael Payne

I'm 65 years old and I have found that I'm very happy with myself I have a woman that I see but she is just not feeling my need,s I enjoyed being by myself


Wow...great video had to watch it again.......


Something to ponder in the New Decade.


it pretty much depends majority of western women today are just ridiculous

Infj-t guy

A human woman anyway, ill b fkn ecstatic when sexdroids get better, 2025 in my year baby! Yeehaaw!

Mario Bracy

I'm happy being single I'll be that way for the rest of my Life


You’re so right my brother. So right.

Sean McLaughlin

Most women these days are nuts. And it was a woman who actually told me that. And in her words was most of us are nuts. Say no more.

Jerry Carney

As Coach Greg Adams says PQF Peace Quiet and Freedom


no nagging. more money to spend, women like to spend money. I decide no arguing,

STB 1971

In US, 1/4 of women are on some type of head meds, that means the other 3/4 are going untreated?


in june….20 years single


Get out of the UK and meet a nice woman in Latin can't go wrong.


looks like 2020 is gonna start The Awakening Of Men, which will be the precursor to The Collapse Of Male Chivalry. damn i just can't wait!!

Marcus INfinity

Hermits and Monks have existed for years and society has made it a bad trait because the lone wolf is dangerous to the govt. Realizing that you can live off the grid scares uncle Sam. Having a wife and family is meant to domestic men

Duncan Mac

Women have brainwashed they dont need a man and big brother favours them.Net result, many men realize what a big favour we were doing them and now it's over.


The rich families of Europe build separate wings in their palaces for women for a reason. It was so they (the men) could have much more peace and quiet.


there may be plenty of "fish" in the sea but you have to get past all the "sharks" first. and in this day and age its just not worth it anymore. cause the sharks are outnumbering the fish


Basically, she's not happy, so the man is not allowed to feel happy either?...drug dependency makes things worse. So there's stiff competition for the worst personality award?


Men have realized that they can't make a woman happy if she isn't happy with herself and men have realized that relationships are not a worthy long-term investment.

Don Newkirk

The best times of my life have been during my single days. It's hard for me to go back to anything else having been exposed to this kind of peace and serenity.

Kriszt M

this is what they whant. Elites, no families no kids


In 2020 I want to be forgiven for all those who I love and I have hurt I would be very contempted with that

most complicated man

just be gay

Nejc Zupan

Oh men ... i would like to have a conversation with you. i have also an interesting point of view to share,you would understand. These are complex times we live in ... people dont know what is happening to them on a deep level. I have spent 30 years of my life seeking happines and wisdom and i can say i understand now. I see women that used to laugh at me finding me interesting now. it was painful but i took my time to really grow up ... i see a clear path now and the people who were eager to start the rat race are just entering what i allready have dealt with. Its gonna be interesting to watch


LOVE YOU ❤?❤?❤


My only question is why dont they leave me alone. The more savage and coldblooded i become the more they gravitate to me. Maybe they think it's an act. WRONG.

Duncan Mac

We are heading into the worse depression ever, watch your liabilities.Its hard enough supporting yourself, lose your job and you will lose her anyway.Canada lost over 100K jobs in November, a record, now watch the divorces rise.When the oil patch crashed in Alberta, the first thing out the door was the wife.Many now have the spirit of Jezebel and that aint love.


In my 53 years being on this earth and after all the women who slept with me live with me? I have never seen a single woman who is completely content in their life for they're always trying to get to next thing. I do believe that women are CURSED in this life on NOT to be happy regardless of what they do or accomplish.

Sean McLaughlin

Plus some a you are hard work aswell

Choose Freedom

Not to mention the metoo movement ruining good men's lives. The system easily allowing crazy women to take advantage of it. It's gonna stop now. As someone who's been falsey accused multiple times, all you explain is more natural for me than ever.

jamie t

No wife - no strife!

Gyver Spot

So...... Society's "strong and independent" men are on the rise? ?‍♀️

Matt Kieran

I feel like our ancestors knew all this and history is repeating. I wish I was born at a time when sex was precious and had meaning, and when women weren't afraid to be feminine and men weren't afraid to be masculine. We really live in insane times.

Mister Evrathang

I definitely feel this video! Everything is correct!

Skyrim Warrior

Let me see , I’m already happy without a woman in 2020 and beyond , I’m not a boy-Liker neither , I’m just one person that tries to live day by day .


It's to the point where I literally can't care less about women (in general) outside of family and the one female friend that I have. Most women are flat out unbearable.


British women? You ain't seen nothing till you experience the attitudes of American women.

Ekhiss Bafosimbiosis

Wombman is ?


"...stop laughing Fish...stop laughing..." I have never laughed out loud so much as until after I got divorced. It was a night and day transformation. I say, keep laughing Fish....keep laughing.....even if you are the only to hear it!

rick valentino

This is pretty much how I feel for the most part. I don't need a woman to complete me. I miss companionship sometimes but after being in a few really bad relationships who needs the headache. It's usually more trouble than it is worth and women make it harder than better. It shouldn't be this way but it is. And women will never say they are the problem it's always the man don't you know. So stay single then they can't blame you for their unhappiness.

Matias Antonio

My hand is all i need, and its not retarded

zues cloud

I am content but not happy

Gregory Hill

You'll take on their moods shortly after sleeping with them.

Depression will follow, and you'll need to ask yourself is it worth the sex?

I'm 36 too fish.

Stay single.

Ajay Dahl

Odd choice of thumbnail, the yellow umbrella in a sea of black ones was a symbol of finding the ideal woman on the show how I met your mother.

Paul d

I didn’t feel like cooking tonight. So I spent $6 on dinner and everyone was happy. Me. I was happy. Lol. I owe women nothing. It’s freedom men. Be free


“Happy wife , happy life” more like “no wife, great life” ? ??


Well now i dont have any drama it's so nice. Investing in myself best thing i ever done. No more nagging and bla bla bla. Some men measure theire value in women. And stay in the gutter theire whole life.

A Wayfarer

Good for men!

Mr. Hall

Most are just living for likes on social media


Nooo I am turning it's not the lies, the nagging, and what woman bring. For me being a man is fighting even fighting woman but I think if I am happy with myself nothing will change me only if their point is better. That will help me more.

Derick Lopez

I am good with out them no kids no wife happy life

Johnny Action

As long as you have access now and again, hey Phish?

Harsono Ng

Women is political subject, you have to be politician to live with women which is very tired. It is true they are not lying but they are fooling the Men


I was in a long term relationship all thru my 20’s and early 30’s she was toxic, didn’t marry her thank goodness I dodged that bullet, now I’m 48 I been dating but choose to stay single and loving it, I’m going on a cruise next week and guaranteed I will find some female for a no strings attached fling....I can’t even bring myself to settling down again

Sun Rise

I have a woman, but she is not good for me.

Dan zig

Live by myself and it’s best thing that’s happened to me. It can get a little lonely from time to time but for the most part I love my freedom. Would never trade it for anything.


The one thing that I have learned about Mgtowers, is the fact it happens to all types of men. Grew up thinking it was only a small percentage of guys being screwed over

Simply Rise

Don't cut yourself short. You should never take bullshit from a women & never put them on a pedestal.

Lea Demetriou

Feminism killed women.

Joeblow Johnny

I'm not here to talk sh_t just like a woman and getting no where ! .... I'm here to tell YOU a fact ! I am slowly going on 60's . I am single , I go to work , I come home , and I own own house ! I get my fair share of sex ! I like my house peace & quiet and I like to grill a good steak and potato ! Relax around the house with peace and quiet ! I Don't f_cling care to see any dumb_ass woman walking around my house doing absolutely nothing to contribute and help other than talk and text on th MF phone all day ! I am happy and content with my routine & quietness very much ! Don't need f_cling GOLD DIGGER in my life either ! .... Anyone who f_ck with that will feel my pain !




While as you say men can be happy on their own the same cannot be said for women. Women seem to have a problem understanding firstly the concept of just being happy, secondly of accepting that a man can be happy without them and thirdly that getting married does not solve all their problems. Women seem to spend 60-70% of all their time and resources on one thing, their looks, yet after spending all this time on their looks they resent anyone looking at them! Yet there is only one thing a women hates more than being looked at and that's not being looked at! Women are a contradiction wrapped in a conundrum. Marriage is nearly 100% of the time initiated by women yet 70% of divorces are also initiated by women! What does that say about women!? Once in a relationship women spend what spare time they have from worrying about their looks on generating brownie points. They do this by constantly being self scarificing and doing things they say they WANT to do yet, after doing the things expect to be owed something in return and trust me they keep very accurate score of what you owe them! They really should look up the meaning of self scarifice as when one self sacrifices one does not expect anything in return, one does it because one chooses to do it! Women cannot percieve of such a thing and everything they do is to make you (men usually) feel you owe them. This also feeds their need to always be seen as the victim in the relationship, being a victim is a strength to a women. You only have to look at modern day feminism. Such behaviour is self destructive and not conducive to any sort of equitable, mature relationship.

II Young II

Im on my grind!!!

Ace Hardy



A man can be on his own, and be happy and what I have found out woman hate the fact you could be happy without them...!

G Wolf

If she's not on your plane, there's almost nothing you can do to put her on it, she has to make that decision and its a roll of the dice as to why she finally does,,then if she does, she might not be on it 100%, and if she's 100% its probably really 99,, which means she could change her mind. Decide which scenario you want to entertain, if any.


"Smashable" lol

Gyver Spot

Ha! We all have that one "fear" that makes us think that being single is the way to go.
"Benefits outweigh the risks" ?‍♀️


Why do you talk like shatner?

Frikandel speciaal

Just take the red pill.

Raymond Delacruz

Being single is addictive peace of mind and quite is worth its weight in gold

OLD CAR Restoration

Get on Bitchute. I gotta feeling you're going to be banned and that would be a shame.

redbull Vodka

I have been without a girlfriend since 2012, and I will not say I am very happy, but I will say I am totally stress free and content with my life. I am so relaxed and I never worry about anything. Plus, I have paid all my debts off, and my savings are rising. Only thing missing is a good woman, but they are nearly extinct, so I am doing good!!!

Building Up Your Ability to Go Without Love or Approval

Building Up Your Ability to Go Without Love or Approval17 Apr. 2017
161 593

Jerry Wise, MA, MS, CLC is

Jerry Wise, MA, MS, CLC is a relationship expert, self-specialist, life coach. He as been helping people for 37 years. He was a marriage and family therapist, pastoral counselor, pastor, speaker, and trainer.

Contact him at [email protected] or 317-919-6264 or at

Please also follow him on Twitter at @JerryWiseRS.

Jerry Wise works with clients one-on-one, couples, families, leaders, therapists.

Comments (100)

Your videos are keeping me grounded and allowing me to work deeply on myself while I am quarantined with my problematic family of origin. It isn't comfortable but it is so necessary.


13:00 increase pleasure, cannab.

Maria Whittaker

"Standing alone is not the same as being alone."

Walter White

Thank you

GUD Brand&CO.


Jessica Thao

Thank you for helping me think more deeply about my self-improvement .


Decided to seek as much knowledge as possible, reading 1,000s of books in the library. If writers took the trouble to write them, I should read them all. I think reading all the books in the world would last me a lifetime.

Maria Whittaker

Beautifull. You have to be able to stand alone to truly be with others. ,,You have to have an emotional backbone to be with others. Build up your ability to go without love and acceptance.

YaGirl Cherry

I’ve been single and not dated for I think 3-4 years now and I have finally overcome love addiction and am so incredibly happy to be alone. I do not require validation from anyone. I am here to say that it’s possible and once you get there I think you’ll be healthy for “the RIGHT one”.

Livia A

Absolutely amazing, tnk you.
I am widowed since I was 44 I am 52 now..had a hard time even looking at people after my husband passing, I had to learn how to be alone and love myself not wait for my text in the morning telling me I am had changed me a lot I am still alone and I am not sure how to let samoan in ..
Glad i came across your video ??


12:30 finding pleasure

james wright

Easy. Just don't give a shit...

Maria Whittaker

Reduce your reactivity. Intensive Buddhist meditation and ther eal spiritual yoga as well as years of psychotehrapy have hel[ed me to be nonreactive, a very powerful practice!!!

Ricky Gonzalez

love is overrsted and most often than not it's fake anyways. love yourself.


thank u

Full Mental Jacket

I’m good at this I died inside. Now I don’t give a shit who loves me or if anyone loves me or what anyone thinks.

Susan Mowers

This video is phenomenal. Staying connected while being ourselves. That especially blew my mind. Thank you for these videos!

Maria Whittaker

We learned abandonment. Now we can learn connectedness to ourselves in order to be with others. .

ivy genson

Your Video Mr Wise is very useful to me since my shyness and loneliness is eating me up. I cant stand for myself. Im sick of being myself. Thanks for the enlightenment! Your Heavens sent!!!


This is a basic concept that isn't easy to apply but absolutely necessary. It is really difficult when we have to deal with shame which is the core of most "selves." I have my shame triggered all the time which causes me to react even though I am good at self reinforcement. I go into a rage when other people point out my flaws which yes I have, but a well defined self doesn't need to point out other peoples flaws, but it is difficult to remember in the moment. Jerry has videos on systems anxiety which is the root of this issue. We grew up in a world where we are conditioned we have to be something specific in order to be worthy of love and approval. It is even more problematic if we grow up with a shame-based narcissistic parent who must have perfect children who fit into a some fantasy ideal that doesn't even exist. That is really challenging when one is trying to recover.

Nompilo Gwabavu

Jerry I wish you could understand just how much healing and health you are bringing into this world. Stay blessed!

Stacie Buckley

All professionals step aside this is a God Show. I am not God.. WORLD LOVE CAN SAVE HUMANITY ALL KIDS MATTER.

christine van kammen

I can't think of anything that gives me pleasure.

Joseph Grado Jr.

“I used to think that the worst thing was to end up alone. Now I realize the worst thing is to end up with people who make you feel alone.” Robin Williams

fame tv

Loved your concept thankyou


Thank you so much for your videos Jerry Wise! Always a pleasure to listen to you.
I have self-published three books on the subject of relationships that your supporters might find interesting:
* MOTHER EARTH, Simple Life Lessons from the Men´s Movement for Women & Girls
* EARTH FATHER, Natural Manhood, from Prison Towards Inner Freedom
* EARTH MEDICINE, What doctors Won´t Tell You About Cancer by Martin H.
The books are available at all bookshops on request. Contact [email protected] for more information.
Peace & blessings,

France Clémence Fradet

Also leave an abusive boss. Don't let comments that are off slide. Ask, what do you mean? Why did you say that? Really pinpoint shitty remarks. People will learn they can't verbally trample your emotional boundaries.

DC Fixx

You are So Correct with this video! I recently removed myself from a particularly toxic relationship where my ex was an Extremely Sociopathic Narcissist. She did however come from multiple abusive relationships prior and also a rather abnormal childhood which made me choose to give her numerous chances over and over out of compassion to no avail. She was co-dependent and craved badly to be accepted, to fit in, and to need confirmation from everyone to the point of always sidelining me for New Friends which inevitably ended in her cheating several times. On the other hand, I never needed anyone and enjoy being single so much that I eventually cut ties for the last time without looking back.

Night Sky

I have learned a long time ago that I need to get up from the table when love is no longer being served...I'm at the point where I love being alone, I've learned during a very hard time of isolation, that I'd rather be around ppl who are for me than against me ..I've learned to brush off negative ppl as fast as I can ask my self " is this person feeding my positive "..

I'm at a state where if ppl suck my energy I immediately become assertive and Express that I do not appreciate or want to play a part of their vicious cycle ...I move forward...I do so fast ...keeping my goals my number one priority...

We learn as we grow ...good luck to you all keeping strong ?? and believing u can do it ..?


Thanks for keywords for search.

Richard Berry

Sir. Because of my childhood I HAD to learn to be ok being with just me. Being by myself. I learned that when I accepted me, I was never alone. My problem is, now I have no patience for people who seek constant approval from others. Is there a balance I am missing


Great information thanks

France Clémence Fradet

Also cultivate a rich inner life. Be financially OK. Get help for anxiety.

Taru Vänskä

I know this comment is really late from when it was posted, but these facts are so true. I am scared of being alone, it's one of my biggest fears. I do exactly what you described, I seek company so I don't need to feel so lonely. I think you gave very good pointers on how I need to improve myself.


I can not stand needy friends.

Orange Ziggy

The ultimate grief is the loss of your parents love and approval- if you can grieve that and let it go, let them go, then you can also let go of any imbecile who might abuse you, thus setting you up for being able to protect yourself from abusive people.

Moses Jones

This is something a lot of us need.

Karen Lewkowitz

This has nothing to do with the verbal content - love the colours in this video. Matches the beautiful sunrise outside my bedroom window. Again, another wonderful video

goduskychris Chris Godusky

It’s easy to go without love if nobody loves you and makes you feel like a loser


I love your gyroscope metaphor. So true.


Could it be a someone doesn’t need approval but in at stage of their adulthood due to life challenges they feel they need approval from the same parents that before they didn’t need ?

alaysia kaye butler

I sought counseling for myself and my daughter when she was a young 23. I knew what we needed was this system you speak of and thru..Totally. It was me and two kids making a new life after leaving an awful, brutal pernicious covert narcissist. The counseling we got ended up allowing he and his equally toxic girlfriend to not only get involved with the dynamic, they empowered them, which led to total destruction of my little family. The program and the employees; they knew we had been in services since my girl was 2, we had cptsd and due to the counseling centers affiliation with certain agencies, they literally, honestly, orchestrated a total deconstruction of my home which incidentally put my kids in the narc abuser's and pathologically jealous girlfriends hands. 15 yrs later and raked over the coals of hell, Im still making up for it by being there for my kids who now have babies of their own. Giving them what was all along, theirs by rights; should have been role modeled when children. Sociopaths work so well together; shame, mindfuck and marginalize those that stand up for themselves, for whats good and right. They cant have that!! Im ok being alone, just still impaired, burnt to the core from knowing the skullduggery that led to alienation, not just isolation. I burn inside not for my sake but my now adult kids..and grandbabies..we all deserve a sense of well being, in this challenging world, because unity helps humans handle it all so much better.. Thanks for all you share, you've given me validation as an empath mother that was alienated and never gave up, and believe I can manage the behaviors of my offspring and be a good influence. But people dont get it. And theres no irl support. Im grateful for the virtual therapy..its safe!!

Ronnie Williams

This is like breathing for the first time. I have a Narcissistic Mother, who I have always wished for that approval, she could never give. Only if I worked for it. But, it wasn't real. I moved to Germany, and experienced independence. I finally could depend on Me, to do me.


Absolutely Makes sense . Thank you for this today.

warrior of God

you just said if we give up our need to be loved, since we are not getting love anyway (from our parents, siblings, spouse, friends etc) then we will get it.. I am sorry to say I don't think so.. unloving people will not become more loving and caring just because we stopped expecting love from them.. they might notice we have stopped approaching them, and perhaps they might approach us more, for a short period of time, just to make us return to our old ways (they like us being dependent on them), but in the long run they will be the same as they were.. only if we find new, more loving, people we will perhaps be able to have more loving relationships.. I understand what you wanted to say, if a person is too needy and approaches others in the wrong way they fail.. but usually people who are good and loving, and needy in a normal way, get hurt and abused by unloving people, i.e. more narcissistic family members, friends.. and narcissists usually do not change, since they see no need to change.. so, even if people disappoint us, we always have God to turn to.. we are never alone..


Such an incredible video. Thank you for posting this.

True maturiry indeed.


Great great thanks

Tired Scapegoat

As a scapegoat, even though we children are all in our 50s and the majority understand that our aging matriarch (90) is a raging narcissist, they verbally and emotionally attack and minimize me in the same manner. I've been a super-sensitive "crier" my whole life, now I'm accused of playing the victim...which is not true. I cry and I'm tired of being shamed for that my whole life. Because I've got me, I've decided to go low to no contact to protect myself from unsolicited advice that when rejected--turns into an attack of every introverted thing that I am from reading, to hobbies to being too intellectual to speak from my heart ( while I'm crying, no less.) I truly do not want to drag the toxicity of my family dynamics into my AARP years. Financial insecurity caused by low self-esteem, the manipulation of parentification ->handmaid, molestation, rape and lack of resilience =FEAR has me trapped physically and in shame. But, I'm still here. I just don't want fighting this battle to not be depressed, to not feel fear, to not be ashamed to be all that the remainder of my life is about.

Nephthalie Careen

So good Jerry, so good! literally "Grounding 101"!

Karen Kasteler

That's a great point....we're already we''re living without it embrace it without the frustration.

Avec Moi

Not every trauma comes from childhood. Most have figured that out


You’re helping me sleep again. Thank you ?

Asher Richards

Very wise words ?

Jordan Murphy

I can live without love but can you tell me how to live without a roof? Lmao

Michael Mckesson

Oh shit, I 've absolutely mastered the being alone thing. It's been at least a decade since I last talked to some random chick, let alone some good horizontal fun. Both are overrated, absolutely learn to do without.?

Man of the north


Karen Wallace-Berger

I am a senior and I've done a lot of work. I've read so many books, and spent countless hours in therapy. I can't get past "I am my dysfunction". I carry the burden of guilt for raising my now adult children dysfunctionally. I live alone now for the past five years. My children love me but avoid me. I still work and my approval seeking leads to constant interrupting, overreacting to situations and taking on more than I can deliver. I overshare, talk too much and have difficulty focusing on others when they are speaking or reading emails. I am not a bad person but I do have bad habits. I have too much STUFF. I know it is just filling the outside because of the emptiness inside. I know my disorganisation outside is simply reflecting my inner state. I have cut so many out of my life and I know I'm draining on those who do care for me. So draining, they avoid me. Especially now with COVID-19. I know I have to reparent myself but not knowing what a healthy parent is, how does one do that?

Lynox Royal

if none of my family supports me or acknowledges my loneliness or struggle outside of criticism what do I do? Do I stop asking for help? I need support and don't have the means to fully survive alone. I'm learning the majority of my life has been dysfunctional, extremely dysfunctional. I've wondered for years why I can't progress and can't maintain relationships. It seems I'm fighting for my life and future and due to having no support I'm being pushed to literally my non survival and ultimately my death. I have no support, nothing is coming through even government support, its like I'm left with nothing but to die while everyone is fully conscious of this and just watches. The more I'm alone, it seems the more toxic energies I have to deal with. It seems like I'll have to rely on some imaginary persons kindness and keep fighting.


Is it possible to be raised by a narcissistic father, and mom with borderline traits, and now not be able to feel love? I feel like my mom’s enmeshment and Authoritarian father made me feel like love was never safe. Now as an adult I know others in my life including family and close friends really do love me and I truly do care for them as well. I wonder however why it is I can’t feel love and why I have trouble with intimacy and therefore have never married.

Samantha Sosa

This is such amazing advice but so hard to incorporate. It’s like saying eat healthy and work out to lose weight very difficult. Unfortunately some of will never gave love and acceptance because of not only being child of an alcoholic but are physically unattractive. Ugly people are never loved or even accepted by family, work places the opppsite sex and do not have many friends.

Lisi 777

I don't feel alone any more. I have my Heavenly father. Yes I can eat a whole box of captain crunch without getting scolded at! Jumped out of a plane on my birthday. Lost my husband in august 23rd my soulmate but im fine... i had a clear dream with him. Seemed like a rapture dream so if it happens great if not.. i'll be snorkeling and doing my thang!!


"If everyone else left you and you were left alone what would you be doing?" Well, I'm deep-cleaning my room atm

Stroud Kelly 安乐

You have a good teaching ability? ??


Please try to improve the audio quality of your videos.

Dr. Larry Mitchell

A child reacts- an adult responds.

Elizabeth Ellaine

Jerry you are a heaven send!!! I love you so much. Thank you for doing what you do. <3

Bethany Hynes

"And still as birds were made to fly, humans were made to be loved. For a person to live unloved is like clipping a birds wings. You were made to fly not to stay on the ground. Don't be the bird to clip your own wings, spread em' and go get em'. No one ever said it would be easy ?" -Papa

Johanna Bartolome

Everyone talks about how bad unhealthy relationships are and that's so true but... how do you even get the chance to have a relationship??

Niecey Semien

omg I just found your channel! New subbie!

Jenna Moore

Thank you Jerry ??

Stephanie Sauceda

I would love to set up an appointment with you, Jerry Wise.

Dr. Larry Mitchell

It's a lot easier to get a loan from a bank if you don't need the money.


You speak a lot about being afraid of being left alone. I have never been able to have any real relationships. What about that?

Maria Whittaker

Self abandonment, the best.

Bootylicious Babe

Jerry wise is destructive content especially for children and youth under 25. His educational videos have no reference material or code of conduct. I disapprove of this content as a Psychologist major.

Marco Mac

Thanks Jerry. Very useful and generous provision of information.

Maria Whittaker

Staying connected while being yourself

Maria Whittaker

Build up my ability to go without love and acceptance.

Lonewolf Therapy

Great insights, a pleasure to listen to. Thank you!

Somi Nduna

I'd rather walk alone in solitude than feel alone within a crowd.

Maria Whittaker

Build an emotional backbone. I can stand alone (with God) and be okay being with me.

Kelly D.

This is very easy for me as the scapegoat, I've always been independent, I think since birth. I never felt apart of my family of origin. I went no contact after constant abuse and I'm so much happier now.

Kei Gee126

I find it confusing that therapists say you can be by yourself and then again turn around and say you need people... What are the real or healthy reasons for needing others as opposed to neediness or co dependency? What happens if we never find healthy connections?
I really get confused by this..
Thanks Jerry Wise for your work ?


Great vid.


What a conundrum, eh? You don’t get the love you need as a child and as an adult you have to learn how to not need it.

Alexus Baker-Rowland

What does it mean if your at a place where you are comfortable with self, loving and taking care of self (healthy state of mind) and your still receiving; not tolerating but receiving these toxic personalities

kareem mohammed


ancient vibes

S t o i c i s m .... Is de wey, ive never felt safe in my whole life. Never.. my body is even ridged when i sleep. I didnt even notice. Ive lived this way for 36 years. Embrace.. im alone..and its okay. I better than ok. Its best way to be.

Blueberry Cottage

Can someone with autism learn this skill? I'm struggling to understand who I am so I can stand with myself.

Alexandra R.

How to be connecting and being myself?

Mariana Ferreira

They have left me in a room to die I tried to contact they said I was doing the opposite they manipulate me trough money I even went traveling trying to earn their love I taught myself I was crazy and those things weren’t real but they were.I want to commit suicide because I don’t see when I’ll get out of this I was also abused by an ex narc I’m trusting in God though


10:00 grieve the loss of the substance addicted to
12:35 identifying and adding sources of pleasure as a way of treating depression, book: feeling good, new mood therapy especially chapter on pleasure


Jerry thank you so much for your videos , I come from a Narcissistic family , watching your video I think im on one side of the spectrum I feel like I'm ok if I get no love I dont need approval from others I stand alone and im ok with that ( and of course if I get love I welcome it but if I don't is ok  ) but I'm also aggressive to family not fiscal  but I reject them and im straight forward pls don't talk to me pls stay away from me and wen they ask why . im like cause I dont need to give you explanations just on example  , but is not that I have hard feelings or at list I dont feel I do, I feel like I have no feelings for them bad or good ones, I dont know if thats good, im not mad wen I reject them or I don't think  o because they did this or that I detach from the bad feelings that I had against them so I dont have bad feelings and I feel I became selfish also because my tranquility not getting stress and have peace in my life is the most important thing for me, it was a long process and I went true it with o profecional help, but I was not on easy kid also because I love to be alone wen I was little so I was not that affected by rejection like some others of my Family Members but Idid got affected by the situation I had growing up to the point I got sick and I start having anxiety attacks , ad that point I lost my ability to stand alone cause I was afraid I did not know what was happening I feel like I was going to die and I get like 3 or 4 attacks a week and the doctors I went to they did now know what was wrong with me I was so afraid to take medicine because I was afraid that It can get worst so never take medicine one day I broke my leg and I was afraid to take the pain relievers after surgery so I went true it with out them. with the years I learn to Control my mind better to the point that the anxiety attacks stop after many years , and I gain my power back cause I was not afraid any more to be alone , at that point I start pushing some people away and also at that point i had resentment but I work tru that cause I did not want to get anxiety attacks again, now I understand and I connect everything together, but watching your videos like ( Six Painful Issue for Adult Children of Narcissist )
I think I have so much to work on for example I have super awareness I thot that was good cause I even use that a lot for work all this years I been a musician sense age 5 at five I gave my first concert lol but to read the crowds is been good also became a DJ and it was super use full cause I was able to maintain people at the club longer then other Dj's also was able to pic on problematic people fast Security always will come to me to ask me what I see because so many times I tell them watch that guy sones it comes in to the club and that person will end up causing problems, every club I work on they have always gave me a radio to let security know if I see something not right lol, I always thot that I was able to do that cause I don't like to mix with he crowd so I stay away so I can see everything, also I learn to mix super fast so I can have more time to be aware of was going on, but I never thot this was develop because of the way I grow up with narcissistic parents but now it makes sense, I will try to learn more so I can help my self to be a better person thank you Jerry

Robert Chavez

I am happy with myself and i love myself amen..



jacqueline manzano

Alone time with oneself is golden. I spend the majority of my time alone and have realized how creative I have become with my works of art. I have become creative in ways I never thought I could, I have even sold some of my art. I absolutely enjoy my freedom of independence. I approve my self and my art and other people seem to feel the same way. That is, aside from the envious narcissist whom I deleted from my life a year ago.

Andrea Johnson

My soon to be ex-husband,has a narcissistic personality,as well as being enmeshed with his parents,particularly his mother,I had actually taken the years of triangulation and abuse,and realized,I need to be alone,I have lived years of my life in this cycle,and realized,I am alone no one approves of me or loves me,(except my kids),I have always been abused and told it was love.From my childhood,through my horrible marriage.

Lazaro Rosenberg

I'm currently in therapy for emotional(immaturity, dependence), boundary issues, and abandonment. I lost dad when 6 yrs old. I was told to listen and study abandonment until my next appointment. Your videos ,along with my therapy, are helping me well. Please send me those 3 free readings( [email protected]). I like the way you explain about stand alone. Thank you.

Nikko Tan

In other words...cultivating self-worth and self-compassion

Teresa Lacey

I had this issue about 6 years ago! Now after being single for almost 6 yrs I'm now the complete opposite. It's like things have flipped! I have no desire to seek out "any" relationships. Do I get lonely, "yes at times!" I remember how it felt to have someone to share life experiences with (which I miss that part of a relationship,) but now all I see when looking at potential single men to possibly date, I end up seeing them flying major "red flags," sky high! So I just stay alone, keep myself busy with my family, pets, online reselling & sourcing for reselling.

Adopt this mindset and you will be happy without a girlfriend

Adopt this mindset and you will be happy without a girlfriend21 Jan. 2021
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How to be happy without a

How to be happy without a girlfriend? A lot of men feel incomplete or sad without a female in their life. I’m here to tell you that there is way more to life than just having a girlfriend. In this video, I will explain why you don't need one and what you can do instead to feel infinite happiness.

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