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Why Getting Laid Off can be a Good Thing | Chetan Mahajan | TEDxFIIB

Why Getting Laid Off can be a Good Thing | Chetan Mahajan | TEDxFIIB12 Sep. 2018
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Getting laid-off is

Getting laid-off is traumatic in the least, and can be devastating. This talk is given by a corporate employee who completely changed paths and rebuilt his life after he was fired from his job. He shares many life lessons, including his learnings from one month he spent in an Indian jail.

Chetan’s last corporate role was as CEO of HCL Learning Ltd. He has also authored a book titled, ”The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail” published by Penguin in 2014, but his writing career was not a bed of roses, it had a painful start. He has lived for many years in the US, where he also earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. He has founded ‘The Himalayan Writing Retreat’ that offers deep inspiration and learning to writers at all levels. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Cheong Yuen Lian

I cry lor listening to this...bcz of the fear...have stop us from pursuing what we love...the uncertainty of life make us worry every single day...

Cerian Hawke

Shared to Facebook thank you

pavan medam

ChetanMahajan Sir, You Have Inspired me With Your Attitude


It's happening to me now, being laid off, I have to start my January with new things


wonderful story.. thank you for sharing

Charisma Justis

It took a while to get to the point but the last 2 minutes are key- don't rush trying to get BACK in.


covid19 lay off here lol

Tru Live love Laugh

Thank you for the encouraging words.

Mike the Mechanic

I was laid off in Jan. I left my field of 17 years. Only reason why I went is because my father in law was retiring from the place. I was there 2 years and let go because of Boeing. I looked for a job ASAP. I went back into my last field and the demand for mechanics was huge since I last had to look 9 years ago. I got too pay and it’s 19 mins from my house. Lots of overtime. It worked out.

Littlemsp D

I was just let go as of yesterday. Instead of feeling down I somewhat felt relief. Everyday the alarm went off.. I was thinking why am I doing this? I don't even enjoy what I'm doing and to find this video and hear you say what I'm feeling is amazing. I know this is not the end for me but a start to a new beginning. Sometimes in life you need that push to really go for what you enjoy in life. So I look at this experience as a blessing in disguise. Thank you again for sharing your journey and inspiration!

Wenyu Shi

Thank you sir, I just got laid off that that's exactly what i needed !!!!


just laid off..ugh so now I must try and make my passion a income, its something I've been thinking about all my life.but music and theatre aren't exactly money trees. but perhaps now its time.

Markeeta Summers

I was let go today. I was sad, shocked, hurt then realized there’s something great in this

Food Curls

Wow thank you for sharing your story

aditya mishra

Loved the comment "Skillset for a price tag"

MoLena 111 Molina

This is definitely needed for everyone like myself who’s been laid off

Soumen Das

Just Brilliant ?

Lot of people would need to see this specially in this covid situation. Loads of layoffs all around.

Rhyno Souris

Getting laid off is never good. Most likely you'll lose your home, and you won't work again for a very long time

Kyle Robinson

I was laid off last week and I immediately started to applying for jobs and unemployment. I was ignoring my emotions until it got to the point where now I have applied for over 40 jobs. I now have been struggling with guilt, anger, and feeling like a failed which is something I was not use to becasue I have been so career driven. I wasn't perfect but I always improved and helped as much as I could. Maybe I wasn't happy, maybe that affected my mood at work. I didn't feel fulfillment and didn't like being the bad guy to people or dealing with terrible people. I worked in management and thought me and the other guy were very open and worked very well together until it happened out of the blue and told me what the reason was and that the paper work was already filled out and done. So there was no explaining on my side. Now I'm struggling between the choice of getting stable as fast as possible to continue what I was doing or taking the loss, Going back home, and finding something I rather do/ a career change. I hate feeling and I hate that how hard I worked that now it won't even be a reliable reference for a job employer. This video helped a bit and hope I can figure it out before something else goes wrong. I always enjoy ted talks but this is one of the first times I have watched one on a topic that hurts me and others so much.

jeri hayden

i wish i could get laid off

Jake O'Malley


Adam Stokes

Thank you brother


I have a feeling I’ll be getting laid off tomorrow. I feel ashamed. I feel embarrassed. Most importantly, I feel relieved. But I also feel scared because I have no idea what to do next... I don’t know who to go to about it either. I don’t want to work 9-5 anymore (or 6-6 which is what I have been working) I want to work on my own time.

Shelena Tate

The company i working for was cutting all temp workers and i only been there a week. My contract ended a the job before that I stumbled on this video after thinking how much I'm tired of working for others. I'm a memoir author with 2 other books this motivated me to start shift my mind set

Jason Polk

All i saw was, "Why Getting Laid can be a Good Thing". Shows me for reading too fast on YT

luis costa

Thank you just made my day, definitely needed to hear.


Practically everyone in private industry is getting laid off because we are now in the gig economy, aka the alternate work force (contract jobs, part time jobs, temporary jobs). The latest statistic is that 94% of all new jobs created is alternative work force work.

Sonny Singh DC - The Back of the House

Love this video. Helped a lot

Kathy English

Wow what a tale.

Vetri Selvi

I am fresher , I have been layoff from my company with only 8 months of exp , I don't what to know I feel like s** my relatives are blaming me and talking behind my back , IAM ashaming my parents too .

Bill Cyrus

This is helping me greatly, thank you so much! I got stuck in a bad work situation for over a year now and am working on a path forward from it.

BoA Yoon

I was let go two weeks ago.. been feeling sorry for myself but I must carry on.. thank you.

Helen Nguyen

I have been let go since November 2020. Right now I am just using living off of unemployment benefits. I am loving with my parents but I am going to move out because my parents are sadly toxic. I am worried about financially BUT I know that great things are coming my way. I know it for sure. I pray that everyone who are laid off at this time will use this time to renew yourself and get the career you guys deserve.

Daughter of the King

I was let go today. The exec's behavior with me was questionable, so I was about to quit as soon as I got another job offer anyway. Yesterday, I felt a lot of dread for going to work today, seriously considered calling in sick, but I'm glad I didn't. I've been saving up for a car, so I have savings to live on until I find a new job. Glad for this Ted Talk to help me figure out what to do next. Curious: has your layoff been a blessing to you?

Hitesh Mirani

I find myself in a situation where I got laid off recently, stumbled upon this video and must have seen this video at-least a dozen times and each time I got to learn something new from it. Chetan comes across as very genuine and for him to share his story is very brave and heartfelt. We all may not have been to jail, but we are caged within our thinking and the circumstances resisting us from following our dreams. More power to the speaker and anyone who is in this situation. Staying positive and following your passion is the only way and success stories like this are testimony of that. Keep shining

Justyna Maria

was anyone else confused by the jail story or is it just me??

Kishore Kumar

Getting fired by end of this month! Your speech gives me some courage. Thanks!

Coach Collins Odhiambo

Thank you so much for sharing I was laid of last week due to covid19 impacts and I really needed to hear this.... WHAT NEXT? WHAT OPTIONS DO I HAVE?

Jerrell T

I was just laid off two days ago!


Bottom line: corps expect. No, DEMAND, loyalty. They consider paycheck a form of a charity/handout. They have established a "we against them" culture, and the best way of dealing with this environment is to NOT get emotionally involved and not expect anything that's not going to happen - no matter how much time and effort you invest in your job, you'll eventually get chewed up and spit out.

laurent kaye

I was just laid off from a job I have had for 16 years. I was given a severance package however part of the package is to continue working for another month and help those who still have jobs move to another location. Never been in this position before... I would love to turn the package down and quit but I'm not financially able to do so. I guess I should be grateful I got something. I truly knew it was coming and wanted a change in my life. Always a silver lining if you bother to look and offer the Universe your desire for change. A change for the better even if you can't quite see the change at this very moment. You will...?

Chetan Singh

Thank you chetan for sharing this wonderful expression of emotions of loosing a job. ??

Ben Alexander

Congrats Chetan! I ended up in a similar situation. I couldn't stand the Alarm clock. Got sick and tired of "the small box". 8 years ago I found a simple way to make a living online while living in the "mountains" (in USA).

Dianne Berest

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Nermin and Sanya TV

Great talk thank you !

[email protected]

thanks this helped me

Richard Bowers

Your big chance! Now you can make more money & become rich & famous too!

Christopher Williams

I talked about this very thing on my channel. Checkout this video and tell me your thoughts?

M Sch

I just got laid the day I came back from mat leave “due to restructuration”. I’m so mad about this.

Katerina Rose´

My bf has been laid off now for 9 months... hes applied to hundreds of jobs, gets interviews, but no job offers ? this has been so sooo hard.

Euro foot

Real eye opening lecture.

Nimit Shah

Nice one

Daveeda Jane Brown

I just got laid off but I was already an Entrepreneur and had a Business I been so use to working for my self

Sameer Bhatia

Great Talk and great advice.

Vimal Menon

Chetan as always you put reality in a simple and suttle manner. Good luck buddy


The most annoying audio intro!


Although I did get fired, I still have an income coming from a property I own, so money really isn't an issue at this stage, but the fact that not working and not contributing to society and being 47 yrs old, makes me depressed and unworthy and uncertain about my job prospects, but listening to this has helped and hopefully might inspire me to a better quality of life.....thanks.

Jeremy Peacock

I was let go today and this helped. Thank you.


Love the point at 15:48 - 'Don't spend all of your energy trying to get back in. If there is a bigger dream you have somewhere, try to shoot for it'.


"It's not good or bad" - as if it can't change. Typical Hindu outlook in India! Thumbs down........!

Ademir Alijagic - Happy Life Challenge

I got fired and I have never been happier! I had been dreaming of starting my own business and YouTube for years but was held back by fear... And I am so glad I got pushed into doing this! I got my first client 2 months in and haven't missed my old life one second!


I am glad I watched this.



christopher moody

Great message !

Dhruv Datta

Thank you for putting this up.


A healthy attitude literally shifts our lives and opens the doors for more opportunities. You got this!!

Fazla Alahi

I got find myself,

Coffee with Cassie

I was just laid off today and I’m just still bothered by it. I don’t know what to do


Everyone can use this with all of the furloughs

Jon Revelos

It's inspiring to hear your tale of struggle and growth, Chetan. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

Dean Giroir

Was laid off yesterday after working for the same company for 15 years. I started at the very bottom and worked my way up to 2nd in command. In one brief moment, it all ended in the name of "downsizing". I took a lot of pride in my work but being laid off made me realize that your life isn't supposed to be about a job. Life is meant to be enjoyed and be way more meaningful.

shobhit devi

I got fired last month and this was after I trained all the new hires . With all this pandemic still waiting for unemployment payment to come through. Honestly I am worried about being homeless.
Life has been a roller coaster for me since I have moved to the States ?


Employer of two years let me go yesterday. I needed to hear this!

blah blah

Thank you I just got laid off and I really connected with this video

Obama Cops To Reading Marx & Foucault To Get Laid

Obama Cops To Reading Marx & Foucault To Get Laid21 Nov. 2020
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Comments (100)

The women in my life have had a HUGE impact on my then ideas I've exposed myself to.


I think it is kind of sad and pathetic but I think that Obama thinks it was too.

Haakon Haakstad

Can't deny that it is a powerfull driving force for ambition.

Christian Valencia

Don't judge, we all gotta do what we gotta do to get laid


It's really not a huge deal Kyle. Why do you think most guys try to play guitar

The Meerkat

I read leftist theory because poverty and homelessness pisses me off and I want to find alternative solutions. If anything I figured being labeled a socialist would make it harder for me to get laid.

Clay Rosenthal

I didn’t meet any hot leftists till well after I was deep into it

Michael Hill

This makes me want to go back to college because I would love to meet women like the ones he described. All the ones I know just binge trash netflix and don't know what books are, let alone philosophy.

Gabe Wehner

I love politics, so I get really into it in explaining in-depth history of policies , or what not. the girls I spoke to tend to be super uninterested and lost in what the hell im talking about. Sooo definitely a waste of time , unless you love this subject.?

Gabe Wehner

When I speak politics , girls ears seem to shut off, so I’d suggest not trying this. ?

Kevin Beck

Obama is all veneer, and this is him admitting it. Absolutely no principle, just image

Jeremy Miller

For me it's always been Chompsky, Cornell West & mostly Chris Hedges. I actually don't think it's that pathetic in a good corky kind of way. It would be nice if Obama would have took some of these philosophical ideas to the WH though. Obama w/ the long legged girl dressed all in black was like: So what do u think about the idea of everyone living as a community w/ no owner class? ? ?

poo shoveler

Doesn't this just mirror his presidency? He duped all of us to get in our pants.

Trevor Phillips

It is a bit like taking Home Ec in high school, so you can be the only dude in class.


Chicks love communism. lmao!


In high school, I was interested in some chick who was into some book. I fully intended on reading it to advance my chances, but I never did and I'm glad because otherwise, Kyle would've called me a loser.

Rogena Qshairy

Kyle you're a real man you're not wrong you're a rare human :)
I'm woman and yes my ex do this to me :)

Joolz Vega

Read Chomsky get it onsky

Gabe Wehner

Yea, I wouldn’t do this to get laid. I don’t put it beneath me to learn political ideologies to get laid. I learned Spanish to try to get laid! But generally when I start speaking politics that’s when the girls get turned off, so I just avoid it. Lmao

Cartylase R

"What I will give him credit for is the honesty of it, because he's opening himself up to criticisms from assholes like me"
I like this circlejerk of honesty.

mansa shaka

I find it sad =/ He was always a wolf in sheep's clothing.

C. Matthew Hawkins

It rings true from what I saw from liberation movements of the 60s, 70s, 80s. It wasn't everybody, but there was a lot more of this than most people have acknowledged up to now. It's disappointing. It's honest. It's clarifying and it explains a lot about the shallowness of many in social movements (of the left, right, and center) as well as how Obama later used progressive rhetoric to seduce many people to vote for him when they thought they really were voting for change they could believe in and got something that was very different instead.


Obama’s the guy you’d enjoy bullshitting with and swapping stories, but his personality translates to, ultimately, career politician, and that’s why I dislike him so much.

Samuel vi Britannia

I mean, doing stuff to get laid is certainly par for the course, but it's incredibly pathetic that you'd A: go to this extent only to fail and B: read philosophy of this sort intending not to grasp it.

And yeah, he definitely governed like this too.

Andrew Quinlan

I don’t think doing this when you’re 18-19 is pathetic. If he was like 30 then yeah, but what college dude hasn’t done something stupid to get laid

Frank Castle

Obama always struck me as being rather shallow - so this comes as no surprise to me. If you want to get laid, just go to a "massage" parlor and pay for a bj or something: leave the study of philosophy to people who actually care about the subject.

Landon Martin

I don’t really think it’s that pathetic since it happened during his youth, people do a lotta stupid or silly stuff when they’re younger. It’s not like he was bragging about it either, he himself called it embarrassing. So yeah it’s weird to judge him harshly on those statements

Isaac Barba

His next book is going to be about how becoming president was just about sticking it to those girls who didn’t let him smash.

Future Society Of Kings

Presidential pimping


I mean to me it confirms that Obama is two faced. And that’s something he tried to pull off at a young age.

Eric Lefeld

It's more sad than pathetic.



Austin Koch

Definitely should criticise, in fact you should criticise more. The reason he said this is because he wants to trivialize and caricaturise the people reading Marx and Foucault and the others, as being unserious, sex-driven, immature young douches that haven't "grown up" yet. He wants to frame himself as the product of maturing from these philosophies and frame his career as possible by those who abandon those philosophers. It's pathetic, but for so much more than you're saying. (Also, spoiler, it's ghost written)

Scott Crawford

And then there is me who got into Hans Hermann Hoppe and gets screeched at. Also, I would school you at golf, bruh.

Aaron Lawrence

Doing something you're not interested in to impress someone else is weak af. If you're not an anarcho-syndicalist, reading Chomsky isn't going to make that An-Syn girl compatible with you.

Caitie Regan

as an ethereal bisexual who wears mostly black, I would like to think that most people who get into leftism do it because they care about other people, not because they want in my ethereal pants. this is definitely a thing that happens, but like... idk who is gonna suffer through theory to fuck ?

Strawberry Animation

Yeah, I read all the Harry Potter books so I could talk to some girl.


Kyle, I agree with you 100%. I'm starting to read more chomsky, russell bertrand, rosa luxemburg, to get out of all the bs myself. But also to enrich myself as a person.

I am 26 but I wish I did get into this stuff sooner.


I mean, some people lie or exaggerate to catch the interest of their sexual interests, but Kyle is right - that is NOT how most people get interested in things, especially not relatively dense philosophers.

And I agree with the other comments: Obama's lying about this too. (Like other lizards of the ruling class, his actual mating rituals are boring and disgusting.) He knew this would get tons of attention and the point is to smear leftists and intellectuals. It's like that CIA "feminist" Gloria Steinem saying girls are only supporting Bernie Sanders because they're chasing boys. It's insulting bullshit.


It is pathetic, a lot of people are pathetic.

Cold Heart

I'm believed Obama was the family guy brian in college pathetic pretty sure no guy college in would use his method to get lady attention

Kimberley W

You're right, it IS a bit pathetic but....most guys are like this. Truly. I've known many, many women who are the same. Picking up a hobby or interest in something just because someone else has an interest in it is often why we do it. It sometimes leads to relationships and sometimes it leads to a person finding something they really love.

Does it mean we're all pathetic? Perhaps a little bit but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it. Seriously, how many women do you know who learned about football because their boyfriend loves it?

Sp Wie

bro that just shows the change in the zeitgeist from when obama went to school vs when i went to school. being a vocal marxist & reading chomsky etc during will do a lot of things for you these days but getting you laid is not one of them lol

Annette LF

Well, is as pathetic as buying a car you can’t afford in order to attract girls. At least he did it from an intellectual standpoint. I guess the saddest part is that might be the reason why he didn’t understand what he was reading.

John Smith

To be fair, Obama himself said it was embarrassing


Reading Marx to get laid is the Obama era version of "I didn't inhale."

B Smith

Conservatives worldview is that lying to get what you want is smart and anyone who doesn't do this is a fool. Obama is a self-confessed conservative.


I thought those philosophies were just interesting personally but I guess I can see people doing that

Kevin Tse

You’re kinda missing the point that your reaction is exactly what he was going for.

Kyle Davis

I've done both. I quite like the intellectual exploration. But I did start reading a book once just to have something to talk to this girl on my bus route about. The views are not mutually exclusive.

Larry Tepper

Did he cop a nickel bag just before?


Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.

Dana Stein

Kyle, I appreciate your pure enjoyment of intellectual content. ?
I bet there is a hearty dose of truth to his “admission”, but my takeaway is that the right constantly referring to him as a Marxist always bothered him, as he is truly a moderate/centrist. I think this is him “setting the record straight”, that no, he was never a Marxist, just read some of the material to get laid.
I’m not sure how common that phenomena is with men. Maybe some guys are studying philosophy to get in a girl’s pants, and end up sticking with it cause they actually like what they’re reading.
I wouldn’t know. ?‍♀️
Personally I don’t think it’s a smart dating tactic, as most women can smell that kind of insincerity from a mile away.


No wonder he was friend zoned...


Kyle, it IS sad and pathetic, and he's saying it to make it seem as though everyone who's a socialist basically only is one for pathetic, immature reasons. Once you've grown up, gotten a job and gotten married, the presumption goes, you'll realize how sad an pathetic espousing those socialistic ideas were.

Jason Jackson

You are correct, Kyle. Pathetic. Yet somehow not unexpected...


I started reading marx before even thinking about gettting a gf lol Edit: Kant would be very sad 'cause he said that people are never only supposed to be a means to an end.

I Do It For the Money

Kyle this cant be suprising


normal human behavior. what i have a beef with is celebrity-ism. Chomsky's fucking interesting; Obama is nothing special. Just a normal establishment politician fronting that he's for the people when he'll kill for the corporations.

Justin Ashbrook

It always annoys me when people so that.

Future Society Of Kings

Damn Kyle, you ever been to college? Ok, is it weird to sign up for certain English or Science classes because there are more women in the classes? Meaning an increase in numbers increases my chances of fishing ?'s not dirty at all, it's, gulp, Evolutionary Biology ?????

Anyway, at Harvard, intense study groups are a core staple on campus. In general, on campuses everywhere, it's not so much the subject, it's the class and the class start time.


1:56 ????

jimmy steinbeck

I think that he's lying


I think you both are vapid. I read philosophy and literature because I crave knowledge and wisdom.

Lars Van Den Broek

Your response to this seems kind of unworldly, Obama admitting to this is obviously a form of self deprecating humour.

Nothing Face

Humans as a Majority are basically looking to get laid however possible especially when young. It sounds pathetic but at the end of the day I see this kind of thing all the time ESPECIALLY in teens/Early20somthings. Humans feign interest in a bunch of things just to get into someone else's pants.

I Honestly wouldn't be surprised at all if a bunch of intellectuals throughout history started off by trying to impress girls and get paid before "Growing Up". That said, Admitting to it in a biography after becoming POTUS is uh... probably a bit of a dumb as fuck move.

melanin felonin

kyle is deadass just mad nobody smashed him for being a nerd either

J. C.

It's a strength when someone isn't afraid of admitting embarrassing truths about themselves. This is Obama's greatest strength. What made Obama president was the willingness to tell his story truthfully. Even though, in some parts, his presidency might have let some people down, but instead of bashing him for this, this is something that future hopeful democrats can learn from: You need to connect with people and tell them your story, and align that with the story of the country and your values and what your stand for, your policies. That's why you have many democrats, who are right, who stand for the right values, but they're failing to connect to the country at large. Let's admit it, many people voted for Joe Biden as a stand against Trump. They didn't vote for Joe Biden. The best candidate in this election, who cared most about the people, was Bernie Sanders. But he lost because, although he was right, he didn't tell his full story. By not telling your full story, you leave it to the media to fill the gaps for you, and we all know what portrait they painted of him: a socialist, a communist, hell bent on destroying America. It didn't matter how well Bernie defended himself against that accusation, whether or not his policies would help, not destroy, the middle class.

Victor Olufade

To answer your question: Yes..ish. As a senior in HS i was ranting about how corrupt all politicians are until my cute friend told me to check out Bernie. I did but only so that i had something to talk to her about but then I ended up getting heavily into it.

Mt Shore

Sounds like Damage Control.


It's pretty pathetic. If you have an actual personality. You don't have to pretend.

Gork Music

I'm endeared by Obama's willingness to be honest about being "pathetic". Sounds like you're just knit-picking instead of the valid criticisms.


Honestly, and I’m sad to say this, but talking about Marx and Socialism has actually put me on girls’ no-suck list many times.

Ozzie Filmlover

He was a kid at the time, who cares really?


He used his phony interest in progressive politics for no other purpose than to climb the social hierarchy for personal gratification. He is also insinuating that all progressives are phony naive kids, projecting his own shallowness onto the progressive movement. This is manipulative propaganda.


Kyle, there's different game strategy. Based on this segment, he was trying to be able to converse with and subsequently impress the women he was trying to get with with obscure but probably in depth knowledge of these philosophers. He probably was angling to be the chicks student teacher. Just like its strategy when the prick comes in the bar with a doll dressed like him, or comes with a python with a baby bonnet.

Obama was just a dude doing what he had to do, even if it meant getting smarter. And FYI, there's romance in philosophy including socialism.

Karma Kecleon

And now you know why his policies were what they were. Yes, there are a lot of people like that, but you can tell when you talk to them normally.


Its pretty common for people to fake interest in some subject to get laid. Is that the majority reason why men in particular have interest in philosophy? No, but it does happen. However, Most are genuinely interested. Is Obama a loser for faking interest to get laid? Nah, dude was just trying to get his dick wet with the women he was attracted to by engaging in their interests. That's pretty standard behavior in most sexual and romantic relationships.


2:46 Kyle "Brocialist" Kulinski confirmed.

jimmy steinbeck

I feel like I like philosophy 80-90% because I'm interested in it and 10-20% because I wanna be smarter and more wise which I guess is so that I can get laid in a tangential way

Michael Salopek

Weird I use philosophy to help me not kill myself but okay you do you I guess Obama

Jackson Senter

I’ve definitely said “communism could probably work” in an attempt to get with an edgy commie girl.


i’m into philosophy planning to switch my major to it actually. my initial reason for getting into it was because i was majorly depressed when i was 16 and it gave me solace. anybody who’s into it because they want to get laid are a joke imo and i don’t believe it’s possible to understand the full implications of theory if you’re going into it w the intent of using it as a tool for hooking up.


I look forward to seeing the next chapter in Kyle's career. In which he would ideal not fall for or respond to these petty non- issues.

Emile Constance

His failure courting Leftists/Marxists may explain his loathing for the Left.

Jared Baranowski

This might be the dumbest video I’ve ever watched.

Oscar Fitzpatrick

I started reading intellectual things so the world was less alienating. Reading specifically with the intention to try and get laid seems weird and predatory.


As a nerd, I found Chomsky's documentary of Manufacturing Consent and picked it up out of curiosity. Now, I am reading books like War is a Racket and Permanent Record.

These are not books that ever helped me in my sex life or even useful in many social situations but has led to using it in intellectual conversations and debates.


Moral of the story....leftists are sexier than reactionaries


Obama, just like every other CEO, is pathetic.

Josh Frayer

I'd answer your question, but it isn't like you read the comments anyway (3,161 comments as I write this, I am not blaming you in the least). An online poll would probably work better for this sort of thing.


The "guys only get into philosophy to get laid" is bs and pathetic

C Zwagarc

Ooof, I’m with Kyle here. This seems very backwards and cringe from Obama. I’m a philosophy major and decided to do that because it helped me become a better and more grounded person politically, socially, and spiritually. It’s after you change your own philosophy/mindset do the girls come, not just cuz you read the books lol.

Hayden Eden

This type of corny shit def works tho ?


You can judge it Kyle, but yes it's probably really really common. However, just because its common, doesnt mean we shouldnt judge it.


It is not that stupid. A lot of people before you realize you should just be yourself try to mirror what others like to get laid. As you get older you should just be what you’re into, and try and find people with common interests.

Datgrass grassy

The fact that he mispronounced most of them made me disappointed. I wish Kyle read Fanon/Marcuse

Christian Beasley

"centrist Democrat attempts to appeal to and court progressives and leftists to try and fuck them over" guess he hasn't changed much.

Maxime Boileau

I've known a lot of guys who got into philosophy because of geeky peer pressure or because someone they were sexually attracted to were into it as well, but in most cases regardless of the outcome it ended up enriching their lives and their moral outlook. Obama's thing though is how dismissive he is of the actual value of these philosophies while still clinging on to the "cred" of having read them. Lame.


I think he's trying to convey multiple things here. He's trying to be relatable and elite at the same time. He's saying, "Yeah, I did stupid trivial stuff to get girls too, just like all of you." He probably would admit that he didn't probably dive deep into these philosopher's work, precisely because it was just a means to an end, and not even a successful end at that. But he's also saying, "I only chased really high class, intelligent, and well-read girls." It almost feels like he's humble-bragging a bit, saying that the stupid stuff he did to get girls is more intelligent than the normal stupid stuff that normal stupid people do to get girls.

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