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Anime Feet - Foot Fetish Edition (Kakegurui)

Anime Feet - Foot Fetish Edition (Kakegurui)20 Jan. 2020
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Clips used:

Kekegurui is a bad gambling anime by Mothers Basement

1 hour zero two darling in the franxx frying pan by Maho Shouju

Kakegurui Anime Feet, anime feet, anime foot fetish. anime. anime. anime. anime feet.



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Uchiha Yami Zukulento Sharingan

In Japanese not english ??????


Great Episode! I like episodes in which you show anime scenes. I don't like games. It would be nice if you could do episodes with scenes from actors' movies sometimes.


3:52 I am putting this reaction in my playlist, i think it will come in quite useful in the future.

Malourdes Reyes

I lick feet and. Roblox anime forgets

EZH 2000

Thanks for kakegurui intro

first name last name

How did i get here wtf

Maximiliano Aedo

And it just so happens that I'm writing a foot fetish-themed Love Live! fanfic right now.

Flap Jak

That reaction was hysterical! ?

Death the kid

Am I the only one that whenever I play as a girl character in games I choose to take my shoes off




Bro u definitely have to watch the ending of "The world God only knows". It's just too much feet-fanservice!

Serena Van kis

Follow me and have fun ????https://onlyfans.com/serenasweetfeetish


This bich who dubs is in so many hentais I watch


4:00 top 10 screams before biggest disasters number 1

Kristin Setlak

I have a foot fetish to


what's the show at 0:50? #askingforafriend


The intro should say “feet lasagna” ?

Yui Linkmat

Feet aside, Kakegurui is one of the best anime I have ever seen

Jayshade X

Kakegurui? More like ? Cake-A-Gurui

Ekoboy Gaming

this is a podophime man of honor

Dante Von Crowlley

U have ME besides Discord to find hot content, legal or illegal, no one needs to know what u want to see

John Henry Fernandez


Vdrunken Anubis

I thought I was weird for liking yumeko’s feet

Overlord X

Top 10 Ecchi-Harem anime. https://youtu.be/csaypYooJpQ


Why do feet guys have to make themselves seem this weird? PPl who like boobs and butt don't intentionally look dorky.


Whenever I see zerotwo patas on the internet : 4:07 a shit here we go again

Anime_niac 映画

https://youtu.be/W8CKBEEu8Pc please watch


saying knee socks is the lowest religion is just wrong, pantyhose/kneesocks > rest


That's a true man of culture right there


also, guess ill comply: "lewd stuff"


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plz type lewd stuff in the comments
SHOUTOUT TO KAZUNA from Discord for telling me about this lovely anime <3


I'm gonna die if i'm not gonna watch this anime! Thx foot broooo!?

John Henry Fernandez

Me then: ...
Me now: .......


2:43 Bittersweet laugh you had me doing there.


Subscribe to my onlyfans for ballerina feet pictures https://onlyfans.com/u67020815

DDf Fefd

Как я понял, я единственный русский здесь.

kill joy

It just never gets old I love watching your vids


You got me cryin bruh, this is amazing. XD All the rhymes are killin me, best writing 10/10

Dante Von Crowlley

Can u talk about ur relationships before and after u confess u r a weeabo? I still wonder how ur wife got used to hear u moaning for anime girls, I can't do that one time and they call the police already

fernando pasqualich

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Sorry dude, if you're recommending Neon Genesis Evangelion, I cannot trust you on DArling in the Franxx. It also doesn't help that whether it has feet or not Kakekerugui bothers me so much, the art is ugly and the main girl has that stupid demonic eye Geass power thing, and to make matters worse I watched the first episode and the characters literally DO NOT act in ways that they naturally would, unless that black haired girl contraolled the blond to force her to pick wrong in rock paper scissors, which I'm guessing is the case.

omar allama

2:16 I didn't hear what was that

Global Outcast

I swear you can't get away with making cartoons like that in America

Educational Assistive Technology , LLC

Bitch Lasanga

Lord of Cinder

What about Miru Tights? That anime is literally centered on the foot fetish aspect


I'm definitely deleting my history after this.


best outro

The Nameless Enigma

I wish I could be as confident as this dude is lmao legend


Nice! Also Did you watched Miru Tights? Is really nice ~ but not for barefoot fans ^^'

Roblox Bros.


Salvatore Leone230


ChiniGamie Ttv

i can tell 50% of the man love feet like this man


4:10 You shoulda put some lotion on your face and tissues around your shoulder at the end of that lmao. Was perfect for after 10

Patrick Dmuzangi

Quentin Tarantino has entered the chat

Preston Valdez.

The neuroscience of foot fetish thing here.... https://youtu.be/9YVH2PfTpoI

Is foot worship weird or sexy?

Is foot worship weird or sexy?28 Jan. 2021
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Comedians Aaron Michael

Comedians Aaron Michael Marsh, Christine Blackburn, and Teresa Lo discuss whether or not they like having their feet touched, massaged or worshipped.


This clip was taken from TALK WITH T.LO, a Youtube Live show that airs every Monday through Thursday at 3p PST. Archived episodes are available to All-Access Patrons on Patreon.com/teresalowriter.

Comments (1)
Bd Dd

Its so cool ur into it lol

papaya crush feet foot fetish

papaya crush feet foot fetish6 Dec. 2020
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Comments (5)
Cytromancer 16

Can you crush some more squishy food barefoot?



STACEY Thompkins

Do my man hood like that


Poor papaya ??? what a bashing

Damien Bellerose

Love the quality of your vids. Really top grade <3 Hope to see more!