Hot wife christmas gifts

6 Hot Christmas Gift DIYs and Ideas

6 Hot Christmas Gift DIYs and Ideas10 Dec. 2017
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Merry Christmas and a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018. Thanks for watching.

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Rosalyn Vaw

Sooooooo cool it works perfect

Lachlan FALLER

perfect for Christmas thanks!

Rachel Gem

How do you get the the candy cane off of the paper?

Daneel 1

So do I put the hot glue on the paper because when it dried I couldn’t get it out of the paper

Thalapathy studio


Buddy Singer

Do you use wax paper?

Carlos Jair Palmera Jaraba

Wow !!! Mis respetos por el trabajo que lleva hacer eso, y también porque quedaron bien hechos y bien bacanos ...?

Two Star Sisters

Now I need to go get my candy cane decoration out of the fridge. It looks cool so I tried it.

OMG! I JUST PAINTED MINE AND IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!! I am definitely putting it on my Christmas tree!

Divya Varshney

Base me kon sa paper use krye hai aap...hamare use krye time to pura bekaar ho jata hai...glue spread ho jati hai

Rageen Robin


Vartika Virat Corner

Wow very nice ??????☃️⛄?⭐❄️?️⛷️?

Dhitika manchanda


arcticshadow_ Pack

Why is nobody speaking in English??

Bev Macmillan

Tried the tree. Stuck to the paper

Biju G S 123


Carrie Dean

Hi !! Your hacks are brilliant!! I'm defo gonna try them this year but to add an extra special touch on the glue gun Christmas tree if you add battery lights it will looks amazing !! ??

karen lindsey


Ahood Saleem

اي ورق تستعمل؟



a s h l e y

Why does no one comment


Eres un ladron de videos

Abigail Dunn

The trees are nice looking

Fokhrunnesa Fakhrunnisa

Soooo nice???

I am a parson not a UwU 1355


layan .H

Mine got stuck on the paper while hot gluing cursed

Shalee Grohs

Love it!

Sherri Woodward

Just made my first xmas tree and it looks great thankyou


1:42 that's a mean prank lol

Kay Mark

With the trees they made you should put an electronic tea light underneath it would look beautiful :)

Mr. Inventor

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hot Christmas gift ideas

Hot Christmas gift ideas28 Nov. 2018
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What if my heater/fan goes out and I have to Guess Who is under the electric blanket?

Goose Sports

Good vid


Keep em coming, Kige!

Chris Thompson

Hey Kige! An electric blanket is a GREAT gift idea.

Brian Sterowski

I last played “Guess Who?” when I was in kindergarten.

Watch Hot & Sexy Guy Andy Deliver Christmas Gifts-Glamour's Gift of the Week-To Make Your Holiday!

Watch Hot & Sexy Guy Andy Deliver Christmas Gifts-Glamour's Gift of the Week-To Make Your Holiday!12 Dec. 2013
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Unwrap Andy’s very

Unwrap Andy’s very special Christmas gift for you. He picked out the perfect present with you in mind, even though he knows you’ve been a little naughty this year. Merry Christmas, indeed!

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Watch Hot & Sexy Guy Andy Deliver Christmas Gifts-Glamour's Gift of the Week-To Make Your Holiday!

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Paula Espinoza

aye papi

Asia North

The new narrator sounds soo creepy somebody put the old one back plz!!

Cenda EU

Looks like a male version of Miranda Kerr im laughing way more than I should rn


The man was hot but wtf happened to the voice?!

C Nathan

What happened to that deep sexy voice?? This new guy sucks

Kala Jean

ily2 ;D lol