How to become a financial dominant

Dominate Your Industry: How to Become the Best in Your Field - Sanat Thakur

Dominate Your Industry: How to Become the Best in Your Field - Sanat Thakur12 Aug. 2020
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Dominate Your Industry:

Dominate Your Industry: How to Become the Best in Your Field

How to Become World-Class at What You Do

कैसे बने Ordinary से Extraordinary बिजनेसमैन

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About Sanat Thakur : An elite Motivational speaker who talks about real estate consulting business.

He preach what he practices. He is coach and motivator and believes in motivating people around for their business success.

His knowledge, skills and passion for real estate consulting business has made him a successful realtor. He train people on how to become more productive, more disciplined in real estate business.Real estate has emerging as profession of more sophisticated and organised now a days.

Sanat Thakur talks about the proven techniques, skills in real estate business without compromising the good values.

His Motivational Videos are really charging and inspirational. It does not matter weather you are a student, a working professional or a businessman, his highly motivating stories and experiences will empower you and motivate you to achieve heights in your life.Videos which will Inspire and Entertain you on Motivation, Positive Thinking, Career, Relationships, Self Help, Goals etc. Stay tuned with us for latest Hindi Videos.

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StarMaker lyrics channel

Thanks guro ji ????

Digital Investing

One small tip the price has nothing to do with the actual value of the property

Ankit Shah

Sir Thankyou....Waiting for more videos....keep doing good work


Amazing ???

Dombivli Flatproperty

good sir

Harsh Jotwani


Mobin Sayyed

Sir paper work ke baare me video banao na

Gaurang Mishra

Entry over ho gyi sir..?

Trilok Karadiya

बहुत ही अच्छी वीडियो बनाई है मान गए sar


All rounder superb sir

Raghu Raghavendra

One can't find other channel than yours in Real Estate.
Always you share the best & the very practical knowledge. Thank u Sir for the valuable knowledge shared.

Anurag Gilorkar

Crm software konsa use karna hai sir

Dombivli Flatproperty

good sir

Dombivli Flatproperty


Atul Singh

Sir plot ke awidh kabza ko hatane ka process bataiye

Faiz Khan

Documentation pa video banao land building and flat's sir

Dombivli Flatproperty

behatar super sir

gurgaon luxurious property

Super +++

pruthvirajsinh jadav

Excellent knowledge, Sanat Sir ???

Yash Agrawal


Pushkraj Hedda

Thank you for always giving us value..

Ghar ki baat, Sabke saath

Nice content

Dombivli Flatproperty

aap k paas bhot bhot knowledge hain... ?

Mahaveer Bharkatya

सुन्दर, शानदार , जबरदस्त सनत जी भाईसाहब

Dombivli Flatproperty

aap k liye koi sujhav nahi aap super batate ho aap aise he video banate raho thank you sir ?

amit kumar

I started my day with your video sir ?. Nice tips Sanat sir ?

Nishant Singh

Bhout mast video hai sir.

Amar properties lucknow & unnao U P

Sir बहुत ही अच्छा वीडियो.... बहुत कुछ सीखा हु आपसे

Vikram Mokashi

Sir Apne muje book kaha per milega aur name pls


Sir you are the best for every person who want to start their Carrere in real estate sector ?

property agent kushal podder

Good sir

Trilok Karadiya

सब आपकी वीडियो देखकर ही मैंने काम स्टार्ट किया था आपने बहुत कुछ सिखाया sar

Mukesh Kumar

Good morning sir

Trilok Karadiya

और रियल एस्टेट बिजनेस में करना चाहता था पर आप की वीडियो रोज देखता था मन में एक जुनून बना के मैं करूंगा काम पर पता नहीं कि स्टार्ट कैसे करूंगा फिर किसी को दोस्त बनाया वह रियल एस्टेट का काम करता था उसके ऑफिस में मैंने काम किया 2 महीने मैंने काम किया तनख्वाह पर

ketan Vavale

Hello, sir

One critical question, please help

How to handle live in relationship customer , when required flat on rent

Dombivli Flatproperty

thank you sir

Dombivli Flatproperty

best sir

Paresh Wadkar

Good morning sir best video

Ashu Mandavkar

sir your video very nice

kishore mirchandani

Good Morning Sir ?

Dombivli Flatproperty

Mast video sir

Deepak Kumar

Gyan guru ji namaskar

Jeff RV

Thanks Sir..
Now you are not a realtor, you are Realtor Factory...We will meet on big future.??✌??✌

Kokan Green King

Sir very nice video . Cn u make video on negotiations skill


Sir, Do you have Knowledge of How to Convert Agriculture Land into NA Land & Land Development Proceess...
If you have Ideas
Please, Please, Please...
Make a Detailed Video on this Topic ???

Wali Mirza

Good topic

Dombivli Flatproperty

aap k pass se bhot knowledge milta hain

Farah Sadat

Sanat ..make video on documentation.

Digital Investing

Sahi kaha e khel knowledge ka hai aka the information age

Dombivli Flatproperty

you are hardworking and best person

Dombivli Flatproperty


yash vishwakarma

Sir apne video ka notification nhi aate hai kyun bell icon work nhi kar rha hai sir apke channel ka main 50 bar try kar chuka hun please check and very nice video thank you so much for support ?

Uday Anghan

Great video Sanat Sir.
One request.
Please make a detailed video series for each of these point.

Trilok Karadiya

सर आपकी वीडियो में डेढ़ साल से देख रहा हूं

Anil Gupta

U give good knowledge always sanat sir...thanks
I watch ur all videos ..learn lot from u

Dombivli Flatproperty


Jude Naveen

Superb Sir

Abhishek Pawar

Thank you sir♥️

praful fulzele

One year ago video sir . best video

gita kumari

Sir document par ek video banaiye

Trilok Karadiya

Real estate business member Kuchh Nahin samajhta tha pahle

Krishna Rao

You are the best sir

StarMaker lyrics channel


pankaj karnwal

Very nice video. Sir plz make a video on solution of disputed land.

Harjeet Singh

Great Knowledge Everytime ??


To being..the best..what to do..tht u defined very well..thts mantra for me..

Dipu Thakuria

Important Video Sie

Ekomkar Ceramics

Ekdam zabreast information & movation jai ho my bro love you so much very energetic

Dream Point Realtors Keshav Nagar Mundhwa Pune

Sir ek Baat Kahu??.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Tussi Great Ho Sir And Always Great ho ??

pramod sutar

Thanks sir

Hiren Gohil

Negotiations part 2 ?

gandhi ji

Nice sir

Anamitra dey

Sir, one question !! apne customer ko protect kayse kare dusre agent se...ispe kuch video banaye...

Become an Alpha Dominant, Motivational Talk

Become an Alpha Dominant, Motivational Talk9 Dec. 2020
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This was a really cool and inspiring video = )
but is it like that the submissive is following the dominant because it’s kinda proven that the dom is a better problem solver, more experienced, better manager, and generally a better person than the sub? and that’s why he/she gets to control and lead?

Love Incorporated

Great advice actually, do more!

Sofija Sofy Grebnarovic

Do more, be more, spank more.??

Alexandra BlackFox

Wooow...that was the most motivational video I saw these days

Depraved Eros

I'm sure many will have strong opinions on this subject and all are welcome but be respectful! I do want to correct a big thing, I am not saying all submissives make excuses and I'll follow up with a video on Alpha submissives soon too.
Also hit like and subscribe!!

Kim mcevers

I notice when my Dom slacks on even just His weekly chores I do as well and same goes when He stays on task. He never tells me to clean my room but I do seem to clean when He does.

Great Dogs

What a powerful and useful message to propel us into the new year!

Isabel Frias

I he wearing pants?


as jordan peterson says, clean your damn room

Citizen Blue

Excellent, timely advice. Thanks for the pep talk, Michael. Even those of us that know these things thoroughly can benefit from hearing it from time to time. I know I did!

Lysana McMillan

I was concerned about your comments about overcoming psychiatric issues with effort. I do notice you're a fellow sufferer of depression, though, assuming your video on the subject from two years ago wasn't discussing a transient event. Would you say it's fair to call "effort" shorthand for "talk to professionals, take your meds, apply your therapy?" These things obviously don't go away. So "overcoming" is more "coming to terms, learning how to work with it, and not expecting perfection from yourself" to me. As someone who's been called an alpha submissive (I dislike "alpha" intensely because of the fact alpha wolf behavior only exists in captivity), it's what I aim to do with my own needs in that area. I see that in the doms I'm closest to as well. We all know the only way out is through. So we move.

(As an aside, I use "consort submissive" instead if I need a title. By which I mean when Henry Higgins told Eliza she was being "a pillar of strength, a consort battleship." Quite honestly, I was subconsciously looking for my Higgins when I embarked on seeking D/s relationships. My current is far less cantankerous, but the effect is similar enough.)


Even the most alpha dominate has to have the right sub, It all depends on the sub

Donni Meow

Has youtube gone MAD!!!!!!!

stella 121

This is like a motivational speech for even subs..I struggle with esteem issues and taking action and doubt..thank you!

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