Girls at gym

Approaching Girls at the Gym? | Theo Von and Brendan Schaub

Approaching Girls at the Gym? | Theo Von and Brendan Schaub22 Jun. 2019
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Shree Nation

Gym is an all around uncomfortable place to pick up chicks. Lingering dudes just make the experience 10 times worse.


That dude who looks like a turtle talm bout he's a 7 lol

Guy du Toit

“Should I go ask girls to help me rep”
Brendan shakes his head “nooo” furiously

Christian Palmer

I got swords at home I’ve seen those things.

PKV1611221 1611221

Really need the visuals for brendans reactions

Theron Gustafson

I can’t fathom being Theo

Hayden Antonino

he kept saying “whole lotta gang shit” and no one has said that, Theo says “gang gang” that’s it

Dana O'Connor

guaranteed that guy is 5'5, 5'6 tops and goes for girls at the gym who want someone who can pin them and don't think he can do it. Also, stop talking like a 14 y/o hockey player who spends all his time working out and listening to podcasts

adam lorden

never listen to women for advice

Jacob Kolar

Yoo Theo on his curtain theory ?

Semper Fidelis

You guys all three of you gay as fuck.

Mike Anon

This is comedy gold


hilarious and ignorant statement about swords lol. In history the deadliest weapon by far is the spear and another good option is a longbow for range.

J. E. Allan

At 23, get a PT night job as a doorman at a club where lots of ladies congregate. You’ll be hitting it like a playboy real quick like.


1st guys super gay

Stacy Hardwick

I have been hot for Theo way too long & am way to old for him!

Jay Ed

This dude is copying how Brendan talks hard ?

Brian Desrosiers

Question: How do I get girls?

Answer: Get out of the gym and start larping

Guy who likes to frig

this guy thinks hes so hot

Mitsi Grabblerberg

7 has to be the worst thing to rate yourself as.

It’s not funny or humble like 6 or lower, and it’s also not cocky enough to be amusing

This dude will never “pull dimey dimes”

Brandon Granger

Theo "Damn" Von

moonstar online

Bro looks like a transgender version of that WWE wrestler Bayley


Larp lizards lmao

Aleksandr Sheyman

Lol stop saying dimey dimes

Zane Joseph

Thought the 23 yr old was a decent kid- no drugs.

Timothy Muncy

This was easily the worst advice I have ever heard for this guy's question. Haha


the sidekick fame getting to Kat's head, she ain't all that, that dude would match her if not be better looking if they were a couple.


Nobody cares about your body if your attitude is all douchebag.

Isiaha Alejandro

I can't like a guy if I don't think i can kick his ass. hahahaha im dead

Pedro Thevenard

23 and can't get girls, that's rough, try the internet or something, but in my experience hobbies, sports , friends, school and work are the best places to get girls for relationships, and clubs, bars, raves or rock festivals to get one night stands, and of course the internet also work, I did have sex with a bunch of girls back in the 90s and 00s using the internet, plus all of the methods I cited above, it was never that hard and I'm kinda shy sometimes, it can't be that difficult nowadays, but I'm married for 10 years now and I'm for sure completely out of practice on this subject, so things might have changed, but I doubt it.

Erik Hyndman

Far from a 7???

Jordan Rivard

like camp counselor hot lmao where does he come up with this shit

filip zugec

"I got swords at home"????????

fearcity retaliation

Hard to get a girl that wants a man when you a female yourself.

joejoe fasho

Bro San Diego hard for us attractive guys. Girls are paranoid


He looks like a realllly old 12 yr old

Pat Hyche

They tell this man the truth on this video.

Briant Esquivel

Bro your 23 hahaha u fuckin bitch stfu grow a pair and hit some women up haha

Sota County

I have no life I go to the gym everyday with a bunch of guys that's because you care about yourself more than you do the woman you're trying to approach when they see a guy that goes to the gym 5 6 days a week that doesn't impress a woman it just shows you have nothing to do just listen to way this kid talks he thinks because he works out all the time that he should be able to get whatever he wants women ain't like that bro

Stephen Irons

Dude came for dating advice and in the end Theo told him to donate some blood and get out more! ?

Marten Dekker

These dudes still asking women for pick up advice... ?

Dan K Reed

big gulps huh? welp...

Stan Burton

"Swords and thick curtains brother!"

Tyler Durden

Brendan gay af

Slow Burn

Plus you have to think who is she squatting for besides her self? Her boyfriend maybe? Just saying?


Dude canget no girls cause he ain't got no personality. Corny mafucka.


Dude asking for advice looks like a total tool bag

Sam Herron

She stole the advice straight from drake and Josh


If you cant get laid at 23 something is wrong

EliJax Peraza

camp counselor hot???

Dylan O'Sullivan

I’m at least a HARD 7 , brenden “well, well” ???

Teresa Fontaine

??‍♀️ douche bag


its obvious guys he's too nice and he's trying to hard. pull out once bruh and shoot it in his eye

Sonneborn Family Channel

Brendan should ask him out, far more interested than Kat ?

elperro temama

Theo :If you looking for a serious wife i think you should consider an import.

Captain Snake

Theo is all about the outdoors!! Steriods out doors, out door rivers, shitting out doors, taking sword outdoors. Lol

Carlitos Wei

I love how Brendan agrees with Theo on stupid shit “ yeah you right “ ??


The gym is the hardest place to girls. Especially 20 years ago. Now it seems easier if you are 18. Its just the hardest place to get girls.

Peter D

Kat's definetly a kitty chaser?


When your a dork ya just cant help it. Stop trying to be cool, keep up the work at the gym but aim for an attractive nerdy chick. Shes probably into cosplay and dressing up like sailor moon and getting freaky and is a total geek and socially awkward like you.

Cameron Ryder

Camp counselor hot???

Steven Payne

1:20 PHAHAHAHAHA you're tripping if you think you're hard 7!
especially with that stupid backwards hat.
watch Brendan... lol


Theo Von be looking 23


He is probably trying to only talk to women that are "9s & 10s" He needs to look for his "7". Probably a college girl.

Clinton Trotta

Theo looking like a straight lesbian


I make love to all types of women so that our energy exchange is lively ?


Dudes a six. He’s got an ugly face lol


That guy looked older than Theo. Damn he hit the wall hard.

None Ya

As a woman who's in the gyn five days a week do NOT approach. Im there to work. Dont make it weird . ✋?.

Eduardo Oronia

Consider an import, hahahaha


7 is not HOT

skyler jordan

he's a douche bag, simple


Theo is something else bro he is just unintentionally funny 90 percent of the time kinda guy u always wanna be around

Ɽead ɱore

Them Larp Lizards


Worked at a gym and didn’t have trouble with girls. My advice, talk to them like normal and don’t talk to them about the gym. If you come off as one dimensional they’re gonna think you’re a meat head just like every other guy in the gym.

Amanda McBride

Donate blood, word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

N/ A

It's your face & age.
Dudes face is about a 4 - 4.5 max


I think Brendan actually gave this chap the best advice xD


Schaub sitting with a stiffy under the desk


U should consider an import???

Molly Farton

Brenden talks like he thinks he’s a ten. He’s got douche face. Douche face takes points away bro. I’d say the classic gentleman look would be considered ten. For women it’s similar but obviously there’s minor differences. You can have tits or ass to the moon but if you got bitch face then fuck outta here.


Good looking or not, if you rate yourself in general or ESPECIALLY on a podcast, your a complete tool! Lol

Mrs. Robinson

He needs to remember, no one fucks down. You fuck across or up. Since hes obviously a dude, his market value only goes up as opposed to bitches who go down with age. He can just hang in there and he'll be good.

skyler jordan

i agree with deebo

snatch muk

I hate Schaub more than I like Theo; therefore, I cannot watch.


Baby face is a no go. Please stop looking like a chic, grow a little facial hair and don’t approach a woman while she is working out

Rodrigo Alvarado

Theo is so fuckin random haha!!

Jim Johnson

Ain’t no hard 7??? good god


Lmao drop a pint off somewhere

50 51

Are either of y'all in a successful relationship?

Ryan Kenshin

Lose the snap back, red tank and start with one less day at the gym jeez 6 days a week? Right now the gym is your girlfriend lol

fael estrada

That blood donation segue ftw


Jesus... personality aside (since I don't know the guy) if he's a 5, I'm glad they aren't rating me... That'd make me like a 3 at best.


Theo says THE most random shit, sooooo funny

Aden Sullivan

I’ve got swords at home

Meloveu Longtime

Deca dick, lol. Tren, hexa and anavar. So many good stacks out there. But damn, get the deca and dbol out. Like wtf man.

Ray UK

Want some anonymous advice? Time dude. You're doing the right thing... keep working on yourself. One day it'll be easy. We all go through it bro... Concentrate on yourself and it cums

Tony Wink

Asked for relationship advice, yea I think he’s on cocaine?

Archy McGovern

The only time I’d go to Brendan Slob for advice is when I need help buying a colouring book.

Thats Your Opinion

I spit out my ramen when he said to relax on playing with swords

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amit jha

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Comments (100)

Always believe in yourself but don't believe in yourself too much??? this man is something else

formula rainbow

1:56 that's not in the middle east, they're speaking hindi a language spoken in india. Anyway amazing video tho???

Beat it

Everything is wrong about being gay, stop trying to be a people pleaser.

Tiger 1x1

1:58 that's not middle East its india???

Abhishek Suman

2:09 That's India not Middle East!


0:19 I'd take the bait, everytime.


jesus, fund something else to do in life, useless video.

Isaac Eugene

Bro made a pun on a pun


2:03 if it was the wind, why isn't anything else moving?

Ripp3r Jac

Dang she’s sexy af doe

Gyan Prakash Rai

That video in which police was recording video wasn't from middle East but from India. Will you pls explain the logic of wind ???

Oody Cornwall

0:55 thats like my biggest fear when using the hack squat machine

Daneshan Sigamoney

So wind can make a machine move up and down like that? Must have been strong wind. If so, why aren't the police officers gettin blown away

Tetsura Zoldyck

Cant blame the First guy

Kapil Dev

1:56 its in india not in middle east...They are speaking hindi not arabic.

Blatend Crude

He was wearing both gloves, not one

Swapnil Shukla

2:03 it was not wind idiot it was over lubricated

Rikk R

Last guy shoulda grabbed a phone to call 911 instead of grabbing his child like pec. ?

Tenu Anand

Actually 2:04 is from India not middle east ?

Harsh Patel

2:00 That my friend is a clip from a city in India ,part of Asia not Middle east

Mukesh Singh

@1:57 that was not middle east...that's in India ???

pankaj kumar pal

It wasn't middel east... It was in india... ??


1:35 your tune is like english maker?? for him u will find him?????

ujwal suke

2:08 it's india

Ansuman Sutar

2:00 here comes Indian's innocence ?

Gloopy Spider

2.10 min u said it is a wind??? A wind?!

JJ Seattle

What happened at the end? Did he get a cramp?

Olivier Mortelmans

U gotta change the outtro man its too loud

happy stone

Dude that wasn't even wind..... someone must have been messed up that machine


Roosting at its best

GaiSensei Neemo

Pretty woman clickbait
More than half the vid is Men with gay jokes. ?

Oh Ryan

title is misleading.....

Apex Legends Cheater Hacker Macro Noobs

" looks like spongebobs house " damn :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Timothy Hunt

Damn that women in first vid is super fine!

Optimistic lifestyle



Did he like.... dislocate his muscle? I didnt know that was a thing

Dev Yadav

Who is the girl at the start???

Nitho LX

jajajajaja en min 3:06 el tipo estaba asi como ....OH coño mis implantes mamarios se ha estropeado .!!!

Umair Pathan

The police one is fron nourth

Luis Tapia

"How to jerk it and clean it and how to clean to jerk good rhyme " ????.

H_outlawz Nation

I would never disrespect a woman in any form have lot respect for them way he look at her need a slap 0:10 wTF show some respect to women

Sanglap OPS

2.12 bro it's not middle East it's India delhi

1234 Slam

Name of the 1st woman please

Magic Man

The commentary is unreal??

Nick Badry

Cheating in bed with his ass up in the bed bahaha

Sigma M abhinav

Just like he's cheating in bed with the ass up in the air? i am dead


This channel is out of control ?


When woman shows off at the gym. There, fixed it for you.

brasco perry Joe

Who told that is middle East? Clearly it's not


In other words: there are no women showing off in the gym

Navdeep Tyagi

Yeah Buddy ??..


Yup. Gotta put the blinders on at the gym

Drew Fullalove

This guy's commentary is too good haha.

Saurabh Negi Show

Those up police ? not from middle east

Yt Immortal

1:57 that part is from India ?

Zachary Devan

I bet that last guys pectoral was on fire

Mr. Nobody

How to jerk and clean it & how to clean and jerk right wht?

Kiss of Death

A wise man once said, door don't hit back.


Do you have the name of the girl?

Zach Shipley

Girl in first vid?? For research purposes of coarse

Isaac Eugene

Bro made a pun on a pun

Prajwal Jadhav

1:56 thats Indian..???


2:06 that's not the middle east, that's India !!

Freedom Ofspeech

She’s just exercising lmao . How is she showing off ?

John Doe

2:00 it was actually in India and it was lubed up by trolls

Vikram Noob

What’s the. First clip?

Val Ger

Last one was disgusting


The air working out was india not middle East

Justin MacDonald

No wonder the wind is so strong!


1:58 is not from middle east. It is from India.

Vladimir Putin

That first woman is literally looking at the guy in the background ??‍♂️?

Cor Leonis

First clip is the best exercise...for self control ?

نواف غازي العتيبي

I think u r a medical student or doctor

Joe Troutt

When women show off at the gym

Then proceeds to show mostly men.
I'm sure he got the title wrong bc all the gay guys are sure missing a good one.

CapThor 16

where are all the women showing off in the gym?

The Marine Abroad

reminds me of weight training in HS, and this chick would not wear panties, ever, and we all crowded around whenever she was doing the bench press
Pretty sure it was illegal

Duncan Chester


Pawg Lover

The first woman is os sexy just love her

# Rocky Handsome

Two things we have to learn it when u r growing
First_ jerk it and clean up
Second- clean up and jerk it


3:13 tear chest= 1 week to understand the degree of damage,if was "only" muscle or tendin(usually are "only" muscolar) another 1 week to preparation on surgical operation, and finally after 2week the day on surgical operation and if all goes well, 4/6 months on recovery! However this happens when you dont doing a good warm-up,muscle are "cold" not ready to contraction and this is the result...

Gabriel Boorom

Ghost gains ?


women dont show off in gym. they are very focused creatures unlike men. when they are at work. they work. when they showing off. u cant hold.

Dynamic Gorgon 39

"If you don't want this to happen to yourself, lioe and subscribe"
Oh, thank god, this man is a saint.

Abdulrehman Khan

This not the middle east its Indian police

Kashid Chopra

Awesome commentary

Big Red

1:11. you forgot to mention his frosted hair which makes him look like some middle aged Mom

Holly Poon

The kid punching the door moved like a looney toons character bahahahahhaa

The Hero Brother of Might Guy

The first man have standard.

Matt Martino

Dude...commentary has me fucking dying


ok,, the girl going on the treadmill while it was running was pretty funny.
the guy blowing out his pec, not so much.

nilkant sharma

2:10 it's in india


That "cramps" will be cute thing to remember by

Joshua Nithin

That cramp??


1:59 not middle east u idiot but in INDIA...

Monsanto Fungaro

If my kid punched his door like that I'd spank his butt!

Buffalo Tom

Came for the hot chick, stayed for the hilarious commentary. Lmao ? said h shit, wasn’t expect that

Sunil Kumar

It's not middle East it's great India

বাবু Babu

Is this girl on instagram?
What is this girl name?

akash jain

1:59 is he dumb it’s India

Ethans tv

This guy is funny