How to make my wife feel sexy

10 Things Guys Do That Make Girls Feel INSECURE!

10 Things Guys Do That Make Girls Feel INSECURE!16 Jan. 2019
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Even the most sassiest of senoritas can feel unsure at times — and some of you guys can bring on this feeling. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is going over situations that make women feel insecure. Make your woman feel sexy and beautiful — encourage, be supportive, and make her feel beautiful.

Stop Making Your Girl Feel MORE Insecure

1. “Have you thought about wearing more makeup?”

2. Flirting with other girls

3. Encouraging her to workout — she hears, “You’re fat.”

4. When you don’t call or text back

5. When you can’t get it up — she thinks you don’t find her attractive

6. Introduce her to your friends & family

7. Hiding your phone

8. Constantly friending super-hot chicks

9. Asking her about her diet — she hears, “You’re fat.”

10. When you ask them how much they weigh

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Best thumbnail ever ???

Samuel G

Where did you get your jacket??? It’s cool

Servant Status Ministries

So literally everything on this list is actually the same things that men with low self esteem are insecure about.... like literally. Not all men just low self esteem men.

T.I.A Creative Media

Someone please tell me where he got that Jacket. Brand? It looks gooooood!

Demarcus Faulkner

So basically women are insane.

Anfernee Fortune


a b

You are old man
Act to be you and bold but being old.

John Loyd Tenorio

I like the way that I laugh while I'm learning ?

fruity melonade

Most people are actually really insecure, not only girls. Maybe something happened in their life that made them this way.
The base of insecurities comes from fear, for me, I’m afraid that the people I love will leave me, pretty sure everyone is scared of this. But everyone express this a different way. Some are blunt and has this ‘I don’t give a damn’ style/‘I’m fine’ style, some gets jealous and expresses this with a way of toxic dominance(which is not the best way to btw), for example ‘Who was that?!’ Or “OH NAH! YOU WERE WITH ANOTHER GIRL”. Ya know. Some gets sad and lonely, and honestly, block out the feeling or over love that person, acts super clingy and afraid and give the said person lot and lots of attention for them not to leave, and even question themselves if they’re over doing it. So honestly, I just want everyone to know is that, every one is their own person, and you should be able to talk this out with each other though understanding, trust and care. For BOTH

Kristopher Ryan

never. ever. make the suggestion to a girl to wear more makeup.


Girls in spandax taking ass selfies???????????


Nobody can MAKE you feel some way. You decide to make someone the BEAT critic in YOUR life. If you get a partner, make sure they are okay with themselves. You need a Queen who WANTS to build herself, not BREAK down others??

Elephant karl

I can say that the 8th thing is the main thing you have to try to refrain from doing


I’ve got ED


Do a video on signs she’s playing hard to get vs. not interested

Xavier Bordas

I hate when you re right.
But you re always right, that s what drives me crazy.
Cant say if im alpha, but hell, life as a man trying not to feed a woman's insecurities is very tiring sometimes.
Like a full time job.
Or maybe I pick up the wrong ones I dont know..
And btw, Is there any worst sentence that "i did not do it on purpose"?


Damn Brenda ?

Bas bzb

shut up insecure women are what we need

V Sell

What an asshole...a very correct asshole lol
As much as it hurts he's right about EVERYTHING ?

muhammad faisal

Chicks are crazy they are crazy because of our good looking styles . ?


What type of clothing are you wearing? like what is the name? someone please tell me

Roberto Soto

I swear my penis works alpha

Matt Fischer

I’m just gonna put it out there now, skinny girls suck to cuddle with.

Carlin Evenson

Alpha where did you get the jacket!

Josue Ordonez

S i m p


As a certified girl if your girlfriend is annoyed at you for just talking to other girls or tries to get into your phone w/o permission, that's pretty toxic lol


As a girl, I’ll tell what really pushes a girls buttons. If you look at a girls Melons or peaches, we feel insecure. When a guy talks about no homo with his homies, that makes us very insecure. When we ask you a question about a girl or get mad when you talk to one, we’re insecure.

Lucas Riddle

Lmao. If your doing any of these things, your a douche bag for starters. Wow. Sad to think this is considered advice.

Hara D.

He got a lot of foxy friends on facebook should I friend foxy guys too?

Paul Schroeder

Hey stupid channel your telling her she is and making us the reason.

Ankush Mandal

alpha bro....have been following all your videos for past 6-7 months.....dude you're amazinggg....all your videos are...THE TRUE ALPHA MALE !!! Thanks for all your content......looking forward to many more.....and also collabs with Hozzeh

Rajiv Mohadawoo

How do you suggest dealing with the weight problem? Because I am putting effort into losing weight and my belly. She is not. Should I NOT tell her because of her feelings?

Przybyłem Z Daleka

Do natural popular erectile dysfunction treatment like Erectodom Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? I have heard several amazing things about this popular erectile dysfunction treatment.

J Mac

Shit I asked my gf how much she weighs Oof I’m fucked

Tom McComb

Love it how they compliment other guys and we are just supposed to be ok ???


So even gently encouraging your partner to be the best she can be is bad. No wonder guys dump girls without any explanation.

Shane Shrimp

Most of these things you have to do to keep her interest in you . Keep her self esteem low, don't prop her up on a pedestal . You want her to feel this way and make her realize she s not that special and theres plenty of women out there to look at . I am starting to wonder if this guy is a true alfa male , he seems soft on this subject .

Shashank Chatterjee

Summation of the video… “girls be crazy “. Bullshit vid aaron. You’re getting desperate here with all the sponsoring. Im honestly losing respect for ya here

Dionis talks

It's kind of.... useless, actually

Gold Spirit

The thing that made me feel insecure with my ex boyfriend is that I'm 121 lbs. He kept saying he loved my body but he would look up "thick" women on google, porn, download pictures of women who were never my size. And when he snuck to spoke to other women, they were always either thick, chunky or on the heavier side. Never a woman my size. Then he would say "I saw she had a big ass. I wanted to tap that. But you're way more beautiful than them. You have that rare look cause you're mixed" as if that would have helped anything. Glad I left him.

Viktor Reznov

Well, just by making them insecure you can make them chase if they liked you in the beginning. So i don't mind playing with them


Number 4, isnt that the same with guys waiting for replies on thier gf's?

edit: Number 8 also. I have a couple of girls at work I'm friends with on insta that lost her mind I was following yet she can have all these guys on hers?

iron reaper

I call my E.D. coke dick lol

Vickemannen 92

At 0:20 he actually called them ladies and later, at 0:30, I was like: “Aaaaand... he’s back again”

Princess Nicolas Santos

That’s the point! Hays ?‍♀️??‍♀️?

Fred Lee

Well....just ride the bike and feel the wind of love...right?


Watch IMC NATION- azd - on YOUTUBE for the best information

Matthew Withers

Had a lunch date yesterday with an attractive girl I work with...and she is open for a second date this weekend. Thanks alpha m. Youve really helped me step up my game

Aryamon Mukherjee

Perfect beta male compilation

Kim Van Note

Alpha m., You kinda look like Anthony Perkins - it's in your eyes. You're a Spunky guy - wow!




What is your problem with fat girls bro ?


Basically lie and don't say anything simply and honest

Tiger Blood

Honestly i didn't expected feminist video from alpha.

Note Bucks

I dont have ED so Im good

Fujibayashi Kyou

I use tiege and i'm still single, i think i'm doing it wrong o.O

William Simmons

My girl left and it’s prob because I checked off 6/10 boxes... oops.... did I say my girl? SIDE CHICK?

George Tselikis

If she’s not into BDSM she is likely insecure


if you say sexy sanyorita one more fucking time i will fucking call youtube personally and get your channel fucking banned i hate you and your stupid fucking advise that no one takes the only reason people click on your cringe fucking videos is to laugh at your stupid fucking eye dot

Chris Moon

Wonderful video... I learned a LOT!!! You're incredible too Alpha, helping us out with relationships and all that extra stuff besides grooming and such! :)

Averie Garrison

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Alexander Gettie

Bruh i gave my girl a hug from behind and put my hands on her stomach and she says i fell fat. Wtf?!

Sara Razak

I never noticed height until my ex..... he hated it when I wore heels. I'm 5'7 and loved to doll up when we'd go out... but he was 5'10 and super insecure about that so he would take it out on me whenever I added to my height; I think a lot of women have gone through similar situations.... Now I try to date taller guys because of that. Just sayin... But I agree with your list too :-)

Alien Teriyaki

As my girlfriend tells me how short and ugly I am.

Le Nguyen

Insecure women at work don't bother me much, but insure men annoy me so much. They interfere my life. I just want them disappear.

Wavy Davy

I need to know where you get that jacket though LOL

Andrew Stieber

Oh god, Iv made so many mistakes! LOL

Elizbeth Smith

Has anyone tried Erectodom Secrets? (search on google) I've heard many awesome things about this popular erectile dysfunction treatment.


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It's actually WORSE than dealing with a child. Your child won't get so upset from encouragement.

ᴀ ᴍ x ʏ

Last time i introduced her to my friends,my friends steal her from me

Jason Stokes

#5 is way worse for the men I dont give a fuck how she feels I'm having a heart attack my my dick is broken


This video made me laugh sooo hard?

Jon Smith

Don’t come .... it kills their ego


Where can I buy that bomber??

Chris Sosa

I'm the 1,000th comment, you owe me some tiege hanley. Good day Alpha

iron reaper

Sometimes whiskey dick

Daddy D

You're fat.

Nikolai Belinski

Heres what hes saying you as a fucking man make all the sacrifices and the woman will make none women are narcastic nowadays if they are in gen z or older gen y.

Prissy Pinnock

Who the fuck tell a girl to wear more makeup!!!!! Like what the hell is wrong with youuuuuuuuuuu. Just stop stop stop

Rohan Jadhav

Thank you so much sir ??

Brian Foremat

This is a fact

Dodo The Bird 21

im only here to help my insecure friend (she's a girl)

Jeff S

So basically.....don't ask any questions.......ever.....?

Trey IM2

Wow, just wow. A lot of misguided, insecure males on here. The key is balance. Don't get too high on yourself and definitely don't get too low. Sends bad signals either way. Play it even keel. Women LOVE the cool guy but don't get too cool to the point you'll miss out on who u want. Many chicks really don't like the class A jerks, ultimately, no matter if at 1st they seem appealing. They run into many of those types and realize those dudes are clowns then WANT the guys who treat them well and are attentive. Many of them settle for jerks because they start to believe that ALL guys are jerks especially when talking with their girlfriends who further reinforce this when hearing their horror stories.

Be confident yet self deprecating. Don't act like your perfect. Big turn off. Be cool and stay on middle ground but it's easier said than done.

David Edwards

I dated a woman with a few extra pounds she's pretty. Occasionally I would bring up her weight but it was usually in response to her making me feel insecure about not being able to take care of her financially or the lack of my sexual experiences,

Cece Zalez

what about when he compliments an actres

Huzaifa AT

Man I like your jacket??


my friend told me a story he was on a beach around midnight with a super hot girl that’s a 9/10 easy. skinny and small too. and he was gonna fuck her until he couldn’t get an erection. here’s the funny part, we’re still in high school

Hardimas Ibrahim

I love how Alpha summed everything in description so people who cant afford enough mobile data like me can still learn how to get laid while being poor


“Chicks are crazy” ? #facts

alex kanyima

2 is no problem but be careful

Candi Crush

Totally agree

Tejas Shinde

I thing alpha m. is trying to say that "Man has to become a loyal to her women".

That's it.

Matt Martinez

I thought I was gonna see an ad for that bomber, but instead it was for ed. So where do I get the jacket?

Bobby Lindsey

Mannn this is all too much. Have zero time for insecure ppl. Not gonna accommodate that shit lol


I had seen your most videos but the lines
We have to encourage our women , it is our responsibility as alpha. is "AMAZINGLY GREAT LINE".


What's with the number 7 Aaron? ?

Garland Washington

True and funny!

Kellen Quigley

Maybe I'm just super lucky, but I've never had any of these issues with my girlfriend. Maybe it's because neither of us is immature and we talk about these topics like grownups.



Comments (7)
Luis Suarez

FINESSE GAME is so important and often overlooked. Its not all black and white, you have to develop the skill to read and understand the women you're dealing with and apply whats necessary


Get this CHAMPION GAME. Book your session with EO today - [email protected] or


This is sooooo important for men to know!!

Kirk Anthony

I’m here from the LFA Myron Gaines podcast. Awesome channel boi!

G Money

Well Needed Vid ?? Most Guys Dont Know How To Please Which Is Why They Fail Miserably & Lose Their Girl Lol


U on some different shir this wk brotha! That prayer tobthe most high must've really been something ?


Damn. If this ain’t the TRUTH! When a man helps his woman see herself in a light that she has denied herself, she will do ANYTHING for him.

Affirmations to Feel Sexy

Affirmations to Feel Sexy11 Dec. 2020
Jackie RuaneSubscribe 438 721

Feeling sexy makes life

Feeling sexy makes life fun!! The more you believe your sexy & worthy, the more sexy & worthy you will feel.


(if you ideas I'd love to hear em!!)


IG: jacksss_

website: coming 12/18 (you can book online 1-1 yoga, meditation, affirmation & breath-work sessions with me!)

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