Fight the urge

When the urge hits

When the urge hits2 Jan. 2020
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Happy 2020

Happy 2020 guys!

Make this year count and improve yourself, take pride in your journey!



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Dalen Daniels

Those videos are really motivating thank u

Shhh ._

Dabura is the coomer all the time never knew that

Spam Cocobutt

You should have put '90 day Checkpoint' on Goku at the end

Mint Anims

Who the hell would want to watch people making out..? I wanna leave the internet I'm 12.

Metal Bat Fan

Of course, Babidi why u so mean stealing his Burger and McNuggets, Oh well at least Vegeta still has his FRIEEEEEEESSSSSSSS

LogicMan 143

Be strong brothers! This fight will end better than it began!


Coomer: ?


day 0 I’ll come back everyday

Agni Tank

I am proud of my saiyan heritage

kermit sewer slide

When vegeta said I refuse anyone else just think of a certain jojo reference at the time


ive fallen after 12 days ..

china man

refused mind control for his pride. Legend

Raven 4Dreams

Day 1.


if vegeta is the nofapper, supreme kai the streak, babidi porn and dabura the coomer, then goku is most likely the addiction, which he is always aiming to surpass

Lindan Jones

Back to this video thank you so much day 10 here we go?

Derek Bao

lol hd buu saga better then supers animation

phish you know


Fernando Blanco


Makaveli 7


Abridged Goku



i laugh everytime i hear deborah go "bwah?" @00:33


I'm keeping this as a reminder


You save me, thank you

Emperor Iro



ok,got it,closed my incognito tab.

Corpse Husband

Saved me ?


0:55 this was LITERALLY me on 29 November.

wail hrdj

Saved me for the 2nd time?

Big poop

Damn, almost relapsed but in a moment of clarity I went straight to this video

Lindan Jones

Thank you

Ramay Saina



I love this

Gratian Andrei

You can do it,guys!

TheRealBunny YT

Lmao Perfect timing ⏱

Monte Monte

It will take more than head games to stop me

Faith AllMight

Day one I need my power back. If anyone See's this comment a month from now keep me fighting.


Day 7: i almost relapse yesterday... but i will keep the control. I dont care anymore.

Bub Gunther Robertson

hands down best youtube video


Damn im bout to quit cigarettes with this video

Tim Joe

I’m convinced that hearing vegeta say that line, would motivate anyone to quit drugs

Spam Cocobutt

Jujitsu Kaizen: First time?

Rimantas Kaukenas

8 days strong!

-big gamer energy-



Thousands time better than any other channel out there

TheWhiteWolf :

Achieved Super Saiyan 2 i.e 117 days , now want to go even further till ultra instinct God level 1 , hope it goes well :)
Kakarot transformation awaits ?

Rishabh Kumar

Much thanks


Saved me

Thunder Bolt

yo nice profile pic.


I misheard what Babidi said as "The only way is to get him to stream hentai."


Inspirational. I REFUSE

BrutallyHonest Viewer

As corny as this is, you have no idea how many relapses you've prevented with these types of vids


This is actually a good depiction of the inner battle of our minds against this struggle

Silva The Cinderace

Vegeta is resisting, HELP HIM BOYS

Rohit Kumar

A Saiyan Always Keeps --- HIS PRIDE ?????

Sho Rosé

I didnt hIt the goal in 2020, but NO RELAPSES! NN2021

The Entrepreneur

Aaaah jesus thank god for this viedeo. Its quite a remarkable but difficult task to do, but thats good that its hard, because if it where easy everyone would do it

jeff floss

My life in a nutshell

Johnney Baghramian

Why did you repost the exact same video by Lezbeepic?


My urge got me just now

MemeRuler3 3


Regan Darko

fully went into this thinking it was the urge to shit but was....pleasantly(?) surprised i guess


thank you just thank you whenever im about to relapse im gonma watch this

Mohamed Salah

Thank you so much for this video. I appreciate that

Rashed Arman

Day 70+ here, Every night urge is getting stronger. 90 day seem impossible to me.

Darren Adu

Saved me for the urges !!☝?


Thankyou Prince ?

Sly Kater

Maybe tomorrow meh

dimdim lumplump

Majin vegeta was very strong

Waqar Khan

Why is this so true

Zaid Albanello Ezequiel

Just a tip for the boys, when you are in a urge try holding your breath as long as you can, your body will start worrying about the oxygen on your body and will slowly losing interest in the urge, if it doesn't work try it 2 or 3 times more, it's working for me. Stay strong!

Sean the Challenger

Overcoming junk food addiction in a nutshell.


What's a Coomer?

Mill Millan

great video gives me 400 y'all you can reach here just believe in yourself and work hard YOU CAN DO IT!

Anthony Simpson

This is what Vegeta was created for lmaoo


Day 1 Never Relapsing Again.

The Oath Of Truth.

I like anime

actually sick edit disguised as a meme lol

Brent Peterson

I quit

Jason De Vera

favourited this and pinned this~! thank u!

World Of Motivation

I have nothing but respect for this Guy. To all Dream Chaser: Don't quit, - the Strong find a way - Vegeta


I wonder what would happen if Vegeta killed the Supreme kai


You know without the reference to NNN this is actually fire!! ? ?


That's it...I needa make a change man

Roger Martinez

this is so relateable

Rob Blaettler

I’m currently two weeks in and I felt like this today.


This comment section will be open for those who are willing to fight and go on a journey until January 2022, when the time comes and if you haven’t relapsed.... we’ll meet here once again.

50 Calibruh

Just tuned in as i was thinking about breaking my 9 day streak


I think that Goku should have the word "Success" on him but other than that this is a great video. Really does help

Carl the Consumer

When the cold brew hits

dstar pyro

I don't do nofap, but I still have to say that this edit is golden

no never

Do wet dreamz count as relapse?


Through pure willpower I stopped myself from the relapse and watched this AFTERWARDS. The virus is deleted. Now it’s time to become a god.

Blue Dragon Gaming

They came out the Gulag ready.

Fezaan Suleman

This makes it look like gokus his wife with holding sex LOL


so close to nut just now

trudaman _solo

Wish i saw this 5-6 hours ago ?

Christian Constance

Damn I watched this video a moment to late lmao. Stay strong y’all #cancel porn

Th Nd10

Me at night when my parents are sleeping and I hear Riley Reid's voice with the wifi connection faster than ever?

Mithil Haldankar

Who else got goosebumps when he said "his prrrrrrrridddddde!!!"

Sweet weeby goodness

Glad I got this recommended cuz pretty much all I've been doing this month is relapsing. Im gonna keep trying boiz


This is too inspiring

T.D. Jakes - Defying the Urge to Quit Part 1

T.D. Jakes - Defying the Urge to Quit Part 117 Aug. 2014
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T.D. JakesSubscribe 438 721

Watch the first

Watch the first installment of T.D. Jakes’ sermon, “Defying the Urge to Quit,” from his Rise Above series.

In this stirring message, Bishop Jakes tackles the modern cultural mindset that causes so many to give up and quit. This is especially troubling from a spiritual perspective.

Often, inner spiritual weakness – the tendency to quit when things get rough – is overlooked for “bigger” sins. In most churches, the more obvious “sins of the flesh” take precedence. But having a weak character or lack of perseverance is an equally important issue to address.

T.D. Jakes gives real-life examples and Biblical examples – people of strong character who, in the midst of trial, desired to quit, yet remained firm in the faith and persevered.

Near the end of his life, the Apostle Paul writes to Timothy that he “fought the good fight.” Bishop Jakes points out that Paul faced a real dilemma in his Christian journey. While he exerted great influence and power in ministering to others, he had his own infirmity which he could not overcome. He struggled with this conflict, asking God to take it away, yet even when God did not remove his infirmity, Paul continued and “finished the race.”

Jesus also struggled with finishing his mission. Before His crucifixion, He prayed to “let this cup pass from me,” yet He remained committed, saying, “not My will, but Thine be done.”

T.D. Jakes urges The Potter’s House – and all of us – to continue in our purpose, our journey, our mission no matter the obstacles or circumstances. Be a fighter. Keep going. Keep believing. Finish your race.

Be sure to watch the second part of “Defying the Urge to Quit” at, and don’t miss more T.D. Jakes sermons from The Potter’s House at

#SpiritualJourney #SpiritualPerseverance

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You have to fight the urge ||FNAF|| STB AU

You have to fight the urge ||FNAF|| STB AU1 Dec. 2020
337 882
SugarSide _Subscribe 438 721

This happens in the STB

This happens in the STB (Survive the Bite) AU, but it also happens in the main AU. The only difference is that when they say “We almost lost C.C and we were about to lose you” they say “We lost two children... we’re not about to lose a third”


Comments (100)
Its Liv TwT

Father of year uwu

WåtėrMėløn . Frėåk

Wow, this is original, cool

•Sweet Tea•

a new subscriber approached meekly hi!

Vintage Afxton

You’re one of the gacha tubers who make ✨amazing✨ drama skits :D



Ambar RT

This was very good! realistic and original! Im glad i found you on my recommended cuz ima subscribe ?

Umbrella Bella

Terrance : cuts a very deep cut

Me when i hit my toe on something and when my dog makes me fall / trip and i get a small cut and then when i take a shower and the water hits the cut / scar : OW SCREAMS INSIDE

was that a bit too personal though ?

Otilia Stewart

Why did he blush when he ki zz micheal

Inbar Fux

This is so cute <3
I love it TwT

cookie ghost

Can we just appreciate how William is the father of the year. He held his beautiful child and held him and did SPR

[] Wøly []


Soft_.tam_. Cold_.

This is not her idea
Someone else’s video looks like this but definitely
That someone had a Good won

jonathan lhw

Chis : sleeps and don't care.

Aiaety The Creator

Finally someone who understands that William can change for the better!

Eve _Chan

me: try not to cry
william: we care about you
me: start crying so hard

its so beautiful

not a crazy fangirl

See i like the aus where william didnt hurt michael because like where did people even get that idea from? I love this video


What’s this au


tbh, micheal can die due to loss of blood bc u know "he cut himself really deep"


I cry many time after watching this

꧁ Sphinx the Fox ꧂

This doesn’t piss me off in the slightest, I love it!!!!

꧁Anamatronic Anna꧂


Rubirose XOXO

This feels so familiar
Idk why
Is it weird i cried watching this?


clara:sad crying
william:smooching da child
cat: squished


Am I the only one who is watching this 1 million times

ʝēńã ThėŠmølBęåñ

What does STB stand for?

•Panda Girl•

Is this an au when Chris survived the bite or he is still in coma and well die

Emily Offenhauser

Video: * sad *

Comments: Your pain is funny to me.

• L I l y P a t •

William is a live saver he just save his own son!

Juicy Grandma

I'm on my period and when the video started-




lazy otaku

Wish this was in the original story it was so good i started crying while chris was just staring at the roof without blinking

M_Animegirl My hero academic 僕のヒーローアカデミア

I been waiting for a part 3 please get to it IT BEN SO LONG

brear skate

Umm you dont cut across your wrist that's how you die you cut down the wrist


Who else is just watching this over and over again for also trying to fight the urge.......................

Just me

Btw this is amazing


I really love your au

Zuby mirza

I love this! It looks like part 2 of *if Chris Survived the bite*or maybe it is


Is noone talking about William tackling Mike-

Coryl Bautista


Pluto Bee ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

Words to describe this video:

L͞u͞n͞a͞N͞o͞v͞a͞ S͞t͞a͞r͞s͞

The one thing I hate doing is crying, I just don’t like showing emotion, but this made me cry, that’s how I know your golden ☺️✨✨✨✨✨❤️

Soft_.tam_. Cold_.

You copy Rozu she has the same things.....
Bruh Plus she had him in the hospital to


YES ok so I fricking love AUs where William and Micheal actually have a good relationship. I don’t understand why people say that makes him “soft” or why there like “oh William was abusive” like dude it’s an au and it’s WHOLESOME like who doesn’t love wholesome

Michael Afton

If I told you I have not watched this more than 5 times that would be a lie



i d i o t

that was such a cute father-son moment..

*Tear drop*

hanzel lucena

Wot does stb means?


Internet 101

You're now one of my idols. I'm sorry now I'm gonna be clingy ?

ᴢᴇᴇ ᴇᴀᴛᴏʀ ᴏғ ʟᴇ ғᴏᴏᴅ

*depression and sadness*

ad: dOeS yOuR bAtHrOOm sMeLL lIkE a dUmP? uSe pOpO gOgO!


im sorry im crying so much right now, like, it's bad.

Ayano Aishi [Yandere Simulator]


Yuliani Rachmawati

Me thinking: I can not ship them (william x micheal)


FuffyKit _TheCuteFox

It the blood you need to worry more about to stop the bleeding go as fast wrap something around the wound the put pressure

white diamond

I hate tthe scene when i thinm william and mike kiss ewwww


Everyone in the house: sad
Literally Chris :

This ain't no sad world P:

ღ hajar afton ღ


Hamda Wannia

this video makes me sad and gets in tears

idk i just think it was cute also sad at the same time =)


Guys dont self harm its bad i was trough an hard time and i did it aswell i reget it.. self harming is not good for your health if you feel like nothing is helping or you just want to feel something even if its pain just talk to someone cause there are people who will listen to you and you are not alone everything will be okay just never forget that you can stop self harming i stopped it with making gacha club oc's sinning dancing and drawing it realaxed me from all the problems i know it sound hard but its possible cause selg harming is not making anything better just worse you may feel and think it makes things better but its really not you just hurt your body there are so many healthy and better opptions for you but not hurting youself or anybody around you family or friends i know this might not help but its worth a try cause nobody should self harm and SugarSlide_ sorry if this is not what i should text here but i just wanted to let others know that its not worth it and if they do it they should stop -

Mayo the trash can

Those socks Mike has on


¿ Yandere-chan¿


Beep Boop

I love how detailed and accurate this is-


that was---


Chris Willis

♡ Just Imagine micheal waking up and saying "dad. Your breath reeks! Get off me."

Skinny Homosexual

im sorry but when he put his hair up i imagine him like being in a ghetto fight and taking earings out and putting his hair up

Priti Roshan

Sugarside _
Please don’t say I’m late

Kendra Cassell

"His name was also Terrance"

Wow such creative William : O

The Boiis

Don't mind me crying... Anyone have a spare tissue?..

Allison Humphrey

This is like the 5th time I've watched this And this time I'm apparently sad now like actual sadness

•Hxney Bear•

At first I thought William was kissing Michael-
I didn't read what they were saying....


Crystal Hechme

We need more

Ein Ashton

i'm so confused that im crying


Best AU ever-


I know I’m a month and a half late even though I already watched this, but I gotta point it out
CC: *drools*
Eli: ooooo interesting


0:42 William realized that his weight was too much to be on top of Michael like that, so much so that the wound would get worse. So basically from anger he started to "revive" him .... right?


I played tic tac toe on me arm (no not with a knife) I played by myself....

Allison Humphrey

Literally meet irl=(;-;)

Bro dis sad

G A C H A_ P A T O O T I E_UvU

I-- im cryingggg ok? I was about to go to my online class but nah imma skip that and continue to watch le dis T^T

! Asʜʟᴇʏ-Sᴀɴ ツ ¡

William: * does mouth to mouth breathing on Michael *
Toxic Shippers: MUAHAHAHAH

{yellow queen wolfie}

i want kill somebody THESE IS COOL

Anabel Rodriguez

U know there was never another acting it was only Terrence/mike Chris and liz

Ellery :D

Wait William you pushing his arm against the floor isn’t helping the blood use your shirt jfhtbfjfnsbejrngngnds

{•The Crying Child•}


•Cotton Ball•

Future Aftons: I have no regrets, totally

Anna moulton

Pt 2 pls!!!

Sandra Kho Jia Xuan

Me not caring about the answers* me:oh shi-

Heath M.H

I’ve never even had any illness, addictions or anything of the sort but that speech was generally inspiring


Pls make another part

›› french toast ‹‹

Finally Michael doesnt wear red gucci bracelets

• Carmella x Anime •

William : Im not losing another goddamn child!
Me : Wow he is so serious! This mah new fav video

Michelle’s productions

Me at first was like:ah finally a gacha who doesn’t say Micheal has a older brother (min later) spoke to soon..☹️

Arielle Perez

hey william thanks for the advise at this time im going though alot of dipreshen and i am trying not to cut i always have a knife and its already went to my mentl life and i needed that


Willam: im bout to get my coff- IM NOT LOSING ANOTHER CHILD Me: omg

Tiffany Lim

Me:did willam kiss mike
The youtuber:no his only save him
Me:oh ok
Willam:yeah I kiss him
Willam:I'm just joking
(willam kills me)

uwu K u n

I love this video, it's actually the only realistic video I've seen about those kind of topic but, i can't avoid feel like:

Terrance: Dying.
William: Worried and about to save a life.
Clara: Scared af.
The background music:

Rolly Santiago

Don't click on the link in replys

Lulusxftie 456

Eli:easedrops and sad
Chris:Nom nom nom my tongue is delish :3

jonathan lhw

Micheal:shock willam :crys Clara : sad Eli: really shock


I have been on this emotional roller coaster plenty of times, but never got bored, it's really interesting to ride it over and over again

You did a good job

wait no

you did an A M A Z I N G job

Mocha Love

Can you have the Aftons and henry react to this-

Beat Wave

finally i found a perfect video am subscribe

Rebecca Denisa Mucenicu

Did you Just call clara "cristhine"?


I like the way will jumped on terrence like my mom when my hair set on fire