How to become better at sex


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What's Up Viewers Back

What's Up Viewers Back Again With Another Video And Today I'll Be Giving You A Few Tips For Tops To Help You Spice Up Your Sexual Experiences!


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alexander webster

Thanks for the tips. Proud you used condoms. Safe sex is the best. Happy you found a brand that works. Its too many brands to not find one for you.


Good advice I'm a Top lol. That That's so Raven music is priceless

Mário Tomar

love your vids

Joshua Afrifa

Lol is that the That’s so Raven Theme playing in the background?? ?? who wouldn’t known that it makes background music ??

Also thanks for the tips! I also LOVE the English accent

Miss Melody XOXO

Safe SEX is the BEST sex ☑️

marcus McDuffie

You're so fine and sexy. Thank you for the tips, because some tops are clueless. I don't like when a top try to create another hole. Please don't rush the d*ck in so fast. I'm sorry, but I work hard too and not just the top, I squeeze the d*ck with my ass muscles.

I'm so glad you said that about making sure the bottom gets off, I can't stand a selfish top. Also tops, if a bottom say we can't do it please listen.

How To Get Better At Sex - Love & Sex Stuff

How To Get Better At Sex - Love & Sex Stuff14 Dec. 2015
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We all do it, but how do you get better?

Each and every Monday at 9AM PST Tim Gettys and Nick Scarpino answer your questions about dating and relationship advice....cause that sounds like a good idea.

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Nisha Bright


Teu Quy

0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.

Narmin 93K Subscribers

පටන් කල අවකාශය?

Teu Quy

Very nice….


Same thing as anything else.... Practice makes perfect !!!


Why is the white balance so off in this video? Ugh!!! My eyes!! It's unbearable!!

Vau Bao


Subscribe Me For No Reason

1like 1000million trillion time apologise to god and Jesus


Ask the other person what they like then do it... That's how you get good at it

Night Love


Robin Kullman

I am one of the greatest sex master alive

Anthony B Darrus

How many of you viewers are 12 year olds that just search for "sex" ..... I find it really funny how these videos get significantly more views than the GOG show topics.

Hannley I Spółka


Tra Noi

Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

Tdhxgstg Shhdhxg


BFC Ricky

Is sex all you think about? Plus if I ever need sex advice a bunch of guys who run a gaming channel on YouTube wouldn't be my first choice of source.



Marius Mila

2;0 c

Steve Mefford

They should make a show that is all about Nick running. Nothing else just running

Wascar Santana

just eat ass done.


How am i getting here omfg

Maria Beresova


Ngu Rang


Andrew Soto

How do i have sex

Akiko Owaxi

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Duongnguyen Thanh

ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

Isabella Pienda

Every time I watch this the my little thing everybody starts getting tickly

Muray Murat


Kiran Pal


Noah Friscopp

Even though the answer is always the same I still enjoy this show.

Sabrina King

Please sexy

Bu Thu

Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.

Owe Raff

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Mirjalol Kosimov

sex video

Luccina Thoumy



Big thing is to not be nervous, being nervous can ruin the whole thing and cause you to overthink everything. Chances are if they're at the point of having sex with you, they don't care too much about what you're overthinking. Just relax and enjoy the ride...get it?


I honestly think this is the strangest series you guys do. I tried watching the first few episodes, but they're mad awkward to watch. Y'all should try some other show instead of this one.

Mia Leonhart


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LeAsia Freeman


Aymane Juyi


Narmin 93K Subscribers

කුමක් කරන්නද බන්

Deka Tron

Back to the sex ed drawing board.

Maddy Mccurdy

im 9

Noi Thu


Zhakariabinsalman 76

[email protected]

Matthew Lee

Ok seriously, where do i find the song in the background?

catherine chiyama



It makes so much more sense now...

I never realized before this video that a woman's naughty bits were coin operated, and that by putting my money where she wants my mouth to be, it turns the naughty bits on, and the oral stimulation actually works!

Nick, you're a fucking sexual savant. ; )

Rj Alamin Hosen

যে আমাকে subscribe করবে তাকে আমার ইমো নাম্বার দিবো ((

Nhi Trieu thanh


Capri Larson Adams

i love seeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxx

josh strickland

"She has needs tim....gasp... she has needs....wheeze" lol

Noi Huan


Ramesan V




Amel Alvi

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I loro stati di salute
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Mo Dac

if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

Koranteng Emmanuel

very slow

Sam The Man Show

Good point Nick. :))

Asad Abbas


James Manning

i fucking love these intros! Breaks me every time!

Mamatha Ashok


Suvam Su

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ozunaYT freddie

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Enzulla Hesenov


Narmin 93K Subscribers

마다 머느?

Ra Chu

ఆ ఆi love u girl.

Narmin 93K Subscribers

1like = sorry for god for every one
Yang milih allah like ??? yang milih Dajal abaikan


pretend you're sanic. gotta go fast!

Mangle Bonnie

I'm sexy

Chu Huynh



So desaturated. For why?

Ra Huy

Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

Joseph Kerr

My advice would be eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise regularly especially your cardiovascular system, and for that extra boost take some Korean ginseng. That's just the physical requirements remember like Nick said everyone is different and have a bit of confidence and feel your partner out.

Xua Bua

Que Dios nos perdone.

tes duatiga

උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග

Da Huy

Very nice….

Chris Czartowski


Mely Mely

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Narmin 93K Subscribers

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Jolly Rozario


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Hamdan Alimudin

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Hilariously awkward videos.
But honestly it is all about attitude. If you let fear and nervousness take control, you will suck at everything. Not just sex, you will suck at racing cars, you will suck at fishing, you will suck at playing the piano and make mistakes, you will suck at parkour. Haha.
If you just get in the mindset of doing it well, you can do it well. Anything in life.
(Assuming you arent a clumbsy awkward person by default.)

If you just nervously slobber all over her without noticing what she likes or not, and you just rush to come asap so it can be "over with", newsflash, it will be bad sex.
But if you just "decide" to be a boss at it, open your senses and percieve everything and react accordingly, dont just lazily go on the safe option (in and out, nothing else), fuckin get in there and at least make an effort to satisfy her. Multitask.
Done, good sex. It isnt rocket science or a math exam. You dont need to "google how to videos" as he suggested, or fucking analyze every angle of the legs in ratio to the diameter of her breasts. I mean what the hell.

People nearly identical to your own physiology and neural cortex have been having sex for hundreds of thousands of years, if they could fucking do it, YOU can do it in 2016. Right? If a fat roman senator with a tiny flacid dick could have a 15 girl orgy in his royal bathhouse, YOU can fuckin at least make an effort to satisfy ONE woman. Right?
Just do it. As Yoda would say. There is no try, just do.

SmokierBog Hood ini

Na dude just the answers to all of ow questions

team 89er

i wish i had this problem

Justin Gastone

These intros are the best


I don't wanna be a hater but wtf is Nick saying. please think before you speak is not even funny it just makes u look stupid

guinea pig

I love to have sex

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Cuzzi P

Practice makes perfect

Woody Jang

just buy a hitachi and let it do most of the work

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