How do shy guys act when they like you

How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You! 3 Signs He Does!

How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You! 3 Signs He Does!17 Mar. 2019
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Do you want to know how

Do you want to know how to tell if a shy guy likes you? How to know for sure?

Most of the time when you meet a guy, he knows how to talk to you, how to charm you, and how to attract you. When it comes to shy guys, it’s hard to tell if they like you because they don’t make the first move. They’re more nervous, they aren’t confident, they put you on a pedestal and it makes it very hard to tell.

So here are three things to pay attention to if you want to know if a shy guy likes you:

1. It’s all about his reactions

A man who is confident about talking to women is all about action. It’s easy for them to make the first move. A shy guy on the other hand will be more about reaction.

So think about how he behaves when you ask him a question. Is he talkative and does he open up? If you ask him about his weekend, he’ll tell you all about it if he likes you. He won’t make the first move but he’ll respond positively when you do. If he’s not into you, he’ll exit the conversation.

So pay attention to his reactions! If he is trying to express more things and if he’s trying to open up, then he likes you!

2. He’s trying to indirectly engage with you

Is this guy adding you on social media, is he texting you, and does he engage with what you post online? Is he more talkative with you through text than in person? A shy guy will struggle with talking to you face to face, but if he likes you he’ll try more indirect ways to communicate.

3. He talks to you about this life

A shy guy will give you a window into his life when he opens up, and this shows that he’s confident with you and he’a trying his best to create some chemistry and communication.

A lot of shy guys get nervous around the girl they like so keep an eye out for these three signs he likes you!




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Shai Powell

Love your accent and you’re gorgeous!

Ashley Victoria

He better man up and chase!

wafa jaouadi

Shy man talks always about weather hhhhh

Irum Awan

Helo sir...plz also make a video about why guys stares at a girl?

Hawa umu

Your accent ??

Lalaine Diaz

It's hard to forget someone that you really like ?

Zenaida Cariaga

Thanks much appreciated keep up ???

Hayley Doan

Gotta love shy guys

Carol Paredes

Thanks :)

Pilar Quiroga Music

Interesting but too short video! ?

How Will A Shy Guy Act Around You If He Knows You Like Him

How Will A Shy Guy Act Around You If He Knows You Like Him17 Nov. 2013
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Thu Truong2005

When my crush look at me and I look bakc at him he keep on looking at me but not look away but I started looking away from him


What if your shy too? This isn't really helpful for other shy people

GabrielC FansTX

I Maria am 47 Years old a Guy in Church is 21 Years Old Always looks at me my Mom notice even my Best Friend his So Handsome Like him to much his mom is friends with my mom am afraid his mom finds out I won't know what to do she loves me but to like her son and like me I don't know she'll like the idea because of my age

Brooks Addison

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Kathleen Bennett

This is bad , because I'm a shy women, so it's never gonna happen.

Lady Aie

great I just made my crush more shyer...

Stephaine Osborne

I love shy guy so much

Vipul Shirsat

Damn this is So True, It happens when you fall deep in Love... It happened to me too... I was so comfortable with so many people around me, so many girls I could talk easily but it's just that one girl and I got stunned My body became stiff as rock when she was around me and was shy as hell... I remember how I fucked up my first presentation cause she was sitting right in front of me and I became more shy...

Alessia Delrio

I’ve got a crush on a guy who attends my university. During March, I started noticing him staring, but never approaching me; my friend, who once sat near him, told me he was always looking at me that day (I was near her). A couple of weeks ago I decided to tell him that I’m interested, so I contacted him on Instagram and asked him when I could’ve found him at the uni. Then the day we talked came. We first talked about random stuff and, at some point, he told me that we could’ve hanged out sometimes, to get a coffee or study together. Then I told him that lately I had started having interest in him and that I wanted to know how he felt. As I started saying “and I wanted to know..” he answered “mayyybe I don’t have that kind of interested, but I do in getting new friends”, and continued saying things about getting them.
He kind of ran away after I told him that I liked him. He got up the bench, started walking away and then told me “I’ll see you on Monday, or on Sunday if you want”; I said “yes, message me.” He never texted me, so I didn’t either. I saw him again the next week and he didn’t mention the date, he only said hi and sat. Now he doesn’t look at me anymore and neither do I when he’s really near me, because I don’t want to look desperate and needy of him giving me attention.
I’m planning on texting him on May 25th to ask him if he’s going to do the anthropology exam on May 27th.
I need help to understand what’s going on. I think that a person doesn’t ask you out twice if doesn’t have a minimum of interest, but I can’t understand why he didn’t confirm the date and why gave me that answer if he was always looking at me.


what if i am also shy? lol double catch 22

camilla only

great guy gives the best advice


Kiss your hand 10 times

Say your crushes name 15 times

Post this on another video

The next time you see your crush he/she will ask her out


thank you, your videos help a lot! God bless you!

Sanish Maharjan

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Sophie. Rose

Well my crush knows that i like him because one of my friends told him. He told me that he has known for 9 months. He hasn't said that he dose or doesn't like me back but he is kind of shy when it comes to this kind of stuff. He gives a hig to every girl in my class exempt for me why??? He asked for my number a week ago too. I don't know if he likes me or not??

Cooper Howell

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Javion Dickerson

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Vipul Shirsat

This is exact thing about me

Nazareth Enciso

omg this is legit my situation i am 99% sure he likes me but sometimes he just makes it seems like he doesnt he is shy but not shy around other people he is new to our school and hes popular in class kinda but doesnt hang out with anyone at lunch or nutrition break (in 8th grade btw) and i followed him on instagram and he followed back and i told him i like you but we never have ever talked in real life..just his first day i asked him whats your first period and he said i dont know and then he just read my message idk if it was because he was to shy idk but then i apologised and he said its ok and then i added him on snapchat and he added me back...a little backround on why i think he likes me--> a few weeks after he got to school i have art with him so i was at my table witch is right across his and this kid lets call him phil when i walk by says and looks at me "this kid" pointing to my crush i think he was trying to give me a sign that Carlos-kid i like, likes me and then Carlos shushed him and looked at me...5 minutes later phil yelled out this kid super loud and still looked at me pointing to carlos and carlos said shut up laughing--he always looks at me in class when i catch him staring even though hes shy he still looks at me.i asked phil if he likes me one day carlos was not here he said yes i freaked out i didnt know if it was real..a few days later i saw carlos in his car at the crosswalk his windows were down... he was completely staring at me and i turned my head cause someone called me and i coukd have sworn he waved at me!!!!SOMEONE PLEASE HELPPPPPP??????

Emma Bemma

I like how he gets straight to the point.

Ileana Mendoza

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Sage k

Is it advisable to clearly tell this guy you like him?

Hailey Destiny

Oml I wanna leave his shy ass alone but he just to God damn fine???

Ely Tomas

There is this one boy I like and he already knows that I like him and we almost have the same classes and when i'm around he looks nervous and glances at me and hardly talks to me ever since he knew I liked him.

Neyber TO

I used to be shy, now I'm not


i was in this situation, i did like this girl and the next day a friend told me that she knew that even though i didn't do anything to indicate it to her. once i knew that she knew i tried to avoid her because i thought that talking to her while she knew that would just be awkward and forced. now that i look back on it, she really seemed like an egotistical person, one of those girls who knew she was hot and because of that, she thought she was above everyone else and its most likely that same ego that made her naturally think that i liked her



Ebby C

In hindsight Datinglogic advice is more and more spot on. I thought I "took control" of the situation but not really. And then I've got my own issues too lol. Now it's like when I go up to talk to him, even though we've spoken before several times, he looks at me like, a deer in headlights. Or, he frowns. But when I see him from afar like just walking down a hall, he'llsmile. I don't know, what, to make of it but I imagine if he were interested he would have made a move. So , he's probably just curious.

marina m

why cant all boys be direct like you

Lol Lmao

Geez, i actually wrote him a letter today , telling i like him but not in an obsessed way. I'm still waiting for an answer. If he respond and tells me he likes me too, then it'll be good news. But if not, then i'll move on ?

Coily Chronicles

aawwhhh thats how this guy i like acts towards me soo shy to talk to him

Ryker Noble

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Twinkling Star

he may act even more shy ?perfect

Kac Mevsim

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Michelle Won

This guy at work likes me and I found out he did and our coworker who is friends with both of us knows I like him back but I wasn't going to tell him. And my coworker told him so now he knows I like him too but he's suddenly all shy when before he knew I like him he used to flirt and talk to me. Now he only talks to me if I talk to him first and he stares at me when I'm around

mrswhugy J

hey i need your advice on a tricky situation; so theres this guy i work with and we have been flirting for 5 months and he hasnt asked me out yet because he is bery shy and pretty awkward, but i confessed to one of my coworkers how i feel about him and then they told him right in front of me. i pretended i didnt hear it and went on as usual, until the end of the day i asked the guy what she had said, and i accidentally played it off like i dont like him... and ever since he's been avoiding eye contact and me in general and wont even speak to me... i tried making him jealous today to see if he was still interested and it worked. anyway what should i do? let it blow over and flirt with him again or confront him? and tell him how i feel?

Afi trident

How do I talk to my crush ❤️I’m really shy basically every where I go I see him and he gets ☺️ shy but doesn’t talk

The Pertinent Influence

When I visit my crush with a friend he would approach me for a Hug and then talk to my friend, avoiding eye contact with me at all costs. .. (His aware that I like him) what should i do?

Rey Klein

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Kulio Julio

A guy and this is so true, I like this girl and think she likes me back but I don't ,now when ever I'm around she is always near me one day I was walking to class and accidentally look at her and she she jump then at looked at her friend idk if she is scared of me or if she likes me plz help


Kiss your hand 10 times

Say your crushes name 15 times

Post this on another video

Next time you see them he/she will ask you out.

Clara Rose

I need advice. I really like this shy guy that I have never talked too. He would always catch me staring but now I catch him, but is he only staring at me because he thinks I was staring at him? Also whenever I am near him or walk by him he gets all stiff and nervous, is this because he is uncomfortable when I'm around or because he likes me? Also when he walks by me he keeps his head down or sideways and walks really fast by me avoiding eye contact.

Darlene Adolfo

Acting more shy, can he push me away or treat me bad? I'm in a weird situation that a man run away from me, and tries not to get close to me, but prefers to walk not on my side but on my back, and wherever I go he leaves. when I´m talking to other people he keeps looking when I look at him he turns his face, and when it´s with a guy he gets tense. Once I sent an email to his organization to donate clothes he was cold and refused my stuffs. What kind of behavior is this?