How to be able to do more push ups

The Method to doing 50+ Pushups In a Row - Tutorial

The Method to doing 50+ Pushups In a Row - Tutorial15 Feb. 2017
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Pushup Form Video:

One Arm Pushup Tutorial:

The method and way to do 50 pushups or more in a row!

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Swag Penguin21

Will weights work?

Tim D

do half rep pushups?

Enyo Pinto

Confusing 67 with 69...

cheeky Austin???

Dusan Vucko

69 haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Teddy Diake

Is that you Russell Wilson?


Well well well, there we have it. He wanted to do 69 push ups. End of the video.

vernon hutchinson

Are we sure this guy doesn't play for the Seahawks?

BossManKb YT

I tried progression overlord

Navdeep Kiron Nallaghatla
Does the form look alright?


lol all you need to do is just put on a song and crank out push ups


When he said one arm pushups e.e
I fucking was smiling and angry asf bitch I cant even do 20 rn

Sushi Uchiha

what pants are you wearing? i know they're adidas but which kind? they kind of look like the tiro's


Can i pay with paysavecard on your webshop?

Julian C



This tip is good man! works with pull ups too, I can do 1 clean form one arm pull up and 15 perfect pull ups. It's all a matter of making the movement harder (strength gains)

flying soul

This guy got it wrong. This is how you will be able to do 50 plus push ups: do it daily to build endurance or do weighted push ups. And a super mega key is to lose weight. This a bodyweight exercise the lighter you are of course with muscle the more you'll be able to rep out.


Next video:"How to do 5 pull ups in a row"
Austin:first shrink the moon then you'll be able to do pull ups easily. JK

PDH_ Wolf

Like a fish in the sea
<( :)


bruh, I know I can do 10 one arm pushups, didn't know it can directly correlate with my actual pushups, I can do 68+, in case ur wondering, I got that record when I was 15.


i got 65 push-ups on my test

Karlo Starešinić

and how to do one arm pushup-learn to do 50 pushups in a row

clickdoor clockdoor

can you make a tip video on how to do a one arm push up?

MHaWk 18

I can easily do 35 to 40 but not 50

Tanay Mishra

I can do 10 incline one arm push-up also 3 one arm push-up on knee. but still can't do normal one arm push-up

rico calisathletes

I do reps and sets of push-ups
Check out my insta ricothebodybuilder

Hypnotic T

I love your videos but in one of your 1 arm push vids you said you should be able to do 40 push ups in a row before trying a one arm push up and now your expecting us to be able to do 10 1 arm push ups I a row with possibly even less then 40 push ups already? Come on your vids are great but what is this about

new boy's generation

I used to do more then 60 push ups in row with perfect form when i was 17-18- but now i am little bit weak my push ups decreased to 40? in row because i let go working out for two don't do that no matter what happens to u.. stay focused✊

Jesse Lam

I can do 50 pushups but cant do even one one handed pushup


The key is not using full ROM


I can do 20 pull-ups but I can’t do 50 push-ups is that bad...


I did nothing but push ups and pull ups for a year before I got into lifting. Using Greasing the grrove method. I went up to 100+ push ups and 40+ pull ups in a row with full rom resing no more than a second between reps. When I reached that stat, I was big in the chest and back and arms, and I could bench 250lbs for 3 sets of 5 reps.
Bottomline, when you can do close to 100 push ups NON STOP with perfect form, you get BIG. You have to get strong to be able to do that.


Shitty form


I need to do it for athletics

100 Pushups Challenge

Thanks for the groovy tip.

kaleb kline

thanks for the help, I'm looking to get to 60 minimum for Air Force requirements

New Generation

So can you get good gains from doing body weight training without taking supplements?

Zack Fraser

I can do 50 push-ups but it’s very slow. The first 30 I can knock out in about 30 seconds,but from there I have to keep going into rest position every 2-4 reps before I can continue. I’m looking for endurance


Tell me pls.i do workout during 3 years.I used to do boxing and wrestling 6-7 years.I am 15 YO.What is the noraml of Push-ups in my age?My privat record is 170

Aidan Bowie

your in rotc


The method is
''learn one arm push ups''
Done, skip to next video.


Russell Wilson??? Haha but great vid Austin. About to join the airforce and I need work in weight loss ( 10 pounds ) and need work on push ups


Do you recommend, if I had a partner pressing on my back, while doing ring push ups? since the weight just swerves on my back.

Logimen Vla

69 push-ups .......................... sounds weird


I can do 50 push ups in a row but can’t do one arm push ups

1000 subscribers with no videos

I can do 40+ push-ups in a row (proper form) and still can’t do any one arm pushups :/

Igor Kalember

Great video =)

Robert Reaves

Diamond or decline pushups are harder for me


My personal best is 55


I used to be able to do 55 clean pushups in a row, but after i gained 10 lbs im down to 40

O.P. Blingstar

I can do 60+ in a row and 5 reps of one arm push ups

abdou 123

I didnt have a method i just started doing 50 pushups riteaway


So using your logic I should just be able to do bench press

Robert Thompson

Ol miles Morales Spiderman lookin ass lol jk?

PTE Games

Summary:Do grease the groove or just do the most famous method which is progressive overload.

Justin Roh

Always without a shirt... is this the new method? Do pushups without a shirt and you will increase the amount!!!


I'm in rotc but I can't even do 30 push ups

Eric Ibe

I could do 50 push ups in a row, but not even 1 one arm push up

Hareth Alomari

6 sets of 25 if your max is 35
And for the last set do it slow motion
For 6 weeks every other day and you will be doing at least 50
Between each set is 50 seconds break

Green Moore

Wide arm push ups helped me long arms less distance to travel 80 push up in a row


I'm only able to do 20 and I'm a kid

Ruben Does calisthenics

I got my first 30 posted it on my page

Mattchild Official

Guys did anybody tried this and does it work?

Where are my Chettos

I can do 1012 push ups i think

Joseph Sparacio

Hi, I am new to working out and really need to do push-ups and situps. I am trying to become a police officer and I need to pass the Physical Fitness test. My pushups are week an can only max and a little less than 30. How can I increase my push-ups so I can do them much faster and build endurance, same goes for situps? Will other chest workouts help?

PDH_ Wolf

; [|}. / like his mustache and beard


Do you keep your head up or down when you do push-ups? My recruiter told me the correct way is to keep your head up

Siddharth Phadtare

How to do pushups

Do one arm push-ups ?‍♂️

Gurbir Singh

I started doing waited pushups and its also works!

dakota briscoe

Hey man love your videos but I went and checked out your tutorial on the one arm push up and you said not to start til you can do 40+ push ups in a row, so has that changed?



Giorgos Christoforou

I can do 55 push ups in a row but i cant do 5 one arm push ups


Wait I'm confused. I went to the 1 arm push-ups video and he said to be able to do 40 push-ups before moving onto 1 arm push-ups. I can't do 40 yet, so should I just use his first tip until then?

Nøva_ Eclipse

i can do a max of 40 push ups in a row nut i can do 6 one arm push ups in a row and 8 muscle ups in a row

anas gaming

I am 12 and I do 30 push-ups in a row

Zak Taylor

"If you want to do 50 push ups, start with learning one-armed push ups." *Watches the one-armed push up video "Before you start with one-armed push ups, you have to be able to do 40 regular push ups."

Understandable, have a nice day.

Sean Purcell


Its Me

I'm 15 and I can do 67 in a row without stopping in a minute is that good progress?


I just started 50 regular push ups every business days. I just did 75 pushups straight and my arms hurt bad right now. I didn't even consider 1 arm pushups.

whoa kookoo

Just recently got to 50+ LETS FUCKING GOO
And I ain't gonna stop road to 100+

40Parth Khedkar IX-B

Why YouTube did not recommend me this youtubers video seriously he is very good fitness youtuber and everyone is copying his method and his video

Khenny Phimmasone

I can do 15 max 1 handed push-ups but can't do 50 push-ups

Von Mamou

What’s up with all he 69 joke comments

69 is a good goal (insert Lenny face)

Thegoodlife TH

50 year old 100 pushups on my

Robert Reaves

What if you can do 100 pushups what grease the groove number should i do


im 14 and can only do 17 diamond pushups pretty bad

Freddy McGaughey

Thanks for the vids Austin keep it up

Freddy McGaughey

I have gained 20 pounds in 3 months and buffed up pretty good from following your videos.

Stephen Rainey

you should do a video on you doing your max push ups


What about diamond pushups

LifeIsBodybuilding 04

Well I can 50 in a row too but 5 sec after that my body doesn't work xD

Parker S.

I just did 50 push ups in one minute!

Aj John

I'm at 25


I did max 20 push ups ,that was before 2 weeks,now i do 30 push ups but not by you but i think this help me het netter ;)


Good vibes from you

Cheffer vdb

I can do 50 push ups in a row already but I wanna see if I can make it easier

Fahimus Alimus

I can do 10 alternating one arm pushups with a jump in between, but 50 straight push-ups? Hell no.

chris channel

i die in 25

The Rolling Stoner

Should I start off the day doing one-armed pushups and then switch to regular ones, or start with regular ones and switch to one-armed?

Ajdin H.

69 push ups ????? 69696969

Roshan Mano 1

I have done 40 decent pushups... but nose touches thats maybe 3t or 36...

PLAN: Method for more pushups

PLAN: Method for more pushups1 Jul. 2016
46 456

No fancy gimmicks or

No fancy gimmicks or complicated workouts here. I'm supplying you with 2 simple and proven methods to improve any body weight exercise, in this video I'll be using the pushup to demonstrate just that.

The "Half times 3" method

1. Assess your maximum amount of pushups. (Be honest with yourself.)

2. Divide it by 2.

3. Do 3 sets of above number. Resting 1-3mins between sets.

4. Do that every day for 4 weeks and then repeat step 1.

5. If you can't do it everyday, regress to Mon, Wed & Fri. If that's too much, regress to Mon & Thurs.

The "1 a day method"

1. Do 1 pushup on the first day you start.

2. Do 2 pushups on the second day.

3. Do 3 pushups on the third.

4. And so on, each day adding an additional pushup on top.

Before you begin make sure you're conducting the movement properly by watching this video first:

▶▶Downloadable Fitness programs and workouts◀◀

▶▶Shirts & Merchandise ◀◀

▶▶More videos◀◀


No Duff Industries


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Ship Wreck & Zookeepers FB pages:


Champ - Gunnar Olsen

Comments (39)

Do you do it once a day or a coupple of times a day?

Aninter Netdweller

hey mate thanks for the info. would you recommend mixing in some strength sessions to the half times 3 method? ie the occasional session with harder or weighted pushup variations focusing on a pure strength rep range?

Carson P.

holy cow! I can do 25+ press ups now!!! thx man!

Ken Rock

Thanks,its so simple

Warren Edmeades

Goku does 10000 one arm pushups that would take ages in real life without gravity

sylvio vallejos

I feel 3 sets isn’t enough, could I do more? Perhaps 5-8sets?

rahkee Stalice

I subbed cuz i like u conceal yourself. Thats some real learning too, though thats y i subbed

Emre Kocaturk

Hey mate just started your method, was following the Navy Seals PTG but only added about 5 reps to my max after a few weeks. How would you stack this with the 'adding 1 rep a day' set you outlined? Space them out (1 in the morning, other at night for eg.) Or right after as a max set? Also, what do you think of working at 40-50% of max (or less) spaced evenly throughout the day with more sets? Cheers mate.

Laura Zucchiatti

I can do 4-7 on the ground :(
10-12 push ups, hands inclined 45° on the desktop.

Patrick Dunstan

Such a good trick, I've been trying to figure out how to get my count up for ages. Love what you're doing mate, keep it up

John Recut

I'm going to apply this Plan break down to sit ups as well, I need to increase those as well lol

King Worthy

thanks mate. I'm going to start this program tonight. I'm at singo right now and about to go into session but and i can smash out around 45 push ups but the pti's like to take 10-15 off of me for technique. ill just smash these out tonight and see how i go


Good advice about 'everyone started somewhere'.

Ege Bey

You said we will do half of our max three times a day,that’s fine. But later you said:You should do right after wake ıp and before go to bed.

Warren Edmeades

Would this method help to do other exercises like sit-ups, squats, etc

Byron Hornbuckle

Dude it's too easy to just tell people how to do it and when they do it and that's with most people, but not you, you give educated reasons and heaps of information that always helps. Keep it up

dupe you

I just wanted to watch the proper technique, & all you delivered instead was somehow to prattle on for 4 minutes about Elementary Grade mathematics.

It takes a special kind of incompetence to achieve what you've manged to showcase here.

The real question has to be, ..... do you even lift Bruh?

100 Pushups Challenge

I used similar methodology to do 170 pushups aged 61. They are not perfect. Thankful I can do any at my age.

Kim Jong-Liu

im in 12th grade this year and am planning to sign up for the adf next year for basic training at kapooka
this video is a life saver

thank you


Thsnks for this just the gee up i needed to get back in form

Not a Fiction 2.0

this would be great but... I cant see the guy... he is completely camo-ed out.

Nik Nik

Thanks mate. This simple and effective. It just what I have been looking for. So much crap out there, Nice to see someone doing some thing positive without asking for my credit card.


Awesome video! i'm going rifleman in the choco's in a few months cant wait! i'm applying your method to my training right now. keep up the great videos!

Andrei Acacio

Question can i do it morning and night?


Does it works?


I can do 25 in a row

Miroslav Makarov

Could you upload a video showing you can do your 100+pushups consecutively?


I prefer to do them at before bed
Maybe I should try asap after getting out of bed

Motel James

How many hours before bed should I stop eating. Great video. Thanks.


hey mate, i'm preparing for kapooka and singleton and I've been training pretty hard at the gym since i wanted to put on a little size i could produce a pretty decent set of push ups but since ive been hitting the gym i tested my self and was only able todo a significantly less amount as what i could before. should i just stick to the body weight stuff if the gym is going to reduce my muscular endurance or is their a way i can gain muscle and strength without sacrificing such a large amount of endurance ? what would you reccomend ? cheers

Fire Wind

187 pushups in one set? Did you break form? thats nuts.
Anyway I'm gonna give this a go to increase my push ups.

Rajat Semwal

You are amazing brother....I really like your trick...


Hey, cheers for the method. Over the past months of practice, my push ups have moved from 42 to 89

Wire Sucks

Mate I think you're gonna lose those people who can't do a basic push-up because of some mathematical equation. A simpler method is do your max number. Rest for 2mins. Do 2 less and repeat all the way down to zero. E.g 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. 0. Starting at 10, that was 30 push-ups.
Good effort though and I look forward to what you post next.

Damian Willett

Can you do the same with the situps

Sorabh Bikawat

Hey dude i wanna ask that do I have to do 31 pushups of stack one a day method on 31 day after reassessment or start the month again with 1pushup, 2pushup etc...


Hey I really like this method and I am going to use it in my program, just wondering could this also be applied to Sit ups and squats or any other body weight exercises such as Pull ups?
Also love the video keep them coming!

osrs KingArachnos

Will this work for sit ups too?


Excellent video. Question...does this technique also apply to sit ups?


8 937
Amber TantogSubscribe 438 721


I finally


I finally got around to this highly requested video! I am a CFL1 trainer and I have many years of experience in comeptitive sports and weightlifting as well as many hours of coaching individuals, sports teams, military personnel, and group classes. I am confident if you put in the work to get your push ups you will be able to add on a ton of reps with great form and technique ! I have helped a ton of my girls in my flight for basic training pass their PT test with the tips I have shared in this video. I will be doing a video on running and sit ups so that you are able to pass your PT test regardless of branch! So don't forget to subscribe so you can see those videos in the near future! Please do not hesitate to add any tips or workouts in the comments below or even questions you had through the comments or direct messaging in my instagram! Good luck y'all!


Music by Mark Generous - Orange And Pomegranate -


Instagram :

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*Get $40 on your first stay with this code*

Comments (37)
Jenny Bravo

Thank you so much! Great tips!! I can’t wait to see your video on sit ups as I struggle with those more! New subbie!


Great tips?

Kristyn J

Thank you so much. I ship for navy bootcamp in November and my pushups are TRASHHHHHHHH

Kari B

I have 33 days left ? im working the hell out of myself to be able to do push ups hella good ???

Life of Steph

Thank you I’m in basic now and needed some help. Doing security forces as well. ?

Luis Garcia

Great video!


Thank you for all of your videos, they're very helpful.

Fun with Calisthenics

Great video content??

Life With Nia

I literally still can’t do 1?


Aight i know what my task is for this week

Samuel Broom

Thanks for the vid. Im on my way to a six pack! This really helped!

Luis Samayoa

This Woman is Amazing ?

Dillon Thees

Your a beast great video! Going to try the V and gripping the floor. Thank you

Christian Hilodo

Thank you for this videos ma'am. I'll try these tips to improve even more my push-ups.

Dominga Shataun

Thank you!!! Needed this??❣️

Latoya Elder

Thanks... @inspiredbytoy

Paul Claringbold

Wow that’s my hot ass future finance ?

Mckale Memnook

This video was sooo helpful! Thank you. I can do full complete pushups, but I always wondered why There was no proper tension. I’ll subscribe and help your channel grow!

Kallie O'Leary

I thinnkkk 1×3s is do 1min as much as possible, then divide that number by 3 then do whatever number that is in as many sets as you want.. but its been a while ?

Ashley Farias

thanks for the video girl!!!! I wanna join the air force after college and have no idea how to start my fitness journey. This video came at a great time. Subscribed!


Great video. Much needed. Thank you

Fun with Calisthenics

Just subscribed to your channel. Great tutorial.. ???

Elias 1

I cannot do the elbow in at all how can i fix this also whenever I do a pushup my lower back gives out and I fall lol pls help

Ash Padilla

Thanks for the tips! P.S love your security forces humor shirt! <3

Skyla Silva

So you’re allowed to do push ups with your elbows tucked/close to your body for PT tests? Im good at those but I always thought they HAVE to be with your elbows going outward, which I struggle with more.

John Jed Villademosa


Armando Damian

Thank you

Latoya Elder

I was wondering why my form was looking weird... I was looking up

NoLimit Nati

going to be trying this out. I can’t even do one push-up but hoping this helps me. I’m hoping to join the Air Force later this year. I’ve been putting off the ASVAB for a while now due to being a bad test taker and I let 2020 bring me down but this is the year I finally take over my life again and really chase my dream instead of just talking....sorry I got carried away in this comment lol?

Nadira Tupuola

Thanks so much! I’ve noticed that I tend to hold my breath when I do push ups,,so my question is,,how are you supposed to breathe when you do them?

Florie S

I never knew about that rotating elbow/wrist thing!! (The chameleon trick)

Danni Osgood

She makes it look so easy lol

Angelica Guerrero

Thank you!! What apps are good to keep track of my progress?

Marichat & Adrienette 4 life

Thank you!! I had a Pt test today for Junior rotc and went from being able to only do 7 pushups in under a minute to 20 !!

Books with Jess

Such a helpful video! I swore into DEP a few weeks ago but no ship date yet. Can you make one of these for running? I am STRUGGLING holding a fast pace for more than a few minutes.

joe mama

the hand position tip definitely helped a lot. thank you so much for making this video!

Hunter Muneta

Tips for running 2 miles without stopping