Hollywood sex parties

Going to a Hollywood Sex Party | VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

Going to a Hollywood Sex Party | VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash7 Dec. 2020
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On this week's show...

On this week's show... There's a lot to talk about. Jason went to a sex party and got home at 7am. He recounts the whole experience, telling David about what the entire scene was like, and about how he almost got arrested on his way home. You couldn't make up a better story than this one. Welcome to VIEWS.

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Stephen J. Lynch

Wow nice❤️❤️?

Carolyn Stumpf

2:32 I like ?? ??♥️❤️

Debra Rodriguez

Roses are red, I tell something to do, if your sorry to god, turn like button blu


is this the real David Dobrik and Jason Nash

James G. Herrington


Carolyn Stumpf

8:11 I want to do

Michelle R. Phillips

Very nice

Agnes Ruggles

1:46 the Man... I feel bad for him

Jeff Bernal


Carlie Fisher

Press the like button to say sorry to god

Devona Blackman

10:43 has the best


"That should be enough for today


30:28 Wow So Hottest Movie

Rico of Sons of Funk says Jamie Foxx warned him about parties in LA - Some weird things can go down

Rico of Sons of Funk says Jamie Foxx warned him about parties in LA - Some weird things can go down19 Dec. 2020
128 207

New Video Uploaded

New Video Uploaded 12/26/20 Rico speaks more on party https://youtu.be/mP2PmE5NeEg

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Walter Gregg

Anyone ever seen the video with him in a see through shirt trying to fuck Lenny Kravitz backstage at one of his concerts?

Jason Godfrey

All of this is bullshit yall let anybody or anything manipulate you damn shame

Ellen Smith

Jamie Foxx was dating Tank the singer for about 5 years ?allegedly. ? Johnny Gill & Eddie Murphy? P Diddy the queen and everybody??? sticking the #ick in the #hit hole. Hollywood is the luciferian lifestyle.

Joshua Sterling

That’s why Kanye said “please baby no more parties in LA” makes sense now lol


They like to play hide the salami in hollyweird

Tracks Phantom

The Drummer from Korn walked away from a $300,000,000 contract so his little daughter did not have to grow up seeing her Father living the life of a rockstar with all the sex and drugs.

Storm Davis

Just because Dave Chappell left doesn’t mean he saw shit or he was dealing with anything like this dumb ass cult shit your talking about ? some people just get sick of being famous and they want to get away is that so hard to believe

Horror Fiend

There's weird parties everywhere.

Demetrius Green

That pass the courvoseir video looked very gay

Yung Dynamic

I can say one thing. Jamie foxx took that unfortunate path and at least he told a brother that wasnt in the know be aware of what he getting into. I could only imagine what they do at these exclusive "parties"

Jonathan Cisneros

That Jamie fox be dressing like a women. You don’t think he got popped in the ass by these evil mob.

C Hardin

25 million people in LA and you don’t think it’s weirdos in the city????y’all love conspiracies.

E Man

NO More Parties in LA

Dee Bo

I'm sure he was partying
And was down with the weirdo shit too

Alex Gordon

Jamie sold out at those parties. Said he is Gay.


These people sacrifice themselves to keep what they think is royalty and is best for them. It's nothing but a modern day slavery without the chains around your neck. Although some people still do wear chains around their neck.

Trevor Bradford

Like Howard stern said... "There's a reason he changed his name to Jamie..."

Ralph S

I wish the interview was longer frfr ???✊?✊?

Black Jesus

Cheek bustin parties.

Clara Gray

Yeah Jamie would know huh ?? everyday life for him

James Patterson

These dudes have to get busted in there ass to move up facts ! Famous interview or article TUPAC said Quincy Jones wanted to fuck him in the ass but tupac didn't get down like that but then ended up being engaged to his daughter ? plus TUPAC was playing on signing with Quincy and do a label through him not Suge before TUPACS disapearance ?

Shardean From The Wire

Foxx used to joke on his old radio show about the wild parties he used to throw. People who have went can tell you how nasty and weird his parties could be. Foxx is deep down with the program, trust.

danny mendez


saints fan

Sacrifices cannibalism rape pretty common themes for pedowood


Ive heard also that jaime foxx would b involved in these crazy parties..even those parties with the Assasins Creed mask type of shit..lol u know..

nicole hunt

Hey Jaime sold his soul long ago and he don't want anyone else to follow him into the depths of Hollyhell Rick ross had the same look when Meek mills sign the contract like please don't do it

Ketch A. Body

Bro I can't stand seeing all these big time rappers and actors talking shit about Alpo or 6ix9ine being a snitch but they gave they ass up or they mouth to get where they are?

Alkebulan Sun

Foxx is a master mason

Gas Mask

this isn't anything new or groundbreaking. it's click bait.

Lisa Johnson

Jamie Foxx, little sister died 10/2020 not saying she was a sacrifice idk ... I’m always amazed how these celebrities are constantly surrounded by death.

Carson Douglas

jamie is a part of the cult. how else is he surviving in hellywood? word ona curb he just sacrificed his special needs sister. gay sex is nothing. blood sacrifice is what yall should be scared of.


Gematria is the only way to truly see why these celebrities move the way they move! Check out my Instagram @seethruthescript, I've even covered Jamie Foxx an the sacrifical killing of his sister!


it's sad how ingrained homophobia is in male society

John Herring

Alot people judge but it might be better than mediocre lifestyle, to have the best in not living hand to mouth I'll take living out of a suitcase then living home with my mom broke a hell bad bitches, and money is there any objections?

Phetogo Magagane

No more parties in LA

Dion Khnum

Still from Richmond my shoe . Richmond Dudes Bred with the phrase having Game in there persona / sharks in tanks Parana / my sound a mound then over bound with a clisps of melt through sounds of hounds/ bars less but underground/ what I found in thows thoughts science can't profound/ loud plots keep me rust not/ lots still get pulled according to tis Thoht /

Dontez Farmer

I took a security job on CL a couple years ago for some extra coin. I'll just say it was near the overlook in la. A lot of these actors and artists aren't straight. Cant watch they music videos the same seeing em get pounded from the back. Thats all.

al chemist

No more parties in LA.... ?

Kareem Supreme T.V.

There's a lot of devil worshiping in L.A. and santanic rituals.The DOC said Eazy-E was into a lot of that stuff if you don't believe me look it up.

Jude Learns More with time

Degradation of the final generation to push an ancient (hidden) agenda which has fallen entities who live in an invisible realm. We can’t see the multidimensional realms but we can feel and witness chosen bloodlines and pawns play out an intricate reality of fallacy. A blood driven web of lies which is sold to the masses through an encrypted slavery system of purchasing souls and stealing your eternity. Keeping you so distracted with immortality that you no longer have a pure conscious to see TRUTH or choose TRUTH. Remember.... there is nothing new under the sun.

Michael Foster

Miss me with the "secrecy" shit. Mfs trying to get Relevant. Weird Shit. I can promise you that. More than likely that "weird" stuff. Involves more than Same Sex contact. Gay people have been around since the beginning of time. And have been running Hollyweird. And Male actors have been gay but played manly straight roles even heartthrobs. It's a lot of Spiritual Battlefields in the industry. Lot of looking the other way. Things that are acceptable in their circles are Illegal and Immoral in regular society. But ppl are focused on their favorite actors and actresses.. Better check the Covid list for celebrities who "caught it" during the early stages. Most haven't returned back to the states


My homie started worshipping Satan and then he killed himself

the truth will set you free

Jamie trying to act like a good guy everybody know Jamie Foxx is one Hollywood’s biggest low-key homosexuals/pansexual/....

444TheChosen One

Watch the movie starry eyes free un tubi, shows you in plain sight how hollyweird gets down


How do denzel Washington and Angela Bassett keep grounded and their rep so strong and respectable as I've never heard them linked to hollyweird??

Tarrance Sutton

But jamie sold out along time ago.

Doc Shadey


Instant Urban News

Jamie Foxx threw a party for Drake before he blowed up.


Don't drink at those parties. You will end up with a finger in your booty

Ian Rolle

Dave knew his worth but his crew didn't and 50milli wasn't the worth out of $500milli that was made from his show

Tumeka Davis

??? I will never sell my soul ???


People forget Jamie on living color dressed as a woman

Bridget English

It's ashame how fame change your life for the worst when you sold your soul to the demonic elites. The demonic spirit s run this whole world to total destruction.



Arazreal The Forgotten

Seen all them sticks hanging low and said " Oh Hell Naw"! ???


Remember Jamie said nick cannon hung out after his party. Nick stayed days over jf house at the age of 12.??...so did that white singer ed Sheridan? How he get in and stay? Sound like jamie a boule ritual host

Zakiyyah Edwards

He wit too

Booman Reacts

Aye Jaime a real nigga.


Matthew 4:1-11 the devil is still saying Bow down to me!. He will tear your soul apart!. Don't sell your soul to him.

cort FaShort

If u go in there u gonna meet the woo?. Nip and juice wrld gonna laugh in your face, cuz you're gonna get wasted ?

Eli King

The best way to hide something is to hide it in plain sight. These people that are talking about this stuff so called exposing it are doing the rituals too. The secret satanic societies have been reduced to a meme , a joke now in the mainstream, to desensitize the masses to how horrible these groups are. They are also making money off of their own hype.

Ja Mcgee

People in da comments saying this n that like they was there watching dem do da shit.Clowns

Classiq Beautee

When you start seeing men dressing as women in roles, that’s an indication that they’re sold , that’s apart of the ritual, humiliation??‍♀️ain’t no money or fame worth my soul....sorry not sorry


My family Rico C. telling like it is especially back then.

Shun Higgins

Thought it was layzie bone for a sec


Shidd Invite me to the party and Ill turn that mutha out!

Jason Rodriguez

I'm from the bay area and Richmond gets down it's like compton and Oakland combined....

culturefreedom productions

Why not tell exactly what they are doing because we know that it’s true but we don’t know what exactly they do and every interview is the same on any channel you click on and they basically say the exact same thing... I want to know what’s going on...

Abstraddic Painting

Use to be regular parties in LA too. Those parties you talking about are for people willing to get their book read so they can get in the businesses. Don't go to those.

Funk Sway

Robin Hood Price of Tights will tell you all you need to know about Dave Chappelles way in the industry

444TheChosen One

To get a piece of the pie, you gotta agree with the lies.

Colin Halliley

Jamie helped Drake with his career by having him perform at Jamie's house parties. He told this at a interview . He would position Drake on the balcony for dramatic effect. He helped Kanye too and many . The house parties were for people to mingle and come up with new ideas. His sister was an important part of his life and she enjoyed the new people and meeting them. Jamie had the backbone to tell Oprah to save her advise after he won a Oscar. She didn't approve of his ways and felt he should be more high class. What a hypocrite. He was polite about it but did things his way not the Hellywierd route.

Do it Dex

You have to be careful no matter your career choice. Police crooked, priest and teachers pedophilia, perverted doctors. I’ll take being a Hollywood star any day. I always say if the things you claim to see are real, why no video evidence? If you don’t have proof it don’t exist.

Deon Edwards

People know what they talking about, just make me sick to know people are still trying to get famous, doing some strange things for some change. Smh

Matt Love


Teresa Jenkins

I guess that's why Jamie always threw his own parties

Sol Glow

I was doing a meditation session and decided to Astral project again. When you're in that state, wherever the mind goes, so does your spirit. I happened to stumble upon one of these Hollywood parties in the spirit and remote viewed the whole thing. Crazy part about it is that they KNEW I was there and they proceeded with their ritual anyway. They idolize and love black bodies and the black celebrities really don't know what's going on while it's happening. I found out how the Illuminati operate based on what my spirit saw and it's waaaay deeper than what it appears to be. I would tell the whole story of what I saw but then they'll send entities to start fucking with me in my sleep again. Once I level back up spiritually I'll start posting videos and go into detail about this viewing and other things that I know. One thing I will say though, my black people are physical embodiments of God and our hardware is far, far superior to theirs and they know it. It's just that our software is corrupted due to them. Why do you think that every race do us dirty? It's not out of hate, not at all, but rather FEAR, fear of you accessing God's software in this Aquarian age that allows you to dictate events concerning this 3rd dimensional plane. Once we do that on a collective level, they will be rendered obsolete so the key for them is to download malware onto the computer(us) which will keep us operating on their low level program. They program our young God's with malware through the music and news to keep us in 'survival of the fittest' mode. This probably goes over most peoples heads but I know a few of you will understand. I'm not crazy at all, I just know what they know and more because these Neanderthal hybrids can't access certain levels of consciousness due to their lack of melanin, which is the key to access higher frequencies. That's why they use black entertainers in rituals im the first place. I will stop there before I go too deep down the rabbit hole. I love my melanated people and know your true potential, and I hope that you love yourselves for the awesome specimens that you really are. Peace God's. ✌?

Tylon Turner

Jamie Participated in those parties & rituals... This is how Jamie knew... In order to get these Movies, you are gonna have to do some weird shit to obtain these roles....

Gold Fingers13

Who here loves weed?

Did my inner peace disturb your Demons

He talking bout Dave like he haven’t told what happened and why he turned it down

Funk Sway

Funny how his blk azz Waz at Dem same parties ?

Peter A

JESUS LOVES YOU!!! He loves you so much that He hung on a cross and took upon Himself all the sins you would ever commit, the question now is “Do you love Him”? How do you genuinely show your love to someone? What is the greatest showing of love? The answer is sacrifice and then time. Jesus Christ paid the cost for us, through His sacrifice on the cross that we may live a life of health, deliverance and prosperity.
How can you pay Him back? You can pay Him back through spending time with Him, thanking Him for the privilege of seeing another day, and by reading His word “The Bible”. He offers you the free gift of eternal through having a relationship with Him, and partaking in this relationship immensely benefits you . He protects, guides, provides, heals, delivers, prospers, blesses you, and so much more. A true, authentic relationship involves communication on both sides. Jesus Christ is often taken for granted, many don’t give Him the slightest of acknowledgement, regardless He is still merciful and loving.
Seek Him, acknowledge you’re lost without Him and destined for destruction, believe in your heart wholeheartedly what He did for you on that cross and His resurrection. Confess with your mouth that He is Lord, and you’ve taken your first steps on that straight and narrow path to eternity in heaven with Him. And in this process your life will never remain the same, He will give you the Holy Spirit and grace, which will transform you and enable you to overcome sin, temptations and addiction and live a life that shows your love for Him. Slip ups happen, no one is perfect, but through asking for forgiveness and by His grace it will occur less and less. And you will enjoy pleasing Him and living a righteous life. You have everything to gain in Jesus Christ.
Have a blessed day..

Roberto Cruz

Him and Diddy are into some weird shit

Martin Leon

Na, jamie down with that ish... And go look at sons of funk album cover...look at the masonic checkerboard collars...masta p a top 33rd degree Mason....masta=master meaning grand Master


Yep Jamie seen what goes on at thoes parties hell he's highly respected very talented vocally and entertaining but he's NOT GAY! He plays his part as keeping quiet and playing blind to the shit evil things thats presented to him to keep getting paid and not step on anyone toes that will get him or his family harmed in any way. He is a church man but the one thing people doesn't take seriously is that God said you can't have one foot in and the other foot out" regardless if you are "playing" along for the money. I remember when he won an award and he brought his baby girl on stage with him and she named all the chapters and names in the bible, he then was letting us know that he and his family no matter what, praise God. The devil lies and deceives and we the children of God can also deceive and defeat the devil...Amen!?????????

LIFE The Leader


Mr No Weapon

80s..90s... Old School R N B is Back ? ?


They seen some things at those parties, and the funny thing is it stop them from getting famous


Dildos for horns?
Long wet wiggly fingers?
Shaking heads like with dreads, but has no dreads?
Stretched mouths, and beaks?

John Herring

Alot famous folks do sodom, and gomaroah parties make sense if you not into it, you go but if you into you stay.

Nicki Blanco

They're called Pandora's box parties

Jacob Jackson

Sold his soul for that money... ?

Ova Dose

The Earth is flat


I know these parties exist. I was invited to one this year! I was at a party networking & handing out my business card to people. The next day dude from the party started texting me a little to much the next week that I felt a little funny about it. But he was a really successful person that was verified online actor & business owner he also on the famousbirthdays website. So I was like I’ll just keep in touch & hopefully sell him a house in the future. (I’m a Realtor) He invited me to a party then send me a message with “invisible ink “. It was a homemade porno of him & his so called “wife”. I blocked and deleted his number. Of course this was all in LA . This is no joke that ALL do it or have done it in the pass and are cool with it. Every single one of em. I’m blessed to have had my awakening happen a few years ago so I wouldn’t fall for this display for my soul from satan. I honestly believe if you’re watching this video it’s for a reason. Be awake and seek the truth. The most high will guide you if you cry out to him.

Renee Mcguire

Listen to cheri from Three hearts church and how she breaks down nephilim fallen Angel's hybrids she have interesting topics and it's in the bible that's real. It's scary but true also look up John Todd and Bryce Taylor she tells it all about mkl ultra clones


Jay Marvlis brought me here ✊

Richard Scott

Don't know why L.A. is always singled out. These same kinds of parties happen in Las Vegas (way wilder than L.A., prostitution is legal there), Miami, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco. I guess it's because L.A. is Hollywood, but it's the same people, just different cities.

Google J9neworleans

Jamie with it but he tryed to save a soul !! U don’t wanna come here

sad true hollywood party story

sad true hollywood party story27 Mar. 2015
15 951
UptomykneesSubscribe 438 721

this city can get you

this city can get you high, but it can also get you low

Comments (82)

goddammit max

♫ The Dark Artist ♫

You're madd fuccin cool man! :)


Irresponsible and hilarious

Ibi Qemlas

Well played... -.-


this sucks! unsubscribed! .....10 outa 10...i love you


God you are the worlds biggest douche bag ..I sub you just so I know not what to do in life . ...


That was kind of messed up lol, thought this was a serious story.


How dare you lol


LOL, that's all I can say


So I take it your response was to never gonna give her up? To never gonna let her down?

Trent Winfield

Goddamn it, I was emotionally invested in this girl. I wanted to know her story. I wanted to see her get her life back on track. You took that from me.

Scot Inman

you are a awesome dude Max, One of the very few who speak from the heart.


These post Rick Roll tolls are getting really smart.
Can't expect anything less from the guy who wrote Chronicle.


Movie script writers that is.


It was about that time I realized Milana was an 18 foot tall sea serpent from the Mesozoic era.

One Day Let's Plays

Wow I was just humming that song yesterday.


wow dude. that song is so fucking old

Damian Lynch

Being City High-rolled is better than being Rickrolled in my opinion.


I love this. It was perfect.


Wtf...either he is a master troll, or I'm not getting something.
Cause I'm super confused, is anything from this story even true? ( ._.)

Rabbit ashes



Great now im mentally trapped in the 90s again! Oh yea listen AIDS is a killer

Sam Gladwin

>be in my subscriptions box
>open Maximilian Dood video in another tab, click this one
>"What's up dudes, Max here" plays in other tab
>think it's coming out of Landis' mouth
>MFW it's 5:30 in the morning


Ya bloody tapped in the 'ed mate.

Kenneth Johnson

i just got got


I think we just got trolled!


You sneaky troll...


Milana Vayntrub is a pole dancer?
She's got the body for it.

Jesse Jones

lol! Damn man!


it was at this point thatJoshua realized HE should not have moved to LA

Razumovskiy Petrovskiy

"What Would You Do"



I sang along.

Philip Philms

Then what happened?


City High - What would you do. for those confused...


I thought I was the only one who remembered that song!






I don't know that song but I can guess by the comments that this was a joke. Penis.

Hex Martinez

HA HA! That's some type of shit I would do. When you said her name I was like "OMG, no he didn't!", ha ha. That was great.


I laughed way too goddamn hard at this, lol

Kevin Harris


Bruno Franco

Fuck. You. Forever.


Just please tell me this video title is a Super Sad True Love Story reference.


This was dumb but it was also barely 2 minutes so I can't be mad.

Mario Mannella

Them feels, man. 


lol you troll. Got me hook line and sinker though.

Blame Toby Videos

See... I'd seen your interviews, your rambles and rants, all the stuff surrounding Superman and Hollywood. When I first saw them, really started getting into who you presented yourself to be and what you talked about, I was fascinated. Just the honesty and humour... For once I felt like I was listening to an insider tell the truth and it gave me hope and optimism and a crushing sense of fear too. But then I watched this video. This video, that song... that made me fall in love with you. I swear to god, that song is my jam.

Iam Hisguhfrmtx

Stupid Bitch




That was so great. You sucker punched me :)


lol  funny shit :)


this is a real life greentext

Connor Fineran



An obscure Wyclef spinoff group? ... slow clap. How can he slap?


"Oh, this story reminds me of that s..."
singing starts
"Damn it, Landis."

Dom Perignon

Okay, you got me

Reel Badass Studios

I don't even...wow


A true epic.

Adrian Tomas


Jake Carley

She should get up on her feet and stop making tired excuses


nice one XD

thanks for the laugh

Congslop's Diner



Well, at least this story didn't end with Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or everybody walking the dinosaur. Still would have preferred an actual story though.


Oh man, got me for a moment. That was the song when I was younger! Back when MTV meant sort of music.

joshua mandala

Sooooo oldddd... Dam that might have been funny like 10 years ago but it just made me sad.. Not because it's a sad story but because he actually thought that was funny.. So funny in fact that he couldn't even keep a straight face and he cracked himself up.. The fact that he laughed at that lame dated joke was a million times funnier (if at all) then the actual joke itself

Jason Walter

Far too early in the morning for this 



I appreciate this much more than a Rick Roll.

Monstro Tuga

I would love to have a skype Podcast with you Max :) every week just letting you talk and share your point of view about things... If you're interested let me know (lol as if...) And don't worry about people calling you douche bag, dumb people don't understand the difference between a bit and a beat :)

Ryan Hampton

Best twist ending ever!!!:):) btw the wrestling video was awesome. I'm not a fan but that made me want to go see a show!! Like I said before. Best story teller ever!!! Keep it up man!!!

Connor Marsh

I knew immediately cause I JUST listened to that song it was fucking trippy as hell

Donzel Winden

Love it


Yeeoooo Lmaooo


...You son of a bitch, Landis!


No one can ever say you don't have a heart.


darling, I love you, but that was not funny ... but I should have known there was something fishy when in fact you said the name of the girl

Savannah Birch

About halfway through I was thinking "man this is just like that song" but I was still surprised


Max is just the kind of jerk-ass who seems like he'd be really cool to be friends with.


I don't get it but good troll, you had me going there.


This really made my night. :)


You and Chris Terrio are the only writers I can put a face on.


troll lol

tone starks

MASTER TROLL!!..smfh..had me going..what happen to city high