How to get your legs in shape

Exercise for Your Body Shape | Inverted Triangle Shape, Tone Your Legs

Exercise for Your Body Shape | Inverted Triangle Shape, Tone Your Legs18 Nov. 2020
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Exercise for Your Body

Exercise for Your Body Shape | Inverted Triangle Shape. This is workout for Inverted Triangle Body Shape to Tone your legs & hips, to bring proportion to your body. For the best results do this workout once per week, and slowly build your strength and shape your lower body. Minium effort, but maximum comitment. Enjoy workout for Inverted Triangle Shape.

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King Z Trend

is this workout safe for pregnant?


I dont have any shape on my hips and I have v small butt, but I have larger upper body. Does this exercise fits my body type?

Alicia Goryszewski


Sharon S

Will this help to reduce my belly fat??

Bangtan uwu

wait, is this video only for people that have an inverted triangle body shape or how to get an inverted triangle body shape???

Alicia Goryszewski



Great session we loved it. You rock ????



Wanna tone your legs nd wanna be in shape ? legs toning workout | legs toning workout for women

Wanna tone your legs nd wanna be in shape ? legs toning workout | legs toning workout for women26 Mar. 2020
1 493

*Home Workout videos* -

*Home Workout videos* - without any equipment designed specially for *FEMALE Candidates*

*For legs tonicity , shape up , strength gain , body balancing and stamina Enhachement*

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Plz do like as well

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maanasa venkat

Very nice video

Aashi M.

Very good video aakash! You explain so well... You Really motivate me?

Witty Cooking

Nice excercise all are help full for health Nd fitness

Sunila Kashinath

Great share?Thanks a ton

Samantha Rao

really superb inspiring also to workout

bj games

Nice tips for fitness ?

Easylearningindiaa W

Very very energetic video

asish kumar

Will try it.. Very nice tutorial videos really fruitful

Mishthi Mehta

Good information ?

sharaz rana

Great video

Learn studying points

Good job bro..


Very interesting

Deepa Karthick

Useful content. Thanks for sharing

Bharti Godbole

Thank u bhai for this workout..main bhi aajkal exercise kar raha hu ghar hi mein..yeh bhi add kar leta hu usmein..


Very useful vedio to have tonned legs

Nazima Khan

Very nice ?


Nicer Veera..

Sania J

Its good 8nfo bro?

nikki Lacap

Thanks for sharing your tips❤️

JK. Tips Tricks

Good job ?

Nids Kulkarni

Woww so amazing ? loved it?

bong misti

Great initiative from your side in lockdown times

Carreon Aquino

Yup,that is how I tone my legs too.But I like the carpet you have.

Bapan Das

very helpful video

meera ukesh

Very useful video for everyone

Fairy Naina

Great fitness tips this is Soo helpful for human body thanks for sharing ?❤️

Shabnam Mulla

Really thankfull video

Political Zone & Religious Quotes

Nice upload about excercises

Mansi Shah

Wow what an awesome excercise this is !!! Amazing ✨

Music world

Well explained I like it

Amrapali Bose

Thanks for sharing such nice techniques

Pratima Singh

Good job

Kitchen Dzire


Neha Sharma0

Thanks for sharing these toning exercises & tips?

Easylearningindia12 W

Really good video

Strong Man

Nice method to understanding exercise

Mavi Kus


Sher Khan



Bahut hi shandar

Muhammad Ayub

Thank u sir

Roch Zen

Thanks for sharing ??

Ainei k

Nice exercises brother for everyone thanks for sharing

Ramjodh Singh

Thanks for sharing this video.

Art Academy

Informative content keep it up


Nice one

Malik Farhan

I am very healthy my weight is 89 kg.
But your exercise tips are stunning InshAllah I try to reduce my weight.

Maham Gilani

Really helpful content keep it up

Tamik Louis


Hema Latha

Super very useful tips ...Thanks for sharing this useful video

nimisha mathur

very helpful video for home workout

Ehraz Hussain

Wonderful video.its really very useful?

Anju dixit

Thank you for this . But want to know how to reduce abdominal area.

Shikha Dubey

Very helpfull video.. Now everbody can do exercise in there homes easly..

A little world

Nice ?video

ponnu samy

your ideas are really super...we can be fit without spending money on equipment....
Thanks for sharing and Regards from our team SKP samayal

Kavita Arora

good exercise to shape legs

Pihu Raj

Wow?... that's an amazing exercise ?

ishtiaq bajwa

Thanks for shareing this tips

yesham saikala

Very helpful bhai, soch raha hu me b start kru

Anamika Trivedi

Nice way to explain

Madhu Singh

I have been following workout and it is greatly effective

Archi Shashi

Very nice information

mano malik

Good exercise

Srinivasan U

very very useful video
Thank u for sharing

Rimsha Rimme

Very helpful

Kavita G

Thanks for sharing sir this is great fitness exercise ?

Azmain Afraz

Super technic..
Thanks for sharing

Reet Riya

I really need this type of video thanks

Hamza Rehman

Excellent workout bro.


thanks for sharing

eventorous ana

very helpful video .

Sonia Shergill

Sir hats off to your knowledge nd the way your make videos ..I have seen ur all the videos nd I must say ... U r just awesome .... Stay blessd sir ... Thanks so much for all the stuff that u shared with us ...

I love Cooking

These are toning exercises I do everyday ?

Karumalai Rajan

super useful video thanks for sharing

Cook with Diyas Kitchen


Amjad Bokhari

nice aap ka gym b ha?

mera pyar

Does it really works for legs?

Pooja's Poetry World

Thanks sir, it will be more effective for everyone.

Rao Shab

Thanks for sharing this video to fit myself

Shweta's Kitchen & Craft


Hrithu Hrithu

Thanks for sharing this fitness exercises

Sri Varaha

Most useful video for this current situation

Cooking Channel

very useful. surely will follow

Cake Wali Party

Ur video so good . thanks for sharing

The Quirky Drama

Wow. Nice workout sesh?

Pingu3 Pingu

Thankyou for sharing

Anabiya Khan

Thanks for sharing these great fitness tips with us

Amchi Jeeni

i will try today

Kalpana Swain

Good video...following Ur steps n it's useful

Mohammad naeem

so amazing thanks for share bro

khana Shana

I think these are for me... I should really need to do this... Thank you for giving us such ideas...

Josie Olsson

good workout good exercise very interesting .thanks for sharing.

sweet King


AmudhaRaju's Chennai Special

Thanks for sharing these great fitness tips with us

heart motivation

Well explained and nice presentation

Simmiz Kitchen

Will surely try these exercises!!

Payal Bhatia

Nice workout

Jap Ji

U roock bro


This is really a much needed video

Taste Of Nalanda

Thanks for sharing us, very useful video

Conditioning For Boxing! Get your legs in shape to last more rounds!

Conditioning For Boxing! Get your legs in shape to last more rounds!26 Mar. 2018
3 188
Darren GoodallSubscribe 438 721

Here is a great drill to

Here is a great drill to condition your legs and endurance to with stand 3 minute rounds! Repeat this circuit for 3 minutes!

Distance 15-20 yards


-Side Shuffle

-Back Peddle

-Over and Under

Repeat for 3 minutes, minimum 3 rounds!

Your legs will be burning!!!

For more follow our instagram page @fightscienceiq

Hundreds of drills just like this one coming to coming soon!

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They crip walking lol

Oscar Andrés Galindo

Keep the good work?

juan iniguez


Krystian Wojtanowicz

Great stuff. I tried it today before shadowboxing

Abraham Nunez

no doubt this youtube page will be one of the biggest in the future.

Jerome Daughtrey

How often do you do these conditioning drills? And that Tetris sample lowkey flames though..