How many orgasims can a man have in a day

God's Six Day Orgasm... or How Falsehoods Can Become True

God's Six Day Orgasm... or How Falsehoods Can Become True27 Sep. 2014
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Just a little vid about

Just a little vid about how different things really were 2000 years ago and how it encouraged the spread of wacky beliefs.

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A 6 day orgasm? At my age I'm grateful for a 6 second orgasm, once every 6 days! 


The only goo anyone should spread is truth goo. 


'Cool story, bro'.*

*No sarcasm :)


Good video, I've pondered this for a number of years now, and your video makes a lot more sense than the actual Gospel stories of Jesus that Christians want us to accept without question. You seem like an honest guy, so I bought your Isadore of Pelusium story as you say "Hook line and sinker". I doubt i would have checked it's source, even though I could have done so in a matter of seconds via Google. As you quite rightly say, 2000 years ago, most people back then were illiterate and so if a story like that came along in biblical times, a man with some kind of authority could tell me virtually anything, I'd have believed it. Esp if i was a persecuted Jew and a story spread from a few villages away that a man called Jesus was coming back from the dead to save me. He's got my vote. We humans are very gullible and impressionable.

ps.. did you know the word gullible isn't in most dictionaries. 


Falsehoods have a very short life today. However, many falsehoods are born every second, spread to millions in seconds, and requires one to actually do some hunting with a pretty good bull filter to find the truth.


Nice spurt!

PoeBoi Kramere

Wow ya got me TS :D! How are ya feeling???

peter strand

A wanker god makes much more sense , another excellent video T.S.


Well done

Penny Packer

Really? Does this mean all your best work is behind you? hehe :)


I knew it...clouds are godly sky jizz!  ;)


Oh man. Great video mate.

Eternal Cycles

people just like to make up shit ;)  Eusebius believed Hercules was a son of god and born of a virgin and had supernatural powers as factual, and mysteriously found the Nicene creed in josephus' writings ;) Josephus believed vespasian was the messiah ;) and that was not an interpolation ;) Tacitus claimed that Iulius Ceasar was raised bodily into heaven and christians site him as best evidence for the existence of Jesus outside of the bible  ;)  when he lived a century after said events and his oldest documents date to the 11th century and his documents were only mentioned after the 4th century.  Look at all the evidence they had in the dark ages, the jesus shroud, disciples bodies mummified in every church in Europe, the skulls of the 3 kings that gave baby jesus gifts of gold and frankincense (stuff a baby wouldnt need but what the church really would want) , pieces of the cross jesus was hung on, not 1 but 3 spears that pierced jesus on the cross . unfortunately they were all forgeries made up to deceive people into believing. It all comes down to controlling peoples minds, and to cash in. 


You lied to me.... :( you're not really kasey kassam.


Wow sir you take the word bigot to an extreme level XD what happened in your life that made you hate Christianity so much? XD why not islam, or the Hindus. You must have some serious demons in your life man, to act like what you personally believe is a religion. And your going all radical Muslim about it too xD so rich xD

No Way

Excellent point. 




Your voice is similar to other documentary, and that you know your stuff, too to produce is marvelous. A pleasant way of outreach to point out error. We need to get to the core, and sympathy is a most direct route.
OTN My old wife told me apple seeds contain arsenic? [email protected] must've gobbled it!


I've actually heard an Egyptian myth disturbingly similar. Not everyone in antiquity thought the milky way was milky. 


Keep spraying! It is so important to place the thoughts of the religious authors into the context of their living conditions at the time of their creativity. It let's us both respect them for their work, and understand them for their crazy beliefs. They are the founders of literature. Without them, literature would have had no beginning. We simply have gotten better at it. 


You had me going for a moment. Some Church fathers and ancient rabbis had interpretations of the Bible that were so bizarre that I thought a dirty passage like this one you made up could have been plausibly written by someone centuries ago.


Your latest 'spray' is awesome!


Also if you didn't Agee with the religious consensus of your community there was ostracism, punishment, death, torture and or death.

Seeing someone stoned to death for disagreement is a mighty reinforcer to stick with the norm, The unverifiable story if the day.

Yay for the printing press, yay for radio, TV and the awesome internet. Where religion comes to die.

Will Lewis

Wow really cool video Surge. You never cease to amaze.

The Church of Silly Beggars

It kind of explains why, after speaking with Christians, I feel the need to reach for a tissue.


BTW, great video!
Hope you are doing well health-wise.
Are you planning on doing a video for a personal update?


Ok. I'm with you up to a point, Truth. The problem is that even with instant information verification, people decidedly don't check items they find agreeable for its truth value. A quick scan of anyone's Facebook timeline will tell you that.

Heck, if you hadn't outed your six day orgasm story as a lie, I could probably be ensured to see it pop up at sometime or another in some Atheist argument, possibly a Buzzfeed article.


I've always thought that illiteracy was a key to the spread of the early religions - the later ones were all about marketing. People in early times relied on the word of their elders or priests or whatever, and had no reason to doubt that what they told them was true. One of the reasons the catholic church took such firm hold was that the village priests were the teachers, doctors, spiritual leaders, judges - basically every question you needed answered, every decision you needed made, every ritual confirmed, had to go through them. They made themselves indispensable, and I'm sure that early priests of early religions did the same.

Great video, and this is not only why christians evangelize to 3rd world countries, but also why they don't want kids to get a real education. There are plenty of studies that show that the more educated you are, the less religious you become. Get 'em young, keep 'em dumb.

Religions are very scummy. 


Like a diamond bullet in the forehead! Religion; born in a desert, died in cyberspace. RIP.


You got me man haha I believed you hahaha interesting thinking later tho! It really made me question stuff!


Great vid, really cums to the point.

Vlad Tepes

Excellent video, Truth!


Great video.


There is a lot of spraying on the internet.


Seminal work ...


I see what your spraying with this video.  The world has always had a proclivity for stupidity and mental-masterbation. But with technology and information we're able to jerk-off those old religious veils, and blast the truth-serum right in their faces.    


I was like: "Hmmm... no references in about menu... I wonder which author who..? ah well, maybe he'll add it later..." and proceeded to gobble gobble gobble. Thx TruthSurge! eye opening.

Talladega Tom

Great video sir!

This really explains the huge number of celestial objects we can see in the universe and why there are so many new stars and planets continuing to form.  Most importantly, it explains why 'god' does not answer prayer.
It is WAY too busy pleasuring itself!

Zac Ziller



Ow, godammit, you got it in my eye!! A little warning before you go spraying all over the internet next time..

Want Bigger Arms!? ADD THIS ARM WORKOUT (Full Routine)

Want Bigger Arms!? ADD THIS ARM WORKOUT (Full Routine)30 Jan. 2021
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Good vid dude, lol at the onlyfans joke.


New fan here


Great stuff. Is hitting different heads of the bis/tris really that significant?


Love your vids

Poochy McDog

Love these videos man. I don’t feel like I’m being pandered to or set for failure. Ready to get some chad gains!!!

Jason Newman

After watching this I can finally unlock the Chad Arms

Kristin Morales

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Tyler Durden.


Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen

1:54 einzigartig


What do you recommend for someone that only have time for 2 bicep and tricep workouts on pull and push days respectively? Great videos btw!

What If We Used the Full Capacity of Our Brains?

What If We Used the Full Capacity of Our Brains?16 May. 2019
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Brain size relates more

Brain size relates more to proportion than it does to intelligence. Your brain is smaller than a whale’s because your body is smaller. However, your brain is structured in a way that enables you to survive, and succeed.

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Manish Kumar

I have no idea

vishal Shroff

Science and technology

Xx Silentser xX2

My brain using full capacity with two braincells: The Earth Is Flat


If I used 100% of my brain then I can finally understand the Terms of Service

The Peaceful End

Every living thing in the world uses it's full brain

Quester boy

Now a days i am listening to subliminals and frequencies to enhance my mind ability.


Ain't nobody tryna be smart asf ?? nerdy ass niggas

Adan Rr


Princess Honey

Make your brain work 100% Done!

Our Heart is located on the right side! Hahaha! Just joking:P

adolph gracius

The 10% thing is stupid, even if it were truth. The fact that your brain could manage all yohr bodily functions, reflexes and other stuff and still have 10% left for you to do whatever you want withon would still be impressive

Gourav Ranga

Please make video on


@WhatIf i want you to respond me... Why we see the Uranus when the sun is closer? i mean why when we look in sky we see blue and not orange?

Muhammad Rameez

what ..
i can do anything so let me rule the world ?

Arlind Imeri

Imagine Nikola Tesla with 2000 IQ how world would look like


Has any body else ever noticed that the voice sounds different to how it use to be, ,,,,,or maybe it's a different person doing the programme. ,,,????

raziel rain

Everyone has high ping that's why we lag in life.brain was never the problem.

Aryan Jangid

If we had100% brain we can learn a language in a hour etc. then is it will explode when we are free


What a lie, humans already use 100% of their brain.

Watching YouTube Everyday

"Think longer to live longer"

Muhammad Rameez

we just have to be in focus to be smart..

Alexander Rivera

Now I'm going to purse this thanks .you can't trust damn humans I always knew I have limitless potential.shit you don't even need school.he is rite though your body needs food then it starts to run low on energy which prohibit s the brain.

Mohit k Gaur

Are you kidding me? There is a whole meme series on this topic ??


I'm a whale ?

Fardeen Noor

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Watch Lucy to know, how our brain works at 100%

Manthan Parmar

It's a serious fact,
If u use your brain even at 50%
You will levitate

drifa ners

villagers be like :hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm: This is just percent. Oh god


easily your worst video ever and the bar was already so low

Detective Bigweld / A Meme God And Simp Detective

Twitter would still be braindead


Wtf !?

Sain T B

Misleading title

Ray Archangel94

In other words, we are using the 100% of 10% of neurons in our brain but only limited.
Experience is the solution for us to be a genius.

Avy Falk

Its a myth the brain use everything and not just 10 precent


It's not true that humans use 10% of our brain. Why would evolution do that?

Papa Stalin

Notice they always say what COULD happen but NEVER tell you HOW TO make it happen


"What happens if we use 100% of the brain?"


"I dunno."

-Morgan Freeman

Deeper Deeper

My brain starts on at 100% but dies down to 0 in seconds.. it’s just the battery issue?‍♂️

Akasha Temple

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This is a misconception that has already been proven wrong. Please look up mit paper thst has been replicated about multitasking.

Elijah Cota

Theoretically you could increase your metabolism and burn fat like a machine

Xay Omoto



if you have a 1000000% attention span

Ke Phong TRINH

Here i thought im using 100 percent of my brain but im using 10 percent

Chris Ijadele

If I could use 100% of my brain

I'd have Ultra Instinct


People who use 200% of there brain

God not exist

Amlas Benna

This video is create by a normal brain.

u sus bruh

You'll probably might just do multitask


I want to study :(

Denny D Speed

Well technically our brains are working at full capacity. So this is BS.


liberals would't exist anymore


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Blake Hall

That doesn’t show me how to throw a building??


Source: trust me bro

The Hatred Gamer

I hate that they didn't used the Lucy meme in this

Ś7 S‹u

I came here after re-watching the movie Lucy


Oh good now i know where michael beasley got it from

Ivan Neshov

Ok. Now tell us how to use 100% of our brain

Planet Earth


Kunal 3055

Pen drive ?


"Checkmate in two moves"

There is only one way that this could happen, and it is extremely unlikely.


"Is it because you're not using your brain" yeh i'm dumb


You will become LUCY

im a pig

Neuron activation

Destination Fucked

There is no brain shut up

brad agle

The average person uses 10% of their brain

Me: 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%

El Grifo

try acid ????

Muhammad Rameez

yes just be limitless ..


God doesn't want us to use 100% cause we'll all wanna be gods fam

Woo Six

Excuse me, what the heck did I just watch?


Who came here after watching Lucy and got disappointed with the conclusions?

Also me: going back to playing video games.

madlin sophy

Fun fact: We do not use 10% of our brain, because there is no evidence too it, if you watch the show "Adam ruins everything" then you know what I mean.


Whether you want to be smarter you would have to stimulate your brainas doing exercises.

Kugan Kandiah

Woah thanks for the new excuse if I fail a test

Vincent_ 007

Jean Grey and Lucy are the closest we'll get.

Adriyan Petkov

We always use 100% of our brain

Chaz Jeffery

They want us to believe we can’t use full capacity, which is true, but only to the fact that the founding fathers had instilled that into our heads as a form of control

ashish waghmare

3:43 only thing I've been doing over all these years to make my brain smarter!!! ???


My interest is technology

Komplex Katharsis

I think full brain capacity could lead to immortality also starting an entrance into godhood.


If you used 100% of your brain you would be to OP for food or breathing

Terry Peterson

Most people only use 1% of their 10%.

Viyan Shamo

Literally no. I watch your videos alot, but we dont use 10% of our brain. We use all of it- Then what's the other parts of our brain for? Display? No. We use all of it, whether you believe it or not.


i honestly think most of science is made up it cant be proved humans havent seen 100% of the universe


I want to use my brain at full capacity
So I can somehow invent a way to go in anime world


Settings>Power modes> High performance.
Do this and your brain will use 100% of your brain. Thank me later ☺️




We do.

Mardhika Fardhianto

its more interesting to reading the comments instead of watching the videos

Rudraksh Painuly

With all those simps crying about not having a gf or retards making jokes as retarded as them about 2020 to make them 'write it down!' and flat earth, we never would be able to use our full capacity.

chill person

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I am using 1% of my brain

Because I got 70 to 86 % in all subject :)

GrEEnBlade L

U do why would Evolution make a big brain if u couldn’t use it all u use a hundred percent of the brain not at all times as it’s impossible but every part of the brain is used and different times

Jules Rafael Mag-isa

Well, if the human brain is at 100% capacity, we can be smart and active in everything what we did and didn't. :)

Meme Storehouse

so i have to jailbreak my brain

What If

Hey, there are more body-related episodes. Check them out:

Shah Syed

100% Brain consumed:
Arsenal wins Premier League

Detroit 1707

Can someone please tag Lucy ?

AmirHossein Etemad

3:30 thats a huge lie to say


bruhh we learn things we dont just automatically know it. we learn and believe things from human culture