How much should my bmi be

A Song by Karishma & Abhishek | Touch of Heaven | Hillsong

A Song by Karishma & Abhishek | Touch of Heaven | Hillsong31 Jan. 2021
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Rithwik and Rakshith

Wow... Awesome thalli.. your song is froms the from the bottom of your Heart ma.. GOD BLESS YOU More and More Abundantly bangaralu???

Chatla martha

God bless you dea childrens?

vs Prasad

Female vocals are awesome ...... Great anointing ..... O o o oooooo ...... Awesome ..... Bless you ma

Ashok Pydi

Praise God... Hallelujah

Samadhana Rao

Praise the lord Glory to jesus hallelujah

Pratyusha Glory


Gumpula Sangeetha

I saw live. I was there in that meeting on that day. Amazing thalli.

shiney vemula

Awesome!! May God bless you with many more talents and use you for his glory!! ???

sudheer b

Wow sang Amazingly both of you you sang from the Spirit Ra Thalli May God Bless you both Abundantly ??

MY ANOREXIA RECOVERY // will I be recovered at BMI 19? // handling people's comments

MY ANOREXIA RECOVERY // will I be recovered at BMI 19? // handling people's comments4 Mar. 2018
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Megsy RecoverySubscribe 438 721

I really don't think we

I really don't think we will ever recover if we are forcing our body to be below a weight it's happy at. Annoyingly. I would love to recover at the lower end of healthy, but I've never been able to maintain my weight there without a head FULL TO THE BRIM of eating disorder. I'm starting to think I'll never recover and have full food freedom at those BMIs.


Tabitha Farrar's vlog about BMI:

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Kimberly Early

Comments I’ve had that have been really hard: you look healthy now; you look like you’re gonna make it now; I don’t feel like I have to feed you a sandwich every time you come over. There are plenty more. I can totally relate to what you were saying!! All of these comments made me think I was getting fat! I’m struggling a bit right now. I’m 48 years old and wonder if I’m gonna struggle with this the rest of my life!!

Ciara Gerber

I so unterstand the hate ( ?❤️) for the 1.3%

Kathleen Downer

That cake looked so yummy I'm getting a carrot cake today ??

orange pulp

I did the same with trying to get the "normal" amount of sleep, I'd read you should be sleeping 6-7 hours a night so I thought I was just lazy for wanting 9-10.

Lind S

"I forgot my peanut butter" literally story of my life ha-ha! Pancakes looking fab.?

Joanna Saunders

This was so helpful! Thank you for addressing the topic of other's comments on our recovery, when my boyfriend comments on the amount i'm eating it's so triggering but he just doesn't understand that you need to undo the damage you've done to yourself both physically and mentally, i love your content it's nice to know others are recovering around the same time as me xXx

Ch H

Tabitha is amazing in her vlog... so straight forward ?. And now time for your video..curious ?


I think, after dealing with an eating disorder since I was 13 (I'm 27), I really don't even know what I'm supposed to look like as an adult and that terrifies me for some odd reason. It's as though, I'm truly afraid to allow myself to develop into a women. I have an amazing career and "appear" to function successfully in the world, but I'm holding myself back. I want to change...but it's the fear that paralyzes me from another recovery-for-good attempt.
I love watching you, Meg. You hit all the hard points right on.

Natalie Hahn

"You look so good/healthy/well!" OMG YES PREACH!

Zoe Jessica Dawson

3 things! Firstly, you are so brave going back to cinnabon. SO many people would let a comment like that turn it into a fear food but you bossed it! Genuinely so inspiring I hope I can do the same thing.
Secondly, I also hate how I feel when people say 'you look so good/well' during recovery, like I can't gain any weight (and therefore want to stay at BMI 18, which comes with the other issues you were talking about!) but I try to think that what they mean is you look better than when you were too thin, but they don't want to say 'better' because that might offend you so they go with good or well but it doesn't mean they think you will look worse when you're a bit bigger.
THIRDLY! Re 'bmi 18 recovery' is such a big issue for me, I spent a solid 2 years at that point the last time I "recovered" and honestly I was just as sick, but without the visible symptoms which meant I was constantly being complimented etc and felt like I was living even more of a lie. If anything, I felt worse than at my lowest weight. This time, I have already hit BMI 20 and it looks like it's still going up but I am determined to let my body settle, be happy, and just not mess with it!

Janice Gladstone

Omggg you are so totally right this is me all over!!! ?

Jordan N

My dad a few days ago said " you eat all the time" like .. okkk >- >" and today he asked in a concerned tone "how much do you weigh" how many calories do i eat daily. Are you trying to lose or maintain your weight?". All this bs and I've never openly talk about my eating disorder to either of my parents or anyone really except my boyfriend who is really good about it. but I've had relapse a few weeks ago and those kinds of comments really don't help but hearing you talk about ignoring these negative comments really is helpful thank you for sharing this <3


I personally struggle with food ritual eating at certain times, fear eating later at night after 6 pm and eating the same low amount of calories of the same food literally
And this may be TMI so sorry I’m advanced to anyone who reads this?
But I struggle with chewing and spitting food instead of eating it
I feel like at times I’m the only one who struggles with C/S but I know Im not
And I feel so weird about it
Thank u for making making these videos I’m thankful for them.

Barbara Madimenos

What do you think of people that resent you for your eating disorder? My mom and sister always make me feel like i am the reason they are unhappy in their lives and that everything i do is associated with my eating disorder, meaning if i stopped doing x, y, z, then they would have happier lives. I am not sure jow to take such remarks because there SEVREAL things that I do because I personally enjoy doing them. They blame my eating disorder for all of my behaviours, and when I try to explain that my action is not eating disorder associated, I feel like they are stating they hate ME. I am not sure how to communicate that. I have come to a point that I feel like I only cause misery and i dont deserve anyone.

Shelley C

Hooray for Cinnabon!! And HOORAY for blocking out what the random guy said and pushing forward. Because... YUM!!!! Now I want a Cinnabon... ;)
I love you and the message in this vlog. ❤️❤️?

Caroline Williams

How do you deal with the way weight is distributed while gaining? And the discomfort of it?

Kim Lau

I can relate so much. It’s especially more difficult when the comments come from family. Mom would inadvertently comment on the shape of my cheeks and it’s such a big hit on my self esteem and confidence. Perhaps I don’t have a chiseled cheekbones like a movie star, but there’s nothing I could do to change the roundness. Just difficult not to allow words to affect me.

Kathleen Downer

I think part of training in restraunt food stores should be to not put over your opinions on food at all to people as it can really be harmful just serve and talk about the weather


If society think the same way you do, there won't be Eating Disorders anymore! Thank you.


You are absolutely wonderful. Great insights! Pancakes: that is one of my fear foods, so tonight, while my granddaughter was here, I decided to make them for dinner. She is almost three-years old, and was quite excited about the pancakes. Well, I totally burned the second batch! Argh! Luckily, there was enough non-burned ones for both of us, and I actually had three of them with maple syrup! The only way I used to eat pancakes was if they were whole wheat, and I had fruit with them. This time it was just plain ol' Aunt Jemima! Love your pancake creations my dear!

Robin Smith

MyBMI is below 17, but I am quite underweight.....


I’m weighing in on this (haha) super late, but to offer an alternative perspective: that being in the ‘1.3%’ also has its caveats. Like when Meg said ‘I hate those people’, I know it was meant as a joke and not at all maliciously, but it grates a little to hear that sort of thing, as I’m frequently told told I’m too small, when I’m just trying to be ‘me sized’, and I’ve worked very hard in recovery to get back up to my underweight setpoint. My set point is under bmi 18 (I won’t say specifically what, but this is based on my adult weight pre AN and post recovery). I found it equally difficult to attempt to force it into a higher range in order to fit a recovery standard as I assume someone would attempting to keep their weight to the healthy range and not go higher.
I did temporarily force my bmi into the 20s in early recovery, but had to eat to the point of side splitting nausea several times a day to maintain. It impacted my health for the worse. But when I ate/exercised comfortably (non-disordered) I very quickly found myself back at my underweight setpoint. Being at a lower bmi to begin with also made me feel like a fraud when I was in the depths of AN, as most people know me to be slim anyway, so when I finally admitted I had a problem, only those closest to me really knew how bad it was.

Ern Era

I frickin love Cinnabon. I’m going to try and bake some home-made-style. Great way to finish out NEDA week!

Elyse Irwin

Did you ever deal with overexercise? I'm finally at least 18.5 and I know I need to increase my weight, but I need advice about stopping exercise BC I get so nervous because I'm increasing calories and don't know what'll happen if I stop exercise.

Sam Sam

The Cinnabon looks incredibly scrumptious ♥️♥️♥️ I also wanna get one in HongKong?

Omg Meg, you are a beautiful and gorgeous Angel I have ever met.Your personality is so great N you are so inspiring ♥️♥️
Let's fuck if the shit ANOREXIA and the DIET CULTURE. We are deserved to be the one we LOVE N live the life we ENJOY ????

love you forever ???

Caroline O Keeffe

I forgot to say check out "What Mia Did Next" vlogs, she's an Australian ED advocate, I came across her last year, she deals with body image, eating disorder recovery, mental health, and self-care. x

Bri Morgan

Yayyyyyyy love getting this video notification!

Shirley tutu

I've cried so much watching you eat this Cinnabon. Usually when I watch your videos I cry for me. For the places I relate from. This time I cried for you. It was so amazing and empowering to see you enjoy this Cinnabon like a little child. I know the struggle. It was so emotional for me because you deserve it so much. To be happy. I hope you will always be. Happy.
BTW my name is Shirley ?.


I was having such a bad day, but thank you, you made me feel a lot better. I’m weight restored, mabey even considered to be a little on the heavier side, but no matter what I do my body stays within this 10 lb weight range. Honestly, I feel good physically in this weight range. I guess I always thought that recovering I would just stay skinny or be like the size I should be by societal standards. But what you said makes a load of sense. Thank you so so much for this. I watch a video every-morning usually with breakfast, and you inspire me to fight the disordered thoughts that sometimes creep in. Love you so much! You’re such a beautiful soul inside and out!! ❤️

Polly Pocket

I am SO intrigued - where do you live?? English accent but always so sunny!

haes pl

I literally watch your vlogs everyday. They're so refreshing and insightful! And regarding BMI - I totally agree. I was overweight before developing anorexia and I'm sure that my set point weight is much higher than 19-20. I'm not severely underweight anymore. I suppose my body wouldn't handle going to my lowest weight again (every other relapse is more harmful for our bodies). So, now I'm at so called "healthy" BMI but my body and mind are fucked up. I'm not less ill than when I was at my lowest. And I need to accept the fact that if I truly want to be healthy, I need to gain. It's so hard. Especially if I was praised for such "successful" weight loss. But yeah, 15 years of living in hell is defenitely enough. And your videos are one of the most helpful tools that I reach for to suuport myself on my recovery road. Please, keep doing those videos. Thank you for everything <3

jod enderson

Love your point of view. Ty


Loved this so much Meg! (it's Evie from IG!) thank you for always making me feel better! <3 So glad you got your Cinnabon it looked soooo nice! xxxxx


Omg I’m recently weight restored lol BMI 19!

But at work a coo worker told me I looked so healthy right at the time were I’ve finally restored and it was a hard moment for me ! I instantly thought I looked fat and I need to lose weight. God can people just mind there own business you know I’ve struggled with weight so why comment it”! My mind went straight back to an eating disorder mind set. And it’s been stuck ever since. She told me this 3 weeks ago.

That comment really pushed me back and people don’t realise even though they try to say what they think we want to hear if they used 2 sec to think before just blobbing and saying unfiltered words that would help.

Just like the Cinnabon dude. Why would you comment such a thing ? But it’s awesome that you overcome it and got the damn Cinnabon lol ! I should just do the same. But it’s just hard sometimes to conquer these issues :/ but damn it I’m not going to stop recover! Your Cinnabon story helped with my motivation

Keep up the good work :) you make a difference and impact people with the same struggles to keep going :) Me being one of them

Carolina Chavarría

I love the way you think, Meg. Totally relate with a lot of the things you say, so I find your videos super helpful. Please keep them coming ❤️
Also, soproud of you for going back to Cinnabon. It looked delish! ?

Lau Lau

For how long have you had anorexia?


It is very possible to live for years in quasi-recovery at a low/normal weight. I have done it for almost 40 years, and after a recent relapse have dedicated myself to recovery. It's a hard slog when you've brainwashed yourself for so long. Much better to get this early!!! Someone mentioned that she was going for a BMI of 20 instead of the usual 18-19, and I think that is a good goal for me as well.

lena jazuk

That is a brilliant video????????❤️❤️❤️❤️
For everybody who is in a quasi recovery including me or everybody who is trying to control a process of gaining / maintaining weight by counting calories or certain portions or certain size/ look are still on a ED’s leash and just making its a bit more loose


How do you eat more in the week and not binge on weekends?

s a r a h

Hey :) You really help me a lot with you videos!
There’s just one thing keeping me from trusting my hunger: overweight people. We all know that there are people out there who eat way more than they need and I am seriously afraid to become one of them. Sometimes I feel full but my body still tells me to go on eating and I’m struggling so hard because I don’t know whether what I feel is hunger or whether I need that food to handle my emotions or whatever...
Have you ever dealt with emotional eating?
I’d really be grateful if you answered ?

Charlotte Emily

thank you so much for making these videos.. i've been having such a hard time the past few days and this video cheered me right up.. you make me feel like i'm not alone, like i'm worthy of a life better than this, like a different life is even possible at all! you are truly such an inspiration ?


I know this is so random and weird but because I have asthma (and have asthma since I was one and been going to hospital appointments on stop since I was one) (I’m 14 now and will be turning 15 on march 15th) I always have to go to hospital appointments to see my paediatrician and I know this is wired and random but you literally look exactly like my paediatrician lol I just really wanted to say that because as soon as I started watching you I always thought you looked really familiar and then it clicked and I realised you look exactly like my paediatrician.
Anyway thanks or being and inspiration ad always motivating me Ly ☺️❤️ (sorry I’m a little late)

kim taehyung

I know you're not a nutritionist, but I'm gonna ask anyway.
I have ed and my period has stopped at bmi 19.
Can I be recovered at bmi 18.3, or is it already too high?

Ashley Marie

Those pancakes look so yummy!!

daniele one

I don't belive in the "set point theory" if a bmi of 19 is clinically considered healthy why would you want to have higher bmi ?It's definetly not the same as height.


Never clicked on a video so fast lol

Blythe Farran

Wet wipes may be a thing for you?. I’m the same way! I carry them in my glove box! Lol!

Samantha Anne

To the person who commented below me!!! Saaamme never clicked so fast!!!!

Saundra Contreras

You are so adorable! I’m really enjoying your videos! So I’ve gained a lot of weight while recovering and I heard, “you looked so good before”...but head was all in the wrong place, don’t tell me that! I’m not defined by my body, please stop!

Yasmin Amies

I'm rewatching all of your videos. Your smile and laugh are so adorable ? You're my new girl crush ?

Caroline O Keeffe

I completely agree with you, the BMI target of 18/19 that we are set by the medical profession causes more anxiety than anything else. Numbers haunt us enough, trying to box us into a category is not a helpful way to approach recovery. Our BMI is as unique to us as our fingerprint. One may look healthier with a BMI of 18 but that certainly doesn't mean we are not still being eaten away by the anorexic Pacman in our head. Thanks Meg for addressing it tonight, also about other peoples comments. I get so paranoid when I'm told I look nice, or I get a compliment about something I may be wearing. Negative thoughts start running through my head, it's one of the more challenging things to overcome. It's a daily practice, thanks for the reminder I need to work on it more :)
Really help vlog, much appreciated. Have a great week forward, keep following your inner guidance. Love to you and everyone here :) xxx

Leanne M

I bet those banana pancakes would be good with peanut butter in the batter!! ??

Janai ~ CR

U r freaking amazing. So strong and inspiring.i had an emotional day with a very public panic attack and clothes shopping was...interesting but this made me feel much better ❤?❤?❤

Melinda King

Because, when I was "BMI 19," I was bat-shit crazier than at lower numbers. Danger in having one foot in and one out, with other people thinking you are a socially acceptable yoga-teacher. If I want out of the black hole, it's all got to go. Push onwards--I want to go places I have never been before. And that means eating more than I am immediately okay with, eating things I am not right now excited about... okay!! You can do it, I can do it!


could you do a hair routine/ how you style your hair

Kristin Moy

You're so nice to have bought your boyfriend a gift! :) Loved this video especially the part of you eating the cinnabon. That is one of my fears... eating in front of people, and you've just eaten in front of the whole world! Kudos to you! :)


I hope this isn’t too personal but have you ever tried meds to help with the obsessive thoughts? I don’t have an ED but I have ocd and Paxil helps me immensely. Sorry if that’s too much to say. I really enjoy watching your channel!

Lucy Strutton

love youuuu xx

Noah & Atlas

I’ve been waiting allll week for another upload!! I love your videos


Great video! Great that you don't let comments of other's intervene with your recovery path! I agree that we are all worth of love and support even if we are dealing with an ED, but what if your partner or family and friends are not so supportive and understanding? My partner gets irritated by my ED behavior and has a hard time being patient with it. This triggers feelings of guilt and failure sometimes. I know it is hard for him, so I do understand his feelings too.
Off topic, but: what kind of PB do you use? It's so nice and runny to pour over the pancakes, or do you add something to make it more runny?

Lucy Kingsland

You are such an inspiration, thank you for these videos, they are so helpful. I had severe anorexia when I was 14-16 and then recovered to an okay - but not completely healthy - weight and am finding it really difficult trying to find the courage to bite the bullet and get completely healthy. May I ask how old you are? You seem to have a very mature outlook...I'm 28 now and feel really pathetic sometimes, like I need to grow out of frustrating!

Kim Hoeltje

Yay for sweet potato pancakes. I don’t think BMI or weight really matters in recovery... eating disorders are such a mental disease.... you can be at a healthy weight and still be so disordered. Love your honesty chats!

Jeremy Berry

Amazing words!

David Ulmer

there is absoluty a set-point, im glad you see this. it was the key to me getting fully over my ED, i use to think set-points where not real but they absolutly are. the ironic thing is, the people we despise that are naturaly very skinny, HATE IT. especialy guys. they are so self concious about how skinny they are wich sounds ridiculious to us (people with anorexia) but its true. just embrace whatever weight you show up at, to have your emotions and hobbies back again and to be care free will be well worth the etra weight you might have. and honestly i dont htink anyone naturaly likes the way they look when they are just normaly them lol, so you might as well be happy in all otehr aspects of life.

Melinda King

You are a pancake artist!! Thank you for telling your truths. It's all a kind of tightrope, and we just keep looking ahead, keep moving forwards. If I look down, I lose my balance. Other people's comments cause a big look down! Talking about BMI can be a look down. My body will know when it's in a healthy region, and me trying to project is no good. Besides, I've never known how to be open to real freedom, as it was always in the context of just barely surviving. Opening myself to the unknown--that freedom--means I go beyond all notions of where my underfed thoughts want to be safe/stagnant. Anorexia will stick around as long as I am trying to get comfortable. But that's just me. Bless your beautiful heart, Megsy! "“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”." Maya Angelou

The Judge

were you ever scared of touching food or being near it?

Ilene O

Way to go!!! Did you know you can get extra icing?

Thrive X Strive

you are so inspirational !! I relapsed in the past few months..because of your vlog of recovery, I decided to start film what I eat again! I am still struggling hard. although my body isn't at a very low weight anymore., I am still so afraid of weight set point is on the low end of BMI chart, but I don't like to be at a healthy weight, My mind keeps fighting with me and thinks that my current slight underweight body is perfect... "perfect".. ha, I literally caught myself this time..I still have all those distorted thinking. Just today, I had to spend an hour to fight my thoughts over a bowl of cereal... just because the craving of food kicked in right after my dinner...why.......
Anyway, I am going to share my journey on my channel! and I hope to get the support from you !!
Keep the positive vibes! you are amazing!

Emma Woolf

actually LOVE the fact that you took your jacket off to get stuck into the cinnabon, Meg! that is so what I would do x

Eleven By Five

Well done for returning to Cinnabon and slaying it instead of letting it defeat you!! Errgghhh people's comments are so hard to deal with. I try to think of them as hearing my ED voice through someone else's mouth, and then try and respond as i would to my internal voice (i.e. ignore it). It helped what you said about remembering that only you know what you need.. I also love what you said about how you can't THINK your set point lower. I wish doctors would watch this video...

And now, over to the cats:
Beyonce: Did you SEE that? She's getting healthier - she licked her paws!!!
Stevie: ~LOOKS SMUG~
Beyonce: Wait, what did you do??
Stevie: ummmmm...
Beyonce: Come on, spill the milk.
Stevie: ok, well, have you heard of Hypnocat?
Beyonce: you mean that cat who lives in the carpark?
Stevie: yeah, him.
Beyonce: Isn't he the one who stares people into a trance and then implants suggestions into their mind with the power of thought?
Stevie: that's the one!
Beyonce: hmmmm i can never decide whether to believe in that stuff.
Stevie: well, you'd better start.
Beyonce: wait, you didn't HIRE him, did you?
Stevie: i bloody DID!
Beyonce: Wooooaaahhhh COOL! What happened?
Stevie: i got him to jump on her car windscreen and stare at her to hypnotise her into eating more normally, and it's already working! You saw. She licked her paws, and Hypnocat said he saw her doing the same thing when she came out of Cinnabon!
Beyonce: you sneaky little...
Beyonce: i'm so PROUD of you! And of her! Ok, next we need to work on her drinking habits. We should introduce her to the delights of puddle water...

Elyse Irwin

I really needed this video now as my BMI is now at 18.5. Thank you for your help and motivation


You are literally just the cutest human ever

Marina Cover

Your recovery and experiences and videos are so helpful and inspirational


This is so true and also trying to get insurance coverage for treatment (or continuing treatment) once you meet weight charts or BMI charts (or validation that you ARE “sick enough” if you’ve not ever reached that “underweight” category despite massive weight loss and physical deterioration) in addition to the doctors saying “well done, you’re at a healthy weight/nice job losing weight” and all the things you’ve mentioned. It just feeds the demon, makes it impossible to get treatment when you can’t afford to private pay and it’s still “hell up here” as you say! Arghhhh!!! There really needs to be a push toward other measures of health aside from size and weight! ??

Madison Killer

Your vlog + Cinnabon = greatest Monday morning ever! ?

Maren Gray

LOVE THIS VIDEO?i went into treatment at bmi 12.5 and released at exactly a 19..i was still so sick in my head i relapsed right away...DOING recovery on my own now..finding strength from u??thank u?

elizabeth reyna

7:40 - 7:51 hit me HARD! i am about to hit 1 month into recovery and i'm still at a 19 bmi but my mind is still messed up. your vlogs give me so much strength and hope ! i will keep eating and listening to my body .. thank you for your always giving helpful advice!

Jessica Rikard

You’re so much nicer about people’s comments than I’ve ever been. I still have people comment and I’ve been a stable weight and such for over two years. I was picking out a bell pepper and an old man walked by and said to me “well that’s not going to put any weight on you” implying I was too small. So I looked right back at his cart and said “yeah that’s not taking any off of you.” He was offended.
Equally as hateful, mate. Mind your business.


I am pretty sure my natural BMI is 18.5 - 19.5ish. Ever since reach an adult body I've been mostly that weight. When I tried to lose due to restriction or lost due to an illness, I've quickly bounced back and same thing happened the few times I went over a bit (to maybe 20), I quickly dropped back again without trying or even changing my diet. Even during my binge eating period, I've never went above that, again w/out trying. Looking at my family and bone structure, it makes sense too. However, I carry fat in my lower belly and even though I would LOVE to have a completely flat stomach, no matter what weight I am, my lower belly will always be round, it was even when I dropped to 15-16 BMI in college. I also don't build muscle easily but have more of a distance runner type of body or 'skinny fat', so I will never look like the current 'strong is beautiful', 'big butt', 'muscular fit girls' trend... I am also flat chested, and I won't be growing double D-s anytime ever. I have a boyish figure, short waist etc, I won't be having an hour-glass figure because well, those hips (meaning my hip bones!) won't be getting wider, my waist won't be getting smaller in comparison, and my height or length of torso won't be changing The list goes on. You are right, you can't change your body type or whatever feels comfortable for your body. Trying to be healthy and letting my body what it needs to do is the best I can do.

Dearbhaile Casey

More vlogs!! Your saving my life with your advice and general perkiness! Keep them coming ❤️❤️

Penny McDonald

Yes, yes, yes to everything you said. I've had people say for years that I look good even though my "wise mind" knows better. I know that people are just trying to be kind and they probably don't know what else to say but ....Damn it's hard! My Wise mind knows I'm underweight and it's not a healthy weight, but the eating disorder Rages and thinks "see, you're too fat!"

Marie Beach

You help me so much everything you say and the way you talk about things I can relate to so much I can do relate to you thank you for making these vlogs I wish we were friends I love you xxx?


Wow this was EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now! I’ve reached a ‘healthy’ BMI of 18.5, have my period back and all seems to be working properly again in my body. BUT mentally I am almost worse than ever! I constantly think about food, am always hungry, never satisfied, counting calories and am totally inflexible with food. my head tells me that, now I’m a healthy BMI, any more weight gain would be excessive and unnecessary and so I tightly control what I eat and my exercise to ensure I don’t go above this weight. I’m also getting lots of ‘gosh you looks so well’ comments, which just reinforces this and also invalidates the hell im still going through in my head! I am struggling so much with this because I feel like I can’t eat as much as I want as I’ll continue to gain ‘unnecessary’ weight and am terrified that I’ll never stop. I’m mentally still not okay with my natural body weight being anything above the bare minimum, but my situation now is just feeding anorexia and making me miserable. My brain tells me ‘it’s fine for THEM to respond to their hunger, they need to gain weight, but I don’t have to therefore I can’t eat what I want’. So toxic. But your video really helped me to start to contemplate the idea of allowing myself to find my own set point - whatever that is. Thank you and keep strong!

Dana Bays

You are super smart, girl! Keep up this great content!

Anthia Baker

I'm going to get you some wet wipes for the car! he he.

chelsea Jones

OMG I can relate to so much in this vlog , it’s so nice to hear your thoughts ... sometimes I think my thoughts are just crazy. We’re not alone ? keep going your doing amazing!!

Helen Hamilton

Why are there no cinnabon places in the UK ? ?

Penny McDonald

Also, can you believe I've never had a Cinnabon. Worth trying??

Sophie Ward

This video was so insightful and so so relevant to me. I always worry that because my BMI is technically on the lower side of healthy, it is still classed as healthy. So I worry that ED specialists won't take me seriously or will dismiss me because I am not underweight, you almost undermine your own suffering, but logically it is rubbish. It is one symptom of a mental disorder with so many symptoms, being underweight is just one physical sign. I have to keep telling myself that I am just as deserving of recovery as anyone else at any BMI. Also, I have lanugo, dizzy spells, digestive issues, insomnia, overexercise compensatory behaviours and over restrictive/binge tendencies, which are all valid symptoms too, not just a low weight that doesn't happen to be low enough to be considered "underweight" by some outdated measure that doesn't take into account body composition, but it is 100% underweight for my body. Thank you again for another really helpful video!! x

Kimmy Grant

Kyle goes on, “much of what Sam told me flew despite western convention… nevertheless was reinforced by impartial clinical research so… I tested it out. And it performed to a greater degree than I could have assumed possible.” Read through the rest of his information here

Chrissy GO

I believe the Cinnabon was amazing, but ?so are you ❤️

Monica Couchman

I so needed this! I'm almost "weight restored" but I've been restricting to stay below it and everyone thinks I'm fine but I'm really not. It was also weigh day today so it hear you say that is so helpful!


This video hit me really hard because I was always naturally always at a BMI of like 19 but then I put on weight from constantly overeating due to stress so I hit BMI 20 something and it hurt so bad bc it was never that "high" (I'm not saying it's high it's my ED sorry) and now I'm like BMI 16 something and I'm so sad bc my metabolism IS high and always used to handle that I eat a lot but now I just think I can never eat again because I'll instantly get fat.. ?❤

Ps : Thanks for your videos they always brighten my mood and make me consider recovery a little bit more everyday.. it's just hard bc I'm still living at home and going to school.

Abby Heugel

I'm not sure what this says about me, but seeing you posted a new video was one of the highlights of my weekend. And you're competing with pizza and a new jar of cashew butter. But in all seriousness, you continue to not only inspire, but also entertain. The public demands more Meg!

Also, have you ever used tahini in your oats? It's a really nice change from nut butters. I go back and forth. :)

Ameera TheHybrid

excellent! good on ya!

Lauren Valdez

This was so helpful. Thank you so much for this!

Carolyn Harrison

I just had a guy in my building tell me on Thurs “I’m so proud of you! After you got back from your Hawaii trip, I mean, looked like you had a good time, you...whoa gained a lot of weight. But good for you for continuing to work out and lose it all!” I about ran out of the gym crying. It was awful! Who says that!?!? Set me back big time! People have NO idea! I still have his comment engrained in my brain. Sucks! Thank you for this video!!

Hayley jillianfanforeverxoxo

I’ve recently found your channel and I just want too say thank you for being such an inspiration. I love your personality?✨

orange pulp

My BMI was naturally 24 ? I don't want to be fat the rest of my lifeeee

A_dose_of_beth xoxo

Yay a New vlog, you have no idea how happy this makes me ?. You're such a big inspiration to me as because of you I'm starting my own recovery YouTube, im going to access a private dietitian as the one on the NHS is extremely orthorexic and wants me to stay at a weight which is damaging my health. After watching your videos I'm going to ask this new dietitian to help me gain to my set point whatever that maybe and I've wrote some food challenges I want to try, guess what's one the list? To try one of your breakfast recipes as they look the bomb x

Healthy Smoothie for anti-obesity and diabetes

Healthy Smoothie for anti-obesity and diabetes30 Jan. 2021

Recipe from my wife in

Recipe from my wife in prayer!

Basic and essential 4 foods: 1) tomato; 2) carrots; 3) cabbage; 4) broccoli and unsweet almond milk or soy milk (not great taste for your mouth but great health for your body)!

Other stuff are optional:

apples and banana for kids (sweet taste, delete these fruits for diabetes)

blueberries for antioxidation

brewer yeast powder for hair loss and gray hair

chia seed for omega-3

Greek yogurt for good microbiomes

In 2 weeks with healthy smoothie (only breakfast, but the same normal lunch and dinner), I lose 10 pound and back to normal blood glucose levels. I still keep this recipe at breakfast for health! Now my big belly is gone!

You need to adjust your body for the first week with this recipe. Even though you feel hunger, do not eat anything except water until you regular lunch time. Just think hunger is your best friend until lunch time. In one week, your body will adjust this recipe without problem.

Hope "Repent, the kingdom of health is near"

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Easy Smoothie Recipes

that smoothie looks delish ? do you mind checking out my page where i share my smoothie recipes? ?