How do guys feel about taking virginity

Guy Advice to Girls // DATING A VIRGIN

Guy Advice to Girls // DATING A VIRGIN26 Mar. 2017
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Boys advice to girls:

Boys advice to girls: Find out how the boys feel about dating a virgin!



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Comments (100)
Miranda NihadA

I’m 19 and not ashamed of being a virgin

Johnathan Roan

Who else came here thinking they were going to talk about women dating men who are virgins?


Nice to see guys being honest about stuff ☺️

Mia Zaheeya

virgins...where u at? high5, im 22 n virgin too haha

Milani Banks

#Teamvirgin I swear when ppl who aren't virgins don't know how hard sometimes dating or saying you are one. Guys also assume that since you're pretty you can't be a virgin ? it makes me sick honestly. I'm kinda not waiting till marriage I'm waiting for the right one and that what guys fail to realize.

Jo Mazali

They said the complete opposite of what I thought they would say!!!! This was amazing

Mo Sadik

I’m a virgin man 32 in Washington dc , it’s Christmas holiday and it lonely. But I’m optimistic that I will find a lady that appreciates me.

chelsea belehar

Thank you! I'm a virgin, not for religious reasons and you made me feel so much better. I was thinking that since I'm 24 that there's something wrong with me. I was being told that.

So thank you all! It really made me feel important like I'm a person not a problem or a situation (hint 50Shadesof Grey XP)! Thank you!

Rida Mushtaq

real talk


I'm a virgin. Never been ashamed of it. Sex/being in a relationship hasn't been at the forefront of my life. My virginity ain't centered around religious beliefs, e.g waiting 'til marriage... 'it's a sin' or any form of generic societal construct e.g. pure women are 'wife material'. Na-ah, it's a personal, kind of subliminal choice. Now, whether you are a virgin or not (female or male) doesn't make one any better or 'morally upright' than the other, it's weird how we've pegged some things to gauge someone's character. Everyone has the right to do what they please with their bodies in the hopes of exploring and learning something new about their sexuality. My only thing is don't hurt anyone/break someone's hurt. Adult virginity is a common thing, and I wish more people would be less judgemental and stop mocking those who choose that path (or the other). Let's just be accepting & more open-minded, yes?

Thitima W

Awwww!! I love my virginity even more ???❤️❤️❤️✨✨❤️✨✨

Mia Carter

1 year later after seeing this and Im actually kinda losing hope. Alot of dudes dont want to talk to you anymore if they know youre a virgin, especially by a certain age. Imma just date myself lol

Notice Me

Boii that intro was longer than my future. I was so long I had time to die and come back brah. It was so long my guy, I had time to become a great grand parent. Jesus Christ.

iamJ0hnnie :::

Everybody was born to have those kind of feelings not only male that’s how god made us it’s all about self control lmao

Mia Carter

I feel that guys give moral answers about thei opinions on virgin women being "blessings" but in actuality many men ditch women who are virgins out of some really weird and irrational fear. They act as if they werent virgins at some point. Seems its best to not mention even being a virgin.

Tracee Whatshername

Who Lies About Being A Virgin? Like Seriously ?

What Everrr

Y'all's mothers raised y'all right! Such fine young men!

Richelle Noble-Taitua

19 and saving myself for the right one!! And i can't wait. Fr.

Simp Squad

I never had sex and im 20 never kissed nothing i dont understand girls now and days

Shaya Kells

I'm crying that intro

Shaqela Chapman

I think it's cool to have a panel of men and the prospective we all can gain from talking about this topic. However, I don't think it should be so one sided. Ps. I also think we should hear this topic from men or at least have one man present who is a virgin. What I'm not here for is a man saying it's good for a woman to be a virgin but unobtainable for them or other men.

Alexis Marie Añabieza



Girls who rarely date or have short-term relationships are less likely to lose their virginity. Girls who stay in prolonged relationships are more likely to lose their virginity. So finding a 24 year old virgin doesn't necessarily mean she is straight and conservative but only that she finds hard times finding a guy. Girls naturally give it up if she likes you and or thinks you are "The One" and probably wanna please you believing you will marry them one day.


To everyone who's not a Virgin:

Is it true that if you have many sex partners you get less and less attached and it becomes more difficult to emotionally connect with your future partner???
(Like you don't get easily attached anymore)??

Rachel Nicole

I'm still a virgin at 19! I'm over here stressing in nursing school I'm not worried about having sex anytime soon ?

Shelly Hunt

I'm 35 still a virgin

Katie Grace

Let's make one thing clear, I can think my body is a sanctuary and it can be but I do NOT have to be a virgin for my body to be a sanctuary

Your favorite Random gyal

Lol i used to go to school with Justin he was just one year older then me .

Tusha Shegow


Angela Nicole

I’m a virgin waiting for marriage. If I don’t get married then I won’t have sex period

Alina Rudison

Glad to know I'm not the only 20 something virgin out here. I was talking to a guy on tinder and he was like eventually in the relationship you gone have to give it up and I'm just like nigga bye. My body my choice?


I've seen women who stayed a virgin till marriage and still cheat. Also it's funny how guys feel insecure about a woman's past but think woman are okay with theirs.


That Bill Cosby intro LMFAOOO

Angi Casa

Omg I was so shocked when I heard BTS at the beginning?

Masego Sheila Bojosi

thank you. South African men think otherwise.

Kayla Jones

I think it’s a self-worth thing too. People my age so thirsty to lose they virginity and will do it with anybody but I just feel like I’m not an anybody person and anybody can’t and won’t be for me. Not tryna be a baby momma either. Once you feel like you will spend the rest of your life with me (marriage) then you can get it

Sammy T

Girls are sexual beings as well as guys are. It's part of being a human. While I am a virgin and don't want to have sex with just anyone, I don't understand why virgins are put on this pedestal. Being a virgin doesn't make you pure and being sexually active doesn't make you nasty. It's all about having the reigns over your own body and doing what you want to do. This was a good video nonetheless because it opened discussion in the comments.


I had one coworker tell me that "Something is wrong with you, your weird and no one wants you".. That hurt me a lot, but I'm finding my peace within Christ. No matter what anyone tells me I'm waiting on my husband from God, I'm learning that I am worth the wait! Just turned 25 a few months back and I'm proud that I've held on for so long and that it's a blessing. Ladies and Gentlemen wait as long as you can, it will be worth it knowing that you endured the test and trials. To others who have had premarital sex it's not over for you, you are worth it!


I'm not a virgin, I only had sexual experience once with someone this year who I thought was the right one but exactly as they explained? You grow very attached to them since it was your first time, issues occured and then I grew depressed over the summer to find them with someone else and that was a lot of hell endure.

So I can confirm with what they're saying

Kinky G

A woman can still be sacred AND be a non virgin.....

Alia Kelly

"Millions of people gonna see this" 243,000 views later

Laayy Tbh

what a blessing!

Precious S

Bring this back

Brit Mcq

Thank you guys for sharing this.


I am 23 and still a virgin and proud of it. Ladies do not feel bad about understanding the value of who you are and what you are worth. Don't allow yourself to be desecrated. Nowadays men don't want to be chivalrous and hold the door for you, but want to have sex with you boy byeeeeee (Beyonce voice). Your Boaz is on the way.


Josh looks like Khalil Kain

Ethereal girl

Wow... just... wow. Why are women the ones having to save themselves till marriage? Why does that make them more mature than girls who already lost their virginity? And is waiting for marriage the only reason why someone is a virgin? I don't think so...

Tosin Ojo

close to zero emotional baggage

blessed by the best 100

Great video guys

Chelsea Antonio

Y'all are the cutesttttttt!!! i rate it soooo hard...keep going strongg <3

Shay E

Bring this back

Molly G.

I am 30 going on 31 years old and am waiting. My friends can’t believe I haven’t been with anyone, but I’ve seen the bad side of relationships with others. I believe that God has made a Devine partner for everyone who wishes to find love, and waiting shows your faith and love for God. It shows you can faithfully wait for the person he created to be your perfect match. My family is culturally/religiously strict on this view, while the some have embraced a more modern dating lifestyle. Watching this makes me hopeful that even living in a country outside of my cultural and religious beliefs, people can still be understanding and patient.

Fly in Berleezys Room

There are some guys who wouldn't date a female if they are a virgin bc they wouldn't be able to enjoy it

Strawberri Shawty

Homie with the pink wristband looking high asf

lol love this

Lovelie Lordeus

the guy with the snapple..lolllll..

Miranda NihadA

I needed this ?


I'm not necessarily waiting for marriage just someone exceptional.

Tae Tae

One verse set...

Dayanna Celis

But what if is HE is the one who is ?
Please don’t shame...

Viola A.

That was a long intro

Support Love

Why would you as a female define your sexuality by a man? Know your body first and you can guide him. Women need to take early ownership of their body and spirit. It is such nonsense that men made up for the female. Know thyself! Don't depend on some else because they will shape you if you do not know yourself.

iamJ0hnnie :::

Everyone always telling me oh I'm gonna lose it before I get married but I have never seen myself doing that before marriage that's just me. I want that moment to be special with that special person you guys don't all have to agree but don't make people who want to wait feel bad about themselves just cause they choose to be different.

Jazzie Harry

Where am from being a virgin is like a sin, as soon as you say am a Virgin men flee like their on fire and the ones that stay, didn't take them long to start putting in their request. Am 23 and am almost finished with my degree in business management and am not bad looking I always get complements on my hair my teeth my dimples and eye's me in general, I don't talk much I smile more than I talk lol and am very easy going. But I feel like I have all the wrong qualities sometimes I don't drink and hardly go to bars, I was thought being decent makes it easier to find a good man that's serious about life, so far I've attracted mostly creeps that think am dumb and innocent because am pure or married men, I mean really am losing hope and I don't know what to do smh

aye e

There's girls out there that are not waiting till marriage, i'm a virgin myself and i've always felt pressured of losing it cause almost all my friends in high school have lost it but to the wrong person, now i know i want to lose mine but to a guy that at least cares about me and not just in the process when im about to lose it to him yet after as well, and thats something guys don't realize and IT SHOWS



Kwanele Angel Mkhabela

U guys just encouraged because I have been dumped several times because I am a virgin. And honestly this has been hurting me alot thank u guys God bless u.


If your a virgin, do your thing boo, but don't be out here in the comments saying that girls who have sex before marriage "don't value themselves" or are "hoes". At the end of the day sex is a maturity thing. If you feel you are ready to have sex go ahead, if not that's fine too.

Dewi Leonardo

the kinda green t-shirt guy is hot said the virgin

Abby Anya

When guys ask me if am a virgin I feel some type of way.. Like (scared/ashamed) based on how they will judge's weird sometimes for me to say yes I am a virgin, I don't like when people ask me because that always be the first question they ask?. So my question is should I say yes to people when they ask me such question (mostly to the guys) or should i just keep it to myself because have been getting a lot of questions like that?. Thank God for how my mum raised me because my siblings are all planing to wait till marriage too?

Chad Disrud

3:23 he says some good truthful stuff

Nysha Morgan

Would they date a virgin tho


Damn I guess this is a lot different. When I was in high school guys were really into experienced girls.


Brother with the dreads is fineeeee ??

pamela p

Ofcourse guys sound like they encourage virginity until they actually have to date one. Lets be real. How many of these dudes right now in this video will date a virgin?

Equii Diana

Than there's me waiting to hear Jhope's voice lmao
I wasn't expecting at all to listen to 1 Verse ?

I'm gay because,

any guy will be lucky to find a pretty or hot girl who will deside to be with him. no matter is she is virgin or not.. anyways if a guy have the opportunity to have sex with many hot ,pretty flawless girls they will....

Old Channelll

18 and still a virgin ?

Kimmaya Lahna H. Maneira

I am 22, I am virgin and waiting for marriage and for the right one but its just so rare to hear that men find it okay or are okay with girls who are virgins and wanna wait till marriage. this gave me reassurance. thank you ?

Cherry Chama

keep waiting

Shay Sitney

Josh point made me feel like some men are hella insecure. Like who thinks about that lol


I'm 18 and never been in a relationship, haven't had my first kiss yet and still a virgin. I want to wait until marriage because I feel it is right. People use to tease me for it but you guys made me feel so much better about myself. There is nothing wrong with saving yourself. Thank you.??

Yousaf Abdulla

Islam it's the truth and the right religion

Sofía Elizondo

te amo! gracias

Kevniqa Jankel

All of them are saying being a virgin is okay but they can't be with one..


dante got bars

Ibraheem Beshir

Waiting for marriage is the ruling on the 3 biggest religions in the world The Abrahamic Religions (ie Christanity, Islam and Judaism) but the western world had changed their laws in the last 100 years because of Satan which I believe made them go astray from their religion.

NotInUse Anymore

I'm glad to hear the positives on being a virgin tbh

Larissa Clark

They should do a how to take it from the "talking stage" to the dating stage, what to expect from somebody in the talking stage, or how to know if someone has no intentions to take the next step etc

BONI Grace

thanks guys for your sincerity........I LOVE IT......WE should encourage virgin girl

Kæla Brown

Something about good-looking black men telling me I'm strong and doing the right thing makes me less insecure about my lack of sexual experience. :D


I've have shared this same sentiment for over 10 years! I aspire to interact with a woman who's sexually inexperiences because of the very reason you brought out. It kinda reminds me of an episode on Martin when Martin asked Gina between Martin and Keith Washington, who was the better sexual performer if Keith were to hit that and Gina said Martin and he felt secure so these lah dudes in the video is absolutely right. It does become a competition, a sport and the man who is with a woman who was with 5 different men, now he has the concept that he has to out perform 5 of the previous men who hit that and that's a lot of pressure on him and it's unnecessary.

I am PRO DATING ESPECIALLY MARRYING A VIRGIN WOMAN! Some some reason most men look at that as a nuisance or a plague. Like when Glynn Turman's character from Colley High found out that this light skinned chick Brenda was a virgin, he had a disgusted look on his face. lol I also recall a brutha from my hometown said that he don't light a woman who's choochie is tight, he likes em loose.

I did a video back on the 10th of April this year givin props to a 50 year old sista name Yvette who was on The Wendy Williams show admitting to the public that she's a 50 year old virgin and she's proud of it and you go some stupid niggaz out chea talking about "she need to let that religous stuff go and let loose" and you got these hattin ass hoes and thots claimin that she's lyin!

Here's the video I mentioned:

CiCi Chambers

If a woman wants to remain a virgin it’s not for you to tell her that it’s good in your mind… How misogynistic and low close minded to think that you are raising her value in your mind because she’s a virgin and you’re the first one to taint her that you are denying girls their own sexuality and “freedom” to be “people just like you” how about instead Focus on being better man and seeing women as equals and every absolute way.maybe women want to stay virgins now days because men think they’re entitled to sex and have that thinking that they can’t have sex without being master of the domain, and more often they hit it and quit it no girl wants to waste her time like that. I think you boys, yes boys need to live a little more have daughters and see how men are treating your daughters before you go and comment on how women should be.

And by the way are all of you versions? And why not? Why are you talking about boys remaining virgins? Like I said you’re talking about shit you don’t have a place to talk about.

Jadoreme J’adore

I am 25 and still a Virgin. Waiting for my Mr right.:)

Amour.x3. Kay

Dam why else would I be here?ALL MY FELLOW VIRGINS SAY AYOOOO

Sabrina 1998

Is this is the last of them I don't want them to end I love this segment please make more?????

Yousaf Abdulla


Eleonora Scifo

Love u guys

Aysiah Examines

I’m shocked.
Really appreciated this video, didn’t know we had support out there.
Thank you guys.?

Fatima Gomez

Can you please do more of these!!

Nathi Wethu

Y'all, I miss these. I just watched the recent video Josh and isi did with their family and for some reason sit reminded me of these guy talks.

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0:00 Intro

0:23 Oral sex counts as losing your virginity

1:17 I am afraid of having sex

3:20 I'm saving myself for marriage

5:56 I enjoy watching porn

7:35 I think about having sex a lot

8:57 Our culture focuses on women's virginity more than men's

10:31 Being a virgin is tied to my religion

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Comments (100)
Clarisa Rosales

i’m sara, sara is me ?


As an asexual- low key hurt when they both said how they thought something was wrong with them when they mentioned asexuality

lao's wife

as an asexual this video made me feel so safe :)

Rawan Almadi

5:30 can anyone else hear her heart beat? Must have been nerve racking


11:03 for 3 Abrahamic religions yes in Judaism, Christianity and Islam premarital sex is prohibited.

Cory Klein

Alex seems like an awesome dude. He is so grounded and focused. Maybe I need to try the " no fap" thing

Justin Emard

Can we get an episode on: Do All Asexuals Think The Same?

Meagan Mitchell

I should e been in this vid lmaoo

Jay B

Can we talk about Saara's curves...

Lavela Salero

When I look Thumbnails : daisy Ridley is that you ?

Maegan Guffey

It would've been interesting to see their views on birth control


im 14

Vladimir Putin

I just feel like staying a virgin leaves you somewhat socially akward

Emily Benjamin

I feel so bad for the black dude bc his expectations are so high. Like I promise you two virgins having sex is not going to be amazing in any way shape or form

Chris Bovino

Are people paid to do this? cause oh boy, this is so personal

HBK Customs

lmao is it bad that when i think about a virgin the image in my head is these people, like looks, mannerism and awkwardness.

Tony Zheng

Men for shamed for not sleeping around, women get shamed for sleeping around. The society wants men to sleep with other men, and women sleep by themselves.

David senyaH

I am so glad No Fap is becoming more mainstream, I think it will help a lot of people.


You should make a video about if asexuals think the same


ayo we got my boy lucid up in here


I just don’t feel the need to pop this cat like that ?

Keno 95

Don’t want to cross none of them in person lol

Judith Marie

I’m so awkward around men and I’m 21 years old


Omg Sara ??

Matias Falckenheiner

Do all sports fans think the same ! ( different sports fan, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, etc. )


Is no one gonna say anything about the Asian guy saying he was sexually assaulted by a woman???

Kiyah J

Imagine thinking virginity is real ?

Heidi Littau

i appreciate emmanuels honesty


Looks like the black girl wanted to cry the whole time ?

Down Ls

Hmm that cowboy kid make me think of a kid when we were smaller hmmmmmmmm

050 Abhishake Kumar

That's messed up , if someone saying it's for religious reasons , it's your choice if you don't wanna do it just don't do it , just binding your self to relegion and saying it's the law , no it's not you're first a human being then from some relegion , you have your brain use it , it's your life your choice not you're religion's choice .. period

The Reaper4080

Emmanuel is a G bruh

Sam Likes Turtles

Matthew; they call him ranch because he be dressing


I disagree that oral counts as losing your virginity, "it does the same thing" with that logic masturbation counts as losing your virginity

Jakahrie Witherspoon

Dude with the orange,green, and black shirt sounds like tyler the creator

SpiritGuy222 - The Holy Saint's Tarot!

This was TRULY a beautiful display of social, physical, and emotional responsibility to one's innate values. I was SO impressed!
And on another note, I LOOVE how relatively attractive they all look in spite of the probability of them being easy targets for sexual exploitation and control.  
This gave me confidence! ^u^*✨✨

Francis Castor

You should do one of these with asexuals

Kasumi Alpha

The title should be "Do all straight virgins think the same?"


When a man is a virgin it’s actually horrible. We get pressured by our so called friends and family and in my personal experience I have been called gay by my brother because I’m a virgin.

If women are virgins it’s basically amazing ?‍♂️

madds mcd

It was pretty weird that girl said she took offense when her friend suggested that maybe she’s asexual



Cycra Lisa

they're putting so much value on virginity it strange ahaha


I think it's time to drop the idea that virgins are dysfunctional individuals.




In the Kurdish Culture is totaly normal to stay Virgin until the Marriage. Even when the Bride goes out from het Parents Home at the Wedding Day the Brides get a Red ribnon from their Father or Brother to show that tje Bride stays Virgin.?


At the beginning I would feel guilty after watching porn even though I liked it, that's just the way I was raised in a christian family, but now, I'm agnostic and I'm totally fine with it, the thing is that I feel like I get satisfied too fast while masturbating, and I'm a girl, it's a weird feeling tho, I'm a virgin, so I'm not sure how it's going to work while having actual sex cuz I see people in the porn movies fuck for long periods of time and right now I don't think I would enjoy that cuz I cum really easily, I don't know if someone can relate to this.

peter taibi

Is lucid crying?


The dashiki guy is setting himself up for some disappointment. It may not be so amazing even if it is your wife and y'all love eachother.

Marz Oktober

I wish u guys got that one incel dude who hates women for this

Jay Fxndi

They got my boy Lucid in here.

mouad YouTube

nesrine rohi te9ri

Kirsta Lutes

White t-shirt dude is my hero.

A. Sharma

the guy in white is pretty❤️


only legends know that niki is from udy channel on youtube


Is lucid crying?


Male virgin here. Emmanuel is low key my mental twin. Our thoughts and beliefs on sex are almost identical.

Intuitive 888

So glad to have these videos back! They’re my favorite. I didn’t like the virtual version because it just didn’t feel the same

Pedro Bordin

here to see the mic


Really bummed me out to see all these people treating virginity as something that is "lost" or given away to another person. Would have definitely loved to see a question that reframed virginity as a social construct and asked participants how they may have been influenced/indoctrinated by that.

Bárbara 3

POV: you’re here from Lizzie’s video

Laury Leclerc

The foregoing lyre connolly shade because input correspondingly blind behind a dangerous half-sister. interesting, icky quilt


Why most of closet gays prefer to be virgin?

Because they don't wanna be fucked up

Limez Gummie

You people in the comments u guys are amazing

that.stylish_ girl

Does anyone else hate it when people assume you’re asexual just because you’re a virgin? Like if I label myself that’s my choice, but I don’t want you to do it for me


The thought of catching an STD SCARES ME.
That's why I'm still virgin y'all. Also, I'm not
into 'hookup culture'. I want to have sex with someone
that has at least proposed to me, and made me their fiance.

joshua delgado

There’s a reason she whispered lady!

Vanessa M

I've never understood the no fap thing going around. Sex is a natural desire of the body and I don't get it when they say they're better off without it (not invalidating asexual people), or when they brag about how long they haven't been masturbating for. Like, sure it gets bad if it becomes an addiction and interferes with your daily life, but other than that why suppress it just for the heck of it? You don't just eat food to nourish yourself but also to enjoy the taste, so what's the difference here?

Yato Yuki

Why that asian have a cowboy hat


All the people that wait for marriage end up with disappointed partners as they haven't learned anything about human sexuality before being in their "forever" relationship, which is also bull that anyone would think there's only one person out there that could suit you.
My partner and I know how to please eachother due to previous relationships ;)

My Name

I'm a 22 year old male virgin but I have done some stuff that don't involve penetration. Reason for that is I want to discover what I like, what I'm into and to remove that idea of "how amazing sex is". For example, what if I finally settle down with someone and she's 100% vanilla? I would go through out my whole life wondering what being kinky would feel like. Sure, the argument of "if she loves you she'll try it for you" could come up but I know that a vanilla would not enjoy kinky sex. I don't want her to do something that she doesn't enjoy just for my satisfaction, yanno?

None None

Finally a video i can relate to!


Elizabeth diaz

And there's the girl in my class who always talks about the guy who she slept with ?


Really interesting


White shirt bro feels like a combination of redditor and 4channer stereotypes

Ieyeshia B

“If you know how to channel it by other means, you can put it into other things instead of it staying as sexual energy” ?????

Erin Cummiskey

i completely 1000% respect and understand the decision to wait until marriage to have sex, but i’m just gonna make the analogy, if you wait to learn how to ride a bike until after you’re married, you’re not going to automatically be good at riding a bike


Can i sudgest a Do all Artists think the same? Would be interesting to see people discuss on what constitutes for art? Is digital easier than traditional, is abstract as hard as realism? Etc. Bit of a niche i guess

Maayan Sacks

Wow the straight guy has super high expectations

Bübblès _

I saw iamLucid on the cover with his V-cards I just had to click

Daddy chill

6:21 ceo of no nut November

Happy Moments



I relate to Sara

the lizard that katya burnt

This crowd is not very diverse, not all virgins are "saving themselves" for marriage


“she wants a 12 pro max and I just gotta 12 mini” lmfaooo ???


Who else recognised I am lucid straight away?

Jakahrie Witherspoon

White shirt sounds like patrick mahomes

NGNL Kuuhaku

I think I could be friends emmanuel really fast


2:43 I've got an iPad ;)

krishna sampath

I was watching this during my online class and exactly when they called it a wrap (12:28 ) , my class ended


Do they all know the first but will be faster than the speed of light but one thing I will say I respect and love the honesty because these people are beautifully themselves but I couldn’t wait that long and believe you shouldn’t

Samantha Robinson

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as soon as I saw lucid on the thumbnail i clicked

Ntwa Dumela

2:18 her point

Le Duy Nang

The guy in cowboy outfit will probably become a leather stud later on in his life.

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Rocket Powered Boeing 747

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Emmanuel is my favorite

How to Make FRESH BASIL PESTO Like an Italian

How to Make FRESH BASIL PESTO Like an Italian31 Jan. 2021
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Fresh basil pesto is so

Fresh basil pesto is so easy to make and one of the most versatile condiments in Italian cooking. It originated in the region of Liguria and when made fresh the salty flavour just dances on your tastebuds.

When making your own pesto at home, the trick is to use fresh basil leaves – either from your own garden, the farmers market or your neighbours!

Be warned, once you start blending the basil, your kitchen will be filled with the most delicious aroma and as soon as you combine the pine nuts and parmigiano you will not be able to resist a few scoops almost right away!

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I dont have the patients to make this

Wind of Horus

i have never made pesto before but this might be the push i need to do it! Grazie Vincenzo!


I just made your old and new bolognese Ragu, and dang the new recepy is muuuuch better, love the content

Sina Julia

I love your videos ☺️ hoping for a pesto calabrese recipe or maybe ricotta e noci? ?

Liu Lynne

Do u have any recipes of pesto dish? Im a fan from China. I’m learning to cook Italian food and your channel is so inspiring and I learnt a lot from your videos! :D


On some bruschetta is my favourite way

Andy Rainbow

Oh. My. God. That looks just beautiful, I can smell the pesto from my computer screen :D I have to try this!

daniel Harper

I was waiting how you made pesto, thanks

Thomas Cool

my french friend (from instagram) told me that she put pesto on her steak

Stephen Pruszenski

OMG! Pesto is love. I put it on anything - love it that much! I prefer it on linguini. Probably my favorite sauce along with vodka sauce. ??? If you were a woman I'd kiss you.


A Genoese never jokes about two things:
About pesto and about money.


Pesto pasta and potatoes

The End

thank you vincenzo .God bless ?


We like to add pesto to ravioli, some nice ravioli stuffed with cheese and mushroom, or ravioli made from butternut squash, with some cheeses inside. It works really well.

Mike Bagwell

0:49 There are other green sauces?

Jessica Orona

This looks delicious...wish I wasn't allergic to nuts.

Óisín O'Faolain

Thanks for the video Vinny, I have lots of basil and I was wondering what to do with it all. Pesto it is!

Anna Galati

Very good. We have to leave out the pine nuts due to allergies . Keep those wonderful recipes coming??

Patrick Weydemuller

I add pesto to my wine lemon sauce for mussels, Great job Chef!

Darshan Chandramowli

why are you so adorable ?


Vincenzo I appreciate your videos! Please consider doing a reaction video to this chicken n bacon carbonara


That looks wonderful.

Martin Svensson

One of my favourite weekend treats to make! So simple and delicious on some ciabatta. And natural compared to the crappy store bought pesto.

Abdelaziz Bouhdide

Ciao bello big hi from belgium ???????????

The only easy day was yesterday !!

Great video mate....Grande Vincenzo...xó io uso il mortaio.../ I use a mortar....good byceps exercise ???un ' abbraccio da Amsterdam ❤️

Goran Duric

With goat cheese, olives and glass of white wine, super snack for me.

Matthew Caligari

I just made pistachio pesto with basil and garlic I grow in my garden. Absolutely delicious! One of my first dishes I will serve this on will be on a stone baked pizza, dough and all made from scratch using your recipes of course. Love your channel mate!


Awesome!!!! I can’t wait for summer, love growing basil????

Ashleigh Young

I love all of your videos. Definitely need to try this out!

stomp N lock the au crew

Loving the content vincenzo, keep it coming ?

Harvey Levene

YES YES YES! This is exactly what I was taught over thirty years ago by my host's mother in Cattolica.
Everything she did in her kitchen stirred all the senses.
Only Pine nuts though. That's original.

Another winner Vincenzo!
If anybody is reading this I recommend you subscribe. This channel is real Italian cooking.

Tra Hoi

0:11 xx

Roberto Stredel

I was wondering why it took you so long to make this video! Amazing...

I really love my pesto in a pizza with dry tomatoes, goat cheese, mozzarella and of course a beautiful tomato sauce.

Christene Delacruz

This is how I make my pesto. I like it on toast, on pasta. I also eat it sometimes as is. ?


?domani sono"giallo ". quasi quasi si esce a comprare gli ingredienti.
poi lo mangio direttamente fresco con il cucchiaino! ?

Lyndon 20

Yummo homemade pesto... I love my homemade Fettuccini pesto with toast walnuts and pine nuts.

Vincenzo's Plate

Fresh Basil Pesto is perfect for any dish but what is your favorite way to eat pesto?


vincenzo, loved the video. pesto is one of my favorites. i remember my grandfather buying the pignoli nuts from the salumaria when i was a kid. i would eat almost all of them and he got pissed lol. he used them for pesto as well as making the pignoli cookies as the italian bakery would. would you have a recipie for pignoli cookies?


che buono Vincenzo! ???

nydilakinz p2000

Yes finally a pesto tutorial, Italian food for me is comfort food for every mood

Ramon Calleja

I like to cook pesto with chicken and sundried tomatoes, it comes divine!Can you do a big batch and freeze the pesto ?

Daniel M

Here is a fun idea for a video. "Italian tries cheap supermarket pestos".. haha!
(Please dont't, they're the absolute worst!)


3:17 just realized i've been pronouncing pistachio wrong all my life. Been pronouncing it like "pees-tah-see-yoh" since childhood. But i also realized that i've been making pesto the original italian way ever since. @Vincenco: what store bought pasta is best for pesto?

Satchmo Dog

Pesto and fusili was always the way we had it. My grandmother used to make batches and freeze it for the winter. You never know when you need a fix

Vasily Bakarashvili

pretty sure blender isn't classic.

Alex1661 alex

Lovely Vincenzo!

Holy Brokoly

Can i also use pecorino instead of parmigiano reggiano?


Serve on every thing!!
Great video!

Pim VelveT

Ever since I started watching your videos I noticed I have not ordered food at a local "italian" food delivery service anymore hahah ❤

Karo Ro

What about roasting the pine nuts in a pan before adding them into the mixer?

Monika Joanna

I love homemade pesto with pasta, as a cold dish during summer. But also like chicken breast with pesto, mozzarella and slice of fresh tomato on top slightly toasted in oven ???

Saqr Ramzy

There is nothing like a good taste of fresh pesto. But I also like pesto rosso and calabrese. Can you please make pesto alla calabrese?

Douglas DiSanto Homa

I've never used pistachio's (sounds good).... raw or roasted????

Rocco Rizzo

Pesto freezes well. We store it in ice cube trays, and use it all year, until next summer.

Michael Reed

“Authentic” food processor “pesto”

DBP sons

this looks so yummy!!!!!! I love basil pesto!!!!

J Mawco

I'm from the Philippines. A country from the east. And we don't have that kind of cheese. What type of cheese is a good substitute for the parmigiano-reggiano? Thanks

Edit: so parmigiano-reggiano is kinda similar to parmesan cheese? We do have that here but I don't think it's the same.
Edit (2): parmesan is not parmigiano-reggiano

Juan Maidana

Call me crazy if you want, last month i made carbonara and then mixed it with pesto, fu*** delicious o.O

Aiolia Ikki

You’re the best Vincenzo!

Sound Nexus

Thank you for uploading this, I will try making pesto this weekend. ??

Christine Canzano

Oh my goodness?. Delicious ?

Simon Louey

One tip, I like putting the blender in refrigerator for a bit so it's cool and won't heat up when blitzing ingredients

Tra Hoi

Is my is my mother goose club out.

NYGiants Champs

Ora hai tanti piu` iscritti ! Bravo! Sono orgolioso di te! Il pesto e` il miglore.

Romain Farrugia

I was waiting for this video ! Best sauce so far! Thanks Vincenzo alway great and authentic ! I live at the Ligurian border and so I perfectly know pesto !!

Anders Løbger

Some italian chefs will roll their eyes at you rinsing the basil and using a blender, so why?!

Rama Sivamani

I love pesto from fresh basil! I make my pesto with either almonds or cashews because I'm allergic to pine nuts so needed to make that adjustment.

J Lang

Patience, care, consideration. Once again, an excellent video from Vincenzo...

{ saturn's rings }

ahhh pesto is one of my favorites of all time!

Cheryl L. Delgado

Hmmm i really can smell the inviting aroma of basil pesto. I made some and the basil was freshly picked from our garden.

Funktastic Ed

You should not cut half way through the rod, better cut at the section between two branches, this way the plant will heal the cut faster and grow faster.

Travelling Madness

Amazing pesto Vincenzo, fresh ingredients ??


Sundays are when I make anything that takes a lot of prep work or a long cook time to cook, like brasciole, or what we call in New Jersey "Sunday gravy" (tomato sauce that cooks for hours with pork, beef, sausages, etc.). To keep people from raiding the kitchen, you set the table up with fresh bread, dipping oils and nice vinegar, some cheeses and good salami, olives, fresh tomatoes, and of course, FRESH PESTO. Nothing you can buy in a jar is as good. Open a bottle (or three) of wine, and It's like summertime blossoming on your table.

Food Loves Company

I love pesto and great recipe Vincenzo! I try to use a mortar and pestle when I make pesto but a processor is good to speed things up. Great tips for using a processor :)

Florentin1 Florentin

Thanks Vincenzo! I know now what I'm going to cook this evening

Labs Micro

Never knew it was that simpel, thanks for the video.

ᗰᗩᖇIO ᐯᗩᑎ ᗷEᖇᑎEᐯEᒪᗪ

"We don't want to destroy the basil leaves." Destroys them with blender ?

Abdelaziz Bouhdide

Grazie cumba ???

Simon Hume

The only dish my Dad ever complemented me on was my pesto, I used Massimo Botturas alternative of using toasted bread crumbs instead of pine nuts. I also added a shot of my homemade limoncello :)

Isabella Manetti, Visualization Life Coach

My favourite sauce. However I always put all ingredients at once. I won’t do that anymore. I also learned how to cut my basil plants properly. I love it with spaghetti. Baci ??

Mikhail Sporyshev

me: delicious
Italian chefs: BEAUTIFUL
me: beautiful

teo nezha

When you'll make the review about pesto, so we can have some fun. Greetings Vincenzo!

Faustyczny Ikar

I prefer using pestle and mortar for pesto, not blender. It's more chunky and the texture is better :)

Marco Speck

As always, great Video, love your chanel and Tried a lot of them

Max Eckert

Can you show us some vegan and healthy recipes? I love your channel, keep it up!

Annie Hyams

Thank you so much for the beautiful red heart and beautiful message sorry reply is late because we had a bad storm and it is still pouring with rain ????❤️❤️??

Luciano Espinosa

vicenzo, thanks a lot! your videos are awesome, and thank you for showing the original italian dishes and recipes


Hi Vincenzo - do you think it is a good idea to make a lot of pesto and freeze it in small portions?


"you can do what you want in your own kitchen"....
... Except when you make carbonara! ?

Filtered Ears

Love your recipes BUT the extra olive oil must be added at the end by hand, otherwise it gets a bit bitter. I learnt that from Genovese friends, and my grandmother, from Rapallo.


Hello Vincenzo
Would you like to react to a pasta recipe from India
I am your channels follower from India
And the link to the video is here
The chef making this is a world renowned MasterChef.

Stephen Schulz

Looks like you need to water your basil more, love pesto.


I use to roast the pine nuts before adding them to the pesto but all in all I make it the same way.

I also love making a pesto from dried tomatoes where I also add fresh basil but these tend to need a lot of oil, depending on the amount youre making. But when using 200 g of dried tomatoes I always end up using 300 - 400 mL of olive oil to have the consistency I like... ^^

Dee Jejey

Vincenzo this is really good!!! Thank you so much, I like pesto with pasta!!!! I'm glad you did not put Salt !!!!!! I don't eat Salt.

Kim Cha

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Abdelaziz Bouhdide

How to make spaghetto alla norma????

Fórum Automotivo

Pesto and spaghetti ?

Kyle Salmon

My wife is getting tired of how much olive oil I’m using lol. I love pesto!


I share all your videos with my mum , her and my stepdad love the aglio e olio recipe. Living in Spain they have an abundance of olive oil ?


I love eating pesto with crackers and mozzarella cheese, I also like it with pasta too.