How to get rid of arm hair naturally

Best way to get rid of your arm hairs

Best way to get rid of your arm hairs13 Jun. 2016
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How to Bleach Body Hair at Home

How to Bleach Body Hair at Home7 Jul. 2016
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This is How to Bleach Body

This is How to Bleach Body Hair at home and how I bleach my arm hair. This may not be for everyone but it is something that I do and wanted to share with you guys! I have dark hair, dark eyebrows and dark arm hair and have been bleaching my arm hair since I was in high school and I know some people feel very self conscious about this and I always used to feel the same way but I do this every few months and purchase the cream hair body bleach from my local drugstore.

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Shafaq Cheema

Is one box enough for the whole body?

Amy :3

I did that when I’m far away my hairs don’t show that much anymore

Lydia Glassman

Lemon juice and sunshine for 20 minutes!

Eva F

Is it dangerous that your skin is getting bleached???

yung kiwi

Skip to 2:30 to get where you came here for


What abt back hair?back hair is so hard to remove and im so clueless on what to do abt them

Aa C.

its never a good idea to put chemicals on your skin regularly... jut laser the hair

Samiha Hoque

so helpful☺️☺️☺️

Juan V

Im tryng to get my hair black i dont like golden hairs for some reason

Vanessa C

this is very helpful. This is better option than shaving or waxing. Thank you

Cheyenne Van Schaverbeek

girl I feel you, thanks for uploading this

Chlerbie Gaurana

hey it once in a day only ?

Isabella Cina

thank you. I hope this kit works. does anyone recommend anything different???


does the chemicals in the bleach do anything to your skin??

Helin Aziz

i use it for my arm hair but its not bleach all the hair .. i dont know why people when see your arm hair - say ew did u ever shave ?? everyone have arm hair i use everything to my arm hair and i dont get rid .. so i say why people remove hair your beautiful just the way u are ..


Does anyone use body hair bleach on places other than face and arms? Ik Sol de Janeiro used to make a golden body veil bleach for leg hair and everything. But I feel like that must be too much work to apply it all over once a month or so! Plus, wouldn't leg hair still be super visible even if it were blonde?

yoonmin is real no changing ma mind

I have dark hair and a really white skin, fuck

Maryrose Covers

I need to start bleaching my arms. Im tired of shaving

Luna Mo

I need to know what he biggest tub of body bleach is these aren’t enough product

alyssa garland

Does it itch??? Everyone I use bleach it itches so badly!!!

M Matar

i didnt see any difference

Athif Ma

Your such a nice lady ??


I have a question, do the hairs look yellow? Do i have to use a toner? I know its a stupid question but I want to know lol

RachBeautyy 111

i literally thought she meant bleach her skin?


hi :) i know this is an old video, so i dunno if youre still replying to comments, but does it fuck up your skin at all? also by "chemist" do you mean an actual chemist, or somewhere like pricline/chemist warehouse?

Jeanine A

Bronte I didn't really see it work in the video but I wonder if in the sunlight you could see the hairs weirdly because mines are long and dark #hispanicproblems

Ashley Sandoval

Where can we buy it ?

megan Lolly

Im white but I have really dark olive coloured skin so my body hair is a really dark brown this really works and makes the hairs blonde and not visible really.

Xx Soph xX

I’ve been trying to find a way to make my arm arm hair stand out less, I just see it everyday and I hate what I see so thank you this has really helped. ?

Katherine Nin

why do you have to keep bleaching it? shouldn't it stay blond forever since you're not removing it?


I never knew this product existed! I'm def buying some tomorrow? Thanks Bronte this is actually so helpful!! xx

Bughead Fan

I can relate. My natural hair color is almost black. And that means black... everywhere. It’s a nightmare


does it turn too blonde or just look lighter cuz am asian and it would be weird to have blonde hair on my skin:(


I hate my body hair in general & I’m worried that no one would like me either because of it.

Elizabeth Livingston

What is the song at the beginning?

Badia Nadia

Where is that product

Kidy Kassa

Start at 2:29 you are welcome

cat in a hat

I have hair all over my body. Shaving takes forever and waxing is painful. I can’t wear dresses/crop tops because of my excessive body hair. I just learned about dying it, and I think that’s a good alternative! Thank you for the video! :D

Amera Queen

I try this n it burn my skin can you plzz tell me y ??


does it leave a bad smell and how long does it last?

Shniar Baxtyar

but is it cause mor hair..???


I have always had lots of thick dark hair, and not just on my head its my arms and legs and im sick of it, i get teased at school for it and i just want it gone, but shaving makes it worse and im scared to use bleach ?


I'm allergic to nair D:

Mar Mtz


Nicolle Velez

I'm not a dermatologist, but my body hair is quite dark and thick. Nair or Jolen bleach doesnt quite do it for me on a single session, so I use them for face only and tried regular hair bleach with low volume for arms, back, etc. Some might have an allergic reaction or sensitivity - I did not and it make them virtually transparent.

Basma Barakat

Thanks dear Bronteee for the very helpful video ??

Sarah Marshall

I love your arm hair ?

Candy Saavedra

What lip color is that??


does the hair not stay bleached?


I'm dark haired and waxed my arms once, I'm never doing that again ? this was helpful! I think you can do more beauty tips/tricks video xx ???

Ashley Sandoval

can you use this for face hair?

Gaming Ftw

Would this look weird on dark skinned guys? (In your opinion)


the easiest way to remove arm hair, just be outside in the sun with sunscreen spf something and be hanging outside for a couple of weeks.

hyunjin's americano

this is so helpful lol ??


Does the bleaching sting or burn?


I have really dark black hair I used to wax but now I just shave it off but its still awful because it grows back in 2 days and its coarser and thicker so I always struggle with that, I heard about hair removal cream but I have yet to try it


Can you self tan at home right after you bleached your body hair? Would it cause the hair to darken?


Am I the only girl who’s hair is not only black and thick but also all over my entire leg up to the Butt

Latina Tx

Am going to try this on my ass I hope it works. Wish me luck!

Our Modern Home

omg I have to bleach my arm hair every month - I have such dark hair because I'm olive skinned!! so annoying ??

Zen Da

Is this method bad for your health?


where can one buy the bleach??

Rachel Vela

Great video! I was so self conscious of my arm hair for years. Kids even made fun of me when I was younger because it was so dark and I am so pale! Does this brand itch at all?? Maybe they all do but you didn't mention anything about that. I use Sally Hansen and I hate the itching part :( xoxo

Philippa Wilkie

I really like the idea but it won't permanently bleach skin right??? That would be my biggest worry!


I just started waxing my legs, and well I have a date coming up soon. I do not want waste money to wax the 2 week reworth, so I will try this out.

Cynthia DC

I've tried it from the brand Veet. And my skin became lighter too and it stayed that way and I didn't put it on for too long. Is Nair a better brand because getting it professionally waded everytime costs a lot of money.


I’m as white as snow and my arm hair is so dark I hate it



Summer Moon

I don't even bleach my hairs or anything but I watch all your videos because you're my favourite YouTuber :)


This is so awkward. But do you bleach your butt cheek hair? I’m contemplating doing it




can i get this bleach hair cream in the united state’s?

yerba mutt


roya Velomkon

I seem to be allergic to all the brands I've tried so far. ?

Santa Cruz

How long does it last ?

Kylie Swaziek

Hi, I'm not sure if you are still replying to the comments, but you said it temporarily bleaches your skin and I'm wondering how long that is noticable. Do you have an estimate?


Hey, i'm a guy and i'm darkish tanned colored. Could I bleach my hair without making any difference to the colour of my skin? Please reply

Geekchic 101

2:18 rolled eyes


i don't understand why Beautiful girls do such foolish thinks you don't need to bleach your arm hair you are Beautiful just the way you are

alli_ xo101

weird question- but I have tan skin (Not too tan but I'm def not pale) and dark hair. If I bleach my hair will the blond stand out more on my darker skin? Or does it blend naturally.

Renee Nomee

Arm hair does not grow back darker it grows back the same way all of your hair would ? because I shave my arm hair and it has never grown back darker


I had naturally blonde arm hair then I shaved it and it grew back black DONT DHAVE ARMS


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chhinderpal kaur

Fake.. Not working ?????

Emel Karakulahilqiuui


eliana valdez

You give me a bo

Mariyaa saifii

0:32 .. If we haven't a baking soda so we can use salt or not plz plzzzzzzzzzz tell..

simone rocha


Angelous 777

Your beauty hacks were great and all but the one I liked the most was the nail so you r videos are so great for if you need it really bad if you liked it please give a big thumbs up

Dion Basson

The first hack does not work peeps

Temira Tavartqiladze


Annicka Žáková


Dung Mai


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Janet Sukte

from whare do you khow this things???

Nicolette Spears

Husky tractors

Lamar Nafie

Can I use baking powder instead of baking soda

yas mab

No lo entiendo

Andrea Dany Osorio

Sooooooooooooooooo COOL???????????and I love it


0:08 wtf?

Sabs Fabs

That's the music

Maddie MJ13

Me: sees them take stuff
Me: okay that looks cool
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Me:bye bye
Me realises I have the stuff at home
Me drops stuff

Света Кот


Kaito Kofuku

The baking soda, coconut oil, and lemon juice looks like a very creative method of hair removal!

Mahima Bohare

0:29 and then on 0:37 that mole....??????

Trinity Cakars

8: 05 and 8: 21 yellow stain

Annicka Žáková


Juliana Boggan

2:06 the girl forgot her bag

Narasimharaju P

It's truly a lie


Where I buy a fruit colour in india

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YouTube LIKE ????????no

yas mab

Qué saben lo que yo no entiendo nada en inglés y español o español gracias a todos los

Ramiro Soto

El primero es falso. Fijense en el lunar que tiene en el hombro.... ?


Do this really works??????????????


Andar arms me remedy lagane ke bad kitni der wait karna hai plzzz reply

Mindy Money

What about for red heads or black hair

shruti kumari

The remedy which is shown in the starting of video..that hair removal remedy! really doesn't work at don't even try...this iam telling by my own experience guys.!!

Marianna Mussuto


Екатерина Вагипова

Ты знаеш леди деану

Gul's vlog

What the he'll is this

Galaxy Wolves And Demon Dragons

0:32 i think im gonna barf (no offense )


if any one try the "underarm hair remov " hack please reply the answer

Juice With Pie

4:55 when hater told you what you very ugly ?

Pramodkumar Dubey

1st remedi ko face p use kr skte h

UwU !!!

I speak Alicorn language ? what do you speak

Megan Haskell


when ur mother yells at u

aparna aman

Can i use underarm hair removal technique for my facial hair using baking soda coconut oil and lemon

Lim Kang Hyeon임강현

미친거 아니야 ?#

Sagira Shaikh

Hello my name is Sameer your 5 minutes craft don't work we call you had to put baking soda lime and coconut oil in it but it did not work I tried it

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Bruno Pereira

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Mayank Chauhan

What is this baking soda

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Tj Hall



I hate your video

Bezo Dolinski


Jimmy Pietsch

0:09 Girls armpits dont look like that

Gregory Hasiotis


Abhijanu Kvrrao

First one is real

Pedro Mendoza najera

Nice and good ideas

Malou Novelo

4:09 I can relate to that one lol

Heather Eggers

The first one did nothing

Sabs Fabs

What's the music?

yas mab

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Sandip Dr. Bondge

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konstantina babatsikou

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Nadima Azhar

Did anyone try out ironing shirts this way? Mine did not work

Daniela Garrido Aquino


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Bezo Dolinski

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Harry kane Lover

You know that hack for greasy hair you forgot gingers

yeetus to da feeshseeckts!!

Tbh the first armpit thing doesn't work i tried it. Not a single hair left my body!?


Yes i can kopie you

Felipe Flores


Outi Pappi


Sahil Chaudhary

How to straight curly hair

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Shrishti Giri

First one does not work??

Anielly A

Gostei muito dessas ideias de vocês

Woody Woodpecker Addict

6:49 put them in da purse!

Lord Diamond The Dragon Saiyan Goddess

Song name at 15:12

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