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Toy Collection Overview

Toy Collection Overview14 May. 2017
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Finally did it, very much ad hoc.

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Karl The Tech Priest

Its a little unfortunate how they changed David so he isnt ribbed now


The comical part of this is that my first toy was an xl David and a large razor...I can hilt both now after years of experience I'm a lady but David was one of my first interested toys when I came upon bad dragon at about 2012...

Biggest I took was xl chance to the sheath...:O

Takes time to get used to the toys and working up to them...

(YES PEOPLE BUY THEM ON even used xD so you'd be able to get some of your money back (bad dragons' second hand sales are down) so go there to sell anything :)


This requires skill O_O

ChiseledDiamond GTB

Oh God I just now realized how big these are


I think he got them from "Bad Dragon" ???


Damn thats a LOT of toys. Love the rex tho I hope I get one soon

smart human


no homo

Rasby 86

Nice to see a "pretty much straight" guy embrace the fact that ass play is awesome for both sexes. I was very amused by the humor and watched mostly for the laughs with my husband. Laughing with and not at for sure?? More men with confidence in what brings them pleasure and no fucks given about people judging them. ?


Very nice

Lane Atkinson

The pink and brown one looks like a horse cock ? I've always marveled at their size...I didn't realize there were replicas I could take for a spin instead of hurting/getting hurt by a real animal!

Mason Lanius

Is it a bad thing that im more attracted to animal penises than human?


Cool shit but I'm not into dildos. Could you do a review on the fleshlight and compare it to your duke butt bad dragon? I wanna buy a sex toy but I can't decide between bad dragons male toys and fleshlight.

Peter Rabbit

I'm jealous of your collection. Those knots....drool, drool.


These videos make me lol so hard. And you aren't the only one who isn't attracted to human male penises. I'm the same way

Nerdiki UT

You must NEVER get constipated? your ass is loose?it just fall out of you! Okay lemme stop? no hate

Kevin Moore

My dude

Why u got dildos

Sparrow Hogue

It's honestly refreshing to see a male openly talking about his sex toys, and dildos at that ❤️. (On a side note, I'm excited to be getting a Chance, but upset that they don't have the natural marbling like your medium has)

Johnny Branam

"When I do-do that stuff, I really want it IN THERE!"


Derrick The Tiger!

And you're straight? I find that hard to believe, but hey! Just because I don't believe you are, does mean it's true so alright then! However, if you ever do become gay or bi or whatever, and you're with a guy, pretty sure he'll love it if he saw your collection! I know I would


This nigga gay

Kesa Sdaed

goddamn i want bad drage.

burn fire

No way you're straight

Luna Skyy

I'm jealous

Kristin Mitchem

I love this and how open you are! You’re awesome ❤️❤️

Taco Waffles

can you do a review of nox the night drake?

géza taknyos

i really like it

Alcoda the Leopard

YouTube cut the video off! D: I enjoyed what I watched though. Great video ;)


Nice toys. Hope to one day get that Rex. ;) <3

The Fat Punisher

is your butthole messed up?
Will you have to wear diapers in a few years?

Ethan .M


RobiMae _SING

Are you straight?

Kristin Mitchem

I subscribed


"That's a weird sentence, 'when I insert the knot into me.'" He says filming a plethora of dildos sculptured with animals in mind.

UNBOXING ADULT TOYS once again! | Absolutely Blake

UNBOXING ADULT TOYS once again! | Absolutely Blake28 Jun. 2018
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Comments (100)

Pmsfl, oh how I love and laughed at this video. Love you

Baby Chris

This is very cool .. and perfect for horny guys /gays ....

Greig Chandler

He's sooooooooo gay!

Salvador Rivera

Finally Love YouTube algorithm for my recommended thank you YouTube I'm finally something I like

Kenneth Bryan

Ok im subscribing

Ruan Swart

What part of US u from?

Joshua Jara

This made me laugh ?


You in those shorts.....damn!!!!

Don Hite

Blake is an inspiration to ALL MEN that teeter on the side of hiding their true sexual selves. Bravo, Blake. Now, do an ONLY FANs and get mega rich.

Marc Cassau

Ugh love it it when people are so open to try new things . Wish i could be like that and not scared to try new stuff

Dr. A. Elemayo

What accent is that?

i dont think i can read this username gay


You're videos make me so horny!

Ericko EV

Straight!?? ???????


I've never been on your channel before but I love your enthusiasm and good humour! Keep up the nice work, dude!


he’s straight?

Chad lee

why YouTube recommend this to me??, I’m not a gay.


Am I the only person that cannot get into toys? It makes me feel like my life sucks because of it ?

Eduard Mihay

Wow is all i can say. Straight or not you try those toys with no shame and i don't know why but I am so happy to see that.

DeViLiSh AnGeL

I don’t know what to say , really confused ?‍♂️??

Mark N.

Yes please ?

Carlito Peralta Jr

"Come hither" ☠☠☠☠

kanagaraj Mohanraj

Bloody comfortable bugger mn ??

Bobby Knight

I want me some trouser trout.

May Chan

The title of this video has elevated the sub-human race of us rainbow people...


I want that blue thing

Raven Red

What is YouTube becoming?

He called a Leopard Cub a Lion? Scandalous.

Steve Gallegos

Possible to leave a link to those toys??


Follow me on Instagram! @AbsolutelyBlake

Jay Flaboozy

This is me though

Andrew Richter

Oh my god he is soooo sexy

Alexandre Vicente

Love u a lot mate

Jafet Rivera

I'm still wondering how did I get here lol

Rudy Ramirez

Love your vids Blake!! I have to say by far....that you look absolutely SEXY in this one!!! You always look super good....there is just somthing about this one!! ???

Kyle Englot

Well as a gay guy.. with plenty of girls as friends many have shared details of what they do to please their man... I'm sure the men will never admit those things... But I've had many women share their secrets... And us gays also share a bit as well... After all we are still men and we know how to reach the good zones that most straight guys are unaware of...

Amda Donkey

Omg.. You're a 10 out of 10! I love how confident & comfortable you are with your sexuality. Str8 up Perfection ???

Brighter Light

Cutie ?

Kayla Adams

The “come hither” has me dying???

Nicholas G

Hm.. I liked this

Charlie Tep

I thought this was kid toys

Gerald Overby

What did you do with any of those products? Show how they went for you!!

Dixie Rae

3 seconds into the video and Blake you absolutely have a new subscriber. I'm so done with video channels that are a big snore Fest.

Jonathan Toxtli

So Jeffree Star gets demonetized for smoking weed but we can show sex toys. Really YouTube ??? CAN’T RELATE

Clodymer Verdan

Just Wow ?

Martin Langstein

1:19 did he realy say that there were lions ?

Cody Combs

If u dont want the fox tail i want it omg !!! Imine dissappeared suddenly.. But omg i love fox tail butt plugs..

Albert Moses Jr

I have something for your butt

Dixie Rae

Am I the only one that was hoping Blake would come walking back with the tail attached. LOL

Joseph Carmona

Pumps are horrible for you....

wilfred damiles

Nice toys

Blake Canny

Not only does he have the same name as me but he also has my nickname and I am the most confused but happy I’ve been in a while

James Butts

I liked the lion shorts.

Vincent Canski


Rigo Valdez

He’s straight?

Lee Farragher

Me: I know I’m gay YouTube but no need to recommend me this stuff
Also me: now let’s watch this video ?

cherry blossom uwu

Is he gay

Karl Crosby

I think you hot awesome video

Mr Guy

I wear panties and enjoy butt plugs I also enjoy women as a matter of fact I went to a club last weekend and had around 5 different girls grinding on me and I loved every second of it

Joannita Kauga

DUDE YOUR AWESOME!! I love that you had the guts to try those out.

James Butts

I have that tail.


Call us for best quality men,women & couple sex toys in India from our online store- 8100428004

byron p

You have a bra t-shirt on? You really are gay. Mind you, that would be good.

Miguel Mansano

How did I get here, I’m 6 yr

Jay Flaboozy

What bum? Yah so thin

Matthew Musick

Finally a straight guy confident enough to talk about this topic
Congrats bro!

Sasha Furr Monstar

what did you put in your bum?O.o

Jonathan Antioquia

I really love the blue one i want one from Philippines

Rick W

we need to have all these a under there own play list, oh just watch them over again hehehe thanks blake


"I wish my penis was a little bit bigger to fill them out..." new to this channel and first video I've seen but you had me at that! ? #hooked #showit

Raven Cruz

Can I meet you? 23 male from Kc please

Julie Mills

He’s gay..

Hector Calvo

Love you Blake

Tasty Gaming

I wish all muscular guys weren't bottoms...I'm so tired of being ask if I top...bitch it'll look like a chihuahua fucking a greatdane!

Robbie Holman

"There's actual lions on there". My friend, that is not a fucking lion.

Ben Hawkes

Ok so YouTube knows I’m gay

Van William Briones

God you're hot. ?

natsu_ pro

Those doesn't look toys to me, I think there adult things

Vinnnce TV

I'm now a fan. Nice video and love the tattoos. You look awesome

Regino Hinojosa

Which do you recommend the most of all of those lol?

Kendall Jones

Wait...he's straight?! Damn...that's too bad ??? love you anyway hahaha

Mezmerized4Life Jay

Umm yeah im gonna need a step by step tutorial bro

Twin Jenkins

Straight men use butt plugs what


Your a idiot


The hard-hitting journalism we deserve

Rajiv K

I can't believe people have money to spend on such rubbish...when people are dyieng due to Hunger ...what a disgrace

No One

Omg a straight guy who enjoys his prostate! So many straights are missing out!

arya shing

Do you interested to buy sex toys call-9910490162

Dub yeet

First video off yours I watch... Not unpleased

Matthew Daltrey

"Actual lions on there".
Fucking seriously.


You’re pretty ?

Jay Flaboozy

What the heck is going on here on this day

Mitchel Bont

nice video, and you are so hot OMG!

Jonathan Antioquia

I really love this ????????

Reynaldo Cordero

Blake will definitely do more. Y'all saying he's straight but ok. He's experimental with no labels.

Daniel Williamson

I love you Blake!!! Your such a cutie.

Tony Murillo

This is stupid!!!

Marcus Drews

Where are the testing videos?



Sayna sinha

Call for best quality men,women & couple sex toys in India from our online store- 9910490162

David Phariss

Oh Blake your are so adorable and I WISH I could of watched you use all of these


r/TiHi - ADULT TOY STORY29 Jun. 2020
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Comments (100)
lelelole lelole

so, there was this one time when I was a kid, I found a pink thing that had something that looked like hair on it. I said "mommy, can I play with it"

at the time I was confused why she was mad at me but now I realize what it actually was


My volume was looking like the stonks meme background during most of this video

Dr. Shrak

Disclaimer: this is not a disclaimer

Melissa Coy

It is made by one cup of water and three cups Gators there you go

Camrin unknown

Every time I wach the click corpse husband shows up in my recommended and now i wanna hear the two of them have a conversation


4:27 my man is well hydrated, or tweaking on something strong.

Candy Arbaugh

“ Disney Pixar it’s made for children!”
“And to beat the heck out of letters”

wayne,s comics101

Ar u from Scotland?

Erin Nelson

10:23 Eevee is my favorite Pokémon but because of what you just said its no longer my favorite, God sake ima have night mares its 5am rn

Dominic Griffith

6:34 yes


7:48 As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, I can confirm this is false. We're not even allowed to live with someone of the opposite sex, much less be naked in front of them.


Therapy will be beneficial.

Damen Krol


ya like jizz

Galaxy inferno lion

9:27 Did this dude even watch that episode he was not in water at the time he was in a glass case underwater with no water just air

Aquarius Psycho

Are you sure you aren't a dad?

tyreal 667

You got a friend I N me

This guy 96

10:27 old people sucking on your arm

Ghost Writer

They removed the teeth so it makes oral bite risk free

Makayla Higginbotham


Verdigris Rex

I've seen, heard, and read a lot of horrific shit in my life, but "corn and mayo snake jaw" just fucking haunts me. I am physically repulsed by it.

Akari Warrior Angel


Debra Aguilar

beehive beehive beehive beehive

Lee Waddingham

Yes that is how Gatorade is made I work at the factory

That's a lie


3:23 oh o- wait what

Michelle Franklin

Why does click make every thing awesomer

Crimson Fuzz King

It took me forever to figure out those aren’t his asscheeks


I confirm GATORADE

Carolyn Jenkins

Ummm my sis in laws name is Courtney

Zaika Bean

As a person who lives in Florida I can confirm, that is how they make Gatorade.


Whenever I recycle I'm going to laugh because of coffee girl, and I will never be able to explain my hysterics to anyone, for I am confused as well.???


I can confirm, that’s how you make Gatorade

Debra Aguilar


}I Frogit{

I honestly used to think TiHi was like tehee like laughing-

Miner Craft

i regret subscribe to this channel but i do not want to subscribe

buttered toast

This man has lost his sanity-

Grape Cola

1:57 I still remember this and I love it


As cool as the idea of chonkers brontosaurus are, we have a pretty good idea of how fat they were, based on their bone size and density. A fat boi like that would be crushed under their own bulk like a beached whale

Live wire

They actually gently milk the gators

Kitty Whirl Paw

No wonder you guys all like the red Gatorade it’s just raw

kpop mosquito

I swear The Click would be the greatest dad his children would be literally awesomesauce cake drizzled in drip


1:40 ?✋?

cinnamon Roll

Hey satin hoes it going I want to say that uwwwwwwu

fennec foxy YouTube

I still remember when I was watching "emkay" and jake said " if your watching without headphones well AOHHH " he moaned... yeah hes weird:p

Quinn Cat

My cat is my profile pic he is winking at a good channel. So if I comment on your channel you are good

barbarian construct

Me: Hey honey have you noticed the slight bit of honey on your cheek


Debra Aguilar

Stop making that accent I do not speak owo

miu is waifu


PotatoBirdGaming / HumanlyInhuman

it's okay, the pink one in the thumbnail is a mixture of nunchucks and a toilet brush.

THE gamer Owl

I love what you do and all of your videos

Tommy Da Turtle


Dei In Disguise

1:46 and 8:15
My Chirophobia is kicking in real hard OH GOD!!! :'|

Debra Aguilar

What is nuting

Piper Bender

Why do I decide to eat while watching these

Fishy. Coe

10:30 this kind of happend also when's the 3rd version pokemon tounge


That video at the beginning- lmfao

Nighthawk gaming

4 that last 1 if pokemon gums is only the gums the is the pokemon teeth only teeth like the lips just stop at the tooth

Junta Momonari

Of course Gatorade is made from real Gators.
Why else would they sell it in bottles with nipple tips? Only so you can imagine what it would feel like to suck the Gatorade right from the Gators' teets!

Morganite Gem

Gators would be impossible to juice like an orange, lol, their skin is too tough on the outside. You'd have better luck cracking one open like a coconut... I've been watching this channel for 3 days straight and have already assimilated to the level of dark humor and sarcasm my brother is naturally at...

Syrus Berman

An actual way for toilet water splashing to stop is to cover the water with 5 to 7 squares of TP and it really works

soner blade

@6:30 can confirm. I work at the gatorade manufacturing place and what they tell you is lies. They use machineries to feed the gators all of your favorite flavors. From red raspberry to cucumber lime. Then they kill the gators. Drain the blood. Add it with certain syrups. Put into big pots for boiling then cool it down for 10-15 minutes and pour into the funnel that funnels it into the bottles. Have fun knowing what sacrafices are made for you to drink the best sports drink

The Colorful Creations

"Mommy Dorito" - The Click


Everytime he makes that voice i want to kill my self

Thomas Porter

Make them ding-dongs

Elvia Zaragoza


Koy pond •w•

Not related but dose anyone else remember those oddly sexual m&ms ads-


1:25 he's checking to see is the "I" went all the way in

Bradyn Gaming

10 seconds in and i hate it already

Theo Furguson

That is how u make Gatorade

lee j

click: if you have two relations going at the same time, i don‘t think you value the relations-
me, who knows poly people: are you sure about that-


0:46 wait so that tooth has teeth? What I’m wondering is whether this tooth’s teeth have teeth of their own, and so on

Debra Aguilar

R/ imsorry eyes prepare to bleach your eyes

Dr. G Shredical Examiner

0:26, funniest shit I ever saw.

Derek Ihrke

When you know that honey is actually bee vomit...

not chyla

9:33 unless it's weedemandreep WHY ARE THEY SO WHOLESOME????

Priyanshu Singh

8:50 Pinocchio's girl: deeper!!!
Pinocchio: it's my first time...

Some Sand

6:30 that is how you make Gatorade

Gost 17

Iron handmaiden, throwing hands... I think Kira Yoshikage would have loved that.

tom greaney

Click : Jesus man!


0:27 goat click

꧁Nekochu Gaming꧂

1:51 flashbacks to that one cursed scene in ultra despair girls

「KermitTheKing 」

R/TiHi ?????????☺️???????????????????????????????☹️??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☠️?????????????????????✊???✌️?????????☝️✋???????✍️??????????????????????????????


Ugh.. the geno one


No it’s not made like that Gatorade is only Gatorade if it comes from the gador area of France otherwise it’s only Powerade

Branwen LittleBird

I actually wouldn't mind getting my toenails removed. I don't care if it looks weird, I don't particularly like my feet, and it'd be one less thing to worry about.

ray shirogane

Toy story 5 looks..............interesting


On the adult toy story, I've never seen the adult toy looking at buzz lol

weirdo. QQ!

He sounds like one of the characters from those sims kim Kardashian things

Athan Barnard

I summed up one of his videos and I get every one of his videos but the videos that I continuously thumbs-up disappear

Atakan Şengül

0:25 a timestamp for me

Charred Charlie


Shigariki: heavy breathing

John Johnson

4:22 l think he might have too much alone time with himself...

Corpse Child

8:15 sponsored by Kira Yoshikage

Kaymari Davis


Екатерина Кузьмич

Yeah, about this dead facebook profiles: one russian yt channel made an awesome short film almanach parodying black mirror by setting them in modern-day Russia. And the first short is exactly about dead profiles, with a little philosophical approach. Channel's name is Егор and video is "чёрное зеркало по-русски", they have english subs i think. One of the coolest collaborations of russian yt creators so far

Miles Klingler

That is how you make gatorade with a gator

Alec Meyers

Can confirm, i was the gator



shitpost kid

Megalo ph im unnerve

Kit Kat

What do you mean in 50 years facebook becomes a cyber graveyard!? I'm already experiencing it!

Matthewmus Prime

The hands would not affect Kira from jojo’s bizarre adventure