How to tell if you are being catfished


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Daniel knowsdawae

0:36 When the teacher asks who was talking during the kid and the snitch decides to be a dickhead

[Crystal] Kazakh


Arber kaltani

I hate catfish

Nel Lopez

Good job

Majok Mabior

" this boy thinks hot water grows on trees"

Kyle Chiko





Thats why we use snapchat :)




Definetly last

Aviation Guy


Zakariya Rahman

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Good one VioPlays but guess what, no one gives a fuck

Umer Abdul Wasi 0734

i so want this not wannabe cool but humble and actually unintentionally hilarious deji back



Pin Bolt

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Dynamic Trizzy


Instagram: Victor_on_cartooning


Emil Bajrami

Last done

Unreadcoast4280 Best


Omar valencia






Jajuan Folks

im watching this on the same day 3 years later ?

Stock Legacy

Last bois

Swoxa ZR

Deji legit helps me on social media with his expert photoshops and catfishers



Markus Antonov



I have a Cat, I have a Fish, CatFish

Don’t Leave Me, Don’t Leave Me!

i Adrian

Deji looks more buffed

Marvin Cannon

Who's really Last?

Ers Kroma

I know a person That stutters so hard to the point he wants to get famous off that caugh,caugh Deji caugh,caugh Deji

Aaron Clark

Is it illegal to catfish for attention?



Jovi Davies



Last boi


Why are you guys saying last why wouldn’t you say first

Lil Pigeon


Raniya Mohamed

If people see this the beginning keep hitting the back button(if you are on a laptop) or go back(any other device) and keep doing it. he looks like an excited seal.


I'm never gonna be last it seems

Matt Tv


Selina Brinkworth

does "Last" now have a new meaning

Djenane Villain

My grandma got hacked

sadra bathaei

you can just search a hot girl with a roast me paper and photoshop it and put dejis name

Ava Hall

His laugh is killing me haha

Ta qi nenen -

It tastes good

Anonymous Player


Some body

I don't think that you are.....

TheYellowDuckShow IsBroken



Thank you for making this video. This guy online pretended to be a girl and made my heatt melt? I tagged her in insta posts that said: “ Tag your love “ Then a classmate of his said he’s a guy

Jake the snake

Last baby

Darcie Reeves


Nev Playz

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PLAdik 01

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Potato King

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Im Baby

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Wynand Uys

I wish i could meat deji and give him a good day because im very cool and chilled boy but i stay in south afrika but its not impossible and it would be a huge fucking honor

Requiem Star



What if they’re shy ?

Danny Godfrey

With the help of kelleyhacktech on Instagram, I can now detect any catfish account

Kherie Bherie

Omg his voice threw me off so bad. ?



Kalen Silva

Smart man thanks

Olivier Munyembabazi




Jovi Davies



Why are people saying last

Kayden Biernacki


cool top

last and above me is a virgin that will remain virgin for ever :)

Hakan Kurt

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14/9/2019 xd

I wish I could upload on xbox

4th year anniversary of the video




0:39 that's illegal now



cb A bc

Why you yelling at me? I want to be friends?‍♂️

Muhammad Javaid



Good for you cos no one cares Matt Tv

Scott Kevins





how do i make people not careM

Khadija Begum

Last :)


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Think you're being

Think you're being catfished on Grindr/Tinder? Here's how to tell if your new crush is actually a catfish. In this video, I share all the signs that your new bae is a social media catfish!









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Tubeless Pixal

Just chilling and this lady over here asking for money saying it’s only $300 like what hella no and she sends pictures trying to force me to get her money I know it’s not fully catfish but it was just stupid so I blocked them people are just weird

future by nature

I was catfish 3yrs ago sad part is I can’t stop thinking about the real person who she really is and what she does for a living in a bad way for the streets wides from being What she is on all accounts and content sites like why it hurts so bad because I really liked her after I was blocked from all accounts me expressing my feelings to her.


Hello, I have like many people catfishing me and some guys start to PM me and then start telling me that I’m cute and then I start realize that he has a bad English (English is my second language, and he is supposed to be an American) and some of them start asking me for money and other telling me that join to Bitcoin, does I look like I’m rich? Hahahah i hope to find true love

batman Medel

omg love your videos u need more recognition


you just got a new subscriber


1. Near you or in your city but can't meet for a billion reason.

2. Will not give you their instant message number or username.

3. The pics look like they're straight outta instagram.

4. Can't video chat.

5. doesn't mind texting you all day but won't meet you.

They do this cause they just wanna play with people's desperation. Won't lie I've done it to get back at dudes in my area who body shamed me.

Ally la Dominicana

Just bc you say you don't want to video chat doesn't mean that they are a catfish

Randy Breez

1:42 I love how he said there probably a catfish ?

Atonio 3134

I have a catfish that messages me but their profile pic is 50c and they got no profile page. Their are 2 of them one is named Robert Morgan and the other one is fitty. Both of them have no FB page only a messenger. So I limit my information and business I just play along with them.

Christopher Dillon

Someone says their in the military on a peace mission in Yemen and can't Facetime me, he has an instagram and tried searching his photos could not find anything what do i do?

J Torres

Hunter, it could be heat rash do to the sweating at the gym.

Allison Loren

But what if the quality is outstanding should I be worried I have these three people who are catching each other and web of lies I know they’re all lying to me but I want to catch them in the act

Sheri Yohe

Just been catfished. Man on private company contract with the U.S. military in Syria, he said. A mechanical engineer. Could not take pictures, make phone calls, FaceTime, share any pertinent information... all for ‘Security reasons’. Then the military base was attacked by Syrian rebels and he was shot on the left arm. Needed me to send $10,000.00 to pay for a private jet to get him out of Syria. Said he couldn’t access his U.S. bank account. He would pay me back but could not send me the private jet information or his full name and SS number or passport number so I could make the wire transfer. Said he could send that information only when I was ready to do the transfer.
I didn’t plan to send money but I was curious how far he would go to get money. He pretended to fall in love with me through texts. He had a Facebook page with no information except three fotos. Within a week of texting his Facebook page disappeared. When is asked him about it he said the military base required all Facebook pages terminated due to security reasons so he emailed me and texted through a magicJack number.
He initially contacted me through Facebook.
I finally emailed him that he needed to prove who he was or stop communicating with me. He stopped communicating with me.
I am concerned that he has 4 pictures of me. Nothing indecent but he could use those pictures to catfish someone else. Should I be concerned or do something?

Matt Karl

sometimes the deceit on the internet makes one think if falling in love online is worth it i was almost a victim of cat-fishing but thank God i got a hacker who helped me hack the phone of this person and i realised that it was all a scam, if you need help finding out you should contact mike on instagram @mikeswilfred or via text/whatsapp +15182175945

Donatas 2nd Acc

Also If They Offer Sex N Other Inappropriate stuff they say
= Catfish

Coop er

I met this girl on Snapchat, she’s from Italy and absolutely gorgeous. We talk all the time and her English isn’t great, but it’s good for not being her main language. The pictures are kind blurry ig, but even my pictures are blurry sometimes.

Patrick Diehl

Hunter I got catfished by this person who said all these hopeless romantic things and played me. Had the worst pride ever, Got fat shamed, fem shamed and also got catfished by a guy I thought was the one.

Team RxRCM

Hi, I tried doing a reverse search however it didn't give any results. I am still iffy, how do I know I'm not being catfished

Isla Sophiab

i’m 14 and was catfished and threatened :( he said if i didn’t send pictures of my body he would leak my location. we went to the police

Tenya Iida

Wtf I love you why don't you have subscribers

Jane McForlough

I was catfished a year ago and it really broke me finding out that someone I had come to love wasn't even real. He was so loving, kind and perfect... Jeez! I kept giving excuses for his lapses until I met a hacker in a forum I joined through my reading club who gave me several pointer acd showed evidence that he was a fraud. I can categorically tell you, a hacker is what you need. His contact is "cyb3rdrone via skype". or you could just send a reply me to get more details about the issue


You have to video chat. That's the only way. Pictures are a waste of time.

Army by heart

my god dude!
your such a cute guy! i support you fully and i hope you find a great fucking guy!
my dude, who else agrees that Gay people are so adorable and amazing friend material? or is it just me xD

Paul Dunn

Great video. This happened twice to me. The first time hurt, but I learned and the second time time i shut it down very fast. Its so sad to me that people would be preying on guys who are looking for love and friendship. So sad. (Most people are good, but some people are not and being naive is not an excuse. We need to learn how to take care of ourselves.).

Nylewolf McQueen

She passed the tineye site thing, met her online long distance. It feels to good to be true. Had couple excuses for video chat and then said they she gets nervous or something but will video chat me but what's to get to know me better first. So I got her addy and sent her one of my shirts. If/when she sends me some sexy selfies wearing my shirt would that be enough proof? B4 we fly to meet eachother ?


Guy never heard about video editing?
Wasted 3 mins talking about nothing


I've met catfishes who did not have any bad intentions.. they just made a person to escape their own difficult lives. It just hurts like hell when you have to call their bluff.

Ain Mustafa

I think I have been messaging and fall in love with catfish ? its been a month we have known to each other but we did'nt make a video call yet. He said his camera is broken and I push him to fix it. I will wait for him till he make a video call. But the characteristic you just said is same with him just his photo is not blur. He also does not have social media account. He told me to make it for him. I make instagram for him. He posted a video and photo of him there. I don't know if the photo its really him or not. But we still did not make a video call yet

Better Before you.

Thanks found the cat fish ????

k mata

What about if they use hangout

Better Before you.

The google image thing worked ?????????? that asshole

marie シ h

i’m not a catfish, i send my boyfriend a picture of me every night no matter how i look but on ft i don’t show my face bcs i am genuinely insecure. i have social media profiles with lots of people from my school on it but i feel like he feels sus of me except i showed my face on ft once before so idkk

Chris Johan

Be careful with all those catfish bitches!!!

Gregory aka superman's Robinson

Thank you for the tips I’m going through it right now smh

Maria Garza

Heres the problem Hunter. I have received real pictures of famous people like Keanu Reeves from two different accounts, and the Prince of Persia!! imagine that. How can I check for authenticity?

Kathleen Murphy

If You need help Hit up Hack_Memory00 on instagram he's super Fast no doubt


I have been talking to someone for more than a year now. Really nice guy! No money talks .
The same picture from start but he says his camera is broken and account is new so he cant get a new phone. Sooo i dont see him when we video call

Infinite Possibilities

I been talking to this girl for 6 months and she won't video with me, I tried many times. She asked for money and called me her finance. She told me she loved me and played with my heart.

Jordon Shkreli

Same sex marriage is bad

Kathleen Murphy

All thanks to Hack_Memory00 on Instagram he helped me Hack Into my girlfriend Account✔️


I loved this...I feel like I'm being catfished

Laura Andrade

And people need me to prove myself .Honestly I have no time for people who don’t believe me

Ella Schmella

I think I’m getting cat fished by my friend LMAO

Good Fortune

Came here due to my uncertainties, but will continue watching more on the subject. Trying to be helpful to others in same situation, you left out: they will rush things tell you they love you, want to get married, want kids and you've never met in person. Sweet talker. They can't possibly be in love with you without meeting you they don't even know you. They probably live somewhere really far away or travel for work which means they're not ever going to meet you. They have no photos. The photos they do have can be tracked to another account with different name. If they're a fitness model but don't know anything about fitness, ask them what circuits they do or what stacks they take, use words that only someone into fitness would understand. If they're stealing valor and claiming military drop phrases that only a military person would know. Don't give them your personal information like time you leave your home/get home or where you will be.


The guy I’m with rn he goes to my dream college just got accepted there recently he sent me photos google searched 0 results he was willing to call me we talked couple times but everytime I asked to videochat he gets insecure when I asked to meet up with him he asks who is coming with so I said my dad and he says he isn’t that comfortable meeting him on our first meet but I told him he would only check in for 2 mins and walk away he understands its for safety but then idk he is a very sweet caring nice guy we been dating for like almost a month now but what do yall think

Laura Andrade

Here is my problem I’m not a catfish .My account is actually me on line .im just more done up than normaly

Freeman William

When you are talking about topics like this nobody does it better than leo_the_hacker01 on iG that guy is a genius

julia louk

oh no don't never give out Bank information I've had that before on Google Hangouts add a claim and that there are Kelly and usher Raymond and I'm like no way I don't believe you and I'm like video chat me then video chat some sort of excuse for that and that's when I knew right that's a lie


I met a boy online and we became great friends, we then started dating (we still are) and we had been together for months now and he still hadn't sent a picture of him, So yesterday i asked him for a pic and he acted a little weird. He sent a photo which was supposedly him, his sister and his mum. The wierd thing is that he never gives me his snap or insta (we met on an app called kik). And i need to know that hes not catfishing me if we are gonna meet after quarantine. If he is catfishing me then amma be heartbroken

Mary Grace Inson

Lol i dated a catfish

Carlijn Hoekerd

Thank you for sharing this. I believe i am horribly catfished by a super super SMART man. He was to me like the king of catfishing. I explained to him that i would like to videochat and he always kind of talked his way around it.... that is just one of the 15 red flags he came with. When he senses my doubts about it he gets angry and iritated. Instead of wanting to prove to me that he is real. I feel very weird and it all has hurt me bad.

Christin Mogese

Currently getting catfished, I wanna play it cool but hella pissed ??I hate guys

Marissa Sanchez

What if they portray to use the name and photos of another person?

Ally la Dominicana

This guy thought I catfished him bc I don't have instagram & I used a filter ?

abktiliam abktiliame

is he gay ?

jhji perez

You're the best

Hb plays

so i take it you like guys


Just an addition. A pro Catfish won't use images from the net. They'll use images from a person they know.


Bro, you looked like a youtuber with 1 m subscribers, ack why don't you have more

Icey Payne

Hey I love your energy. Keep making videos!


I think someone i know is getting catfish he said he is orthopedic surgeon. Looks very good and she is a single mom with 2 teens works a blue collar job just making a ends meet. He even did the sign saying am real but i have seen that on catfish and it still was fake.

Minecraft Bros

I came here after getting catfish Ed I tjjnk on WhatsApp. I never found out for sure, but they made me feel special and looking back on the conversation after I blocked them, I was appauled by how easily they tricked me into telling her stuff.

Makayla Marlett

i got catfish today

Steve Schmidt

You're hilarious!

Amanda Cloran

Looking swoll brahhhh


I think I'm being catfished fs

Carl Leodoro

Thank uou.

jf_ _fj

Love your vibe

Mary Maroon

Awesome video! I have a good friend that "keeps" going for catfish. Gonna tell him to watch this, fingers crossed he will listen. Lols

Ken Kruzel

America's got Talent top Catfish

Criselda Garcia

I think I'm getting catfish. He tells me that his computer does not have a web cam and there are no phones allowed on the rig so he does not have one with him. We just chat through WhatsApp. In 3 months we have spoken may 4X. He claims there's really bad connections at sea an no landlines. I made the mistake of sending him 10k he swear up and down that when he gets home he will pay me the 10k and 50k in interest. He claims to be a contractor who works for Exxonmoblie and that when he finishes his contract Exxonmoblie will pay him 450k but it so happens that on the last day of his contract Exxon siege his materials bc the contract was over and he needed to pay 23k to continue with the contract and they gave him 2 weeks well 2 weeks are up and he claims he is still there and has manage to come up with 17k and he need 5k to get his materials back and continue his contract. Now he wants me to come up with the money so he can continue but I told him no I'm already paying for the other loan I took out for him he is insisting he will double the money if I help him I told him no. I have nothing to give him I'm barely making it even after I told him he was stressing me out. He tells me now that that is our contract an I have to help him. I told him no its your contract he finishes it of by saying how much he loves me and can't live without me. Now he is telling me ge will be home bt Christmas so we can be together. Give me your advice please.


I am having my doubts but he agreed to go out with me ??? let's see what happens

Samantha Sosa

What’s the music in this ? It’s oddly good reminds me of cute little aliens in a Star Wars bar

Ydmoney 6544

Wait my name is Donald I’m 17 ??‍♂️

Gard Ith

Someone on TikTok is trying to catfish people

J Torres

Yes, more videos please ?


Okay listen this guy okay I’m talking to he’s seems too good to be true. Right we’ve been talking for awhile and well we talk on Snapchat. He hasn’t given me a reason to no think he’s a catfish but I just tend to self sabotage so I mean yeah. I asked him if he is real and he sent me pictures through Snapchat not through the chat though. He also has never asked me for money. Am I self sabotaging or should I stop talking to him?

Nandita Meiviana

i asked someone to take a pic with peace and thumbs up sign.. to make sure lol

How to tell if you're being catfished

How to tell if you're being catfished7 Mar. 2020
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Online people can pretend

Online people can pretend to be whoever they want to be. How do you know who you are really talking to?

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