How to flirt with a guy you like

How to Flirt with a Shy Guy (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

How to Flirt with a Shy Guy (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)24 Jun. 2018
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I post new dating advice for women every Sunday.

There are certain dumb myths in dating that women get told over and over:

- Men only care about “one thing.” (Ok, bedroom time is pretty important to us. But it’s obviously not all that men want.)

- Men are less emotional than women. (Yeah, right. If you’ve ever seen a guy fall madly in love for the first time, or recovering from a rough break up, you’ll know this one is BS.)

- If a guy likes you, he’ll make a move and ask you out. ( Just no.)

In fact, this last one might be the myth I hear most often.

Well, I can tell you. When I was a shy skinny teenager, there was no way I felt I could just ask out a girl I liked. The risk of being humiliated and rejected was terrifying.


Smart women realize that any guy who likes them can be led to make the move, so long as she gives him some simple, subtle clues.

So in the name of helping men and women out everywhere (especially that shy teenage Matt out there ;)), here is my favorite technique for getting any guy to ask you out (even if he’s a little shy at first)...



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Comments (100)
bob vance

For the guys out there down on ur luck with these thoots with their expectation of a man thats 6ft with a 6 figure plus jobs that have looks like brad pitt and fucks like a pornstar thats the minority and every girl in the world is fighting for that guy and when you take into consideration of there being more women than men in the world just know men are like wine and we evolve and become richer and happier as we age while its mostly downhill after a girl gets in her 30s or 40s where their looks start to fail them and the guy that she could get no longer wants them and the ball will be on your court. The bitch will play on ur terms now and boiii those terms are delicious!!!
Marriage is out of the question guys the system is set in favor of women in our court system and hopefully you have learned from your past mistakes of these women with power that wouldn't even glance at you because shes such fucking royalty and a princess and that is the fault of their fathers who raised little monsters that no man ever dare put his cock in fear of a trap. We men are too innocent and naive to the games of these thots and now I ask u brothas to join the MGTOW movement for the betterment and savior of our sex being made into a damn fucking slave for these old used up hags.


1:18 ?????

taty lobato


Rick de Maaijer

Could Tasha really not have waited to call in until after she was done taking a shit behind a bush? :-/


Oh wow !!

Hayley Robinson

What about if your a shy girl? How can you take the front seat for the shy guy of ur a shy girl?

Azita Mireshghi

More animated videos please!! These are amazinggg

Bee Bear

This is a call from some time back's great but i thought i was getting something new.


I think I had enough Matthew for one day, overdose is not good lol!

someone somewhere

Wtf is happening with Matthew?? This is old conversation. Why he is not anymore interested for making good videos??
I like the old ones.

Minnie ♥ The Shoujo Nut

How does Matthew come up with these lines? Can he walkie talkie me while I am on a date? Great advice!

Andy Waltz

??? oh matt.



she Arciga



I love these animated videos. They are too cute and so entertaining ?


Nice one, Mat ;)


camren is real asjksk

Lori Owens

Why is it men come on to women to strong, I mean u do something nice then the have to start calling u either duragoatory names or they have to say something sexual. What in the hell ever fucking happened to manners?


Soo I have a problem that I’ve been a bit too forward with a guy and I don’t really know how to recover from that. Anyone tips?

Mireya Schilling

I have a question, a huge one!!! You'll see my husband from six years decided to end the marriage, I'm not sure if I want to save it but I wanna give it a try, the problem is he's resisting like crazy he even told me he doesn't know why, can someone help me to understand why is that??? Is he still in love with me or not at all, he says he's not but he acts jealous when I talk about other guys, but he said I hurt him really bad, can someone help me please!!! I need help!!!

Dominica L

Tasha! Did you get the date??? Please comment. We all NEEEED to know!


Great animation!!

Gillian Wong

Why is she squatting in a bush tho?


I'm in the exact same situation, I've met a guy in a group setting several times and we're both really shy which is not ideal but I thought I'd give him a sign and added him on facebook. After that I saw him at a concert I didn't know he was attending and he spent the whole afternoon with me, we even danced a bit. We sometimes chat on Facebook but never shows interest except being flirty one time. It's been a bit hard to accept he's not that into me because I made all these justifications in my head for why he hasn't asked me out but I'm glad I finally moved on and will try not to fall for shy guys because that shit's exhausting

julia and entei chanel

wait, what movie theatre sells ice cream??

Enn Vee

Is that a reupload from his radio show?

Ângela .-.


Unknown unknown

What if I’m shy too????

- IrisKnowsAll -

I'm sorry, but where is the logic in a overall pretty confident guy giving advice on how to talk to shy guys. Get an actual shy guy, y'know?

Arianna K

does anyone know how to lip read? 2:46


More importantly, how to flirt with a guy when you are shy? Haha


A little insight: Shy guys are shy for a reason, being an introvert another. We are uncertain and don't do it until we are certain, it's this black and white.
The akwardness is unbearable unless there is a purpose / side activity like eating ice cream. If you know to be proactive, he'll thank you for that.
If you are uncertain about him, ask him. We say what we mean and react in that manner as well. But be aware that most of us can't tell the difference between friendly and flirting or read any signs so to speak.
Key is: Take the initiative and he's yours.

Shah Habib

I have e a question for mathew I hope he reads it
I was in an online relationship for only four days and then it ended up it's been months but still I miss him I don't know what exactly my feelings is but it is diff from the other relationships I had . Was it love? What should I do now and if I want him back what are the things I need to do

Sun Yanming

omg why i see this tooooooooo late?

Carmen Havens

Will you talk about Camila one day


Matthew thank you, realy you changes my mind set just by listening to your videos and i found that i am not interested in some one that broke up with me. i was here waiting for her word to take action and it didnt, words like, i still like you, i regret breaking up, i still thing about us... so thank you i realy mean it.

lots of love to you and all how need help


Everyone is different though. You can really use the same method . anyway, thanks, Matt, please treat Camila like a queen, she really has a kind soul.


Im shy... waiting for dms ;$



Sary Hebert

Hi Matthew! I love your videos! Always very informative. I saw pictures of you and your daughter in a park. You were pushing her in a swing and catching her at the end of the slide. You make a good dad. It’s so sweet to have father daughter time.

giannis r.

being a shy guy I can assure you that if you are just cute, not too much communicative(makes us feel a bit useless?), and be straight to what you want, he has no reason to say no, unless he has a gf, he is REALLY busy, or you look like a witch or something?.(seriously though, being pretty is not such important.If 90% of the girls I know came to me like that, I would love to give them a chance?)

A'miyah Little

I have so much trouble flirting with a smart guy!


What if you happen to not be allowed to eat neither popcorn nor ice-cream due to an intolerance to fructose?

Regan Branch

I read lots of people keep on talking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets. But I'm uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular dating secrets?

Hania Awan

How can we understand the difference that a guy is just shy or he is not into you?

Kalina Kirilova

That video is just so beautifully made ?

Shemecas Mabry

This was really cool would love to see more animations like this

Johanna Boserup

Dear Matthew, I love you and your content, but after receiving your latest email about your deal on how to talk to men, I would love it if you could dial down the marketing bullshit - I mean listening to over 30 minutes of you blowing your own horn just to have to pay 47 dollars for the hyped up thing? Don't you trust the people on your mailing list to want your products? I wasn't thrilled about the underlining sexism in your very long commerciel... I expected better from you!

Maria kent

This animated cartoon is cute. ☺


Wish you answer this Matt:

Is there a way to make your guy more expressive on instagram or fb? I mean, I know couples where the guy posted photos of his girlfriend telling such lovely things on insta or fb, it looks like this kind of guys are completely sure about his relationship... but how to make this happen?
I have a boyfriend and we are in a "serious" relationship since 8 months. We are going to marry although he change his profile picture on fb with me I feel like a fool 'cause My insta and fb is full with pics of him and he once in a blue moon posted one with me and when he do it, its just the picture non even a phrase or dedicatory...

Is because he isn't sure about us? Or because he is hiding us from the others? I want to know if is sth I can change or not.

Heauton Timorumenos

"shy guys" usually finish last in the social hierarchy (at least in youth): they are the outcasts at school and don't enjoy youth; can even get addictions like porn and depression. They miss every opportunity and have not developed the faculties for being courageous for approaching women for seduction (and by implication for many other aspects of life). Then they often get resentful about themselves and become even less confident. They are afraid of women (both of rejection and of success) and the eyes of a beautiful woman are both divine forces and what can determine his worthiness in this world. A guy who is not able to approach women, is boring and distant (because of shyness and social anxiety), does not have confident traits, is afraid of touching a girl without asking permission or of saying certain words, ends up knowing few girls (usually also behind in life) and cannot trespass the friendzone or the acquaintance zone - such a guy will lose youth and is definetly a loser. These guys are in such a place that even if a girl comes and suggests she wants to have a realtionship with them, they avoid or reject her since they feel they are not ready for love or are afraid of many things: hurting the girl, having to take the responsability, not being enough, etc..
In animes and in pink universes perhaps girls like shy guys (or just find them cute). This video is a bit naive because in this world, which is made of suffering, shy guys are losers and girls don't like them. And society instead of helping them being less shy, either delusionally accept them as someone as strong and happy as non-shy people or mock and bully them at school. And as girls never make the first move and as they are attracted by the (seemingly) courageous ones, shy guys always finish last.
On the other hand, shy guys are not, in essence, inferior to others; potentially they can be the best guy in the world. Shyness, however, is a limitation: it kills a guy; it keeps potential from turning into actuallity; it keeps dreams from being fullfilled and, most importantly, it makes him weak and, perhaps, resentful. But they can always CHANGE and they can be helped in order to change despite all the difficulties; and the sooner the better because the weaker someone is and the more behind in life someone is, the more difficult it is to get back on track.
As a shy guy I can say that: (1) girls don't find me cute; (2) I have never kissed a girl despite being almost 24 (so I'm worse than an incel); (3) my emotional inteligence is low; (4) so that motivation and sucess in other areas (and Im good in my studies) are in downfall; (5) As a child I was beautiful and intelligent and (of course) spontaneous and I was not bound to become miserable in the future; (6) I am responsible for all this so shame on me! Perhaps there are many kinds of "shy people", but a video teaching girls to attain shy guys (that they don't really like) is very naive.

Jaliyah Ward

Does Troplusfix Dating Secrets really work? I see a lot of people keep on talking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets. But I'm not sure if it's good enough to become badass with women.

Jadea Page

How does he know all this stuff about dating guys? ???

B Sunshine

Great animations!

jenni Zamtor

She look like Camilla

Kara Velasquez

How effective is Troplusfix Dating Secrets? I've noticed several awesome things about this popular dating course.


If a crush was in front of me, i would think to myself "I'm just going to die"

Susie Q

You can tell he didn’t bother to make a real video this week.





This is SO much better than the magazines' endless repetitions of "be flirty!". This is so much better, to be given actual lines and how to behave. Thank you!!



CobaltFox Plays

It's a two way street, you can't wait for the opportunity to knock, you gotta make the first knock first.


I have to get my crush in my life ti complete me so, advice please, thanks blesses.


follow up ! I'm wondering if this worked for her

Ani Memer

I am also shy tho


Any one else reminded of the Rickey Gervais Show with this video? Or is it just me?

Catalina Hale

Does Episoketren System (do a search on google) help me improve the weakest part of my soccer game? I see lots of people keep on talking about this popular training course.

Worstmom Intheuniverse

Ok tbis one is from a youthful mid-aged free-spirited XY...
I met a XX professor (my age) as I was about to graduate from the college he works for. I flirted with him a lot before graduating.
At a social gathering of club members, at group-photo time, a guy put his hand on my shoulder (as we were all doing) and the professor firmly brought his hand down atop the guy's before resting his hand on my hair, above the guy's. I took it that the professor likes me and got jealous.
After getting my degree and moving on to a university, I informed him (in a letter that he could read at his leisure and contemplate) that I'm interested. He emailed from work, saying that I made him uncomfortable and that I could drop by anytime to discuss school stuff - to which I replied (to his email) that I don't want to talk about school stuff but personal stuff (but not at his workplace). That was the last communication ...until I went to a dance hosted by the college and we socialized freely. He informed me of a potential date when a scholl thing he's working on may have a "soft opening". That tells me that he wants to see me ...but it may only be that he has no issues with me and is simply telling me that he's making progress.
He's a bachelor who pretty much lives at work, but told me that he's had a few girlfriends. I think that he's just really shy. Ya think?
I'm used to confident guys putting it out there ...but he seems like the type that wants marriage\commitment. Maybe he doesn't think that he has time.
I was married (a decade ago) for 10 years to a construction worker (no kids to raise) and only divorced him because he chose another woman (who is not "soft" like I am) to be with.
I drive a stick-shift and I'm equally comfortable in sweats as I am a mink coat. Maybe he doesn't think that he's enough man for me?

Charlie Brown

That does look so much like Mat xD

Kathy Dove

Would like to see M. Interview/help young lady who is victim of "most shameless date in Europe." The terrible game men are playing known as "pulling a pig."


well flirting doesnt mean u always fine
i m aslo a shy guy so its easier to play
i kinda had a girl back then we ve been known for 1 year same school ans just get to know each others on facebook but yea we also meet each others on friends birthdays so not an online friend ...since the girl is the one who chatted me first well our friendship not really one sided.. and then i kinda got a crush on her because u know shes really good at making boys like her and in fact she has got her own unique attraction she was flirty but after a year later on her medical she seemed to be more stable and more mature because she is not as flirty as she was before ... so then thats the year when i started my advances... well at first things were smooth just in facebook i get to talk to her alot and sometimes we even flirt we kinda know we like each others ofc i know because our texts are not just friend-to-friend texts so it was never a one sided road but u know our friends with benefits time was just one soical media because at that time i was on a trip and ofc we are from different universities and its been almost a month weve been like that so why not i just dun wanna keep it up anymore i wanna tell her the truth because i thought she deserved to know it and i also wanted her to trust me because i dun want her to feel cheap abt i confessed her during the trip time she was suprised because she was kinda mad at me due to the arguement we had but when i confessed to her she even accepts the fact that we were friends with benefits.... she even said my words of confession made her heart beat that she might have a heart attack... well so the confession was also ok and she said she will consider abt it ... then from tht day everything of my life is so perfect ... after 3/5 days later she said to me that she likes me that she also had feelings for me ..when i asked why she said that she trusted my love .. that she knew i truely loved her but she never said she loved me even though i asked for it because she said that love and like (but come on does it seemed like just liking my personality ? :') no its not )are not the same .. then well i got rejected with the reason of her strict parents and studies ofc lol with all the oki doki signs that she showed to me with all that bullshit hopes that she put me into for what cost ... now she doesnt even care abt my existence and acting like it never happened or it was never a serious matter and i dun even know if its just me or if its jusr to her i just still feel guilty for nth and still i got no answers for that nonsense guilt i was blaming myself for the whole time even since of that rejection i just wanna stop and honestly i wanna hear and advice saying even though i chase her outside i wouldnt get her because i dun wanna regret and i think thats the one which has been bugging me eversince thanks for anyone whos reading this because this is such a one long comment : (

Sneazy_ 102

Why did I watch this. I am a guy.


So cute ❤️

Kristin Aldridge

Doesn't work if he's diabetic. The guy I like would just think I'm a insensitive because he's a diabetic. Just saying

Julie Cao

woooow thats an amazing line seriously

Prosperando com Saúde

Maybe he's not interested girl..... By the way I love your cartoons is so funny lol

נטלי פוזננסקי

If a man didn't pick up on the popcorn/ice cream question, I would write him off as not having a sense or humor/fun.

Anointed Woman

Great job!

Gabriel Waress

I really wanna know the result she got


Hey Matt question, do you only give dating advice to women because I listen to ur podcasts quite frequently and they help at times when I reverse the role I see it from a woman’s perspective then I can also interpret it from a guys perspective but now i have found myself in a predicament where the videos/podcasts don’t apply to my situation and just out here seeking some advice

Meaghan Michalski

Can you do a video of how to flirt with a guy when you're very shy?

Daniela Torres

... why does it look so easy ?!!!

Vic Syy

This line should only be used if you are already bantering or having a good time. If it's neutral and you use that line, a shy guy will go, "OK..." Maybe just say, "we should go to that movie!" And if he's hesitant backtrack by saying that you meant going out as a group.


haha my name is Natasha and I think I replayed Matthew saying "Tasha you're so lovely" at least 5 times ??

Raymond Bernal

As specialist, I'm sure Troplusfix Dating Secrets is good way to get laid by hot girl. Why don't you give it a shot? maybe it is going to work for you too.

Enoch Leach

Do anyone know about Troplusfix Dating Secrets? Does it really work? I hear many people get laid by hot women with this popular dating course.

Viviane P

I love the little line he gave it's so cute!!


This definitely has worked for me!
It has been a year I have met my shy and amazing boyfriend and we just bought a house together! We're so happy.
Thank you so much @MatthewHussey !


Thank you!


I'm am going to quote Wikipedia here because it will help you understand the mindset of shy guys: "The primary defining characteristic of shyness is a largely ego-driven fear of what other people will think of a person's behavior. This results in a person becoming scared of doing or saying what they want to out of fear of negative reactions, being laughed at, humiliated or patronised, criticism or rejection." What does that mean for you? It basically means that you have to make him feel comfortable around you. Establishing an atmosphere that he doesn't have to fear being himself around you. Gain his trust by accepting him the way he is (you probably do this if you like him) and escalate things slowly.
Matthew's advice is great to find out whether he likes to spend time with you or not. But to find out if he's romantically interested in you, you need to do a bit more. And that is the tricky part because most girls are not used to approaching guys. The best advice I can give you is: watch his actions and behaviour. If he's interested in you he will probably look for chances to be around you. That doesn't necessarily mean that he is going to do anything other than being in your eye sight but often shy guys try to find a way to spend time with you if you two are already friends. If you haven't achieved the friendship status yet but you already know that you are romantically interested in him you have to ask him out. And you can do that by doing what Matthew suggests in this video. That is perfectly fine. Nevertheless there has to come more from you. Guys in general mostly don't see the hints girls tend to give and especially shy guys won't notice them. Or if they do they are very likely to think that you are just being friendly because they are afraid of a negative reaction if they make a move.
So you should start escalating things slowly as I said above. Try to initiate physical contact and flirt. Flirt a lot. And each time go a step further if he doesn't shy away from it. You can start by hugging him, then hugging him longer, touching his arms, poking him when joking around, shortly resting your hand an his lap when sitting close to each other, making ambiguous jokes all the time, resting your head on his shoulder till you eventually reach the point of where you would kiss him (normally). BUT - and this is very important (!!) - if you do all these things and he doesn't initiate body contact himself, it does NOT have to mean that he is not interested in you romantically. It can though. But he is probably just afraid of iniating more intimate contact. Shy guys are shy, not stupid. By that point he probably realized what you are up to and would have prevented you from intimate contact if he wasn't interested. But if you reach that point and still wonder why he hasn't done anything on a physical level, you either back off yourself (because you think he is not interested and that is what 99% of girls do if they didn't already back off way earlier)... OR you just ask him why. Tell him that you were giving him hints all the time and ask him why he didn't see them. At the latest then he will get it.
I know it can be a struggle, especially since you won't find out that fast what he thinks about you, but in the end it might be worth all the hassle before. Because you got him to open up to you and once he knows that you wan't more than just friendship and feels the same about you, there will come a lot from him because now he knows he doesn't have to fear rejection or that you might think bad about him.


Girls, this is way easier than you think. We, guys, today are like Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Just approach us and we will instantly fall in love with you, because we've never been approached by a girl before, so the mere act of doing it will be a conquering move.

Yuki Yamaguchi

I love that test close! Sooo good! Another awesome video Matthew! I've been following your tips for a while now and they work so well! ❤️ Sending love and support from Japan. ?

Icecreamlover forever24

Omg this video is so relatable the animation girl in the beginning of the video is literally how me & my crush look like lol???....this is just what I needed cuz I see this guy at church too and he hugs me a lot ???

W.D. Asencios

I'm a shy guy, and I like watching his videos! Makes me think about the things that I do wrong.

Anounette Se

What are some ways to become badass with women? I read plenty of superb reviews on the net about how exactly Troplusfix Dating Secrets will help you get laid by hot women. Has anybody tried using this popular dating secrets?

I love you _______

We’re both shy.

Rudy Vance

I hear many people keep on speaking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets. But I'm uncertain if it's good. Have you ever tried this popular dating course?

Adrian Edwards

I like this!

Heather Smith

Yesssss! In my 30s, I'm totally wanting to date the nerd types

Jabari Arellano

What is Troplusfix Dating Secrets? Does it work? I hear lots of people become badass with women with this popular dating manual.

How To Flirt At Work

How To Flirt At Work31 Jul. 2016
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Want to know How To Flirt

Want to know How To Flirt At Work? Then you'll LOVE this episode! We're going way beyond the cliché smile with eye contact that comes with the typical advice on how to flirt with a guy. And landing on a fun and sexy way to turn your flirting at work game way up!

That guy on the 3rd floor won't even know what's coming. Flirting with a coworker has never been more exciting!

Make sure to "like" this episode if you liked it. And because sharing is caring be sure to pass it on. (I'd love it if you did)


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Thanks very much miss I have appreciate your advice

SGT Williams

I love watching your videos.

Fadzai Muvingi

on point


wow owowow that's great know what if a guy is in a relationship but he keeps insisting to be with you and has misunderstanding with his partner but at the same time chat with both of you would you reject him or go on with him ?

Brienna Carter

Mr. J - Harley Quinn lol ?????????
love your videos by the way.


You are toooo funny! Great tips! <3

Zahra Liang

LOL girl u r funny and make so much sense. Lve it!

Sharon Ajose

I love your personality! Beautiful inside and out ?

No Name

My colleague and I share an office. It's a tight, intimate space and we're constantly in close proximity. The level of flirtatiousness has increased over the past 2 weeks and I find myself getting aroused way too often. The problem is, she's in an unhappy relationship. When I realized this, I requested to be assigned to another office. Unfortunately, she seduced me into staying and now I feel myself falling into a slippery slope.

Kat G.

You're so funny I love it!

Marko Ragala

OMG i hit subscribe and like righd at the beginning :D lol that intro :D :D

Alco Rebel Cent

This video is slaying my life! XD I WISH I had the confidence to flirt like you oh my gosh I'm crying!

Norma Eunice Chavarria

I need your confidence!!!

nancy v

I hope it works for my case, as well. I like one of my colleagues and he seems to like me back. I'm a bit worried 'cause both of us are shy and I'm afraid of how uncomfortable it might be if it doesn't work out for the two of us or if get into a relationship and then break up while having to work together, but I'm definitely trying this tricks. Wish me luck!


A woman I worked with started flirting with me and calling me a pet name. As a result, I had her moved to another department, away from me - and later, I had her fired.

man of steel Goodmanll

I would say that i get along with some of my co workers.And my super visor named cherrail. She's polite to me and is compelled,to help me out a lot with duties she even calls me mike some times.But i can tell she seemed flirtatious even highly recommends to confine in me if i make a mistake or need extra support, directly where i can get mentoring me to make things easier for me i was relieved and i didn't think anything of it at all.I just thought she was being genuine nice and appreciative of me and yeah her and some others value my opinion a, little more, different then others,if it's endearingly significantly constant...for things i would clarify to express usually would make sense if it's relevant to work.And yeah she does laugh at things i say and my facial expressions even others do. I happen to be a pretty, talkative but ,extremely funnier person at times and i would do very well at my job cause I'm very stronger faster, and proactively, sufficient to level up at everything and be on my game.I'm practically a body building janitor an yeah she does offer me easier assignments,to help mentor me on my job. And also a constructive hard working landscaping handy man of course.I get complaints based on how i dress and how stylish i am at my job among others around me really.But i didn't think anything of it besides I'm 25 and she's 30 with teenage kids so i would thought that might have been hot but oddly strange, if i were to be fucking my super visor though.Cause we both like our jobs and the money were being paid.So i would not want to deal with, that type of unwanted "retaliation nonsense"or those crazy ass rumors "what so ever" i don't need all that but I'd still be flattered though.

Shanequa Clark

Hello I'm a new subscriber and I just wanted to say that I love how confident sassy and funny your personality is there is a guy at work that I like I have a name for him as well and he smiles every time I say it I'm the only person who gets to call him that I do like him but I'm not sure if he has a girlfriend already or if he feels the same way.... I'm not sure how to ask him either I'm the new girl there but your video has helped thanks again I'll keep you posted.


Gawwwwwd. The guy I fancy at work has a gal ? but he’s really chatty to me and teases me a lot. Which is confusing asf



just a girl

subscribed in 6 seconds ??

lei famly

i love it. i will try it today.haha.thank you. kiss


3.53 was absolutely super sound, i love it!
it's sad that i didn't think about flirting at work before, i was sure that i shouldn't do it there. My customer was flirting with me long time and i think he liked me, but i was afraid to show him my interest because "I AM AT WORK". After your video i think my behaviour was very stupid because it wasn't crime. I think my train with this guy has gone, but i will try to use these tips all the same.

Thank you!


When you are a Muslim and you can't flirt but still watch this vidéo

Toni Smith

Man. I'm damn near in love with my coworker. But way to scared to actually flirt. Le sigh

heaven roots

who else caught that... Mister J

Diego Diaz

Girl you're so fun! Your video is really helpful and your personality is GOLD! I live!!! Subscribed :)

Jud Judersawn

How to do theoretical physics in da club. How to piss in the sink. How to take a crap in a cereal bowl.

Cassidy Martin

You're such a sweetie! I love your personality and you give great advice!


damn, wish I found this video earlier this week. im trying to give my work crush my number but my last day is tomorrow lol.


I'm not confident enough to flirt this way ?

Monica Louise Bryant

This is some level 10 flirting that I don’t think I’m capable of pulling off, lol.

Jane Hoffman

Love your videos but whoa! This is so over the top, couldn't do it!

Shawn Kingston Agard

Lmao ? I'm weak ????✌?✌???????????

stephanie Daniele

Je t'adore. Girl, I like the way you talk and of course, all the tips and advices that you share. Thanks ;-)

better late than broke

Last time I saw this I was crushing on a neighbor,then I was at work , met a 'Banks' AHHHHHH !!!! Great video...t.b.c....

Magic Power

Flirting at work is not a good idea at all. You do not need the gossip or the stares.


Bad idea. Stay professional.

Ivonne Gonzalez

I subscribed right away lol loved your video ?❤ thank you sweetie


Dead ? ?

Margaret Archer

A new subscriber and I freaking love you and love your vedios already, you re so beautiful and vivid .msny thanks and blessings ❤❤?❤?❤?❤?❤❤

Lady Shenna

Very good and so funny ?


Hahaha there is a guy at work I like so that's for the tip, I I can practice my flirting on him. He doesn't have one of my unnegotiable, he doesn't consider himself a christian, although he was raised in a faith.


I'm a fan

Sonia Sunshine

you are so silly lol. and you're a natural! ?

Florida Dame

That intro had me laughing out loud

Polly anna Brandford

This video is funny as hell plus true!!! Lol I do some of these things without even realizing it lol guess I got some game

Fred Tapley

Nice post..❤

smidge of bridge

I freaking LOVE your energy wow

rain drops

I'm hella straight but if you flirted with me like that, GIIIRL, I might just cross that damn bride hahaha

Linda Barraza

You have personality and are straight-forward! Love it!! I can't get enough of your advice :)

tiffany smith

I absolutely love you, you're hilarious and I love your advice!

Lovely Green Sky

I find you very attractive !


i loooove your channel and you!! have you maybe got any tips to be more hoeish (lol if youre into that kinda thing) to like pick up men and let them know you just wanna enjoy this time and not get into a relation ship? keep up the good work!! :)

Gumamela Chin

I like you..You are funny and witty..

luis ordonez

im new And by The intro i know ur amazing!!!

James Taylor

I thought this was going to be one of those feminist things saying stop flirting at work its harassment and nobody likes it ;)but it turns out a beautiful black lady gave me permission to, if I wasnt british and therefore unable to flirt

Esme R.

? you make my life better in 5 minuets or less!

Onche Ugbabe

There would be world peace if every woman had the "sense of men" you do Tiye. You're on point.

Bella Lidia

i actually practiced some of the things you said before even watching this video..and yes it works. He is starting to talk to me more now :)

babygirl 99

Girl I love your personality
But this level of flirting is next level to me lol

Toya Missy

I love you!

Stupendous Jia

I love your channel your so funny

Ayano Aishi

Bro I love her personality

Angel Friend

you're hilarious

Mel Tangness

From a man's perspective, why would a guy always play with their wedding ring when they talk to a specific woman? Noticed it at work for 6 months, he won't talk much if other people around, but when alone he's comfortable and talkative.


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