How to get wife in the mood

For Men: How to Turn Her On When She's Not "In the Mood"

For Men: How to Turn Her On When She's Not "In the Mood"17 Jul. 2013
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Mia LockhartSubscribe 438 721

You know how she has her

You know how she has her "moods", PMS, etc. We explain here how to easily understand what's going on without explaining the "icky" stuff and most you can get LUCKY in EVERY Phase of the month. She's actually 4 different women...instead of being scared, be excited ;)-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at . Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.

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Yakshith Gowda

Can u tell me how to fuck with women's and they only want with these things from me... How..?

Carolina García

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mkg 21

This makes a lot of sense compared to other advice. There is no catch all for women and how to turn them on, and even after having different strategies for different women, she will still respond more or less to some things depending on where she is in her cycle.

Ann Marie

Week one ; that’s disgusting ?

kalee brozek

this is dumb...

Aj Freeze

Pretty damn close ❣

Brandon Ross Blackburn, Realtor

get her in the mood gents


I like that the video doesn't automatically exclude sex when she's on her period. The truth is: most women are more aroused than ever during their period and approx. 10 days after during their ovulation. But there's still a ton of things that are left out. I'd say during these times we are more hormonally driven, but in the meantime (week 2 / 4) we're less hormonal and arousal is more a state-dependent / situational thing. Go out on a date, pay her compliments, make out, give her a massage, go down on her, take your time while you're doing this, don't rush things, don't make her feel like all you want is to finally be inside her, make her feel like every part of sex (foreplay included) is a treat. Oh and make sure you smell nice ^^ scent is very important!

Mayra Ramirez

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Mi Ma

This is just superb, been searching for "winning your wife back during separation" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Jenaniel Forgiveness Blueprint - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

Rebecca Mwaipaja

Women are triggerd by emotions, if she is not in the mood its cause you have not been emotionaly available. Simple.

How To Deal With A Woman's Mood Swings

How To Deal With A Woman's Mood Swings21 Jun. 2015
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Jad T JonesSubscribe 438 721

How to deal with a woman's mood swings, drama and arguments

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If she talks too much you need to fill her mouth up

Luke Ache

Men who put up with women's moods are simps and white knights.

just Mo

Maybe she isn't drama. Maybe she's just a up and down Person. So figure out which one she is. Drama or just a normal emotional woman. I'm not drama but I have ups and downs as any other person including men. So imagine it's your dude friend that's in a bad mood what would you do? Be her friend as well as her man.


Thank you my girl annoying

Jos Paul

Same situation is going with me......LDR and mood swing problem

Skuupperi SPR

thank you so much for this.

vishak vk


m z

Bullshit-the fact that some girls love drama!?!
Thats when the relationship dont fit-or "drama" is not there...
Mood swings are also possible there casue she has problems with her her hormons.
Maybe you should inform yourself..
But the advice you gave is perfect-thanks ;)

Landon Jones

Great analogy man... my gf had a mood swing tonight and I made a mistake... i wasn't in that great of moods bc im stressing about school and she got upset bc i was trying to get to know a new member of our discord and she didn't like i wasnt giving her attention which was petty imo bc im always there for her but the way she talked to me and then ignored me shows how much she hated me in that moment..


This actually helps I highly appreciate it

Jesse S

Crazy that is twice today in two isolated occasions I hear of the book the way of the superior man

Valarie Knight

Why put up with it all? Get rid of her and find someone who is mature. Who needs that drama in their lives. If enough guys do this, women will eventually get the clue.


so do i comfort her or just stay silent


Look at all these girls in the comment section causing drama because they don't like drama lol

Shadow Ninja

How to Stop your Girlfriend from drama

1. Silence
2. Close your Eyes
3. Never Talk to her for a bunch of Hours..

Life Is Beautiful

I mean i like that approach though. Ima just admit I do feel like a crazy person before my period. Basically I feel like I only have 1 and a half weeks a month to feel like a normal human. However don't let a woman run all over u just to save the relationship unless it's something medical or your fault lol. We all do have things that trigger us from time to time but most often it's not without much patience beforehand. But I applaud you for standing for the stable male role in the world as there really is an attack on men. And as a woman I want to say men are amazing in all their testosteroned glory. C ya

Pant uwu

What i've learnt from this video : Girls play with your feeling


what nationality of women are the most calm and level headed and undramatic ?

Jabu Mahlangu

I am African. Punch her in the mouth.

Syarah Filipek

I’m a girl and ik boys have hormones to but u have no idea what it’s like to have blood coming out of ur vagina for a whole week straight feels like. It smells it makes u angry and some girl even get cramps. I am one of those girls that gets cramps and those hurt like hell so if u can’t handle the mood swings from ur girl. Than u probably won’t get a girl that will want to stay with u for life because all of us girls gets mood swings some of us might be able to control it a little bit better than others but we all have it and if u can’t man up and help her out then don’t expect her to have sex with u. But u have an opinion and I don’t hate h for having one. If u need help with ur girl than maybe talk to her about it or when she’s on her period get her chocolate I can promise u the cravings make us even more irritated. Hope this helped

D. Teach

thank you bro i needed to hear that

T Erhhh

I just want to point out coz it may help some men and lesbians and bisexual women out there when dating a woman. Ok sometimes women DO just enjoy drama (i personally hate it) and will cause shit out of nowhere. But sometimes the women's mood swings may not just be random it may be that the guy ( or girl if theyre gay or bi) is acting differently towards them and they feel annoyed/upset by it because they feel like they are making all the effort.

Latin Blogger


Doctor Konrad

thanks! i will use that. Hard as hell but i will use that. The issue is how to stop them from being asshole out of the blue for no reason

Brandon Grandorff

I love the whole storm and being concrete. I dj at a strip club and bartend so I see girls freak out a lot especially lately! Good advice man well see if I can put it into practice. I'll be seeing a lot of storms running around haha

Barton Campbell

This is bullshit. I think we've all done that and it don't do shit. You don't know what you're talking about. The CIA uses sleep deprivation as torture.

Elias Emanuelsson

The reason nature is called “mother nature” is because females subconsciously control natural selection not because they can be moody ?

Mari Kvarenes Baann

wow this might be some of the worst advice I've ever encountered


Ha ha thanks dude, this really helped, Mine has her own mood swing in the front garden ! be the solid building during the storm ! it will pass.

Nuel A

Nice advice dude!? That's the right thing to say...Thanks!

T Erhhh

"a woman's emotions are like a storm" woman here and thats so true ?

DJ Asks

Lol some of need proper dads and moms, that could most likely be why we are here in the first place

Shurry Ma

That's why you're single

jubaer abedin

There is no woman in this fucking planet that doesnot love drama...or do mood swings and also produces clash out of thin air....
There is none.....nope there isn’t any....the girls Won't agree...and i wanna say to those girls..."mam,it's a fact...we see that in you every fucking day of our relationships."...?

Ultratitan8000 x

i will tell you a few things
1: just dont say a word no matter if she wrong
2: play music in your mind or make fun of her (in your head)
3:a wise man once told me a man who cant control his anger aint a real man. so be chill

Ertugrul Saglik

Life saving advices thanks

Vergel Dave

Ty bro

Miralyn Lopez

Being moody not only drama!

hardi kita

girl vs girl: nothing. girl vs father: nothing. girl vs boy: hormones, insecure, moody, stress, pms, others

Gary Oak

Droves of angry, delusional women in the comment section. There must be truth in this video ;)


Not all, but so.many women are already emotionally damaged by previous relationships and it only takes any little mannerism or remark or a physical gesture or ANYthing that reminds or flashes them back to.negative incidents that her present guy had nothing to do.with and probably didn't even know about. This is a.most common cause of the issue being analyzed here. (Punishing the innocent present for.the guilty past)

Luna N

How can we control our emotions . I got angry at one guy, he stood throughout my storm. I almost had eaten him up! :D Jk ! I just feel like i dont want to talk to him!

God :

The girl I’ve been taking to for the last two months just got mad at me for calling her “nice” and had this whole thing abt it??‍♂️?‍♂️


Look bro I’m not a damn weatherman and I don’t have time for storms every month. What you don’t realize is they come out the storm and are all sorry and shit and then 2 weeks later it’s like they don’t even remember the last storm. And it’s a repeat. I’m tired of waiting out the shit storm without an umbrella.

dumbass ;

There's this thing called a period.

Shannon Claire lowe

U don’t know anything about women

Kyle Gabriel Dones

Girls are like abstract painting, even though you can’t understand them, they are still beautiful.

Quentin Wach

Those who love drama might actively interpret your words and actions in a way that will allow them to create it.

Chrystalynne Harrel

I take offense when he said girls like to start drama in their relationship when they get bored like one bitch do more research on girls before you open your mouth, that was very rude

Lila Dearaujo

You are so handsome!?

Engr. Jessy de Castro

Women have this mood called "you don't understand". ??

Al Grande

Don’t ever say anything lol. Great advice.

Tony Roulette

I’ve been dealing with this shit for 20 or more years,everything is my fault shows how stupid I am

Varun Rode

My girlfriend is just the same a drama queen. Thank you for the knowledge

I.s be

if you understand snakes you will understand women

simon swamy

Extreme mood swings is not normal if a woman is emotionally imbalance she she bring that into your life and marriage will be a disaster so stay from these women they need to learn how to control and fix themselves before anyone else can fix them esp the ones who have daddy issues it's a strict no no for me I have dated lots of women but a strong woman will make your life beautiful and not chaotic

Narcfree At Last

That’s why it’s important to add “right now” to the equation. Never want to talk to you?? Right now, hates you? Right now, angry name calling? Right now. What worked for me is to back off for some time, reach out to her after a while. Maybe even a few days. An emotional being will not be receptive of logical thinking.


Ask your woman to act as a decent person and not to be a cunt. If she can't control her mood swings, send her to a therapist. PMS and whatever, is no reason, nor is it an excuse that a girl can be a bitch, just because that's what girls are. Moody girls are one thing. They are poorly raised people, nothing more. Low class, ignorance and lack of control.
Years of a happy marriage to the right girl has taught me that - or rather my previous relationships has taught me that.
And ones "job" as a man, is not to take abuse during her storm. If she can't control her moods and takes it our on her partner, kick her out as the ungrateful little egomaniac she is. No woman deserves an abusive man, nor do any man deserve an abusive woman.
Case closed.

Vintage Plastic

Good women can regulate their moods pretty well. The only women I've dated that have had mood issues are the ones that were just assholes.


Me and this girl were talking a lot over night just about random things, when I messaged her in morning she said “leave me alone” and I asked if it was something I did and she didn’t answer the question and left me on read, I really like this girl and I think she likes me

Really confused lol

Soleeh Auva’a

A storm will break a tree

Rahul Tripathi

Jad T jones u explained very well ..World is heaven without feminist thing..I agree on gender balance ... But not mood swings.. On subject:-Mood swings are hurting other someone with your emotions and you don't value them.. People those who only loves drama and want feeling of importance from others unnecessarily are like that....I have seen people below in comment section are again try to support Mood swings as medical issues.... Everybody in this world is stressed and suffered ..But it doesn't mean you stop giving value to others and make them feel bad because of new thing MOOD SWING.....

Erika Arnold

As a woman, I see a relationship as a team. Having been married for over a decade, I know that men have a cycle just like women do. Men just don't have periods. This is something I have learned from all of my relationships. The key is to know each other well enough to know when it is your turn to be supportive. Anyone who pays attention to their partner knows that women are not the only ones who go through mood swings. If you are a woman in a long term relationship, you know what I am talking about. Sometimes, a man's mood swings can even eventually line up with yours, which could be problematic. So, let's not do that thing where men talk about how unstable women are. This is the HUMAN condition, and in a truly honest relationship, both can let the other know when they need a little extra support. This can be very constructive and it is working for me. I hope it can work for you as well.

SH David Chung

what do you mean by calm?


HAHHAHAHA this is MY FRICKIN PROBLEM ALL THE TIME .. She's not my girlfriend and I'm not her boyfriend.. But we know we love each other ?

Glenn Andrebon

Thanks ???

Adrian Shaw

Just Ignore them and let them be when they have their mood swings and when they are ready to reconnect like adults then talk to them but let them bring up why they were upset. If they don't want to talk about it just leave it alone and as a man stay in your masculine frame the whole time.


Only morons deal with female mood swings.
Intelligent men don't bother.

Ghostbuster of Stratford

My wife is very emotional she ends up crying alot and I always comfort her because I love her and she is also pregnant


This video is very very offensive to women. Mood swings are different than those who love drama and bring difficulties to relationships. But i do appreciate your advise to be present with her and not try to fix her (that's good advise)

Erick Rishel

Answer= Don't Deal with it...

Harry Kim

I cracked when you said mother nature


Very well said... It happens with me most of the times....


I'm going through this now, I told her before we started dating I don't tolerate erratic crazy behavior. I'll leave in a heartbeat. it kept her in check until she got pregnant now she's starting it again so now I'm not around her until she calms that shit down.

aleks ander

This is the shitiest advice,,, this advice is so shit like ur face

lam lam

Its not that girls love drama its just happens ... i also dont like drama but im so dramatic so im here searching for some answers?

Art'uro TM

Solution: Ditch dat bitch and Date multiple easy chicks.

Gavin Payne

She starts throwing mood swings you show her the door

J.T. Devereaux

I cant handle this shit either.... dealing with women has been the absolute hardest thing I've ever experienced in my life....the hardest....these mfs ain't human...I dont understand there thought process nor decision making processes....Most of the time....

Jan Jacobszoon

My ex once said at the beginning of our relationship " this relationship is going too well, it doesnt feel right". Not long after that she had her first outburst and from then on it was constant fighting. Looking back it became clear she was a toxic person and feeded on drama.

Blaydon Keith

I came here for my girl. You know it’s bad when you start looking up how to deal with a girl who is always in a mood

Me and my bois

I dont have time for this bullshit
Just be fucking bored
Dont play with other feelings

You Need Jesus

You ignore her.

Tiffany Hall

Wow, this is the first video I have seen from you. YOU’RE AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT!! I hope no man ever takes your advice. ?

Claudia W

Women has emotions = “very moody girl that I can’t tolerate” HAHAHA this is such nonsense. Gross. I guarantee you don’t want to be taking this guy’s advice. Maybe consider treating her like a human, not placating, and being empathetic as you would be for any of your guy friends. Fucking hate this shit.

Lore Dragon

they get mad every single second Fking bitches I better be single rather than dealing with a bitch who pissed me off all the Fking time

Betchayda Alnor Xian James

The first advise.
Shit that hit hard

Aastha Budhiraja

Its funny he's relating it to storms ??

Olea Amme

Not that she loved drama. Come onnnnnn!

Sarah Norment

Thank you. I needed some advice on how to handle a co-worker at my job who's moodiness is extreme. I've never been like that myself, perhaps because I was raised by my father in a single-parent household. I find mood swings and drama extremely offputting, but there's no way to avoid her because our supervisor has paired us to work together for the indefinite future. Thank you for the advice.

Bantu Erverh

I call it demons

Zack-Mio Sermon

Thank you for this advice

Edgar Velázquez

Just look for a more stable person. That's what I heard, and I like it.

Zubayer Khan

Thank you man... You solve my problem.....thanks a lot

Hubert El Jr Mondragon

Makes perfect sense thanks

Col. Trautman

Even girls that arent drama queens get possed off. PMS seems to be the #1 factor. Hard to believe, but it even happens to girls that are "stable" as you say. I have a wife, 2 daughters, and was raised by women. They all have different personalities but 1 thing is pretty consistent, when they PMS, they all get bitchy. Best thing you can do is, dont fight back. And keep in mind that its PMS talking, not her. When I sense a disturbance in force, I turn into Hermit Yoda and try my best to steer clear of engaging in a disagreement with them.

Yung Jks

I think this well help if it don’t I’m coming back to the comments yo cus you out ?

Aaron Priestley

you cannot deal with a womans mood swings if she wants to have them.

SinEp Forcerer

Think i'm going get some duck tape and tie the bitch up and leave her in a real storm.

Priyanka Pandey

Why dont u get a boyfriend then? He wont have periods and mood swings!

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