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Every Body Curious | PENIS | Shaftesbury Kids

Every Body Curious | PENIS | Shaftesbury Kids1 Jun. 2020
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How big is a normal

How big is a normal penis? What does an uncircumcised penis look like? Can you have too many erections? In this episode we learn that penises come in various lengths, colours, curvatures and thicknesses - and all of this is normal. Every penis-owner has their own relationship with their penis! There’s some testicles talk too as the kids conquer Scrotum Ball, an Every Body Curious original game! Our special guest, who has seen a lot of penises, asks a colourful question! The teens create a penis glossary and talk about circumcision! 


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Special Guest: Dr. Richard Casey, Urologist 

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Uncircumcised Penises (also Uncut, Intact) Do NOT Look the Same as Circumcised Ones

Uncircumcised Penises (also Uncut, Intact) Do NOT Look the Same as Circumcised Ones29 Jan. 2020
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We need to stop saying

We need to stop saying that a guy with his foreskin looks just the same as a guy when erect. This is not true regardless of whether the guy remains covered with foreskin or automatically retracts upon erection. It’s not true nor should we who have our whole intact entire penis be trying to look like a cut guy. Nor should we be trying to tell people it looks the same. Instead we should be getting everyone to realize how awesome it looks and functions when all men and boys have their whole penis as they are entitled to.

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Bruh Moment

Amen brother. Are you and your boyfriend still together? I just saw the video of you 2


Your gay and I'm gay. You still have your estrogen receptors intact. I don't. Can you explain to me how you use them? lol ;D

Ashley Jenkins

Spot on.


Sam, like you I grew up intact in the midwest, although I am probably 30+ years older than you are. I saw all of 5 intact dudes during my school and summer camp years. I was never made fun of after I learned to slide my foreskin back when using a urinal or locker room. There was no awareness that circumcision was a thing until my college years (outside the midwest). I conclude that my exposed bellend looked near enough to the exposed bellends of the dudes around me. Straight guys do not get up close and personal with, or stare at, the todgers of other guys. Hence I agree with women who say "when it's hard, you can't tell if it's cut or not."


You are, actually, an expert in your field--intactivism! ??

Larry Arnold

It would be a very boring world if we all looked alike, like we came off of a production line!


https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-51305656  It's about time there were better emojis than toadstools and eggplants/aubergines for intactivists to use!  ✂️??


Thank you for making this video discussing this aspect. Intactivists need to speak the truth, without exaggeration.
Only someone sexually inexperienced says about intact and cut penis, "They both look the same when erect." NO, they most certainly do not. There is a meme circulating that shows the smooth glans of an intact penis is very different than the scarred, bumpy glans of the penis that is missing the foreskin.

There are other ways the intact penis differs in looks and feel from a penis that has been cut too.

অনুৰাগ কল্যান দুৱৰা

I am from India. I am 22 years old and uncircumcised. I have phimosis problem. Now I can pull my foreskin in my normal situation. But when my panis become eract i can not pull my foreskin back. Now I am using Aloe vera gel and coconut oil. I have solved 40% problem in just 3 days. Can I cure this problem without circumcision? Please reply.

Bad Moms - Uncircumcised Talk Sence

Bad Moms - Uncircumcised Talk Sence29 Jun. 2020
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Alan John Fernandes

Women’s locker room talk. It’s ok for them to have it, but not men. Double standards


Americans, if only the movie writers knew how common it was in every other country ??‍♀️

Tim Kirk

So it's okay to body shame a guy, but can't dare to critique a women's body? what double standards. Also, more than 50% of the world is uncircumcised.