Gspot for men

G-Spot..... For Men

G-Spot..... For Men15 Oct. 2011
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We have all heard by now

We have all heard by now that women have G-Spots. It is the source of great pleasure for women. But did you know men have a G-Spot too!!! It also is a great source of pleasure for men. And no, I am not talking about just gay men. I am talking about all men. Watch and learn. Then buy my book, The Cheating Game at Also, like me on facebook, The Cheating Game.

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Leo The Indigo Mer Goddess

Ain’t no real MAN gone let you Touch his ass ?????

Lavish C

I agree, society puts men in a box and want to label them as gay for every little thing that isn't considered "the norm". Anything you do with a FEMALE is in no way gay.And I think guys who feel that way are immature and have a lot of growing up to do.