Hairy swimsuits

This hairy chest swimsuit is the bathing suit you didn’t know you needed

This hairy chest swimsuit is the bathing suit you didn’t know you needed13 Jun. 2017
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The 'sexy chest swimsuit'

The 'sexy chest swimsuit' will make you feel some type of way.

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My Girlfriend Rates My Bikinis! | Yoins Try On Haul

My Girlfriend Rates My Bikinis! | Yoins Try On Haul2 Aug. 2020
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Here are all the links in

Here are all the links in case you are interested in purchasing bikinis from Yoins:

Website link:

Discount code: LX15 for 15% off,LX20 for 20% off if order over $65

Items I tried on in this video:

SKU845247 White Padded Design Spaghetti Bikini Sets

SKU945848 Blue Tie-up Front High-waisted Grid Pattern Bikini Set

SKU958655 White & Yellow Stripe Scoop Neck Twist Bikini

SKU855595 Blue Stripe Pattern Spaghetti Bikini Set

SKU973982 Yellow & White Scoop Neck Twist High Waist Bikini

SKU843730 Yellow Tube Top Halter Bikin Set

SKU664505 Knot at Front Two-piece Bikinis Set in Red

P’s Channel:

Business Email: [email protected]


Sadie’s Instagram:

P's Instagram:

Sadie’s Hair Salon instagram:


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Ma.analuisa Baliar

I like all of them for you.. beautiful and sexy..??????


Lookin good, but you dont look like a L or XL?❤️

Jesica Andrea Gugu Peña


TRT Çocuk'un Eski Çizgi Filmleri

There am i only Turkish?/Burada tek Türk ben miyim???????????????????????


Wow, for some reason, i always thought you were thin or very thin. Let me tell you, what you are, in one word: HOT! Your curves, the simmetry, the whole conformation of your body is pleasant to the view. Your loose hair gives you an air of freshness and playfulness. In summary, a very girly and delicate look with the hotness of your body. What a combination. Now, i just envy P. You are HOT HOT HOT. Take care both.

Belle Sousou


Desert Flower?

"It disappears in the ass crack" ?????? P cracks me up!


P looks very very tired why?


you got PHAT :)

Chahak Sagar

I love how paula rates ?♥️♥️

Görkem Akray

Türkçe altyazı nerede ing biliyorum ama tam olarak anlayamıyorum sizi

Desert Rose

Nasıl selülitin hic yok yaa?

Candice Andino

Girl! You look so good in bikinis ? they all looked good on you . But my fav is the white and tan and gray one .

Robert Craig




Layse de Araújo


ivan rollier

The last one is the best ?


your body is so gorgeous!! ? you are quite thin imo. and i feel the same about my body & thinking others look so good, but then when I look at mine I don’t like it:-(


My favorite lesbian couple

Jinkie Calvo

Hi..Sadie and P.

Dave Joyce

Nice one guys ????

abdullah saud


Pagan Skye

You look beautiful in all of them and she was just so sweet every one deserves to be loved that much ❤️❤️❤️

dedee aminah

I wonder what would sadie look like if she have her hair cut short like christen there a Photoshop ?

rajni- Always be happy Rajji


Engin Çağlayan

Ya sedef Türkiye den yazıyorum sen niye böyle giyindinki sanki . Tamam severek takip ediyorum sırf ilişkinizi sevdiğim için ama olan var olmayan var şimdi sabaha kadar uyu uyuyabilirsem .

Angelique Jennings

I would love to see more bright colors on you they really suit your skin. I would love to see like an electric blue color or a hot pink. And ironically I just got to the part where you hate loud colors. So maybe more vibrant than loud colors. Beautiful video!

Nicoletta Vitulli

Sadie don't worry you look great we all go through that self-conscious I will look how we feel on and on you doing okay don't forget it's very important to be healthy don't worry about gaining a few pounds????????????

Beauty World Channel

(♥ω♥ ) ~♪(。♥‿♥。)(ฅ’ω’ฅ)♥(◕ⓞ◕)♥

jingkat 4-5-19

wow ?????????????

Tanver Asad

Please Sadie in next video you see and rats of bakini p.

Jinkie Calvo

Hi..Sadie and P.

KraZZy wolff

When people eat more it’s because they are depressed so they go up and down in weight you just have to be more proud of who you are truely and not eat when you feel bad or down skinny people just walk more eat less and just get over it better but they do want to be a little more weight for there size take care of you and you can take care of others you both rock awesome much love ? from SeMpFi Oorah Baby’s ?????????????

Mind Web

??? oolalalaaa what is this that graces my eye view ?

HN Srilakshmi

Hi love for India

agyat krut

What a great figure you've got.

hakan yılmaz

Big ass babe P. very lucky

siriporn prajit

You So beautiful Sadie.

Debbie Ritchie

Acceptance is word hi from Sydney ozzieland

Luis Reyes Acosta

Touch my body challenge

Anna Danielle Rogers

You look incredible, like a goddess


Love you guys

ava valle

I like the second, and the last one, it fits so well on your body, and I love the color, you look so great!that was so wow..??❤

Yörük Kızı Geziyor

Very nice

Anil Kumar

Wow! The grand finale, love it. Pity P the Greek chick who doesn't give the right reward to juicy Sadie's booty. I was expecting at least a gentle bite on that juicy booty but sadly nothing. P try kissing her other lips too, I'm sure she's always shaved. Love from Hindustan. FYI, I find both of you equally attractive and I so wish to be part of wonderful relationship.

Pep Ryan

2nd one was the winner for me.
Then 4th one.
And finally the last one.
But if you feel best in the last one, you should go for that one! Just like you told us in your pep talk at the beginning. ? Go with what makes you feel good!

I have a similar figure since becoming a mum. My boobs are huge now with all the breast milk and I love them. I'm torn between loving my new yummy mummy fulsome figure and missing my skinnier days. But because I feel great as a mum, I prefer rocking the fuller figure. It's good to hear what P says about liking the "Cindy Crawford" look ?

la fille sage

You should lose weight Sadie

Rana Aftab Khalid

Gorgeous look


6:25 ?❤️????

Hwasa's Slave

I recently discovered your channel and I'm on a roll. Have a good one guys?

Love with Lara

I love the 4th one on you!


You are absolutely, stunningly gorgeous, Sadie!!! ???????????????

Miguel lopez


Mete Öztürk

Please turkish subtitle

hakan yılmaz

Sadie harikasın çok güzel bikiniler sanada çok yakışmış kırmızı bikini favorim ama yüksek kesim bikini tercih etmelisin sevgilinide bikinili görmek isteriz?

bakker stok

Nice try on haul, you look good in a bikini

karmelie Emmanuelle

Sadie and Paola are ravishingly beautiful.

Hidayet Esedov

Kerem bursine benziyon

raoul trucking

OMG you perfect body sweety !!

Rachel Geraci

Sadie you are sexy!! ?

Edebî Oyunlar

I always thought you were a slenderman... or slenderwoman, maybe.

Meghan Smith

Goal body ???? ugh...Meeeooow


Fave is the white grey peach one.