How big is 6 inch

Ram 6 inch lift

Ram 6 inch lift4 Oct. 2016
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Just a short run down of

Just a short run down of my lifted 2013 Ram 1500

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Noah Phillips

Rough country isn't junk you just paid more for the same lift


I've heard when you're upgrading to bigger wheels you have to lower the gear ratio to the diff in order have proper acceleration.

John Flores

How tall does your truck stand?


I just found this video, im doing a 6 " zone to fuel eco...fixed that with a tuner also depends on HOW you drive...Brakes i ordered a set of EBC truck tow rotors and pads so thats taken care of. I have a 2013 ram express 4x4 and with the factory tune i was getting 15.5 when it would go into eco mode, turn the MDS off it goes up to 16.2. I am currently running nitto exograpples 265-70-20. But like you say gotta pay to play. Cool vid


I'm pretty sure (like 10000000% sure) rough country is top of the line!

CHUCO 915er

Did u replace the shocks in the front also when u out the leveling kit? I have a R.C. 6in lift and was thinkin of doing the same but everyone is a truck lift expert and say it throws off the angle? ??‍♂️ I have 20x14 on 35s

Brianna Garner

Really liked your video!! Hopefully getting a dodge ram soon and thinking about doing just the leveling kit! Very informative , i appreciated it!!! You should post more videos!

Eddie Blankenship

Those small ass rims look like shit bro and you ain't supposed to stack lifts you dumbass

RedNeckRacing 88

Dude you're so full of shit I just bought a 6in Rough Country for my truck 2011 Dodge Ram you don't have to put no spacers in the front for leveling once you put the lift kit in it should be level mine was so I don't know what they did to you but when you put a 6 inch lift kit in there is no rake is automatically level I repeat I do not have to buy a leveling kit they did something wrong to your lift kit I can already see you don't know what you're doing because you had someone put it in for you so I put my own in that's why you had a problem

Plymouth Road Runner

Nice Ram!

Robby Parsons

Awesome truck! How much did everything cost?


ya fuck 11mpg i get 14 as is haha

You Know Who

I would always recommend inspecting your vehicle thoroughly after being in a shop. Sometimes even if the mods or repairs were done right, they still may have left a scuff or dent somewhere causes by a floor jack or something and not admit that to you. I personally don't trust mechanics and do things myself first if I can


Nice Obituary decal by the way. Check out my channel for some Death Metal videos!

Tech Time

Man great video! Thanks for the pros and cons because your video is the first I seen that talks about that!


What size are the tires I'm trying to get some

the Pest


Angelic Warrior

thanks for the tips!!

BnAZ_ 80

Well how has it been going with the level added to the lift any issues ?

Tony Conley


Cris Lee

20×10 rims on 33's or better yet 35's would of had a better look..get a big brake setup...and a programmer to adjust the mph for for the large tires...

Ryan Kelley

If I’m getting a 6in lift should I get 5” shocks in the back to even it out and make it look leveled

ben stewart

thanks for the vid bro, info was very useful. I have a 2016 torred sport and im thinking of lifting mine alil bit. nice truck bro.

Johnny A

Hey man I have to questions can you help me ....20x12 rims vs 20x14 what's the difference is the 14 wider ? And will a 36x15.50 fit with some trimming

Moises Soto,jr

So you did a 6 inch lift and added 2&1/2 spacer on the front on top do the 6 inch lift.

Joey Garza

I have a ram 2007 mega cab...
35" tires....gonna get a 6" lift but don't have a clue which kit to buy.
Just really want it for a great look.
Can you help with some advice.


That cat look real good under that truck yo.

Demonic presence

Wait so its a 6in lift plus a 2.5 in leveling spacer


I have a 2017 mine has a 10 inch on 40x14.50R24x14

Harry Styles

I got a 2021 6.4 Laramie hemi 2500 has a 12inch lift on 44s

Conner Ray

Rough country is good lift it just doesn't have smooth ride but it is well built

ram kid 323

How much was the lift


Nice truck... I have a 2018 1500 Outdoorsman with a 6" lift. Still get 15ish on the highway and towing a 5,000lb travel trailer is about 9.5mpg with a 3.92 rear end. 11 mpg seems extremely low. If you get a 6" lift and tow you'll need some Timbrens or sumo bump stops because the squat is worse with the lift.

Devin Byram

How come on RC page it says you have to have a 20 inch wheel

youth out doors and vlogs

That’s why I want to put my lift on my self because I don’t trust those shops

Tommy Gun

I got the same truck and just bought pro comp 6 inch k2084b and 4 wheel parts said it would be level so wtf. your sure I need a leveling kit

super saud

nice truck should I cut some stuff down there ??

coozie 78

looks like shit

Joshua Mcmullen

Pro comp is Garbage

Nicolas D'anjou

Good looking truck! Great review. I have the 2012 outdoorsman and am looking for a 6 lift kit. your info will be very useful. Plus, dealer I go to, tells me I can't keep the leveling kit.... which I am not a fan to remove because I want to keep that steady look! anyway, very nice setting!

Harry Styles

I just lifted my 2017 Ram Limited has 7.5 Zone lift on a 3 inch body on 40x14.50R22x12-44 so pertty colse to siting at 12 with the tries. Gets 16mpg....

Armando Torres

When you gonna unload a vid with the 35??

Marc Gervais

Thank you for your honesty

Kenneth Hedden

Got a pro comp level kit,Mickey thompson bajas with pro comp extreme mt2's and then put a super 40 with duels straight out the back with 4 inch tips on a 2003 1500 with less than 100000 on it. single cab short box. I love this truck. The tires wail done the highway but the super 40 hlps to drown it out. Love driving past a prious and getting on it,especialy when their windows are down. This thing sounds sweet! And it's only a 4.7. Could have bought a new truck but a house is my main concern right now.

Bill Peirce

U are doing something wrong.
My buddy has a 8" lift with 37"tires. And he is getting 18 to 20 mpg depending on his driving.


Could you Give me the overall height of the truck (cab ) cuz i got a similar ram 2013 and am just on the fence on doing this 6 inch kit and i hope it enters my 7 fr garage

Mark Casavechia

I just seen your video on your truck I have a black 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Rocky Ridge Edition and I know what you're talking about that rake I bought my truck new and its doing the same thing. I'm thinking about using Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks to level mine. My question is the 18s and the 37's that you have on your truck what is the width of the rim and the tire I have 37 12.5 20 on mine just thinking about going wider.

Richard Camacho

Nicely done looks great ?
Who cares about gas mileage when your riding high .. ?

Robert Smith, Jr.

Hey just watched this. Did you do the lift kit install? Was it difficult?


Not supposed to stack lifts. Terrible advice

Keondric Adair

do more vids like this

Sean Hunter

How tall is this to the top of the cab? I wanna do a 6” lift on my truck but i work in the city a lot and have to park in the parking garages which the clearance is usually 6’9 on average i wanna make sure i can clear before i add all this money for a lift lol

don earl

thanks for honesty and info.well done

I Grew 6 Inches In 3 Months Here's How- My Growth Spurt Story

I Grew 6 Inches In 3 Months Here's How- My Growth Spurt Story12 Feb. 2020
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In this video I tell the

In this video I tell the story of how I grew to be 6'6, Along with tips and tricks I used to help achieve that. If you want to learn how to get taller here's some tips I used.

XBOX- iBxTheProdigy

Instagram- iBxTheProdigy

Snapchat- iBxTheProdigy

Twitter- iBxTheProdigy




*Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS

d1 football college football college athlete a day i the life

Comments (100)

Me: 5’10 (14)

Target: at least 6’3
I hoop 5 Times a week for 1-3 hrs, I play with 15-16 year olds and I’m taller than or the same height as most. I wanna go from being a pg to a sf or pf bc I rlly can’t play pg.


me in 8th fucking 5'2 i am asian.

Bryan !!

i am 6,0 and i what to be taller

Ye Boi

My grandad 6ft my mum 5 ft3

Sam Dam

Hey bro ..iam 5.9 target 6.3 can I grow by your tips. Still say anything which makes me grow. Reply me .nice dude.6.6

Jimmy McPerson

Damn bro I really haven't grown since I was 13 5'6 is kind of a struggle


im 13 and im 5’0 ? im dying to be 5’11 but i dont think imma reach that so i want to AT LEAST be 5’9

Birdwing 123

I want to grow to 5,4 I think it’s reasonable since my mom and papa are 5,0 while my dad and nana are 5,6 I think. My dad was a late bloomer so I’m hoping that’s what’s going on but I’m 16. I play soccer right now I’m a female so idk if this can help me. :/

Barbarian is pro

Age 15
Height 5'5
Mother height 5'3
Father height 5'6
Sister height 5'4
Desired height 5'8

I hit puberty 14 will I stop growing at the age of 16 or nah???

Sameul Joseph

I'm 6'5 but wanna hit 7'0 to enjoy the PRIDE hahahahaha

Gestur Lorenz Urbano Canonigo

I am the following:
Age: 14
Height:5'8.2 (173.1)
Bday: September 27
Do you guys think I can reach 6'3

I Will Drink You

coffee won't stunt growth unless you drink it in the after noon or at least for me it doesnt

Jetziel Amir Rivera

Im 13 and 5”6 so Im not that bad

As Razman

Me: 18 and 4'11
Also me: Looks like gravity loves me too much


Lord plz mske me 5 feet 6 inch

Nathan Van Erp


Unbreakable Yt

Age: 13
Height: 5'8
Mom: 5'2
Dad: 5'5
Desired height: 6'2
(Can I make my desired height?)

josiah allyson

Age: 13
Height: 5'6
Sister's age: 21, Height: 5'3
Dad's height: 6'0'
Mom's height: 5'5

David Ogobamidele

Im 14 and 5’10
Mum: 5:7
Dad:5:10 and a half
Desired height 6’3-6’4

hodini bro

age 19 becoming 20 after few months, height 5'9 am i gonna get tall or reach to my desire height 6'2 ?


I’m 20 and I’m 5’4 ?

Habesha Prank Boyz

Yeah true if the father above don't want you to be tall you ain't gonna be tall

ybk junior

Bru I’m 13 and only 5’8

Keshia Dior

Did you look just like my teacher


I’m 6’3 as a junior and I’m tryna get to 6’6 ?

Anthony is Babie yoda

I really need a growth spert im 14 and 4'11 and I'm a boy pray for me

v n

don't drink dairy for those of you who want to grow. dairy hinders vitamin d absorption and vitamin d is actually essential for your body to use the calcium its given properly. if you want to grow drink almond milk which has more calcium than dairy and get plant of sun.


5'7 in 8th grade???????? ima whole junior and im 5'7

Mex Yoba

i feel like this guy tells more facts about growth spurt and then the actual internet , ima follow everything you said about getting tall . i’m 15 and i’m a boy i’m in sophomore and i’m probably like 5,3or 5,4 , but all i can say is i want to grow tall that’s my goal i want to feel confident with my self and thx to this video ima give it try man thank you. i’ll start today and see what happens . but also you know school i feel like it fucks up my sleep bc i be sleeping sometimes like at 8 or 9 and i feel like i should be sleeping at 7 or 7:30.

Shashank Thakur


datfootballkid 9

I'm 13 and 5'3 please lord let me be at least 5'10 in highschool ? amen

Minuka james

Did he say woopty woo? ?

AyurYogaMudra Therapy

Do astrological remedies based on lagnam in birth chart, ur height will increase.............

someone someone

I'm in 8th grade and I'm 6ft Damn how tall I'm a goin to be


Everything is in God's hand.
No exercise can help us grow taller but still be persistent.
Our body is manufactured by God he can do all things
just have patience and seek for it.
May he remanufacture again by adding some more inches.Amen.

trueHUNTER gamer

Currently I’m 5’7 or 5’8 and in January 3rd I’ve been starting to stretch and currently now I’m eating healthy and also workouts and my height goal is at least 6 feet
My father height 5’8
My mother’s height 5’5 or 5’6
I’m 5’7 or 5’8 since sometimes I look as tall as my father
My current age is 15 years old in January 14th 2021 and my birthday is in 3 months on April
My goal is at least 6 feet tall??


Desire height:6’6


Bruh my dads 5’8 and moms is 4’10? I’m 14 and 5’9 I think I stopped growing ??

Om3ga G4ming

Age 15 5'6½

memed gotjuicy

On the first look I thought this is my nigga juju from that just happend ?


I hate it i got plateau at age 16 5'9" other guys that were shorter than me are about the same height then those I have the same height as me are much taller than me(5'11 or 6'0") I feel bad. I'm already 28 so no chance to grow.



Me wanting to grow up to be 5’ 7.5” ;-;

D0nt worry Abt it

Lmao that 20 years later high school reunion finna be weird asf for you ???

Farrukh Javed Abbasi

I was 5-7.5 at 21. And now I am 24 at 5-8. Do you think growth just stops at 21?

King Nick

I’m 14 5’10 goal is 6’4 mom is 5’2 dad is 6’0


5’7 tell I die :( it’s alright I’m still that dude though.

HlubiSonwabise Siyengo

I just gave up because I'm 15 and after months of trying different ways adding a few inches I still could not add a few inches ? both my parents r shorts so there's no hope for me

Ricky Mix

My parents 5'6 and 5'7. In 8 grade I was around 5'2. Always been the small kid in class. At 15 I grew up to 5ft7 and then I just stopped. I quitted regular sports in 8 grade and around 17 I fell in depression so I didn't do regular sport or gym during my entire teen years. Now I'm 22 trying to gain 2-3 but I already now it's not gonna happen the growth train is gone and genetics set limits.

Ùrbâñ Rêćôrdś24

I’m 5-5 and I’m 12 can I get to 6-5 ??

Yhaboi boii

3:15 yo that was on the beat lmao


Why my 157cm soul is here??


I am now 13 almost 14 and 5'6. My dad is 6'3 and my uncle is 6'4.Can i get taller than 6 foot


Age 15
Father: 5'6
Mother: 5'7

Desired height: 5'9

What I need to work on:
•Sleep atleast 8 hours with naps of 2 hours
•Play more ball, or start doing running
•lose weight to allow more testosterone secretion

I will achieve this

Note: To some may desired height may seem guaranteed due to my parents height, however I've had 4 surgeries on my legs, which can halt your growth


I’m 5’9 at 12 years old


i love being 6'0 despite my mom being 5'5 and my dad being 5'6


You can get 8-9 hours of sleep, eat big, do your exercises and whatever you do to keep you in shape, but in the end it’s down to genetics and God’s sovereign predestination. Cap.


Lmao worrying bout someone breaking im your house and you hididng?? Lmao just stomp on his ass


im just here tryna grow

zainab kamara

Im 15 5'3 and i want to be 5'6 or 5'6

Davi Araujo

I believe that i can't grow up 15 cm like you, but 10 cm i am sure, i am consistent with my grow, i have been growing almost 9 cm every year, and i start to do Calisthenics skills this year, i hope that i have luck


im 5'6 or 5'5

Dm Ghoul

Well I had rapid growth when I was 14 now I am 6,1 and I am 18, can I get to 6,6

Nigga withnovideo

Age :14
Height 5’10
Goal height: 6’3
My dad in his prime 5’10(Now 5’9)
Mom in her prime 5’6(Now 5’4)

Babette Sadow

Its still astonish me just how lots of people have no idea about Mobotallor Secrets despite the fact that a lot of people achieving the height that they desire using it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about this. I have increase my height fast naturally.


I’m a 5’6 7th grader do I have a chance to be like 6’2? I’m Asian so I feel like it’s impossible

Bryce Tapp

Wya dude gotta be consistent

Ensar Gjokaj

im 5'9, and im 16 years old,is there any hope for me ?

Nicos Vlogs

This really helped I’m currently 5’8 5’9 my mom is 5’7 my dad is 6’2 and I still haven’t hit a growthspurt yet and ima sophomore my parents hit late growthspurts when they were hs so I think I might hit mine late aswell


How tall will I be?

Age and height history:
9: 138 cm / 4'7
12: 159 cm / 5'2,5
13: 170 cm / 5'7
14: 175 cm / 5'9
15: 178 cm / 5'10
16,9: 182,7 cm / 6 ft.

Dad: 182 cm / 6 ft
Mom: 170 cm / 5'7

Since I turned 15 i began treating by body right so it could grow. Thats why i believe my height pattern went out of order and i grew 4 cm this year.
How much could i grow to if i keep it up? Height calculators say 184 cm / 6 ft ½ but i wanna be 186 cm so bad. (Little over 6'1)


16 Height:6'5 Goal:7'0

Bryce Tapp

U like my fav YouTuber fam i got my first scholarship with ur help

Lebron’s Dada

I grew 15 inches in my growth spurt it took 4 years

Get Vectored

Man, I am a chronic insomniac, and I have been since I was a little kid, but doctors don't even do anything, so I hope I get tall. I am 13, almost 14, and I am 5'5, almost 5'6, so I'm a little tall for average for a female, but I want to be at least 5'9, and I feel like I probably will be because all my sisters are tall or are really supposed to be tall, soooo let's hope :)

Daddy Dagger

i cant find my comment on here but October i was 5'3 and Im now 5'7 and still growing.

Age:15 (Turned 15 2 weeks ago)

Doctor Say: Most likely will hit my growth spurt kind late. Just staring to show signs of puberty

Dad: 6ft

Mom: 5'4

Current Height 5'7

Qt Ace

I grew 8 inches in 5 months in 5th grade i was 4’11 now im 5’7


Me at 5'2

Sam Mcbride

I mean my mom is only like 5”6 my dad is 5”11 but the rest of my family is 6”2


Height: 5’8 and 5’9 on my good days
Desired height: 5’11-6’1
Mom’s height: 5’6 and 5’7 on her good days
Dad’s height 5’11 and 6’0 on his good days so idk what my chances are

Painting Skate91

iBxTheProdigy: your 5'7 at 8th grade

Me: i'm just 5'5 at grade 8th grade men now i'm 9th grade at 5'8 men?

O Profano

Ser baixo é horrível eu tenho 5.5 ... queria ter 6.0

Robyn Cortez

Does Mobotallor Secrets (just google it) achieve the height that I desire? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about this increase height secrets.




age 14
current height: 5ft 7 5ft 8
desired height: 6ft


Time -12:44 am ist
Age-17 years , 3 months, 30 days
Current height- 179 cm
Desired height -6'3
Remind me after 1 year

Johnpaul Rosario

If god made me any taller he’d make me an even more of a monster

Fureyousbeast 999

im 5'9 at 15, my dad is 6' and a half inch and my mom is 5'5. do u think ill get to my dads height?

Mekhi King

I’m 6”4 16

michal cerny

iBxTheProdigy i grew 6 inches !
ME:HGH + surgery

Hussein Dawod

9:00 I think you mean once you get to a certain age

Chad Paul

I'm 13 and 5'2 but I just hit puberty and most likely to have a growth spurt so how tall do you think I'll be when I've fully grown


I went form 5’8 to 6’4 yessir.

AA 08

Is 9cm a year and then 6cm the next year a growth spurt? That was age 13-14 and 14-15

Silk On Top

I'm like u dawg

meme dealer

I grow about an inch and a half every year, I'm 17 and 5ft7 will I have a chance to grow past 6ft ?

Luis Maye

Bro I’m in 8th grade there’s this kid in my grade he 5”10

كل شيء

Can I grow 27 cm taller


5’7 in the eight grade. Three years later still 5’7 :-;

Tarif Aurangzeb

I am now 7’3” (221 cm) at the age of 22. I follow a Vegan diet, make light exercise, sleep lots, no drugs, alcohol, smoking, and coffee. My mom, who is 4’10”, says I am 217 cm tall and my brother says I am 212 cm tall. But when I measured against a wall using a tap measure, 7’3” was my measurement.

Myat Min

Tran script
Plz. ..plz plz

Jeff Miller

What about weights do weights stunt growth?

This is what a 6-inch Height Difference Looks Like!

This is what a 6-inch Height Difference Looks Like!4 May. 2020
23 043
Rob PaulSubscribe 438 721

Big Rob with a Celebrity

Big Rob with a Celebrity Height Comparison showing what a 6-inch height difference looks like.

From as short as 3ft 6, right up to a massive 7ft 6!

Using 9 celebrities, this comparison gives you an idea how much of a six inch difference in height can really look like.

The Celebrities used in our Height Difference Chart:

Warwick Davis 3ft 6

Meredith Eaton 4ft

Rick Howland 4ft 6

Sophia Lillis 5ft

Jack Black 5ft 6

Tom Hanks 6ft

Hulk Hogan 6ft 6

Andre the Giant 7ft

Yao Ming 7ft 6

If you liked my Celebrity Height Comparison chart, then check out the rest of my channel for more cool height videos!

In metric, 6 inches is about 15cm

Comments (52)
The_ Whirlwind__

Would you say measuring yourself with a tape measure while looking at your reflection in the mirror gives you a rough idea of your height? Also, does a taller person measuring your height give a more accurate assessment than a shorter person relative to yourself?

saqib ali

I am a boy and 15 years old 5.4 height how tall will i be at 18

Alan Scott

What would you estimate Brendan Schaub to measure? He looks the same height as Logan Paul it maybe half an inch taller.

Daniel Larsen

What is girls prafer:

ME: I think between Jack Black and Tom Hanks

Girls: Yao Ming


Andrej Nikolov

Hey Rob, for a video idea can you make a list for average heights around the world especially in the Balkans and Netherlands. Also, the difference from now and before and a list of tallest nations.

Kai Johnson

Rob could you do a height comparison of The Beatles? John Paul and George are listed as 5ft 10" but they always worse heeled boots

Faheem Khan

Mera height 6 foot 2 inch hi muji y height passand nahi q k log muji goor goor k dikhti hi zyada log lamba height q pasand kerti hi hi iska waja keya hi


Great video as always Rob, I think I've noticed that Harrison Ford has gotten a half inch taller? Might just be my imagination


Hulk Hogan struggles to look 6'1 barefoot

Sneaky 13456

wow hulk hogan is that tall?


Hey Big Rob is it possible to lose a bit of height if measuring yourself and forcing your back with the Stallone pose? I notice my back hurting a little and I feel like my spine may compress a bit whenever I constantly try a Stallone pose.


Im closer to Tom Hanks in height that Jack Black. Im 179 cm and thankfull for that, even tho i wish i was a couple of cm taller..

Rajiv Babbar

Make 7 inch too

shantanu sevekari

Make a vedio on how 4 inches difference looks like plz

Reuben Searl

Hey Rob, Will I stop growing at the same age my Dad did? He told me he stopped growing at 18 - 19.

Farid V

Hey rob
My brother is 13 and 5'4.5 i was wondering what his future height would be
Mother is 5'6 and father is 5'9
I'm 21 now and 5'8.5 at my absolute lowest and 5'10 in the morning
Have a nice day and thanks for the videos

Mario Cristiano

Rob they finally have Cristiano Ronaldo height at 185cm on google you are right?


Rob My morning height is 6ft and my Night height is 5’11.25 What Should I Claim?

Derp Harper

Please do KSI and Jake Paul and Logan Paul

vuygyf yvuvyfgu

Idk if you know alot about puberty but what stage of puberty marks the appearance of chest hair and how much more can u grow after it? Do u know the average age people usually get it aswell

vuygyf yvuvyfgu

Rob just wondering if someone is a foot smaller than u where do they come up to on you??


Hey Rob, how much cm height can an orthopedic insole add?

Saga Antigua

So if a person is 18 cm taller than another individual he/she can see comfortably over the top of the head of the later one? Sorry if broken but English isn't my first languague.

boboesq 2

why are men taller than women on average?

uncle Joe

why are men taller then women on average?


Andre is 7’4

Deskonegut Nou

I was dreaming about to be two inch taller, and suddenly realise that if all people were two inches shorter it will be really the same dream. Measurement without comparison means nothing.

rory notschool

Hey Rob, I'm 14 (almost 15) and about 5 ft 6 and a bit. Do you think I could end up taller than my dad (5 foot 9)


Somewhere.... an asian will end your graph. Jk


Good day sir,can you make tell me please how much height does nike air give not air max just normal white nike air or to just make a video on that? thank you

Abimael Francisco Silva

rob i`m 16 years and 9 months i`m 1,77cm at night and 1,79cm in the morning will i grow a little more until i´m 18 years old if so how many cm?who knows how to answer help me


I’m 19 and 6’3 thankfully

The Disciple of Fanos

My dad is 6 foot 1.75" i'm 16 and 6 foot will i beat my dad?


hey Rob, Do u think I could still grow at age of 19 with a current height of 1,78 cm ? My Mother is 1,50 and Father 1,88

kirbz fifa

Where should someone come up to u if they are 6 inches smaller generally? because my friend is sure that we are 5 inches apart but i think its 6 , how can we tell for reference . what is the difference between the 2?

Reuben Searl

My morning height is 192cm and it goes down to 190cm at night. Can I claim 191cm? The lowest it's gone down to was 189cm, but that was when I had really bad back pain.


can you do an 8 inch height difference?

YoItSJaKe 4091

Hey Rob! You might not remember me as a commenter before but I have another question. I recently figured out the top of the head is where you are supposed to measure to, so I’d be about over 173 or 5'8 3/8, over 5'9 in shoes. But people on your older videos say the morning height is what they’d personally say as their height. I don’t remember if this has any relation to the last question, but it might be a continuation. So, what do you think is the best time of day height claim? Morning, afternoon, evening, or night?
Thanks, love ur channel!

George K.

Would you expect a person (regardless of gender) who is below average height to shrink less than 1.8-1.9 cm? Also, are 14 hours out of bed enough to notice your typical low height?


Yo Rob Paul the air max 270 gives the same amount of height as the 720 right?


Rob, please check my comment about your video: "What height should I claim?" I need your help and advice.

activjonnyrocket Roblox

If I’m 5’11 (12) how much more would I grow?

Aero 250

Anyone else laugh at the comments on the celeb page. Makes me laugh at the idiots that comment. Personal favourite is the rocks page. A good example of a 6.3 frame with comments listing him as 6.1. Insecure short arses?


Please make another video on
How a 3 inch height difference looks like


Hi rob,identical twins tom and david
Tom muscled
David no muscle and weak
which one seems longer in life ?

a m

Rob I'm a weak 5'8" (on celeb heights I'd probably be listed 5'8"too. I'm very conscious about my height. What advice would you give to deal with my height insecurity?

Valderez Vantaniso

i heard andre the giant is actually 7 4


Hey big rob. Would you consider doing a video on KSI or Jake Paul? Their height claims seem to be inflating or deflation depending on the situation.


Rob can you do Matt Bennett which I believe claims 5'10 which is pretty believeable because he looks 3 inches taller than Nathan Kress?


Hey Rob, my morning height is 1m84 and my evening is 1m82
Can i claim 1m83?


Can you do air max 200. I believe they are bigger than the 270. Less than 720.

Антон Копосов

Hi Rob!
Can you explain the difference between "strong 6'1" person”, “comfortable 6'1” person" and “almost 6’1” person”? Give examples in centimeters. Thanks!