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Want to Increase Your Penis Size? - Jelqing Techniques Would Give You a Bigger Manhood!

Want to Increase Your Penis Size? - Jelqing Techniques Would Give You a Bigger Manhood!7 Nov. 2020

Want to Increase Your

Want to Increase Your Penis Size? - Jelqing Techniques Would Give You a Bigger Manhood!

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Do you want a bigger manhood? I am sure you do! Are you looking for a safe and affordable way to increase the length and girth of your penis? I am sure you are! The safest and most affordable way you can use to get a bigger manhood is by engaging in natural penile enlargement exercises. The most popular penis exercise happens to be the Jelqing technique.

Are you one of the numerous men that know nothing about Jelqing or even natural penile enlargement exercises? Don't worry I will explain all about this special technique in a moment. Before you begin any exercise session, you must always warm up your penis. You do this by wrapping a warm towel on your penis for 10 minutes.

To begin performing the Jelq exercises, you need Vaseline, baby oil or any suitable lubrication of your choice. Now don't get things twisted, Jelqing is not masturbation! You only need a semi erection to perform this exercise. If while performing any natural penile enlargement exercise, you feel like ejaculating, simply stop whatever you are doing, rest and start again.

The moment you achieve a semi erection, use your thumb and forefinger to form an "OK" sign around the base of your penis. Grip your manhood firmly and then slowly pull your hand from the base to the head. Now do the same with your other hand, this time your grip should be slightly firmer. Continue changing hands for about 200 - 250 repetitions. What you should aim for as you "Jelq" is for a firmer grip without causing pain.

You should be gentle on your penis the first week you start engaging in natural penis enlargement exercises. As your penis becomes used to these exercises you can begin adding more repetitions as you exercise. Do not fall into the trap of thinking you must exercise everyday. You should set aside at least 2 days for your penile tissue to heal and re-grow to larger sizes. After 4 weeks of Jelqing, you would see noticeable results.

The Jelq exercise is just one the numerous natural penile enlargement exercises that you can perform to make your penis bigger and stronger.

I am sure you must have heard a lot about devices, pumps and hanging weights. But let me tell you that these penis enlargement methods are not as effective as engaging in natural penis enlargement exercises. As for herbal penis enlargement pills, they only work except you use them in combination with natural penis enlargement exercises. What herbal penis enlargement pills do is that they give you the maximum gains possible in a very short time. This simply means they quicken the time it takes for you to see penile gains.

Engaging in natural penis enlargement exercises is a safe and affordable way to get a bigger manhood. And for you to see impressive results you must follow a quality program that gives you detailed description (videos and pictures) on how you can perform each exercise.

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Jelqing Techniques of Titan Gel For men

Jelqing Techniques of Titan Gel For men29 Aug. 2019
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There are several jelqing

There are several jelqing techniques that offer from each other by performance procedures. However, each man may decide on his own which one is the best for him.

Four Types of Titan Gel For Men Jelqing Techniques

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