Giant penis pictures

Man with world’s second largest penis claims record holder cheated – and here’s how

Man with world’s second largest penis claims record holder cheated – and here’s how22 Dec. 2017
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MSH NEWS_THE man with the

MSH NEWS_THE man with the world’s second largest penis has accused his rival of cheating.

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Comments (22)
Helen Boula

Crazy people on the planet and do they lie o yrs. Lol


Ma perché se lo fascia?

C Nile

I to could walk around with a roll of cloth on the end of my dick.

Rory Lucero

Yahoo not cool man

Manuel Pinto

Esse pênis é falso! Porque não o mostra com clareza?

Gary Ault

Dream on...ha.ha..

Joann Landers

Oh really

pam long


Jack Bootsma

Ravi zacheria

Vilgax Playz - Pubg Mobile

Rip his wife

Aziz Ali

This is buĺlshit. You can see from his right hand side. It is lair.

Lunneo Kuki


Abdul Rafiq

Only fake video

judy ayson

I'm disabled because my dick is too big wow!! Good one.

Michael Fields

Man there was a guy in the navy that would make that look like a babys dick

Elizabeth Williams

If that was the only penis in the world, I'll do without. No thank you, that's so gross

Linda Jones


ضاوي ابن البصره

شنو هذا

Francis N.M.

Whoever posted this is as foolish as the idiot in the picture..
Stop posting stupidity you children of the devil.

Charmaine Mberiri

some people will do anything for attention yhoo

Shameer Shame


Ormillar Deolall

Pice of stick in a socks

Dick Diver - Year In Pictures (Official Music Video)

Dick Diver - Year In Pictures (Official Music Video)14 Apr. 2015
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from new Dick Diver album

from new Dick Diver album Melbourne, Florida out now on Chapter Music on vinyl, CD and digital.

Directed by Julia Suddenly and Lyndon Blue. Edited by Jacob Strasser.

Released outside Australia, New Zealand and Japan on Trouble In Mind Records - http//

Comments (15)
Jay Mukherjee

the go-betweens are alive and well...


sophisti-pop meets dunedin sound. prefab sprout meets the bats


Great track

jake Schoer

This video made me smile and laugh more than I expected.


Great little pop gem! Has a kinda wistful 80s feel to it.

The I.M.F.

SWELL! love the super 8! Julia and Lyndon ROCK!

Alistair Montfort

fly the red flag. always

bubba luv

parkville golf course

Sunlit Sounds

watch out for the long grass


Instant classic, reminds me of a modern Tom Petty.

Betsy Lacy

Can't stop listening to Dick Diver!


Courtney Barnett brought me here.


Thank you Courtney Barnett

pablo piccaso

Albert Park! nice swing, Rupert

Stop sending us random dick pictures | Point Toh Hai

Stop sending us random dick pictures | Point Toh Hai18 Aug. 2020
72 281
SheThePeople TVSubscribe 438 721

Raina Raonta lists out the

Raina Raonta lists out the reasons why men send dick pictures without consent and why they should stop doing it.

Comments (88)
Ritu Raonta

You tell them girl ?

Nilesh Kharad

?????great video

blah blah blah

God, that's so true...

Gaurav Sharma

Hahaha aa...

sadanand poojari

Nice video

Unofficial Robin Hood

Pyar do pyar lo??????

Akshay More

I'll tell u the real reason.

Back there is a guy, GAY GUY. Who sends female fake pics and asks for dik pics.
Every guy who sent a dik pic. Was a victim.

I am hacker. I hack. I have hacked many.
And i am laughing so hard at this video. ???

sakshi vyas

I randomly found this channel and now I'm addicted to your videos ❤


You're acting like sending those pictures is a bad thing :)

risshav rai

Agree 100%


ma'am i wished u even spoke about privacy ..that these explicit images are seen by people who work in the company too???

Taneya Soni

And i thought that only i was receiving such things. And felt awkward and embarrassed


You are beauty with brain really , you rock it ??????????????

Kalpesh Dhumal

Kon Hai ye Men...kasa hai aata he ye Men....????

darain alam

The best part - When you said - Not all men.
I am learning.

Aparna Elizabeth Mammen

Haha this should be a disclaimer for all of our Instagram handles. Love it ❤️

Shubham Pandey

Man! I didn't know guys do this, aur woh bhi itna zyada! This is sad.


Mai yaha girls ke comments padhne aata hu

Vinod kumar Verma

When you said a men please add "some men" don't say in one last line itna bura laga Jo kiya nahi uske liye sunna pd rha h last line me Jake saans aayi

Prathamesh Adsul

Blonde girl murders stabs thief with knife. Thief enters home by breakinf the window without making noise. Blonde girl gets clue about movements in home. After murdering thief, blonde girl hears siren of cop van. Cops start investigating her home but they find nothing suspicious.
After cops go back, blonde girl gets confused.She searches for dead body but surprisingly its not in her home. Blonde girl gets goosebumps as she finds dead body missing.
After some time, she feels happy of not getting arrested.
Next day she returns from supermarket at home. After closing door, suddenly she feels being groped tightly by unknown stranger
Girl struggles to escape from his grip,but doesnt get success
Thief:did u like surpise?
Girl:How did u survive?
Thief:I m not dull thief like other. I play mind games with victim& then complete my robbery target
Girl:What u want?
Do wat i say else u will be remorsing for no crime inside prison
Girl:how can it happen?
Thief:i have video clip of me geeting stabbed by you. Do u want to live happily or decay inside prison
Girl:I am ready to deal with you
Thief:Thats like good girl. Strip innfront of me
Girl:Yes i m stripping
Thief:Wow!ur naked body sizzling like heaven
Girl:Thanx Master. Next?
Thief:Give me all cash present inside ur home, ur credit&debit cards
Girl:Ok Master. Give me 10 mins
After 10 mins
Thief:Fill all cash stuff in my bag
Thief:Open this tiny jar filled with my blood.pour milk in that blood&apply it on ur naked body
Girl:i am applying it on my naked body.
Thief lifts girl in his arms walking towards her bedroom
He starts licking naked body of blonde girl
Girl:yess.master. i am emjoying ur tongue licking my naked body
Aahhh cherry..break it slowly
Thief:stroking..slurping.. Stroking.. Slurping
Mwahhh.. Ummmmhhhh
Girl:ummmhhhh...omg.. squeeze my navel.i love it
Thief:Do u love taste of my blood
Girl:yeahh its yummy&crispy..
Thief:breathing inside you.. Mwahhhhh. Ummmhhhh... Muaahhhh.
Girl:yess..ouchhh.. penetrate me slowly
Thief:penis in.. Penis out
Entering it deeper
Girl:Go more deeper.. Volcano of orgasms developing inside my body
Mmmmmmhh... ahhhhhh.....hhhhhh.. Mmmm
Thief:fingering ur belly.. Breathing inside ur belly
Girl:its sensitive part of girl.. Do it gently..gosshh..... I love the way u r treating me

Caney Caney

oh lord..i get these pics daily on instagram and they're disgusting...he should at least show his face too so that I can consider him???

Pratiksha Andhere

Seriously this happened with me when I opened telegram wherein I joined a group , I got lots of messages randomly , I didn't replied instead blocked and reported but I came across one guy wherein he sent me his d**k pic I was the same deleted it without any delay blocked and reported . I was too scared why he has sent it and all I thought is it gonna happen again? But today I found your video and I was like Hussh ..Mere sath bhi koe hai jinko aise kutte pareshan kiye ..Thank You , Ma'am ❤

Sneha Das

Please stop sending this weird pic to girls. Please boys we don't like it at all we feel embarrassed...
I just can't believe some boys were so pervert like seriously upto this level...


???i have not met a guy on any social media who send such pictures??? all boys are not same may be..thank god asa koi muje nhi mila ???

Kashish Shergill

Well said ??

Dheeraj Guleria

Report to Cyber cell and Relax


Exactly exactly exactly exactly exactly

Canviceo Correia

Fake dowry case are increasing in india ?

Prerna Khatri

Your hair is soooo damn beautiful !

aneesh kk

Good work ?

Suman Turkiya

There are soo many girls out there who indeed share their nude if the guy is soo handsome I have recently seen this u can find every kind of people so dnt generalise that only boys do that

bhagyashree kakde

Ganne ke khet.. ??.. So nice

Parag Mandal

I already knew that girls have to face such disgusting things on social media but I was unaware of the huge scale at which it is happening.? I am 18 and I am comfortable around my female friends but till now I haven't even dared to say a "Hi" to my crush, if she initiates the conversation I just freak out and run away. But seriously I was shocked while seeing those statistics. I have an elder sister and I don't know how many times she would have gone through this bullshit kind of act. Though your page is a feminist one, your content really helps me to understand women and busting all the stereotypes and misogyny around them .??

nidhi singh

??msgs v dude I just wonder how could somebody unzip their pants to strangers mana kr do to aur vulgar msgs aata h

pahur vaid



In jaise ladko ki wajah se bichare sareef ladke single hi reh jate h

Kiran & Parrot

Ese chutiye bohot hote h..
And also i hate them..

Rushal Sharma

Madam merko ek bat btao ye kya topic hua ??? Or ye kya content hua?? ?? I know ap bology tum logo ko smj ni ayga kuch and all... But sach apko b pta e h .. this is clickbait ? gbu

sushil Panda

O bhai

Prerana Shinde


Apurba ghosh

The editing is kinda good and funny ?

Deepali N

Much needed video and thing to know what we need to do when such things happen

Shreoshee Banerjee

1:55 yes?

stuti khanna

36 people currently kyun nhe dekhna hamara kela dekhna padhga tumhko bhut acha real main toh koi nhe dekhta

graynolabar kun

I used to get them all the time.. the worst part is I was 11 and I still get them occasionally in highschool!

Zeeshaan Yashvardhann

A great video for all men and women.

Sheikh Abhi

Hahaha ?????


55 dislikes are from those men


Exactly exactly exactly exactly

Ananya A

If a guy has zero posts and zero followers and then randomly sends these pics to a girl in dm , eventhough we report the account, the account does not get banned because Instagram does find anytthing wrong with his account . The only way is to block that account , but that guy will continue doing the same with other girls. Sad ?

vishwanath Mahapatra

I'm at shock?
WTF I feel so pity about most of the boys today?
It's sickening??

Shruti Shradha

Khi se download krke bhejte honge

Shriaansh Chari

Being a guy,I never thought of that because it's disgusting.

Ashmi Verma

The way i see most of the woman calling out, that they've went through all this which makes it clear how indian women are still prone to harassment and it's so common! This comment section is just a platform for women to speak about their experiences. My question is when will each man understand the meaning of CONSENT?? Disgusting.

Aarti Kanaujia

Bhut shi.....
I hve also experienced this...

Being foodie

31 dislikes are from those men ?

Xairon Jhala

sending nudes is a huge NO NO, whether it be anyone


Things like this make me scared of men

Shiksha Tutorials

It too happened with me..someone send me a porn my insta id?


why are u so beautiful ... you look like Katherine Langford ?


Shocked that is happening in this world ... ? That makes me shocked because that idea never came in my mind. Thankfully im not one of them ?

Unofficial Robin Hood

Once I created fake account Angel priya and some sick people's started sending there ? pics .....??????

Abul Fahad

Irrespective of gender or consent one should refrain from sending explicit picture of body on social media as it's against law, I believe we must educate ourselves towards ethics of usage of social media as it will create a safe place where we can freely Express ourselves and interact with people of our choice

Priyankar Majumder

I'm a gay guy. And these things are more common within the gay community as you can easily guess. But nearly hough of the gay men don't like it either. I often received unwelcome dick pictures which I didn't at all ask for. They are so desperate that they think anybody would be ready to get laid with them.

Shashank Singh

Bro just send them the link.
If they want they can see it.?

Shalini Singh

I have got so many times dt now i am afraid of opening their msgs..

kamini saini

You explained things very beautifully

brown boy

Btw I am that one guy ???
Just kidding ?

Sweta Yadav

This was just Awesome ???

Ashmi Verma

Even I've received one, it's yuckkk, c'mon guys????

Apparna Biswas

Mast tha...?

Megha Roy

Ohooo...this is so true....?

Master R cubers

Ladkiyo ko to badla lene ka shok hota h? ?
Le liya kro badla apni pic send .
Ab kuch dabang banne vali ladkiya yha feminist bn jayengi ?

ayushi Rangari

It's very serious topic... ??? mujhe b Bheja tha ek ldke ne mn grp p Screen shot group m daal diya tha

Navya Srivastava

I think everyone know who dislike this video????.

Happy Gary


Ariba Hossain

The intro was Soo funny!! I love your videos that have funny intros. Btw what was the song name of the one given at the start? From which movie?

Manash Hazarika

Kiya tha ye??? kon bhejta Hain Bhai

Tanvi Akhauri

SOLID!!!! (video, not dick)

Swapnil Srivastava

Sab nai bhejte samjhi

Rajiv Srivastav

Beautiful episode.

wondering mind

Haha most of d time it's not even thier own ?

Vedika Bimbra

Please I want more videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



Radha Bastola

great??truth this will hit up some disgusting human

सागर बोरसे

?? मतलब कुछ भी

Shreyas S


rekha xetri

I have also experienced this