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Do Some Muscles Grow Faster Than Others @hodgetwins

Do Some Muscles Grow Faster Than Others @hodgetwins11 Jun. 2012
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Emanuel Sanchez

dat profile gif nigga how u do it?

Dalton Bibby



@joshuajacksonville i cant find ur message here anymore! In that program offered by the site: explains how to build muscle safely using weight training program. It helped achieve a great shaped body and transformed my body into something ive always wanted using proven safe body-building techniques.


Welcome to the show.


My dick always gets the biggest pump....all vascular and other body parts doesn't get as swole quickly and not as vascular.


my chest n biceps grow fast as hell but my lats and triceps are just "FUCK YOU BITCH A AINT GROWIN SHIT!"

Pritesh Pankhania

im afraid genetics dont work like that, it would be like saying if you have a six pack then your son will have a six pack,

Sudip Bhattarai

Oh hai(: Do you think that I should take any chances with this brand new muscle building system? Or should I ignore this? Just google it Explosive Muscle Method. Because my friend says it gets people to increase in strength. Any response is appreciated!


thumbs up if your calves wont grow for shit and you have top bulk yo ass big time to see some GAINS

Jon Lee

LMAO! Sixpackshortcuts have a new video called "Get "Hodge Twins" Ripped" - it's an ad on the side... Completely ripping you guys off. Mike chang - what a bellsack.


Doctor schwaltz ? wtf


Hello, have you considered "MuscLeader" (search on Google)? On their website you can watch a smart free video featuring how you can start building noteworthy lean muscle quickly while reducing body fat at the same time. Kev and plenty other guys experienced amazing success applying this strategy. It might help you out as well.


fuck out da way

neo perera

I love the video. Youtube is good for this type of info.My step brother was formerly bullied. He said he was intending to get bigger. I didn't believe him. But then all of a sudden he packed on 40lbs of absolute lean muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building Bible (look for it in Google). He does not get bullied any longer. I actually subscribed earlier this week. Not to mention this guys emails are cool!!!

Meter Marker



who is doctor shorts?


think foo meant dr scholls

Kostagiannis Panagiotis

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yeah!That is the only diet solution that really worked for me and Im glad it worked for you too! For my muscle improvement,Ive been trying so many diet plans.Until I found this site: MusclesMaximizer[.]info and I could never be more happy:D


ay man i want your shirt man. sell them bitches to the U,S

My Own Real Education

no homo, but we all love you guys! rofl fukc out da whey!


fellas lookin gooooood main... got some matchin tram lines goin on

Patrick Mendoza

i was taking him seriously until the last sentence.

shafin ahmed

Hello, have you heard about "MuscLeader" (have a look on Google)? On their website you can watch a smart free video featuring the best way to gain visible muscle mass really fast while dropping fat simultaneously. Ralph is among the countless guys which had positive results using this methodology. It might help you out too.


@btmskhz yeah. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Listen to this My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. you can see it here >>

Jason Gantz

What are sugar walls?


Start beating off with the right bro! Common sense!

Numinous Tattoo studio

Felling the energy in that vid ha ha good form good form


my traps dont grow!! FUCK! shit pisses me off

Karim Khan

Guys! :) Did you heard about the Explosive Muscle Method (do search on google)? My co-worker says it gets people stronger:)


"The science of hypertrophy explained by the tank-top twins"

Anders Skålvik

my whole body grows fast as hell, winner genes :)


the bicep on my penis is so huge i compared it to a real-life sice of arnold's arms, its twice that size. is that normal? my gf aint complaining tho, but it feels weird.

Jyotika Roy

Holla! Have you tried the Explosive Muscle Method (search on google)? My bro says it gets people stronger.

jeevanthi Dahanayaka

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jig ginez

yes I agree cant even believe it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. btw!but ye In a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. you can see it here -->

The Kiwi Kid

hahahaha holy shit these guys are hilarious!


I weigh 10kg's more after watching this ALL KINDS OF GAINS


You guys have all information you need to know. Thanks from sweden

Keybored Soljer

yea my shoulder, back and arms grow fast but my traps and chest dont grow for shit. i look like a god damn box man.

fatema islam

Oh hai(: Did you heard about the Explosive Muscle Method (search on google)? My dad says it gets people stronger(:


where are these dudes from? haha

Ruben Quaresma

Hodge from the back, you need braces and to fix your teeth, but hey man, this is just my advice... "YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANNA TO DO WITH YOUR TEETH!"

Sahani Palash

Hey there, have you heard of "Musclegends" (look on Google)? There you can watch a smart free video explaining how you can build noteworthy lean muscle quickly. It made it possible for Brandon to break through his muscle development stagnation and then grow cut lean muscle without fat fast. Hopefully it will work for you as well.

Carlos Santiago

Does having long arms make it harder to bild up mass on them

Lupa Day

Hey there, have you heard about "MuscLeader" (look on Google)? There you can watch a good free video featuring the right way to pack on notable lean muscle easily whilst losing excess fat simultaneously. Geoff is one of the countless guys which had amazing success applying this method. I hope it will help you as well...


haha "like a flat mountain"

Kyle Nichols

twinmuscle.. Do you have any advice on getting muscles back into proprtion, for e.g. my left pec is some size bigger compared to my right. Thanks

Sabeh Memon

I feel you bro I have the same shit with my Biceps they just dont grow so pissed lol

Aseem Hassan

Hello:) Anyone ever tried the Explosive Muscle Method (do a google search)? My friend says it gets people ripped fast...

Jason Gantz

Sweet lines in your hair. I remembered when I was 14.


I've learned that my muscles grow bigger and faster after piggy backing some serious compound movements. Go Check Out TheDreporttv Channel


LOL My chest doesn't grow for shit but my trap and lats grow fast. It's true some just don't grow like others.


some old american bloke, I think hes got his own talk show or something

ishwar bhattarai

It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when other normal people are able to lose fat so easily with Shatter Weight Loss (go google it).


I have the EXACT same muscles, that grow well and those that don't grow at all. chest, triceps, and traps grow pretty well, but my biceps looks like the ones of a child.

Nirosh FT

Guys! (: Anyone ever tried the Explosive Muscle Method (do search on google)? My co-worker says it gets people to increase in strength...

Tracy Burridge

Anyone tried the Proladox Diet Plan (do a search on google)? I've heard many incredible things about it and my work buddy lost lots of weight with it.

Kaium mirza

fuck off


All kineds??

Evan Johnston

man my chest dont grow for SHIT


Be sure to kill them ..really lay pressure on them like never before ...then they have to be bigger sooner or later ;)


Flagged for spam :)))

Ayiam Diphrent

"All kind of gains"


thats exactly me man lol T-bar row and lat pulldowns and bicep curls are my strongest lifts but for some reason my shoulders and chest dnt get too many gaaiinnnzzzzz...


A vagina


my triceps grow absurdly fast, barely any biceps


my calves and traps don't grow that fucking fast D:


@hufgqqm yes i mean it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Listen to this Do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don't know about them you must see this. you can see it here -->

samir poudel

If you really want to get ripped, you should Google "Moro Muscle Ripper". You are certainly get the appearance you deserve.



Ankit Singhal

@skalueo yep i agree. It was tough when I was working out hard and no muscles were coming in my thin body. Listen my friends are getting really big muscles after using this product. The video describing the method is here >


Dr. Struthers told me that he can make my dick muscles grow faster than anything else.

Venu Daji

If you are looking to have an outstanding body, you may want to make a search on Google for "SSM Muscle Method". You are guaranteed to end up getting the muscles you should have.


It seems my entire upper body sucks, except for my traps. >_>


Search on google, easy to find. ;) (i'm fench, don't speak english really good, but now I know :p)

Maxim Beckers

this is a great question

Patrick Bateman

My cock grows faster.. im srs.

Grant Dudley

My arms, quads and traps grow like FUCK. Yet my other muscles are so much slower. Just gotta keep at it and they'll grow like fuck I suppose.


that video gave you all KIIIIIINDS of gains.

Trajce Niko

Hello there, have you tried "Musclegend" (just search Google)? There you can watch a nice free video featuring how you can build visible lean muscle quickly whilst reducing unwanted fat simultaneously. Kyle is one of the numerous men which experienced good success because of this strategy. It might help you as well.


Look at this video and looking at some of their new videos that dropped this month you can really see how much weight they've lost within just two months simple by looking at their face. Here I'm thinking they're pretty damn lean in this vid but in their new vids they're are even leaner.

Vasko T

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Nicholas Giovannone



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fix your teeth


He may just have bad genetics for Lats and Triceps. My friend and I workout together. Same workouts, sets, and reps. My chest is far more developed than his, but his calves destroy mine. It just means he has to put in more effort into lacking body parts.


lmao i'm the complete opposite, my long head in triceps won't grow thus making my arm look smaller and as you can see from my profile pic my traps won't grow lol, but my all my other muscles grow so fast

RSGod zezima

watching these videos has given my abs some serious gains.


Nonsense. Start lifting a few books and exercising the brain muscle.


Calves are BASTARDS!


Why are you screaming??


yes and no. long muscles will look smaller than short muscles because of the dimensions.

hari bhadur

Hey YouTubers, have you discovered Six Pack Strike? (look it up on Google) You will learn about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Six Pack Strike, you will discover how to bulk up fast.


Me too. That site is d bomb!Those trainers who dont know their somatotype need not to worry cause the program comes with a step instruction of how to determine it. It will be presented to wide variety of foods, making it easy for them to select the ones that meet their nutritional needs ^_^

Samuel cantwell



Do you take growth hormone?


a flat mountain lol


Fuck my arms dont grow to fast.