Good beards vs bad beards

Beard oil good or bad ?? #beard #oil , बीयर्ड ऑयल सही या गलत??

Beard oil good or bad ?? #beard #oil , बीयर्ड ऑयल सही या गलत??23 Nov. 2019
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The video basically

The video basically clarifies whether beard oil is good or bad.

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Gaurav Bhardwaj

Konsa oil acha hai

Ishfaq Kuchey

Grt job

Jaya Kori

Good ?

Priyank DaGar

Top ??

Madhav Kharane

Bhai meri age 22 hai aur meri beard abhi tk nahi hai to mai use kr sakta hu kya

Saba Stylish

Sirr aap ka insta m id hai mujhe aap se kuch puchna hai

Subho Das

Bhaiya 18 sal k age mai laga sakte hai?

abhishek kumar

Sir breard oil lagane se breard ghani hoti h kya pllz reply

Mosharraf King

Sir mere skin pe beard rowa hai lekin rowa dadhi me nahi badal raha hai toh sir bataye ki mai keya karu please age 18years

Bhat Juniad

Bhai mare age 18 plus ha mai use kar saktha hu but muji beard nhi ha

Garry Bhai

Good yr amit bro

Nistha Sharma

Oohoo gazab

Rita Biswas

Bro ek beard oil suggest kro..meri beard to ati he but cheeks pe patches he thore bahut

Rehan Khalid

Sir kon sa beard oil acha hai plz rply

Mukesh Sharma

Bro meri skin oily h or m Bombay shaving company ki beard growth kit use kr rha hu or sath me dermaroll bhi use kr rha hu or muje pimple aana bhi start ho gye h .....
To mtlv mujhe tb bhi beard oil se beard aa jyegi ya nhi????

ananda goswami

Vai Mera skin oily hai but Mera beard a66a or a66a Karna chata Hu kya mere liye beard oil sahi hoga


Din me lgana chahiye ya rat me

Manish singh Yadav

Mere dadi h par jyada nhi h to ise lagane se a jayge kya

Deepeshwar kotwal

Great work

Abhishek Asthana

Sir mere face par halka halka bread roye hai to iske liye main kya kru meri age 21 hai please aap btaye

Bad Beard Habits - Are you guilty?

Bad Beard Habits - Are you guilty?8 May. 2018
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Bad Beard Habits - Are you

Bad Beard Habits - Are you guilty? We guarantee that you are guilty of some of these bad beard habits. Whether it is touching the beard, using the incorrect products on the beard or talking too much beard.

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#beard #beardcare #beardlove

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Bearded Sparks

I like to stroke my beard, not a problem if you're using open hands. It's when you pick at it there's a problem.

Yivan Martinez

Bear is looking awesome bro! And the fade is nicely done too

The Dapper Man

Lol, ya I'm guilty of most off these. I talk to people non-stop about my beard, I touch my beard all the time, I do use a nice hair conditioner with argan oil every few days. About the only thing I don't do is trim my beard to high. Since I'm in week 36 of my yeard I haven't shaved or trimmed my beard or stache since September 2nd.

Jamsheria Gagan

ooooosmmm beard., i really like your beard.

Bearded Farmer

GUILTY! Good info brother!

Bearded VS Clean Shaven: The GOOD and BAD of both

Bearded VS Clean Shaven: The GOOD and BAD of both17 Jan. 2017
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Island GentrySubscribe 438 721

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

For the first video of 2017 with the weather being cold, I decided to discuss the pros and cons of being having a beard versus being clean shaven.

If you missed the videos I did on maintaining a great beard care routine or how to line-up and trim your beard check them out here -

- Beard Care Routine -

- Beard Lineup & Trim -

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Comments (19)
Carl Aspinwall

Listning to a woman is always a bad idea. Enless it's how to make a cake ?


Some look good some look ugly with or without a beard its gonna take a while ti find it

Rodrigo Bragança

being clean shaven is more work than having a beard. I'm already taking care of my hair. The beard is just a little more hair.

Thiruvannamalai visitor guide

Entrence is so good

Jaicil Francis

Nice video... Whats your opinion on "facial hair and profession.". Especially doctors for example.


Next time a woman says, "why you wanna walk around lookin' like a jew?" Just respond, if she wears make-up, "why you wanna walk around lookin' like a clown/drag?" Or, be the classier person by smiling and saying, "I like it." ?

Out Of The Illusion

seek women can grow beads....

Out Of The Illusion

why do guys teach other guys to care what girls think.... be confident in yourself my man, fuk whatever everyone else wants

Who Knows?

Eh I'll probably go no beard. Like you said beards make your face warmer. I live in San Diego its basically summer all year round. Winter literally doesn't exist in southern california.

Vince Nicholas

Yes. Kissing is more intimate than sex. And women enjoy kissing smooth lips rather than hairy.

Kevin Michael Ingham

Interesting video doc good stuff (:


Who cares what women think if you want to grow a beard do it it’s your life

Tito Forest Shittaker Perez

I'm having a long goatee and a handle bar moustache. I really miss shaving my whole face without having meticulously having the line up everything all the damn time. Its just a choir at the moment. I really miss enjoying my wetshave and having fun

bearded MO Celtic

Awesome video

Mike Silva

Clean-shaven exudes confidence and direction but aesthetically a beard sends out sex energy


If you think a beard makes you more masculine, you have masculinity issues

Great Video though


Imagine Oasis....with beards in 1994, do you think they’d be stars? Good honest stuff mate. Women don’t like em in general.


I want a beard but I’ve aged a lot in the last five years....big I figured the beard might help hide the sagging jawline....but’s white grey and silver so it looks rough.

Bald Bearded

Sorry, handsome without... but IMHO more handsome with.