Female jerking off male

me jacking off after transitioning from male to female

me jacking off after transitioning from male to female18 Feb. 2019
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Goon goin thru some trans

Goon goin thru some trans shit

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Nunya Beezwax

came across this by mistake. lovely

Female jerk off challenge - *girls only

Female jerk off challenge - *girls only3 Jan. 2021
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Swoove FN

girls do these as well? lmaoo

How to Masturbate in Marine Bootcamp|Males and Females

How to Masturbate in Marine Bootcamp|Males and Females2 Mar. 2017
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Hey FUCKERS! I'm back at

Hey FUCKERS! I'm back at it again!! My account was deleted, so I apologize to all 240 of you guys for not uploading. Marine Corps bootcamp could really suck and there's sometimes you wish you had some privacy. In here I talk about some tips and tricks for both males and females on how to do your dirty business without getting caught. Happens a lot during boot camp and Marine Combat training where people would find ways to do stupid shit. Although it sucks most of the time in usmc boot camp, you see some really funny stuff while you're in there. And when they're funny, it's really funny to the point where it changes your mood from salty to happy.hahaha. We all know that Marines can get pretty nasty, so if you don't like the content and are offended by it, awesome. Hahahahaa.

Hope you enjoy the laughs! :D

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Lol man I love your videos they're hilarious i watch them to get a lil insight on what my boyfriend is going thru so keep em coming

CRTmonkey junkie

I was too tired even think about that. After boot camp however, I had a massive load to let loose and it was painful.



Hicx 16

Dirty Marine Kyle Gott.??


Dude I'm glad I found your channel, I've watched 5 vids so far and their great. Keep doing what you do.

Michael Pun

For the girls that would infect them.


What's with the profanity? And what's the video got to do with what you're saying?

Nathan Rice

Well....it’s time to jerk off

Blank Face


Noah Brown

yo love your vids keep at it, dont give up no matter what others say about u and your career


What the fuck do you say at the end of your videos ? Lmao

Ricardo Ray G.

fuck that is crazy..lol

matt ryan

Where is your unit located?

Hans Ignals

Shouldn’t the video be titled how to play computer games and masturbate at boot camp at the same time?


Brand new to your channel and I can't stop watching your videos man your fucking hilarious and I hope they keep coming. Keep up with be good shit and stay you man

Alex Grimes

Hey man Im shipping out on july 17 and always wondered... how often do you get to wear your dress blues?


Tell the DI it is penis PT

Rontonino bae

will you talk about the crucible and your experience please i really enjoy your perspective on things man, even if you dont keep em coming bout whatever!

Ben Dova

i cant believe im watching this