Falling in love with a prostitute

2 BILLIONAIRES IN-LOVE WITH THE VIRGIN PROSTITUTE 3&4 - Fredrick Leonard/Onny Michael 2020 NEW Movie

2 BILLIONAIRES IN-LOVE WITH THE VIRGIN PROSTITUTE 3&4 - Fredrick Leonard/Onny Michael 2020 NEW Movie19 Dec. 2020
193 185
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Another mind blowing

Another mind blowing movie..!!!

Fredrick Leonard, Onny Michael, Peggy Ovire...

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Comments (100)
Mary Acheampomaa

Pls next part oooo

agnes owuor

One special thing abt this movie is it's too real.like everything that happened here have come to see it in my own life..big up to u guys..weldone

Lorenzo Kitenge

This girl self she can't stay with a promising poor man but she's doesn't even have a care of herself.. Reason why she's destroying Tina image

butterfly god bless

There's church people love money more than sinners, how comes ?

Phollip Edwards

Michael please receive wisdom??? This sister jo! ????????????????She will sing for Nigeria and she will sing for you????❤️❤️❤️this sister her acting is just ?

Sarah sarai


Genesis Chibueze

Well, man are first to judge but if a man or a woman is not a virgin before marriage they are all in the same category. Because they have been sleeping around without even collecting money which is the worst.

debra brown

WHO is Amaka's Daddy? Like, in real life? Asking for a friend ?

Vent Des Iles

What sense does that even make? "Virgin prostitute"?First of all, they usually live a life of promiscuity which means " having sex left and right " for money or pleasure. Even if the vagina was made of rubber, after years of abuses it would finally give up; why would someone even mentions virginity in the same phrase with prostitution?


I hate parents who mislead their children in the name of my favorite daughter/son

Judith ndunge Martin

I miss my father pet me that way and promise to buy me shawamah ????????

Suraiya Adu Gyamfi

I laugh enter wc (is she looking for work?)

Upendo Tesha

Stupidddddddddd Amakaaaaaaaaaaa..

Doreen Francis

Nxt part please

Brenda Chowdhury

My God human being wicked hear this devil for him to pay his debts

Isaac Itoje

Every one is a main character in this film,no wonder it's so long.????

TheWeeknd Tasfaye

Honestly what does the title have to do with the movie, no link whatsoever

Jean Pama

No good reason for her cancel m,their ingagementl, Very shallow cause,

dolly dolly

Sister do we an airport to our village??????????


"mum is upseting me....blah blah" stupidity

Glory Nwankwo

This Michael's sister eeehh....! Receive sense

Tamara Amor

This woman in the name of 'Sister' has played her part well....hahaaa .. Her prayers though...

Jessica Makosso

Parts 7&8 please i am enjoying the movies winter in france its movie time , J'adore?

Lizy Sabelle

Intresting,can't wait for next part please,upload
what a great movie term,Fredric let's gather here please

dwayne nedd

nice song

Ogbonna Paul

In the name of heaven, Michael receive wisdom,
Mike's sister can never stop making me laugh. ? ? ? kudos to her

Doris Douglas

The caption is great?

Khensani Khalana

5&6 please

Digna Cyrille

This guy knows how to act

Ndey imam Jum

???????Amaka's dad is too much , I hear things fall apart ????????

Mariam MacQueen

The song in the back background is wow

Constance Tembo

Are you flying business class to the village?

Jane Mwangi

This movie is fantastic
I like Mike sister

Mpho Raholane

Amaka's father ??? that was my dad before he passed and that sure is the kind of man I wish to marry one day

Sofia Brown

I love this sister

Marilyn Bridges

Sister do we have air plane in our village? ????

RoseCloéZoé Zoe

52:12" madam' pray for your brother to never lack! Not to milk him dry.

Terry O

Please, where is the next part? If you tell me, then I will say thank you!


That Ngozi girl is bad news through and through

Lin Kayz

The sister of Mike really gets into my nerves

Mirabel Sommy


Ann Mbugua

This Mike's sister is so boring... Kiereere

natasha chatindo

Mike's sister will kill me with laughing

Imani faith

Amaka "daddy's girl


2 BILLIONAIRES IN-LOVE WITH THE VIRGIN PROSTITUTE 5&6 - Fredrick Leonard/Onny Michael 2020 NEW Movie

Jessica Loufimpou

Where is the next part please

Pearla Younes

My sister can't stay with promising poor man hmmmmm

barbie doll

I know this is just a movie but if you still have to do that after marrying you married the wrong man.

Brenda Chowdhury

That man needs to go in his house,he just trying not to pay the man hes to greedy also

Tamara Amor

Big up Fred Leonard... You too enjoys ' Wangu' by Kenyan Artists? Wow...I wish you could understand the vibes in the lovely Swahili song

Upendo Tesha

Long everything. Certificate is she looking for a job

Brandy 256

Didn’t kno the movie would be this comical after goin’ thru the tragical part of Tina. I almost stopped watchin’ coz that was so unfair and absurd.


We need part 5&6

Ekpere Uzoh

Lovely movie

Alfred Nky

The song on this movie feels so annoying....the voice and all

Latifa Akotonou

I am happy for Michael you are Forget the pass and take new life with ester plz next part 5&6

Oyebola Precious

People DNT control Fred,,,,One thing I know about the dude???

Jennifer Mwewa

Arti I'll buy you shawama ?????

Asimwe Juliet

Michaels sister is so interesting hahaha

Constance Tembo

Amaka was overreacting

Millicent Lansana

Hahaha! The house help get her self nice with the wine.
And who is watching at the same times reading comments? Oya hit the like button

Constance Tembo

Owoo....then you will marry your University graduate Amaka papa

butterfly god bless

Pay the man him money badmine and jealous man.

Bisaso sandrah Angel

I don't understand this, I failed to get part 2,

Cicy Heyman

This Ngozi girl is demonic how could she be this heartless towards her friend when her service as a friend is needed most

Nessa E

Do they have madness in their blood? ?

Basutay Sanneh

Mike’s sister is the funniest character here ? her expressions are awesome

Naka G

I can't stop laughing at the get man??

Alfred Nky

Wishing everyone watching on Christmas a merry Christmas

Frank Ajo


Becky Patrick

shawama girl

Ashoorah Amaal

Hahahahaha sister to Michael they asked her wats da qualifications of the girl and she said is a vocalist in church hahahaha

Kasey Plummer

Lol Mike sister is funny lol ? ester seems cool.. but go sleep on the bed ooo lool

Ashoorah Amaal

Bt Tina's friend needs to go to hell

aliyat adedoja

I beg dis Mike Sister no kill me oooo with laugh ??

Lanny Noel james

Ok thx u am here for Peggy ???

Jessica Makosso

Part 5 please

Molly Omondi

Sister do we have airport in our village ???prayer warrior

Erica Potter

Sister is getting very annoying, pressuring her brother..give it a rest!

Ladasha Birzah

You choosed to bite me when I was down...I should tell someone this

Cutiebherka Bherka

Ahh, this Tinas friend is talkative and ready to talk person, it’s like she s interested in Onnye. You have failed gal?? he gad gf

Joan Morris

When will u upload season 9 & 10

Blessing Glory

I beg u mike my brother...receive wisdom...hahaha

Onokomireille Bengasi

I just like Michael's sister

Innocent Julie

This man is a gossip ...nkt


Amaka's Dad is just like my Dad?????????
I won't let any stupid boy destroy my investment.

Kesta Michel

They make Fred laughing

Gwendolyn Moore

Great movie Fredrick Leonard and onny Michael

Wangari Kamau

28.25 we ni Nani, Unanipigia simu kama Nani..


Sister Carol carries a bag of Bibles


Suraiya Adu Gyamfi

Her friend is more than a devil ?

Chikaruma Mariam

I would love watching sister Carol in many more movies????she really got me laughing ?

Girly Chahwanda

Waiting for the next part

uchechukwu chinonyelum s

Where can I see somebody like Amaka's father.

Qisino Akwabi


victim for victims foundation

Nah singing we won chop ???

Doris Douglas

God of the whole world is capital G. Like my name Doris. Friend of mines, Mr. Frederick Leonard ??????
Thank you ??

Lorna Jackson

Ken , tennis is one of my favorite sports too. I did not know you were an enthusiast , much more a player . Great Sport ! Entertaining , full of skills and fun to watch .

Brenda Chowdhury

G0oosippers and liars and calling Jesus my God shameless people Jesus move with compassion,

sheila Tubaka

I just realized Fred watching a Kenyan Swahili song "wangu" by sanaipei and Nadia that wowed me.Likes from Kenya

People of reddit who fell in love with their hooker, what happened?

People of reddit who fell in love with their hooker, what happened?12 Jul. 2019
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Dating A Prostitute

Dating A Prostitute22 Jun. 2013
48 371

Coach Corey Wayne

Coach Corey Wayne discusses why it's never a good idea to get involved with women who can't tell the truth, don't know who the father of their baby is, whose family is crazy and/or violent or women who have sex for money with other men even though they profess to love you.

If you have not read my book, “How To Be A 3% Man” yet, that would be a good starting place for you. It is available in Kindle, iBook, Paperback, Hardcover or Audio Book format. If you don't have a Kindle device, you can download a free eReader app from Amazon so you can read my book on any laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet device. Kindle $9.99, iBook $9.99, Paperback $29.99 or Hardcover 49.99. Audio Book is Free $0.00 with an Audible membership trial or buy it for $19.95. Here is the link to Audible to get the audiobook version:


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Here is the link to Amazon to purchase Kindle, Paperback or Hardcover version:


Here is the link to the iBookstore to purchase iBook version:


Here is the link to the iTunes store to purchase the iTunes audio book version:


Here is the link to purchase Official Coach Corey Wayne branded merchandise (T-Shirts, Mugs, etc.):


Click the link below to book phone/Skype (audio only) coaching with me personally:


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From my heart to yours,

Corey Wayne

Comments (100)

great video man, i see whores cause i dont have time for a relationship but ive never "dated" one but ive got free shit all the time from them all the time they seem to like me.... good advice tho i def wont set my sights on these model chicks


raffiniert kommt von raffen meistens Kohle

Mookie Blaylock

The problem is, most of them will line up other clients as friends outside of their work... They are already fucking them, it’s just a matter of time before one walks in that they like.


Please in description link your year old advice ... new advice thank you ?


die Huren sind raffiniert die nehmen die Kohle an wuahuahuahaha

Brad Cooper


blackcat g.


David Mcgrew

That woman is about as useful as a cock flavored lollipop.

Thomazio 87

unbelievable...almost like this story is just BS...bad to think how low someone can sink..

David Norman

Sucker born everyday, here's your sign lol


i think dealing with prostitutes makes it damn near impossible to have feelings for them. like the moment you pay for it thats a bell ringer. the bell of common sense rings true that this whore is not to be taken as true. lol. jesus christ would you take a rental car serious?. ... some folks do. sad but true. but it costs waaay more than its worth and its never yours. its best to use it to the extreme and give it back as you leave satisfied. ....lol

Jeff Sada

This episode was a comedy for me! Couldn't stop laughing...You couldn't write stuff this good!

Ben Real

The fact you can barely contain your laughter is fucking hilarious lmao


What a load of shit. On the other hand I had a white girl who fell in love with me for being tanned and she also loved my dick.

Rifky H Pirdaus

Sometimes The heart wants what it wants

Jon RD

So basically stay away from Hookers?

Sandy Pat

Sick of the two- face ho

Fake Name

the aaron hernandez reference sent me to the moon. had to do a double take on the date. the writing was on the wall i guess.

Lawrence McKeon

The red flags are overwhelming.

Ken Vrinten

I think he got a fake email from a troll..


The funniest thing to me are guys becoming baby daddy # 5-10. I won’t even date women with more than 1 kid. I’ll never forget this chick from plenty of Fish with 9 kids & 8 baby daddies looking for a good man with a good job ?wtf ??? what is she going to bring to the table?? A run down pussy

Zombie Knight1989

He's funny

Dana Calderone

I fell in love with a woman who was in the business. Wasn't my finest hour. But, to be honest I think of all the women I dated she'll always be closest to me cause I met her right aft my ma died and she gave me a measure of comfort that no other female could have provided. I needed someone at the time who wasn't going to make it all bout her. Someone who was going to accept that I had flaws and to kind of just deal with who I am and not judge me. A regular woman would have been too self oriented to give a fuck bout my ma dying or my current bone disease.

There are good women out there yes. But they are scarce. I'm dead serious you're probably Betta off dating hookers until you find miss right at church in your 60s. Cause good women do not grow in trees. In fact your odds of hitting the lottery are much better

Kelcat_ 35talks

Lol this is comedy lol i was laughing all the way through this vid. Lmao

Bob Bruce

If you go to a country like the Philippines, they are all just looking for a dowry for herself and her extended family OR she is a prostitute (in some form). The few good ones only local men get and it's living a very traditional lifestyle.

Richard Edwards

Awesome story! I dated an escort and that fucked me up a bit but I feel less of a dick from hearing this story

Sandy Pat

Every damn day come and torment mi man with ur insecure hating assss

Natasha K

yep this is crazy bullshit right there

Will Charles

I made a video about dating a prostitute check it out! https://youtu.be/K6yfkL0YI7U

Brantley Higginbotham

Hernandez killed himself because of the murder he committed in college

Brian Malcolm

what if you're dating an ex prostitute who gives you free stuff to prove herself to you and yet hangs out wit some shady looking dude who I heard has sex with prostitutes

Marcos Peña

Prostitutes are great. Poor North Americans.
Make it legal in your country and eliminate rape culture and unemployment in one shot
Love from Brasil

Rufus Davis

It’s fucking funny how this “pimp” should’ve left when he had the chance and now reality is coming to bite him in the ass! LMAO!????????

David Wilson


Craig Smith

Never fall in love with a whore, she will always return to her instincts no matter what she tells you.


I met my gf by paying her for sex.. all through the talking stage she continued to sell herself. A week before we became official was the last time she did it... but you cant take that side out of her. Now 2 years later my girl wants to make an onlyfans. Which is basically selling nudes for $.


7:50 LmfAoooo i almost died when he looked at the camera!

John Power

Holy fuck by, I'm blown away!

John Wisdom

She's crazy af dude. Leave that bitch.

Giga Mesh

Just respect prostitute: They are honest with you, you pay and you get sex. I don't know if being in a relationship with them is good or bad ( people do whatever they want as long as there is respect and communication on both side). However don't forget that those people, despite their story are still humans. They treat you kindly, treat them equally. They treat you bad, treat them better, this is what Coach Corey is trying to teach us.

You are not paying to get sex with a hooker. you are paying to NOT HAVE a relationship with her. Have all a nice day and I wish you the best!

Raymond Soriano

I'm searching Prostitute..I want sex
Add me on my Facebook Raymond Gagan Soriano

Catherine C

I know a few really nice girls this guy would love SMFH

Richard Jeffery

I've been dating a whore for 6 years .In that time I've seen various nacissistic theatrical rants ,kick off ,demands and ridiculous expectations .The ,I love you, thing is used to keep you around .I've got totally bored with all of her rubbish I dumped her last night .It's ok I'm over it now.Shallow soulless piece of shit .

John Kled

Lmmfao at this moron. No REAL MAN would EVER allow this shit to continue in his life!

L Smith

Haha this cured my lockdown depression

Sandy Pat

No shame...no sense of loyalty.....gyal gowehhhhh

scott blackula

This would make a great movie. Have coach Corey in it constantly telling him to get away but he refused to listen ?

El Funko

This makes me cry....my dad left my mom and left my sister and I for a woman like this. makes me so sad

Jael Rose Chasing Mania

Women dont tell the whole truth of anything anyway

Ken Vrinten

Is she a Colombiana?

Brian Malcolm

it's kind of a weird situation have sex with her for free I've been dating her for a while and she decided to tell me about her past which I accept but don't understand

1223567890 1234556890

Shorten your introduction


This is like something straight out of Trailer Park Boys

Brian Malcolm

it's kind of a weird situation have sex with her for free I've been dating her for a while and she decided to tell me about her past which I accept but don't understand

Anthony Mark

Dude just describe my current relationship right now. Has I'm typing this she is with someone right now. I'm Fucked!

David Mcgrew

You had me at 25 kids....

Wes Lee

Black hole coochie stretched out beyond repair. Don't ask how I know! 41 year old mental case, former prostitute supermodel is a walking terror.


Yeah everyone thought Hernandez got caught up because he was hanging out with some bad apples. Ain’t it crazy he was the actual bad killer apple in the group.


Addicted to the drama is RIGHT! HIM and alot of men don't want a good decent woman...men need to keep if real...They say she's a slut but they love sluts.


That video is pore gold

T. K.

Can you get the audiobook on Google Books?

Around The World

I'd just tell the fucker to cut her loose. Use your right hand... it's drama-free, it costs nothing, and you never have to worry about disease or cheating. Geez...

Lucio Martinez

I met a girl for the first 4 months I was clueless to what she doing until I got on her phone. At first i thought she was cheating on me, after the argument somehow I ended up apologizing for getting in her phone. It wasn't until the pandemic started we needed money and some random guy offered to pay her for sex. At first I felt bad not being able to provide and thinking she had to do that just for us. Shortly I started working again and she got a job but quit after 2 days because she would rather prostitute. I'm having a hard time convincing myself leaving her and moving on is what's best for me. I still love her very much but I want to know what you'll think


this guy missed indonesia for phils or thai ?

Aakash Dansena

I fucked a prostitute , she is younger tha me, I likes her, I told him I like you , Now I am Dating her, not spying her, I don't want to know what she is doing, I don't have girlfriends since School, I can pay her for spending quality time with me, not sex, Sorry For Poor English I just want to share

Southern Tiger

This guy is a fool for getting involved with that person.

David Montgomery

I love how he's banking on the 1/25 share of the inheritance of a prostitute's father

Jonathan Frigola

I wanna meet that guy hahaha

Jon RD

Is spending money on Prostitutes a waste of Money?

Aman Singh

why the dislikes haha?


Coach Corey.I have a question for you: is being serious and quiet attract women?

Mercell Berry

what's your email I really need to talk to you I'm going through a similar situation butt there's a lot more twists and turns I'm in love with a girl that I met at a bar I'll give you parts but I rather email you the rest I just want you understand a little bit before you make that decision but but she is 9 months pregnant and recently six months into pregnancy I found out she was doing crack cocaine after I found out that I found out she was hooking out of hotel about a week ago she got her kids taken away by DYFS but she still doing what she shouldn't doing is the drugs and spending her time in the hotel I would love to explain the whole situation to you so you can better understand it and I love to get a little rest I know I should leave this girl alone but I do love her and she doesn't have many people that really care about her and I have grown to love her children and the fact that hopefully this child is mine

Aldo Polgeo

Everything in my life looks so much better after seeing this video

Champagne n Campaign

Not even half way through the video and this is already my favorite Corey Wayne episode ??? fucking dead

Bg Rod



Erdöl kann man rafinieren Huren äh Psychologen nicht.


That's not a love.you can't love a hooker.

Andre k

Her dad was beaten to death lmao nuts



edith bunker

Yes, some women are caught into this web where they believe their entire worth is based on sexuality. I wonder why??? Is it because many cultures
push this ideal? The women with no options, women with no role models. There will always be people who don't understand their worth. There are also multitudes of scumbags more than happy to take advantage of them. Do you really think a prostitute or even a stripper enjoys random men rubbing their cocks on them? You are disallusioned.

Twin Turbo

I met a girl at a convenience store and later found out she worked at a massage parlour.. well we all know what that is.. a rug n tug.. she opens her legs for money.. when I found out I was in shock and didn't know how to react so I just kept my cool.. what messed everything up was when we were out one time and one of her clients called to setup a date and time for her (which would be the next day).. all I know is my dick wouldn't get hard after this and I told her she was basically working for the devil.. she got extremely upset (because there is truth to this ?).. and she left my place.. all I know is that despite the great sex I didn't really feel like I was losing anything because a woman that opens her legs for money is not a woman worth having .. I threw the ball back in her court and I can honestly say I don't really care. Sex isn't everything, a good pussy isn't what life is all about and I just hope she turns her life around and realizes what she is doing is a path to hell.


if you date a prostitute. assume the role of pimp.

Jannie Schlüter

There is a lid for every pot. Fuck me, I am a frying pan...

David Mcgrew

He told corey all that to tell him this, " can we do a one hour phone session?"

nica WebCams

Ladies and gentlemen, another episode of #captainsaveaho


4:56 when you see the effort of keeping the poker face.
6:08 hahhaha.
I just keep laughing and laughing more and more every minute, the prostitute blows the friend, she goes to jail several times, has two kids, hides the money, and then the father gets beaten to death hahaha AND he says she loves him hahaha this is the best story ever man
9:09 hahahah your comments are the best man


Guys don't fall in love with prostitutes. They are fucked up. They open their legs for other dudes but they won't let you fuck other girls. Double standards

Macio Luko

Wow Coach! Thanks for the comic relief! My day is a good one after this video. Best part @ 7:52!!!!


paying a woman for sex makes you a John, not a pimp. you have been her live in trick.

Alex Sturm

" That's just fucked up dude." haha haha


"...I dont know what to say about that..." 8:47


The more details that dumbass gives, the more I laugh!

Brian Malcolm

what if you're dating an ex prostitute who gives you free stuff to prove herself to you and yet hangs out wit some shady looking dude who I heard has sex with prostitutes

Raul Perez

holy shit, this guy's story will keep me laughing for a long time.

Tim Calvit

I dated a high class prostitute, at first I didnt know at all because she never charged me and I never paid her anything. I found out and then realised she was a prostitute. She gave me the best sex ever but when I confronted she confessed and then I never saw her again. I was sleeping around with other women at the time and also had a girlfriend. She was my little whore but she seemed so innocent. In the end I was too scared of getting an STI. I found out after spending more time with her at her place and she would get texts from old guys and I read her messages and found out. I didn't mind at all because she was just my sex friends and she loved threesomes with her girlfriends and all that kinky stuff. So I just left her because of the fears of dating a prostitute but I would do it again but this time always wear condom.

edith bunker

And for those stupid men involved in "relationships" like this? You are the SAME as dumb ass girls who like the "bad boy" image. If you can't see that?that you are a fucking imbecile!

Johnny Rayo

Lol ?

Guido Bisocoli

wow... this guy is in a really bad situation. I'm with a girl that was a slut, she's 22 and fucked more than 50 guys before me between the age of 20-22, I fucked 13 girls and I'm 38. That bothers me a lot, but at least I'm not that bad as this guy lol

Raven 21

Pussy Is A Hell Of A Drug.

Mawume Buatsi

LMFAO I'm dying at 9:15 to 9:25